IDF's new weapon: Snipers who fought in Cechnya
Yossi Yehoshua
Published: 09.08.06, 15:13
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1. bring in more snipers..crush the terrorist
ken ,   california   (08.09.06)
thats a good news atleast if they want guerrila warfare they get it too, shoot em up from yards away. good strategy
2. 2000 ... 2006 .... History repeats itself
Nab ,   Lebanon   (08.09.06)
We kicked ur ass in 2000.... and we will do it again in 2006!!! Hizbullah will never die, as long as u r occupyng our Shebaa land!!
3. "trigger happy"? this is the army, not the police
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (08.09.06)
4. LOL : you need so??? is it too hard for you?
micheew ,   germany   (08.09.06)
5. #2 Sad, Pathetic Nab....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (08.09.06)
You don't even realize that your country is a pawn for IRan and Syria, do you? Your people are dying becuase of hezballah which is run by IRan. They want nothing good for you, just for you to die so that they can make Israel look like a bully...wake up man!!! You people re so delusional and brainwashed that you do not even see reality any more. All you see is what they want you to see. Very sad that women and children have to die for the lies of a few men!!!
6. One shot one kill; Beautiful (end)
Jerry Ecklor ,   United States   (08.09.06)
7. Nr 4 - Micheew
Leon ,   Grand Rapids U S A   (08.09.06)
Your post is incomprehensible. What in the world are you saying?
8. #2 Nab...You have a warped view of what "kicking ass" is...
Yonatan ,   USA   (08.09.06)
You can only fantasize about beating Israel. Everyone else in the world knows you didn't do anything of the kind, then, or now. But you go ahead and dream, while Hezbullah allows your people to pay the price.
9. #2 Lebanese have little choice:
Irina   (08.09.06)
I do not see you have much to choose from: either Hazbollah is crushed or Lebanon will be suffering consequences for a long time as a result of it's cowardness. What amases me is that you keep crying for war to stop, yet you keep aiding and supporting these scum bags. I guess you are not desperate for war to stop after all. So wipe you nose and bare the consequences for you actions. Once and for all. No one belives you crocodile tears.
10. Nab lebanon so are all the pictures from lebanon fake??
Mike ,   Israel   (08.09.06)
Seems to me and rest of the world that Hizbullahs ass is getting kicked all over lebanon or are you blind??
11. Hahaha
Thomas ,   Frankfurt, Germany   (08.09.06)
snipers who shot kids in Westbank we all know how trigger happy they are go ahead hide and shoot all that moves what a shame to already most immoral army in the world and a country which shits on world opinion and diplomacy why discuss things with other if america gave you a license to do everthing you want i dont belive this is "democracy" to be an example for others Israel and Saud family should unite, they have alot in common :)
12. New Lamas !!!
saleem ,   Liban   (08.09.06)
I hope they will be more efficient then the previous Lamas who refused to serve the IDF!!!!
13. snipers
efi g ,   washington dc   (08.09.06)
I am sure there are good snipers in place allready. I am a sniper and have lots of patience. I would have loved to be one top take out the hezbos one by one and see terror in their eyes. They will surely run away like dogs in short order.
14. YOUR Sheba land, Nab?
Justina Irimia ,   Romania   (08.09.06)
There's not much to add to counteract the ridiculous claims made by you, Nab. The Sheba farms have never been Lebanese soil. Israel captured that land from Syria in 1967. And even if they did belong to Lebanon, your comments only show you've been brainwashed along with milloins of arabs into believing this is the actual stakes. How pathetic can that be for a territorial claim? Like Yonatan wrote, Hezbullah allows your people to pay the price, while screaming on all cameras that israel is the murderer. I wouldn't be surprised to see civilians killed by terorists and then brandished as victims of war. Pretty much what happened in 1979 iran, when those filthy khomeini pigs and croaches came to power! Enjoy your hisbala, my friend! Many of your fellow nationals do it from coffins now.
15. #11 - Teapot calling the kettle black?
John ,   Israel   (08.09.06)
Obviously you have not read a single history book or seen one single clip of unbiased must be so warm and cozy to be so ignorant. Enjoy the darkness Thomas.
16. you need more help than that lololol
sami ,   usa   (08.09.06)
first usa help now those run away solder from chen lol , were is the powerful army of israel
17. Switch your TV Channels!!
Nab ,   Lebanon   (08.09.06)
Its sad to hear, that some idiots keep their TV channels tuned to CNN - BBC - SKY News, and Isreali TV stations... You being brainwashed with lots of fake - manipulated information... Yeh right!! Isreal destroyed 70% of Hizbullah's rockets...No wonder why, rockets keep on falling all over Isreal!! hehehehe... I pitty you.. WAKE UP PPLE!! Anyway, we are proud of our Lebanese Resistance... We shall rebuild Lebanon no matter what, and lets see what your IDF can acheive on the ground, other than loosing troops in several areas! Maybe killing more babies, and destroying more civilian infrastructure, is ur BEST SHOT!! Keep on spreading the lies that hizbullah is hiding between those civilans.... U still dont know where is Hizbullah, and u still have no idea about how u cant get rid of them.... You are fighting a GHOST! 27 days passed and u acheived nothing, other than changing ur weak Generals, and spreading lies to your pple!!! PS: Just to remind you, lots of Isreali's will loose their jobs due to this fake WAR.. and person to blame is your prime minister.. Time will tell!
18. Than difficult times come, time to recall olims from Russia
Benjamin ,   TA Israel   (08.09.06)
Well, while everething is good and quiet Isreali looking down at olims from Russia. But as difficalt time come they suddenly needed again. However the Yediot still embarassed to tell that those "snipers hailing from states that fought in Chechnya, Afghanistan" are Russian olims. Russian olims are Jews among the Jews.
19. Obviously in front of your playstation
Robert ,   to #13   (08.09.06)
Stop playing too much - go to school or read a book like we do in Europe.
20. Hizbullah will now Surrender
Bilal ,   London   (08.09.06)
I guess when Hizbullah fighters will hear this news they are going to sh*t themselves and put their weapons down. So it will be over in a few hours as the news spreads and Israel can claim full victory!!! I am certain that no Hizbullah snipers are waiting for them so they will have a successful mission...
21. Israel is a loser.
Hizbollah kicked their ass. Israel showed the world how immoral of a state she is. Israel's losses in this war are far reaching. There is no way back. Anyway, Arabs and Muslims said this for years. The terrorism mantra is not going to work any more. Now Hizbollah is who says who stays and who leaves in the south of Lebanon. The French won't deploy in the south unless Hizbollah agrees. The Americans won't at all. Half of the world is not wlilling to consider it even. Israel is in big trouble.
22. good news at last
mei   (08.09.06)
23. 35-40 years old? You should equip them with Free Eyeglasses
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (08.09.06)
Despite it is more demanding than being football players as there are not much 35-40 years old among them. After 30 it starts to be difficult to carry out active military obligations in the field, after 40 it is time to tell stories to their children and gradchildren,if their mother let such bloody stories to be told. It is not only they will lose their capabilities on this age, also they can not do field work which requires young commandos. However they can kill civillians from a far post as it is usual. Woman scaring hizbullah, marvelous snipers, please summon boogeyman to the IDF as well, or better stop everyting today and gain many life to be lost now on.
24. Former Commandos of Russian Forces
Supporter ,   New York City   (08.09.06)
Hey Hizbos you are going to have it though with these guys as the rules of engagement of Russian Army are very different from IDF. These guys know no mercy. Just look what they did in Chechnya! Lebanon is like a play in the park compared to that. So better be hiding deep.
25. What terrorist hate
Bluemoonkid ,   Seattle, Earth   (08.09.06)
1 sniper can defeat 10 recruits . . if a terrorist knows it is hunting season all year long and a bounty is on his head he will make mistakes and die . . .and other will hear and lose heart. If Israel had 500 snipers in the scene permanently then Hezbollah would be futile and men would just stay home and take care of their familes. What a concept !!
26. to Nab
Tim ,   I.   (08.09.06)
Dear Nab i use to watch even other channels such as Al-Jaazeera,so I have a question for you: can you tell me,or try to explain,why those channels are the first at reporting casualties among IDF but there is not mention about casualties among Hizbullah fighters? Is it probably because Hizbullah are ghosts? At least,have look outside,your country is a load of rubbles. who's paying the bitter bill?
27. To Nab, Lebanon
Allan ,   london   (08.09.06)
Seems to be you should try watching CNN or Fox News and not Al Manar...!!! As how you can possibly say Hizbollah is winning is pretty amazing. Facts on the ground, Hizbollah cannot beat the IDF in a straight fight which is why it launches its missles from Civilian areas, its called being a coward... Which Arabs are great masters at. Also to remind you, who actually started this.. Hizbollah crossed an international border, killed and kidnapped soldiers. Also of note is the Sheeba Farms are not lebanese, so no idea why that interests you so much. Lets see in the past 27 days 40-50% of Hizbollah has been destroyed and the Shiite part of your country is in ruins all for the sake of Hizbollah being able to kidnap 2 soldiers. As for you laughing at Israel destroying the rockets, have you not wondered why they are only using the smaller rockets? Thats because Israel is picking them off one by one and the bigger ones have mostly been destroyed already. P.s. The people to blame for the Israeli;s who lose their jobs will be Hizbollah and the Shiites in lebanon
28. lebanon
steve ,   jozi south africa   (08.09.06)
IDF is the most humane army in the world. No other country would put up with what Israel has had to endure throughout its history. Arabs are lucky. Get out of the way. Get out of lebanon - take your women and children and protect them, not hide behind them - you pathetic bunch of cowards. When you arabs learn to love your children more than you hate the Jews - there may be a chance for peace! hizballah will be destroyed like vermin.
29. Why disclose secret information
Kevin ,   Seattle USA   (08.09.06)
I am reading about Israeli political, military, and diplomatic plans. I have a need to know, but why compromise war plans and risk lives,
30. Snipers? are you guys running out of F16 targets?
Tunisian   (08.09.06)
do you think you are fighting? you are just bombing in one of a historical desperation act.I wonder what you'll do if Hizballah has some anti-aircraft will really get creative, I assume.
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