Ahmadinejad: Holocaust made up to embarrass Germany
Published: 28.08.06, 16:43
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31. no. 3
Robert ,   VT, USA   (08.28.06)
Benjamin Franklin belonged to a synagogue you jerk...also, he wasn't President. I see how you could understand that he was given that your knowledge of American culture is as deep as the 100 dollar bill you crave; however, give it up...Israel is back, and here to stay. Am yisroel chai!!!
andrew ,   miami,fl   (08.28.06)
33. Fadi - You mean like the Palestinians?
Brendan ,   Philadelphia, USA   (08.28.06)
If Arabs and Muslims love the Palestinians so much, why don't they take them in, instead of forcing them into refugee camps. According to your logic, it must be because no one really wants them.
34. Fadi about Ahmadinejad
Rich ,   Chicago   (08.28.06)
You're absolutely right. The Europeans and Americans didn't give a shit about the Jews before, during, and after the Holocaust. That is why the doors to imigration were closed before the war and the concentration camps were never bombed despite the Allies knowing everything by 1942. That is why today Israel doesn't give a shit what the rest of the world thinks and will rely only on herself and her own soldiers to defend the Jewish homeland.
35. even more irrational than his "letter" to Bush
Noam   (08.28.06)
Let's see, since the Allies defeated Nazi Germany they needed to embarass them and humilate them a la Versaille Treaty World War I. WRONG you tunnel-visioned moron. Ahmadinejad I suggest you read up on the Marshall Plan and study Western Europe post Word War II, EU integration, etc.and notice that West Germany even before it's reuniting with East had among the strongest economies in the world. And Fadi, you are simply just a product of a hate-filled educational system that produces all sort of conspiracy theories about Jews and Israel only to justify your region's continued rejection of and hostility toward the only majority Jewish state in the world.
36. Ahmadinejad is a slave to Muslim worries about humiliation.
Richard James ,   NY, USA   (08.28.06)
Germany hasn't been held back. Germany is a wonderfully modern, successful country with all the self-confidence in the world about their progress and standard of living. The whole world is threatened by these endless Muslim obsessions over the idea of feeling humiliated, however. The Muslim claim is that 1.3 BILLION Muslims are being held back by the humiliation of 5.4 MILLION Jews existing in the modern, western nation of Israel. It's a ridiculous argument. Germany knows what their former leader did. They have all the evidence in the world to prove it. Germany isn't humiliated by it. Their old leader Hitler is dead and gone now. His lunacy won't be allowed to rule over Germany ever again. Ahmadinejad and the rest of the Muslim world need to stop blaming others for their problems and GET A LIFE! They should get a life that doesn't involve wanting to wreck the world. Surely Muslims can find something to live for. Don't they care about the futures of their children? Why trap another generation into anti-Jewish lunacy in the Muslim world? GET A LIFE!
37. #3 fadi , lebanon (08.28.06)
OBSERVER ,   CANADA   (08.28.06)
GET AN EDUCATION INSTEAD OF SPEWING YOUR IGNORANT HATE! "BENJAMIN FRANKLIN .... cofounder and president of the US" HE WAS NOT A US PRESIDENT! HE SIGNED THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, and the Constitution of the United States. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SPEECH WAS A HOAX. SOURCE: Was Ben an anti-Semite? Regarding: "excerpts from the journal of Charles Pickney of South Carolina of the proceedings of Constitutional Convention of 1789 regarding the statement of Benjamin Franklin at the convention concerning Jewish immigration." Supposedly housed at The Franklin Institute... There is a small publication titled "Benjamin Franklin Vindicated," published by The International Franklin Society, that contains statements from a variety of sources condemning the speech as a hoax. One of the statements is by Henry Butler Allen, Director of The Franklin Institute in the 1930s. There is also a statement from Julian Bond, the librarian of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania during that same period. The article by Allen also appears in The Franklin Institute News, a publication of The Franklin Institute. In addition, there is an article by Claude-Anne Lopez in The New Republic's January 27, 1997 issue that refutes the "Prophecy." This passage from the Anti-Defamation League also discredits the supposed speech:
38. Fadi...
JB ,   NYC   (08.28.06)
I feel sorry for you! Then again thanks for keeping up stereotypes! Great pr for your people!
39. Dear Fadi
Stan ,   USA   (08.28.06)
Why do you and others refer to the land of Israel as Palestine? There has never been a country called Palestine. The land you refer to as occupied by Israel which was the historical land of the Jews was renamed Palestine by Herodias as an insult to the Jews 2000 years ago. Since then, "Palestine " (named after Israel's enemy the Philistines) has been occupied by the Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, Muslims, Turks and Britans since then. The land was legally and rightfully given back to the Jews who would live in peace alongside the Arabs if they would stop persecuting them. Get your facts straight and enter the real world of truth.
40. To #3
Orit ,   Toronto   (08.28.06)
Why would Britain or any other country welcome Jews into their country if the Jews have a country of their own... ISRAEL... promised to them way before you came along.
41. Ahmadinejad Embraces a Historical Revisionist Fantasy
Considered Scholarly ,   By Islamic Standards   (08.28.06)
42. Wow, Arabs Ignorance knows no bounds #3
Jewish American ,   USA   (08.28.06)
Ok hahaha, where do I start fadi, ok Ill just go through your talkback piece by piece. You want europe to take the Jews back huh, well how bout Europe ship all the arabs back that came there for a better life? And why should America not join them in shipping the arabs back? I bet you would have a fit then right, its ok to take Israel away from the Jews, but not the arabs out of Europe. And I bet you can even "justify" hezbolla's attack on Israel back in July? Do you even KNOW why you hate the Jews? Or have you just been so filled with arab propoganda that you will believe everything they feed you without question. And now a lesson in American history. Franklin was never a President of the United States nor was he a cofounder. There were a group of founders called the Founding Fathers who met in Philadelphia (check your map) to create the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States (which I'm sure you call the devil's work since it preaches tolerance freedom and so forth). Franklin only played a limited but crucial role in during the Constitutional Convention. Learn the history.
43. #3 The Lebanese entity does not exist.
Mark ,   USA   (08.28.06)
It is a made up country whose purpose is to create instability in the region. It is a French colony that has turned into a terror state. Another Very smart argument.
44. Lebanon does not exist Hizballahstan exists
Mark ,   USA   (08.28.06)
45. Fadi # 3 and His Modern Day Anti- Semtic Myth Making
Sandman M.D., Ph.D. ,   Ann Arbor-USA   (08.28.06)
Fadi the undereducated one said Benamin Franklin was " president of US"....... untruthfulness for he was never president of the USA...... Fadi now then states about Franklin's "prophecy speech" proves Jews unfit to live in USA. ...........................But....The late Charles A Beard The Benjamin Franklin noted Historian studied all Franklin written words reported "i cannot find a single orginal source that gives the slights justication for believing the Prophecy is anything more than a barfaced forgery. "not a single word have I discovered in Franklin 's letters and paper's expressing any such sentiments against the Jews. ..."His well-known liberally in matters of religious opinion would in fact have preculuded the kind of utterance put in the mouth by this palpable forgery... "In fact Franklin weclomed Jewish immmagration and mentions no dicrimination against the Jews." Bread also notes "the phraseology of the alleged Prophecy is not that of the 18th century, nor is it in the language of Franklin. It contains certain words that belong to contemporary (Nazi) Germany rather than America of Franlin's peroid." for example bread points out the word "homeland" was not employed by Jews in Franklin time for it was created in connection with the Palestine mandate. Bread also points out "postive evidence" held Jews in high regard, citing the instance when the Hebrew Society of Philadelphia sought to raise money for a synagogue in Philadelphia. Franklin co-wrote and signed a petition of appeal for contributions to "citizens of every religilious denomination" and gave 5 pounds himself for the fund. J.Henry Smythe Jr. compiler of "The Amazing Benjamin Franklin" has characterized the Prophecy as "a counterfit" stating it was a "libel of the Jewish race, unjust both to Jews and to the good-name of Benjamin Franklin". Julian P. Boyd, librarian of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and John Clyde Oswald of the international Benjamin Franklin Society both called it a fraud. the Carl Van Doren a biographer of Benjamin Franklin made this report: "The speech against the Jews which Benjamin Franklin is alleged to have made at the Constiutional Convention of 1887 is a forgery, produced within the past five years (1933-1938). The forger whoever he was, claims that the speech was taken down by Charles Pinckney of South Carolina and preserved in his Journal.....No copy of such printed Journal has come to light. Not content with these two claims, the forger has further asserted that the orginal manuscript of Fanklin speech, apparently from Pinckney's Journal, is in the Franklin Institute. Philadelphia. The Franklin Institute does not posses the manuscript.....................The forger's and Fadi of Lebanon authority for his document is nearly as mythical as could be imagined. He cites a manuscript which does not exist, a printed book or pamphlet which nobody has seen.,a Journal which has been lost for more than 200 years. There is no evidence of the sightest value that Franklin ever made the alleged speech or ever said or thought anything of the kind about Jews. Fadi your just Anti-Semitic myth maker. .......Shallam Bigot
46. fadi
mubsy ,   harrisburg.PA .   (08.28.06)
you should know what to post here. the thing i fail to understand with guys like you and iranian president is that anything to do with Israel you don't like. you will do everything even commiting suicide to justify you hatred for Israel and the Jews. i just can't understand why it is so? what has Israel done to you guys(Arabs and iranian president) to deserve this hatred? why don't you concentrate on developmental issues and peace rather than this strong hatred? another correction, Benjamin Franklin, was never the president of U.S.A. but was one of the founders. read your history well!!
47. Holocaust denying
Eitan ,   Flushing, NY   (08.28.06)
response to comment # 3 First, Benjamin Franklin was never President of the United States. Second, there wasn't much Jewish immigration to the United States while Benjamin Franklin was alive. And even if there was, I sincerely doubt that he would have ever commented on it. Third, what do you mean by the British and Americans "take the Jews back." Jews from those countries weren't displaced following the Holocaust, it was the Jews of Eastern Europe and Germany that had been slaughtered and displaced. Fourth, the large majority of Jews that participated in the founding of the State of Israel in 1948 were already there before WW2 and the Holocaust even began. Last, you need to read up on some basic history before you spew from your ass and show how uneducated you truly are.
48. Fadi - sounds like a broken record
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (08.28.06)
Just what is it with the Arab world? Is it jealousy because none of the Arab world can pull itself out of the third world? Please - and without name calling - can you explain why you are so afraid of a Jewish State?
49. This backward peasant.This termite.Can
ERIC,,, ,   ISRAEL   (08.28.06)
he write?This ugly dwarf,creature is a very dangerous individual.He needs to be taken care of.The Aranian people voted for this termite,well they deserve what they get.If the world closes there eyes too this problem, the USA.will have too take this crazy lunatic out.Wake up world.
50. Guided by the devil, not Mahomet
Sigourney ,   France   (08.28.06)
This man is a venimous snake ! Look how he plays with western countries, of course he knows holocaust is real ! Oops.. I thought he was smarter than that... ! Sorry, the other kind of joke he prepares against Israel does not make me laugh at all !!
51. Why does Ahmadinejab write letters?
Can't he just phone or send E-mail? Or are letters so 7th century:)
52.  3. Very Smart Argument !!!!
bauer hans ,   stuttgart germany   (08.28.06)
merkel grew up in the german democratic republic a former friend and supporter of arab terrorists she knows well the goal of some arableaders.lot of arabs like germany even further back.but fadi the 3 reich is gone and the jewish build up ther homeland and succeedet. the arabs had the same chance but it is easyer to blame others.
53. Israel is an Artificial State
Hani ,   Canada   (08.28.06)
Built on the remains of terrorized Arab villages (Deir Yassin, Safsaf, etc.) One day the Jews will realize that their best interest lies in going back to their roots: Populating the world, just as the Muslims populate the world. Nobody expects Muslims to congregate in Saudi Arabia. Why should it be different for Jews, and AT THE EXPENSE OF PALESTINIANS?
54. Ahmadinejad created to embarrass Iran
55. to # 3, Fadi, Libanon
female ,   Amsterdam   (08.28.06)
Well if that is your solution I think we should kick out all Muslims from my country, they don't intergrate, they don't accept our Western values....they treat their wives and daughters like shit...just send them oneway ticket back to Morocco, Turkey etc...lets see what a wonderfull life they will have in a Muslim country that is more then 100 years behind..
56. just ignore this clown, his days are counted as Nashrallas..
moi ,   TA   (08.28.06)
57. Fadi spelled inside out is Dafi (to 3)
Shai ,   Israel   (08.28.06)
And Daffy you'd have to be to believe the lies Fadi spews. "Very smart argument" he says. LOL! Fadi, see the following link about B. Franklin's "famous speech". Your comment is a "fadi"cha. And by the way, you claim Franklin was "co founder and president of the US?" Where do you get your history lessons, from Al Manar? Maybe the DaVinci Code? With all that time he spent in Opus Dei, how would he been able to be president and co-founder? Duh. Ben Franklin neither "co-founded" nor was he "president" of the US. He signed the Declaration of Independence, and was on a commission with 5 others who guided its drafting - of which two became president (Adams and Jefferson). He was an ambassador to France, besides being a brilliant inventor, businessman and philosopher. Fadi, try picking up a book, or even using Wikipedia, and reading it instead of depending on Hizbollah bumper stickers for your learning. Better yet - be the first Lebanese to contribute to the world even one percent of what Franklin contributed. It is audacity for a small person like you to even speak his name, so all the more so that you put words in his mouth that he never spoke. You are a vile anti-Semite. And don't get me started with "I'm a Semite", blah blah blah - you know damn well what I mean, and that you are an ignorant bigot. If our neighboring Arab countries are like Fadi, no wonder there is no peace.
58. The Iranian Peasant?
Daniel Jackson ,   Boulder, CO, USA   (08.28.06)
The usual Holocaust Denier takes an historical heretical position--usually trying to find an alternative explanation for facts, figures, testimonies, and acknowledged evidence that SOMETHING happened at the numerous facilities operated by the Third Reich. Their explanations run from the incredulous to the absurd. The president of Iran appears to be in a separate category. His remarks are so far from the standard denial that they are generally embarrassingly poor. These comments, however, finally reveal the nature of this figure--he is not a denier of the holocaust, he is simply an ignoramus. The Iranians have elected the cultural equivalent of Jeff Spicoli, the surfing drugged dude from the movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". While the other students of the class of 1980 of Tehran U were in class, our future ignoramus was a drugged out hippie radical taking over the American Embassy. The Europeans complained that the USA elected a C+ student as President, imagine their perplexity that Iran "elected" a leader who thinks Sherlock Holmes is a housing development outside London and that Manual Labor is the President of Cuba. He is more than a few bricks short of a load; he's just short.
59. Iranian President Ashmedaj and Hitler Are One and the Same
H ,   Jerusalem   (08.28.06)
Both are king of the demons.
60. #53 Why Jews congregate in Israel
Sam ,   Canada   (08.28.06)
Jews are supposed to live specifically in Israel so that they can obsreve all the elements of their bible. Today Jews go there for other reasons also such as anti-semitism or cultural reasons. Some don't go because it's not safe or they are attached to their countries. Jews have always lived in Israel and will always try and go back. You can't get rid of them so make the best of it.
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