French TV host Arthur cancels Israel tour
Shirli Sitbon
Published: 08.08.06, 10:42
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1. Security or Ethical reasons?
Orna Mizrakhi   (08.08.06)
I heard that the decision was taken for ethical reasons due to the bloody massacres the IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces) are committing in occupied Palestine and Lebanon.
2. Jew popular in France???
Mikulas ,   Bratislava, Slovakia   (08.08.06)
So maybe the French are nowhere near the portrait that some Americans give them here. Maybe some of the talkbackers here do not know what they are talking about...
3. #1: Try to twist this story into an irrational diatribe
But no, he does not feel as you do
4. #1
Hilda ,   USA   (08.08.06)
Dear Ms Mizrachi. Methinks you have remained too long with the enemy that you developed their lack of values, ifyou believe that defending onesleslf against a vicious enemy is unethical. How much do you think your life is of value among them? Try it out!!!
5. Why Europe???
Halldor Halldorsson ,   Iceland   (08.09.06)
Why on earth would Israel, given it´s slight regard for European criticism over the Israeli war-crimes in Lebanon, bend over backwards to be able to join every single concieavable European event? May I mention the European sports events and for example the European song contest??? Can you tell me?? We certainly don´t want you there; and you should be thrown out on your asses at first opportunity!
6. Icelandistan
The Z ,   USA   (08.09.06)
You will be happy to know that no Israeli is rushing to inhabit your Nazi-ass glacier out there in the cold Atlantic; so don't sweat it toots. And, besides, Your EU is a bunch of wimpy dhimmi wimps...have you gone out and purchased your hijab yet; because that's what you and your rheindeer will be wearing soon enough when Iceland becomes Icelandistan.
7. Le Arthur
B. Emet   (08.09.06)
His techinical crew? Had he really wanted to perform in Israel he could have hired a techincal crew right here in Israel. Perhaps, he was worried about his popularity with the Moslems of France if he performed in Israel. Will he still worry after they one day try to beat up his Jewish ass. In the memory of his fellow Jew and countryman; Halimi who died so brutally at the hands of Moselm savages; Arthur should have shown solidarity for his Jewish brothers and sisters and gone ahead with his plans. Shame on you Arthur with the Jewish last name.
dor ,   IL   (08.09.06)
9. I reiterate; Why Europe??
Halldor Halldorsson ,   Iceland   (08.09.06)
Israelis! Why dont you join such assholes as "The Z" from USA for your sports and entertainment competition purposes?? Are such evident imbeciles as "The Z" your only spokespersons???
10. Lovely Halldor
Bedebyes ,   Truro   (08.10.06)
Halldor As impartial vistor to both Iceland and Israel, all I can say is that the Israelis were the wittiest, cleverest, intellectually stimulating, interesting, zestful, attractive and human people I've ever met and that includes the arabs and jews. On the other hand the Iclanders were the most dull, miserable, arrogant, boring drunks I've ever met. So Halldor, who cares what you think?
11. Third time: Why Europe?
Halldor Halldorsson ,   Iceland   (08.10.06)
I surely feel sorry for the Truro person above; but this can surely be expected, since he/she only wants to meet and socialize with "drunks" wherever he/she "impartially" visits. I agree with him/her that generally speaking drunks are "dull, miserable, arrogant and boring". But it is a revelation for me to find out that Israeli drunks are "witty, clever, intellectually stimulating, interesting, zestful, attractive and human". It makes me wonder though about the correct personal predicament of the Truro person above, since it seems to me that drunks themselves believe they are "witty, clever, intellectually stimulating, interesting, zestful, attractive and human". But this interesting philosophical discussion doesn´t answer my initial question for the Israelis; Why do you seek partaking and competing in entertainment and sports under the auspices of Europe?? considering your labelling of ALL Europeans, including the good people of Truro, as dithering idiots???
12. Helldor
bedebyes ,   Truro   (08.11.06)
Sorry, I don't drink. However the other difference between Israel and Iceland I forgot to mention is that in Israel, you've really got to seek out drunks, in Iceland, they find you. ......And the reason Israel seeks out Europeans for entertainment and sports.........Well would you fancy a night out in Tikrit or sports day in Damascus? Why not go and play with a geyser!
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