Neturei Karta rabbi to Iran newspaper: Israel will cease to exist
Dudi Cohen
Published: 16.08.06, 11:55
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1. true
faiza ,   las Vegas, Nevada US   (08.16.06)
This is absolutely right. Evil never wins. I cannot believe that Judaism orders Jews to kill innocent civilians or considers Jews better than others. Judaism is a divine religion; and God will never segregate between people. In Torah, God says," if you kill an innocent, it is like you killed all, and if you preserve an innocent, it is like you preserve all. So, how can a religion that thrives to protect people, how it can order to kill people. Some Zionist rabbis do this to mislead Jews. Human nature is created in a way that refuses to kill.
2. Transfer them to Lebanon
Meir ,   Beit Shemesh   (08.16.06)
It would be a great mitzva to transfer these idiots to Lebanon - immediately!
3. this man is not a jew nor a rabbi....
tel aviv-er   (08.16.06)
and he should be ashamed of himself. these people live in the state of israel and take my tax dollars, yet oppose the state of israel. get a real job, get a real life, and screw you all religous quacks.
4. Zionism hijacked Judaism
Palestinian   (08.16.06)
Israel was created on the blood and bodies of others. During the time it has survived, hostilities toward Israel only kept growing. The wise thing for Zionists is to give up their racist plans, and let the Palestinians back to their Homes in Akko and Haifa and Jaffa. Currently 5 million refugees from these places are displaced into the surrounding counrties. It is totally unfair to allow any Jew, simply becuase his faith is Jewish, to immigrate, while the native of the Land are displaced and forced to live in Refugee camps. No justice, no peace. It is really simple!
DORON ,   BET SHEMESH   (08.16.06)
6. There are
Lu ,   OK, US   (08.16.06)
self-hating Jews. It takes different forms, one may be the tranzi type like Gnome Chimpsky, the other pseudo-religious nut types like the Neutered Karta.
7. Zionists can live together with muslims as well.
Suzanne   (08.16.06)
Instead of endangering the lives of at least 6 million Jews they should start reading books about zionism.
8. Do these assholes think
Michael Steiner   (08.16.06)
that Akhmadinejad would accept Israel even if haMashiakh himself established it?!
9. They have a point israel
abey ,   new york, telaviv   (08.16.06)
I agree with half of what they are saying, you cannot come to israel and have the "jews" rule it and not keep the torah. this is really only the beginning of what is about to happen to us if we dont start obeying the torah
10. Neturie carta are the true jews
11. Please stop giving airtime to these idiots
Jenny   (08.16.06)
Don't you see all they want is attention? They attend each and every anti-Israel rally and hold hands with the world's worst tyrants and anti-Jews. DO NOT give them air-time they don't deserve it.
12. Strip them of ctizenship and kick out of Israel
Benjamin ,   TA ISrael   (08.16.06)
ely   (08.16.06)
It is because of your incitement & hate against other Jews the nation of Am Yisro-ail is suffering & being punished. Zionism may not be of Observent Jews but they saved many Jews lives around the world even those of Niturei Karte.
14. Disgust
Michael ,   Melbourne Australia   (08.16.06)
This organisation is a disgrace to the Jewish religion, I am ashamed of them, they are worse than our worst enemies. They are not Jews. May they rot in hell. Or even better deport them all to tehran.
15. With friends like these...
Harissa ,   Argentina   (08.16.06)
Dont we just looooooooove to sleep with the enemy? Is this tolerance or masochism?
16. naturei karta
weil ,   Paris, France   (08.16.06)
Shame on you. Use your lips for prayer not politics
17. natori charta
mike ,   gedera   (08.16.06)
Lets send all these shmucks to Iran so they'll be happy there
18. Neturei Karta
aaron ,   France   (08.16.06)
What do you do with traitors ? or fools ?
19. Fact: Airev Rav aka Neturei Karta = Excommunicated from Jews
H ,   Jerusalem   (08.16.06)
for their Chillul Hashem. Those who curse will be cursed (Bereishis (Genesis) 12:3))
20. Neturei arte
Ruth D. ,   Richmond, VA -USA   (08.16.06)
This guy is completly sick and need a psychologial help. Ashame on him that he call himself "Rabbi". It is an insult for the real Rabbi.
21. Vile, disgusting, vermin.
Talula ,   Israel   (08.16.06)
22. Why Are Neturei Karta's Dozen Members Spewings "News"?
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (08.16.06)
Who cares what they think or say? For every one of them, there are thousdands of Torah-believing and observing Jews who think that they're a small, marginal bunch of whack-jobs. I have debated with one of their people and not only was he an am ha'aretz (ignoramous) in terms of Torah knowledge, but even he admitted that they view the Ultra-Orthodox Agudat Yisrael, Degel HaTorah, and Shas (all of whom reject these loonies) as their biggest threat. Bootm line: These guys are few in number and irrelevant.
23. to#3
elia ,   ireland   (08.16.06)
if he's not jew, what are you?!
24. to #4
"Palestinians" are people who were born before 48, nothing more. When the UN decided to divide the country into two nations, the only people who didn't agree to it were Arabs. All the Israeli wars were part of this stupid idea that Israel has no right to exist as a jewish country. For most of the Arabs jewism is a religion that should be destroyed, and that israel should be evacuated from Israelis. The absurd thing about it is the fact that in every war, Israel demolished its enemies, and these arab nations cried to the UN to stop the Israeli offence. That's the arab way, ignore the UN, but when you start a war and loose, you run back to it, just like and idiot child. Israel was declared through politics and not war. The Neighboring arab countries decided that by war they will achieve their goals, and they lost each time. If you dare to talk about bloodshed, look around yourself. When rockets fell near Jenin, the arabs shouted to Nasrallah to destroy Tel Aviv. When an Israeli rocket hit a building in Lebanon, Israelis shouted to stop the attacks on civilians. Who is being the humanitarian? who cares about life of people? certainly not the arabs. read this:
25. To Neturei Karta
Poster ,   KSA   (08.16.06)
You deserve the respect.
26. Re # 4 Palestinian
HBendor ,   NYC USA   (08.16.06)
Re : 4 Palestinian. Well… you Arabs squatting in Israel, and you Arabs with ‘Jordanian IDs and Passports’ encroaching on the Land of Israel please pick and leave the country, it is not yours... for as long as there are Jews in this world this is their Land and you cannot pretend this is Arab. If you have been told that whatever Arab conquers is yours at perpetuity then please clear your minds... Spain and France have been liberated a long time ago and you cannot claim these Countries to be Arab either. Israel will have to follow and clear the Land of Israel of Arabs that have not yet sworn allegiance to Israel and this includes NETUREI KARTA.
27. Rabbi...
Connie ,   VA, USA   (08.16.06)
The Messiah/jesus has already come as prophesied about. Is also prophesied that the jews would be gathered from the four corners of earth back to Israel. If anything is gotten rid of let it be the useless UN.
28. Prayer
Wael ,   Paris   (08.16.06)
Wheather Israël exists as a state or exists no more, I would like to pray for the Jews to live all around the world in peace, specially with us Arabs, Muslims and Christians. May God open for us and them the way to love each other, and to care for each other as we should, Ya Allah !!
29. #21 "vile, disgusting, vermin"
Rustum ,   London, UK   (08.16.06)
Well usually you use those terms to describe your Arab neighbours. However, I have to add what a great place for freedom Israel is. People have opinions that you don't like (i.e. Arab MKs, or Neturei Karta) and a whole infantile chorus springs up singing "traitors" "expel them" "vile, vermin". If I didn't know better, I would believe that I was reading news from Afghanistan under the Taliban or the Stalinist Soviet Union. You are so afraid of ideas that touch on the truth when expressed by your own citizens that you only solution is the usual "send them to Lebanon" etc. However, your comments about Neturei Karta put paid to the idea that kol yisrael 'am ehad as obviously the Zionist ideology does not allow for dissent of any sort. Anyway, Talula, you've had your daily dose of name-calling now. Do you feel better for it?
30. Jews?
Ros ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.16.06)
How dare they speak to Iran about the destruction of Israel. So many beautiful young men gave their lives, yes, wearing kippot and laying tefillin every morning - Only this country will allow them to stay/live speaking the way they do!
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