3 killed in rocket attacks on north
Hagai Einav
Published: 04.08.06, 18:21
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1. Who cares
Caroline ,   Vienna   (08.04.06)
These people are quite sad.THey only know hate,they only know how to pass on hate and they use every excuse to spread more hate.Instead of stopping their 'brothers' of attacking Israel they help them out and then cry out when Israel responds. Let them stew in their nest over there ,in their corrupt,undemocratic nest and if they don't want if israel needs it.
2. To # 1
Ivri   (08.04.06)
These people are citizens of Israel.and as such,deserve to be defended and not ignored. Your comments are vile and ,they effectively demonstrare that you are nothing but an american cry baby who doesnt look at facts before you type your bs on here. We Israelis do not need your support if this is your attitude. The fact that we regard them as citizens ,is what separates us from the zoo atmosphere around us . War against Hizballa IS justified. Vile comments about innocent victims,weather muslim or jewish,who are under the threat of death from the Islamo facists,ARE NOT JUSTIFIED. Grow up Caroline!!
3. do you know what the hell you are talking about
jim ,   saint cloud, mn   (08.04.06)
what an idiot, which side are you on ??? hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
4. Mghar is druse
Donna ,   Netanya, Israel   (08.04.06)
Yes she does know what she is talking about. Mghar is a Druse village, they serve in the Army and are loyal to the state. Sometimes the worst right wing, ignorant comments come from outside Israel. Makes me more than please to see balance come from inside Israel, where we are somewhat better informed.
5. hopeless war
vlad ,   europe   (08.04.06)
Without General Sharon all is hopeless....... Someone really think that Olmert or Peretz can win where Sharon fall?
6. My Take
Sidney ,   USA   (08.04.06)
The important thing is that radical Moslems do not care who they kill. They kill fellow Moslems in Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. and explain it away by calling the victims martyrs. Hezbollah must be destroyed. If the price today is high, it will be higher tomorrow.
7. To vlad in europe
Ivri   (08.04.06)
Thank you for your bs,we certainly dont need your defeatest attitude. Why dont you stay in europistan.get a quran & a prayer matt,and leave us alone in this crucial fight. Leaders come and go,but the people of Israel are here to stay.
8. Just more evidence
Arie ,   Afula   (08.04.06)
That hezbullah (and by extension iran and syria) is only concerned with carnage and blood-letting. They willfully murder Jews, Arabs, Druze, Christians, and Bahaii. Now that lebanon has become a hezbullah state, return it to the desert from whence it came and take on the next enemy-syria May the family of this poor woman rest in the knowledge that she was a good mother and left her children free in the ONLY truly democratic State in the region. May she rest in peace!
9. to #7
vlad ,   europe   (08.04.06)
just for oil price, i don't care about jew's ,arabs and all orientals, but my car go with fuel.....just business......
10. #8
Dwight ,   Kansas City, USA   (08.04.06)
I am not Jewish...a Christian. BUT, I admire and respect the Jewish faith and about the only real friend and ally of my nation. Great Britian is the other. I Am SO SORRY for this woman's death. I AGREE with you that the family and children of this woman remember her as a HERO. IF there is anyway I can help them, please email me. "You can have peace OR you can have freedom...Just never count on having both at the same time" KEEP FIGHTING for Freedom!! God Bless
11. So how does reuters plan to spin this
Arie ,   Afula   (08.04.06)
so the Mossad or IDF can be blamed?
12. Party of God
The "party of God" kills fellow muslims with the quran in the hand. But than again, in Irak 6000 muslims are killed monthly by fellow muslims..... My condolences to the families, no matter from what religion.
13. Why no alarm sounded in Nazareth
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (08.04.06)
I am taking this opportunity to let you know that in Canada's National Post, in an article written by Michael Coren, it was reported that residents of Nazareth were angry that the siren didn't sound to warn them of incoming rockets. ell, they did it themselves. The town officials demanded that the system be turned off because they didn't want the siren sounding on Independence Day and Holocaust Day!! And they scoffed at the idea that their 'brothers' would attack them! Go to and get the link to the article. Shabbat Shalom - and may we have a peaceful Shabbat! G-d bless our brave soldiers!
14. "1 Who cares--that is so callous!
I am truly sorry for any innocent person killed during this war, regardless of their nationality. To say "who cares" is to adopt the same attitude as the Hezbollah, who have repeatedly demonstrated that they don't care.
15. to #9
yana ,   us   (08.04.06)
learn to bike you idiot
16. To all peace lovers!
keren ,   sao paulo   (08.04.06)
I know what I am about to say is not related exactly to this article,but I will take the chance. I read today a comment(at the end of my post)here at Ynet ,from an Egyptian man,and ,in my view,he got an wonderfull idea. My idea is to gather signatures at internet ,from users all over the world,in order to be sent to EU leaders;US president;UN;Russia;China,and all those who have influence in the humanity destinies,in order to pressure them towards a constructive path,as the suggested by Sheihk,the Egyptian man. I am not good in operationalizing,though.So ,I ask for those who are good in it ,please,START IT! Let's pressure the world leaders toward PEACE!This is the way! # 30 at,7340,L-3286242,00.html
17. 2 ,I am with you
mercan ,   TURKIYE   (08.04.06)
I am Turk & muslim .I want to tell you about our experiences in Turkiye.My country suffered from terror over the 20 years,roughly 37.000 killed for the nameof peace& freedom.(by PKK,kurdish originated) 15.000 soldiers been killed (our army is a mixture of its citizens)Many Turkish&Kurdish people has been tortured and after killed by Hizboullah in the past years in the name of Allah.Before them there was an another one called ASALA ,armenian originated who organised many terror attacks on Turks in Turkey and abroad.At the time there was some other terror groups called DEV-Sol,etc..I was a child so can't remember them all.On the other hand the countries we are in a neighbourhood was threat to us from time to time too.We have learnt to NOT TRUST anyone but ourselves.NOBODY TAUGHT US TO HATE FROM THE WHOLE WORLD.Threats didn't come always as a bullets or gunfire or bombs.Threats come by words too.Accusations,backstabbing,stupidness were and is also a threat to our nation.We have accused of murder of Kurds,no one accepted PKK as a terror organisation.And similiar accusations followed afterwards not by individuals only but nations too.Some tried & try to make us believe that our different origines not good for eachother,they tried and try to make us believe we must be seperated,we must have hated eachother.BECAUSE THEY THINK WE ARE STUPID,(thanks god only a few believes these anti-peace team) Our tries to keep our country safe for it's citizens,means safe for it's kurds,turks,jews,muslims,alevies,sunnies,armenians,cherkezies faced with a blokage of anti-kurd,anti-turk,anti-islam,anti-army,anti-democracy,anti-whatever ideologies.Most of them was and is offered as a support to existence of TURKIYE.We don't need this sort of support and thanks god, majority is well aware of the threats in my country, and we always been proud of our mosaical outlook. I do clearly understand the fight Israel is in.And I am very against to some her supporters sick ideas i read here.To me this is not a support but the most serious threats to Israel .A bullet kills one or two and you mourn 2-3 months the most.Verbal threats specialy this sort of ones coming under the name of support keep its effects years of years sometimes.Rgd's
18. Israel - Palestine
Marc ,   Brazil   (08.04.06)
As a foreigner to either state, I hold the view that no party (Israel and Palestine) is blameless in this struggle. HOWEVER, the principle of right for a sovereign country and a self-ruling population still stands: Israel must return Palestinian land + government. When this principle comes to exist, THEN I will be a strong supporter of Israel’s "Self-Defense" policy. If this principle does not come to exist, Israel "self-right to defend itself" will never be legitimized.
19. Hezbollah's attitude summed up:
1. kill Jews=hooray for us! 2. kill Arabs=oops! new martyrs! Like all Muslim fanatics, they are nothing but cynical Nihilists. "Party of God?" That is the most ironic title they could possibly choose for themselves. Someday, soon, they will see that Nihilism and Anarchy are NOT an effective way of governing people, just controlling them. History has shown that all Nihilistic movements are eventually overthrown when people finally come to their senses and say enough is enough, we're not gonna take it anymore!
20. Olmert is not the PM who can protect Israel people
Lebanese ,   Lebanon   (08.04.06)
having an army as IDF with it's technical & military & personal mights ,olmert could spot it's face so that it looks as impotent ,in air ,on land & in sea.IAF is bombing civilians,IDF after 24 days has much casulaties & many tanks were hit & can't move more than 1-2 km in lebanon.rockets still falling everywhere & soon will be in TA & no one can prevent it as Sheikh Nasrallah said.because of that Israel people must thing about all this & make smth. to stop this idiot who is doing all this for his american masters & not thinking about his own people & country & about the results of this war after some time ,when new lebanese generation who lost their parents & relatives in the IDF barbaric attacks will grow up which will not even compared with Hizbollah
111   (08.04.06)
22. curious
where the other 2 victims Jewish?
23. Palestine??
R.D. ,   Houston, USA   (08.04.06)
Marc, get an education! There is no 'Palestine' people. They are just Transjordanian and Egyptian Arabs. They know, if you repeat a lie often enough, the gullible like YOU will parrot it! The Arabs occupying Gaza, Judea and Samaria had a chance for a state but their a**hole leader Arafat blew it in 2000. They have only themselves to blame for not having a state and, like lemmings, following another a**hole Nasrallah to their doom.
24. on Tel Aviv
Richard ,   Amsterdam Netherland   (08.04.06)
I have a question on the military aspect of the matter: So far the IDF has not been able to take out any katusha rockets. Maybe they are just too small, or the time between launching and impact is too short. Tel Aviv though, is more than twice as far away from the Lebanese border. If shot at , is there any successful intercepting to be expected. I do hope so Please enlighten me Shalom from Holland R ( goj)
25. How much longer will this be tolerated?
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (08.04.06)
What limit is there for Israel's toleration of the murder of its people and the destruction of its country? When will serious action instead of half measures be taken to halt the rockets? How much longer will the most moral country in the world value the lives of its people less than the lives of its enemies?
26. to 15
vlad ,   Serbia   (08.04.06)
learn to swim you idiot
27. No Palestine exists - I finally got it R.D.
Marc ,   Brazil   (08.04.06)
I got it RD, Let me pick my historical bible (on the cover there is a historical map of the Middle East). I see the word "Palestine" on it (no word "Israel"). I will cross it out and write "Israel" on it. That way no such word as Palestine appears on the map (I guess I could tell a friend of mine (Joseph, a so called “Palestinian”) that no such state exists today (and for that matter, neither him) PS: Transjordanian arabs, I presume, are from what we call it here in LatinAmerica “TransJordania”. You might know it as a territory named the “West Bank”. But then again, since no such thing as “Palestinians” live there, it’s rather pointless to say that such compass of land (which was charted way before you and I were born RD ) was also know as Palestine. My bad.
28. #18:'s what happened in a nutshell
Jesus ,   SF, USA   (08.04.06) This is what happened when Israel tried to negotiate peace. There is no such name as Palestinean. Palestine is a word given by the Romans. The people that live in those areas now are actually wanders of Jordan and Egypt whom gathered together. So you see, not to degrade them, but they actually never had a state. When they were offered a chance...well...Arafat did not want to take it and ruined it for them. He rathered wallow in his hatred and drag the people through the mud he was dragging himself through.
29. Manal Azzam: So young! So beautiful !
Ziv ,   Israel   (08.04.06)
Beautiful and young Manal died and her little children, who were wounded, are now orphans. May the Lord avenge her death! May Nazi- rala and his Iranian Division explode and evaporate. May we make peace with moderate Arabs who hate NAZI-RALA and his terrorists!
30. Condolences to Druse people.
Alan ,   SA   (08.04.06)
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