Israeli war deaths go largely unnoticed
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 06.08.06, 02:25
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1. PR needed
Georgette ,   Los Angeles, US   (08.06.06)
The only way to fight these media bias and lies is to add our versions online, in any media just possible and should not censor where the rockets land; should show the people of Israel in the bomb shelter for nearly a month; show the people that die from heart attack due to the rockets; show the faces of the people where the rockets are landing and DO NOT STOP talking about the destruction
AVINU   (08.06.06)
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.06.06)
No doubt the true colours of this ridiculous Wahhabis is being exposed and those who remained silent upto now reading and listening to their 'fatwas',will soon come out in the open to eradicate this cancerous movement from the world of Islam.Even the likes of of Egyptians and Jordanians clergies feel ashamed of this decaying Wahhabis.
4. suni ans shitta different
ramallah ,   ramallah   (08.06.06)
both of them are moslems and they say "There is no God but ALLAH "SW" and Mohamad Rasoul Allah. if you just read this message , the good news that you are a moslem , the bad news you need to do your duties as a faithfull moslem.
5. Unfortunately, I agree
Chris ,   USA   (08.06.06)
I am forced to agree with Georgette. British news outlets have lost all sense of balance and analysis (although I still think NPR and NY Times do an admirable job in the US), and anti-Israel propaganda saturates the internet. While I am against utilizing pictures of Israeli casualties for propaganda (I think the way anti-Israel websites use gore is heinous), we must meet every claim with a counter claim and continually remind people that Hezbullah has brought this terror to Lebanon and Israel. In the absense of Hezbullah, the two countries would peacefully co-exists.
6. Bias?
Jeremiah ,   USA   (08.06.06)
You're obviously not watching or reading U.S. media coverage. Faux News alone trumpets every rocket attack on Israel. And virtually ignores the casualties in Lebanon.
7. Of course they go unnoticed..
Pat ,   USA   (08.06.06)
When the guardian has a reporter who proves they are pro-hiz to begin with through claims the terrorists aren't hiding behind civilians....hardly honest reporting! As far as the BBC is concerned, nearly everything they have to say is anti-Israel. Who ever heard of a reporter reporting on how his own views were conveyed to those he was interviewing? Wasn't his job to ask about their thoughts? Apparently Sykes needs a refresher course in journalism. Thanks for mentioning this as it would likely go unnoticed by many.
8. Some notice
Mark Tisdale ,   Mephis, USA   (08.06.06)
To the State of Israel: There are more noticing the deaths of Israelis than might be apparent. I am part of a very large number of people who discuss world politics, among other things. We see what is going on. I believe that others see this also. Otherwise, I believe that the pressure for Israel to surrender again would be even greater. I appreciate how Israel is willing to do the diffifult job. Please do not become discouraged by thinking that no one supports you.
9. Israeili blood is not worth... neither was, is and will be..
Yehiel   (08.06.06)
Israeili blood is not worth... neither was, is and will be in the eyes of the world. This can be seen during all the history. Even the US during the WWII knew about the camps but didn't do anything to change it. What a world we're living in.
10. BBC best at promoting anti-Israel & anti-Jewish propaganda
Nannette ,   London, UK   (08.06.06)
That's why they rarely report on the loss of Israeli lives, and why they put their own words into the mouths of the interviewees. The BBC don't report on genocides like the Sudan, or at present the genocides in Somalia or Ethiopia, because they don't want to mar the Arab image. If Israel were to disappear overnight, don't expect the BBC to report, other than interviewing the terrorists who have murdered Israelis and making them out to be the good guys. BBC is Eurabia personified.
11. it's always like this
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (08.06.06)
the sad fact is that for some reason most of the media in the world is strongly leftist. there are a few exceptions but most western media is leftist and they will always keep on with this anti-israel propaganda. i don't really know why the leftists are so overrepresented in the media but they are. in my country they did a survey and 25% of all journalists sympathized with the Green party (which is a VERY extremist left party). that party gets only 5% support among the total population. israel can keep hoping for the worlds media to smarten up and report facts, but it's not going to happen. they're going to keep on pushing their ideology for as long as they can.
12. larger picture of the victims
paulo2005 ,   lisbon,portugal   (08.06.06)
Y news does report that the media fail to report about the deaths of the Arab citizens. I agree. But you could , should show readers a larger picture of the victims so that people could post their pictures in blogs and message boards. When it comes to the british..,a few days ago a postcard held by a demonstrator in trafalgar square : Hila hila Victory for Hezzbollah. " In other demonstrations people held flags of hezzbolah. This does say all.
13. Israeli casualities are good
David ,   Muncie, USA   (08.06.06)
A few years I remember hearing from a coworker a saying, "I hate to say it but I enjoy hearing about the deaths of Israelis from terrorist attacks." He believed it was revenge for the deaths of Palestinians. He wasn't a Palestinian, an Arab or Iranian. He was a Canadian. I've heard Western Europeans make similiar statements years before the current fighting. They are hardwired to blame Israel first. If Hezbullah cared about civilians, why didn't they build bomb shelters as the Israelis did? They knew Israel would retaliate and they could care less about the Lebanese around them. What fools live around launch sites? I would have built my own shelter or got out of there long before the war started.
14. All Hate Isreal for they Hate the Lord
Dee McClanahan ,   Oklahoma, US   (08.06.06)
Just because you have a country, does not mean the whole world will stop hating you. You must always defend your honor, your country, and your LORD. Call upon his name and he will fight your battles. Remember your Forefathers and how they let G*D fight and win their battles. Also, don't give up more of your land or more of your leaders will suffer G*D's wrath.
15. Please!
E Gaez ,   DC USA   (08.06.06)
Israeli deaths are barely 10% of that on the Lebanese side which are mostly civilians. Fine we all agree that war is horrible and deaths will occur...but I'm sure you don't hear about Lebanese deaths in Israeli media at usual Jews are making them selves look like victims over a conflict that they chose to get started; this time, over two soldiers. Are two soldiers worth the hundreds of thousands more deaths to come? Yes, they are also fighting for their future and because they are tired of being shot at, well they live in a region where they are not wanted, how about moving them all to Europe? Then again that didn't work so well for them before; so what to do with them? Is the question.... well the world should come up with a final solution to the problems in that region (again), seeing how both Muslims and Jews can get anything accomplished (again). Or may be the world should stop supporting the Israeli state, it creates too many problems and any country that gets involved in defending its existence ends up regretting it, or getting screwed. If Jews want to live in that land then let them fight for it them selves, if they are willing to die for it…and if they all do, well then so be it.
16. BBC has abandoned all pretence
Steve G ,   Kew Gardens,NYC   (08.06.06)
I decided to check the BBC site first before coming here. The BBC has lost all pretence of objectivity. They have gone into a fugue of 'heroic Hezbo fighters' and declaring Israeli befuddlement and Hezbollah victory. They have a complaint site (be sure to go to the UK version so you can demand oan email reply). Use it. They are obligated to keep records of your objections to their distortions. Similarly, if you are in the U.S. and the BBC is carried locally, like it is on WNYC radio here in New York City, conatc everyone you can to phone in and write in that they should be giving time to examining the the BBC anti-Israel bias. Write to specific hosts like Brian Lehrer and Leonard Lopate. The BBC has gone too far this time.
17. #1 finally someone who understand
rachel ,   usa   (08.06.06)
what good propaganda machine these people have.....They must use the best PR .
18. #3what a poisonous snake you are!!!
rachel ,   usa   (08.06.06)
19. #4 is another crazy one
usa   (08.06.06)
20. #5 These people are evil and without
usa   (08.06.06)
honor , you have to fight fire with fire. They play dirty , you have to play dirty also .....
21. #6 bullsh.t I watch all the news
usa   (08.06.06)
and they hardly say anything about the rockets in Israel. Also the syrian ambassador (he looks and talks like a snake) is no match for most of the people who interview him.....Its time that someone with a real mouth to put him in his place
22. #7 I notice also ,and its time to say something.
rachel ,   usa   (08.06.06)
23. #9 that is why you have to fight fire with fire.
rachel ,   usa   (08.06.06)
24. #10 its time to get better PR...
rachel ,   usa   (08.06.06)
25. #11 I would say the media is helping
rachel ,   usa   (08.06.06)
make this war bigger and bigger...helping these Islamo-fascists more important than they are...The war has been televised and Israel better understand to defend itself throught the media ....We also need to ask who is arming these terrorist.....and need to fight fire with fire.......
26. Natural Tendancies...
Chris ,   USA   (08.06.06)
Many in this world are busy trying to remove the God of the Hebrews from their lives. Media bias against those who choose otherwise only reinforces that fact. Courage and peace to you Israel ( from another one of those American Christians)
27. Maybe because Israell killsl tenfold
Javier L ,   Mexico   (08.06.06)
It is unbelivable can Israel perform such brutal operations with little or no regard to innocent victims.
Ertok   (08.06.06)
This organisation is the pits. Its joke. They "investigate" themselves for bias - "all baseless" .Yet climb all over the Israelis when the IDF does the same . i.e, Jenin ('The massacre that never was"), the Mohamed Al-Dura affair and lately the "shelling on the beach" in Gaza. These people are a grave danger to everyone as they obscure the truth with their own bias. At the VERY LEAST they are not providing balanced coverage.
29. You Seem Surprised
California Bear ,   Berkeley, USA   (08.06.06)
The global protest, the massive dissemination of anti-Israel propaganda by the media, the pusillanimity of Europe has led to the denunciation of Israel as the "agressor" in this war. Given the media coverage and the global outcry, one would truly think that Israel initiated this war just for the hell of it. I hate to say it but the Islamic thugs are definitely winning the PR campaign. Europe has already surrendered and agreed to be part of the dhimmitude. It's absolutely sickening when I see the outrage about horrible incidents like Qana but the deranged concept of "resistance" being praised. These people (i.e. the majority of the world community) do not care about the Israeli civilians hunkered down in bomb shelters. It's as if Israelis are not human beings who have feelings, who have dreams, who wish for a peaceful life, who also feel the pain of this war. I ask you Israel to show strength in these difficult times and continue to resist the "resistance."
30. The Arab media neglected to mention this
Erasmus ,   New York, USA   (08.06.06)
The Arab media did not mention that the casulaties were Arabs. Nor do they mention the Arab towns where rockets fall, and this since that little Arab girl was killed in Nazareth.
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