After war: Pressure to ban cluster bombs
Published: 31.08.06, 10:32
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31. what's the justification?
xhad ,   usa   (08.31.06)
Can someone explain to me why Israel (as well equipped as it is) would need to use scatter bombs right before a UN resolution? Please don't reply with "hezbollah fired rockets," or "kofi why don't you say something about hezbollah."
LEE ,   NY, USA   (08.31.06)
33. the Independent
esther ,   raanana   (08.31.06)
Who can really take The Independent seriously after falling for the Qana massacre hoax? Mentioning it is not worthy, quoting it is downright dangerous. please visit and now Reuters is out with a denial of the press vehicle hit by a double missile strike in Gaza. Care to lodge a formal excuse with the IDF/IAF?
34. #24-28, AK about idiotic reasoning
Marhaba ,   Beirut   (08.31.06)
Nazi Germany, GB or the US have not been engaged in the same sort of vindictive reasoning (they kill our civilians, so let's kill theirs). they were busy trying to win the war. btw, you use the term "idiot" and "idiotic" very often. I have also noticed it is used abusively by people who tend to be low on intellect...
35. #19, I agree 100%
Marhaba ,   Beirut   (08.31.06)
People you are referring to seem to have a biologically rooted blindspot when it comes to Israeli wrongdoings. I don't think they can help it...and arguing with them is beating a dead horse. Regards,
36. Marhaba #35
zov ,   rosenberg, tx   (09.01.06)
True, except that Israel can not be doing anything wrong towards to 60 times larger horde of murdering arab maniacs. The existence of Israel itself, that is a comprehensive wrongness which should be eliminated. All means for that are good, Marhada.
37. Khaled #26
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (09.01.06)
Whenever Israel gets into this sort of jam, I always think of the stuttering faggot Yasir Arafat on American TV exclaiming "I condem it. I condemn it." He did not support suicide bombings. I say Israelis condemn IDF action but stand clear enough to let the IDF continue those same actions. That way, they, like you, can clear their consciences. I condemn the cluster bombings. I want to keep condeming them. Therefore, they must continue.
38. What the other side does, does not mitigate the shame.
Seth Russell ,   Renton, USA   (09.01.06)
39. Cluster bombs should have limited use
Roy Galut ,   Selah Washington USA   (04.13.07)
particurly in urban fighting....where there is a posibility of enemy combatants using civilians as shields..... relagate cluster bombs to open battlefields only
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