Rightists: Olmert splitting nation
Efrat Weiss
Published: 02.08.06, 15:35
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31. Fear thou not...
Norway ,   With love of Norway   (08.02.06)
for I am with thee... be not dismayed for I am thy G*d... I strengthen thee yea, I help thee yea, I uphold thee... with My victorious right hand For I the L*RD thy G*d hold thy right hand who say unto thee Fear not I help thee Ye men of Israel I help thee, saith the L*RD and thy Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel Yet Thou hast said I know thee by name... and thou hast found grace in My sight... Now therefore, I pray Thee... if I have found grace in Thy sight... show me now Thy ways that I may know Thee... to the end... that I may find grace in Thy sight... And He said My presence shall go with thee... - for thou hast found grace in My sight and I know thee by name... Show me, I pray Thee, Thy glory... And He said I will make all My goodness pass before thee... and will proclaim the name of the L*RD before thee... and I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious and will show mercy on whom I will show mercy And He said Thou canst not see My face... for man shall not see Me and live... And the L*RD said Behold, there is a place by Me... and thou shalt stand upon the rock And it shall come to pass... while My glory passeth by... that I will put thee in a cleft of the rock... and will cover thee with My hand... until I have passed by And I will take away My hand and thou shalt see My back... but My face shall not be seen In the desert... He provides me with the cream of the wheat... and from a rock He sates me with honey... everyday...
32. #15
isaac ,   brooklyn   (08.02.06)
SO what IS the solution. Of course Israel acts as if it citizens' lives are more valuable than the lives of the enemy- civilian or military. It is the role and responsibility of every govenrment to do whatever is necessary to protect its own people. If the enemy is attacking Jewish civilians from within Arab civilian centers, the Jews should let their people be killed, not to harm the Arab civilians? That is ridiculous! The innocent people will live in security when they band together to force the Hezbozos out of their villages. (I am not so convinced that these innocent civilians arent happy to harbor Hezbos, anyways.)
33. Fox News this morning
Van Gosh   (08.02.06)
Ex P.L.O. and ex Jihad when interviewed on O'Reilly Factor , admitted that their final aim is, and will be, the fight for JERUSALEM. Ma'am, start packing your paintings... and run to the family overseas...
34. He needs to be brought down now! What an idiot
Tzfati ,   Tzfat   (08.02.06)
35. #1 Ditto. New Elections After This War! Should Have Been
H ,   Jerusalem   (08.02.06)
BEFORE this war. We're losing our soldiers thanks to his and the "Defense Minister" Peretz's incompetence. They know how to control a war like I do. All Olmert does is apologizing. Apologizing to whom? The anti-semites won't accept his apology anyhow.
36. Olmert's re-alignment plan
Ronny ,   Bastrop,Texas, USA   (08.02.06)
Re-alignment, Hell no!
37. Olmert
Josef ,   Sweden   (08.02.06)
The speedily removal of Olmert is absolutely necessary!!!
38. Olmert splitting nation
Nancy Bonee ,   Whittier, USA   (08.02.06)
When will Israel learn, that the enemies that surround you do not want land, they want to destroy the nation of Israel. You can not negotiate with that kind of evil! I will continue to pray for the protection & peace of Israel. Love & God Bless, Concerned Christian for Israel
39. Time to realign Olmert out of office (EOM)
N B Shalom   (08.02.06)
40. Solution for after War
Arie   (08.02.06)
Exchange the Arab triangle for the West Bank Settlements. That way tibi and the ilk could join his hamass allies. Wait,that was offered last year and tibi blew a shiite fit. Make up your minds, you are Israelis, or with hamass, but not both!
41. Allow for Priorities
Dave Levi ,   Burbank. USA   (08.02.06)
This is simply not the time to talk about re-alignments. Me thinks Olmert is pandering to Bush and Condi however, to allow more time to wipe out Hezbollah's personnel and infrastructure of weapons. There is always a give and take on these matters. After all this is over with, and things settle one way or another (the jury is still out Olmert), there can be discussions about withdrawing to create a Palestinian state., demilitarized (if that is possible). A destroyed Hezbollah may take the wind out of Syria and Iran, and Hamas. Or, Israel can concentrate on Hamas, and degrade that organization's hold. Bringing Bibi on board might help, depends on Israel's attitude. But first things first as they say here in the States. Settle one thing at a time. Other things might fall into place. The key is Hezbollah. To Israel: destroy them fully and harshly, that is the key. Show no mercy, they are bombing your cities. Imagine, Dallas was bombed by Mexico...the marines would be in Mexico City, in a NY minute.
42. Olment should resign
David Gomberg ,   Texas USA   (08.02.06)
This man is worse than Sharon. He is going to start World War III. Send in UN troops to stop this madness and discuss terms as this insanity must stop on all sides! Israel looks like the agressor and bombed out Lebanon so it looks like Iraq.
43. Olmert
concerned!! ,   USA   (08.02.06)
45. Vote Religious Jews Next Elections
We havent had a religious Jew as the leader of Israel since 2000 years ago, its time for change!!!
46. Olmert & Peretz like Abbott & Costello: Who's on First?
Bernard Ross ,   St. Anns Bay Jamaica   (08.02.06)
Arik's legacy is Olmert Peretz military incompetence. Politics is endangering Israels security.
47. The secular Governments havent been able to destroy Amalek
Lets try the religious, give them a chance, ugh
48. Reply to #42
Allen ,   New Jersey   (08.02.06)
Yes, sending in the UN would help. Don't let their past performance (of just sitting around watching Hizbullah rocket Israeli towns every now and then) be any indication of future performance. It should be recognized that the UN is worthless, and a hot-bed of anti Semitisim. Approx 50% of all resolutions ever produced by the UN deal with Israel, and 95% of those resolutions were against Israel. Once Israel removes the cancer that we call Hizbullah from Lebanon, then perhaps NATO forces would actually be beneficial.
49. Peace Plan
Joe   (08.02.06)
Send the Khazars back to Khazaria...
50. Appeasement or Defense
Davbid Friedland ,   Bell Channel Bahamas   (08.02.06)
As a Jewish American citizen I first want to thank Israel for protecting us all against terrorism. Our experience in WW2 and indeed much of human history, contracdicts the assertion that destroying an enemy's homeland leads to lasting emnity. The US counts Japan and Germany as close allies. We desvastated most of Germany and Japan during WW2./ The V2 rockets Hitler sent killed 5000 civilians and destroyed 18,000 homes. Japan's uise of Kamakazi suicide planes resembles the Hamas and Hezbollah rockets andchuman suicide bombers. The lesson of the past is that after terrorists are defeated the citizens will turnm to peace- emnity is transitional.
51. Response to Number 13
Eliyahu ,   New Jersey   (08.02.06)
Back to the '67 borders???? THAT will stop the fighting?? Do we seem to forget that the "67 borders" is where Israel was in the first place WHEN IT WAS ATTACKED BY ARAB NATIONS!!!
52. #48 Was the UN helpful in guarding the Sinai border
Marcus   (08.02.06)
before the 67 war? No, Nasser of Egypt only had to tell the UN to leave and they did causing the 67 war. Well, they arent that useless since we got back Jerusalem, but only when Israel seeks to capitilize on wars.
MARK ,   USA   (08.02.06)
54. Olmert
Robert Bartlett ,   Olive Branch MS USA   (08.02.06)
Oslo....The beginning of foolishness. The giving away of precious land for peace bit by bit is foolishness. Why win a war and give your enemy all he wants....and more?
55. Another Pressure at Play
Lee ,   Dallas, USA   (08.02.06)
There's another level of pressure building that's seldom mentioned. Bush's conservative base, not pleased with him before this war started, is exercising pressure against the Administration to support Israel for as long as it takes for her to deal with the terrorists. In the meantime, Condi Rice's credibility is eroding bit by bit the more she resembles Clinton Secretary of State Albright (not-all-that-bright). You won't read of it in the US mainstream media, but members of the US Congress are getting the word from their constituents to let Israel do what needs doing, and put no pressure on her. That why the Democrats and Republicans are uncharacteristically united in their support of Israel. (About the first thing they've agreed on since 2000). Remember that Rice said months ago that it would be "weeks and not months" before action was taken on Iran's failure to cease their quest of nuclear weapons. So when she says it will be "days and not weeks" before a ceasefire, read "weeks and not months." And remember that it takes 12 weeks to make 3 months. It's a US Department of State (USDS) time warp thing. Statements of the USDS do not accurately reflect what most Americans think about the war there, but their actions are still generally in line. Most of us are wondering why Israel is showing such restraint. And when Hizbolluh announces that it's winning, we hear it for what it is: false bravado. They're clearly getting hammered, as well they deserve. This generation of Americans now knows what it means to be attacked, even if some of us have not yet faced the long-term consequences.
56. realignment
Warren Rahn ,   Chandler, AZ, USA   (08.02.06)
I have never understood my Israel has given up the West Bank. This experience should teach you a lesson. I understand that some leaders in my country have not helped this appeasement situation.
57. Get Rid of Olmert as PM!
wiseone ,   u.s.   (08.02.06)
Olmert and Peretz are a disaster for the country. They have no idea how to lead a war. Olmert has one mantra and he will cling to it until the end. HAVE NEW ELECTIONS AND GET RID OF HIM!
58. Clearly a mental case...
Glutius Maximus ,   Lakewood, NJ   (08.02.06)
Is Olmert serious!?! Our kids are fighting a battle on the front line because of the blundering mistakes of the likes of Barak and Sharon precisely because of pullouts and he is hinting at more? This man is an egotistiical psychopath who only has his own honor in mind. Thank you America for all you have done...BUT ENOUGH WITH THE PRESSURING!! LET ISRAEL DO THIER JOB!!
59. Tom from Worcester
Alex ,   Brooklyn, NY USA   (08.02.06)
you should have a sing along with Kerry. Now I wanna see you take your statement to Naziarallah and see what he has to say. G-d willing you'll walk out of their with your head still on. "Liberals are like a slinky, it puts a smile on your face when you push it down the stairs"
60. israel
buster ,   summerfield, fl   (08.02.06)
without the us israel would not even exist. the billions and billions that are given each year by taxpayers and individuals are what keeps this make believe country viable. just do what you are told by bushies
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