UN: Israel cluster bomb use in Lebanon ‘outrageous’
Published: 19.09.06, 14:39
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1. But what about Hezballah???
DR ,   Florida, USA   (09.19.06)
Does it not defy belief that an independent country would allow a terror group to dwell in it's borders, set up shop and fire missiles into Israel??? Where has the common sense gone in the UN? They are so one sided, and they don't even try to hide their bias anymore. The more they speak out, the more they expose themselves as corrupt, one sided, incompetent, losers.
2. oh, dear
DR. NO ,   jerusalem   (09.19.06)
UN observer, you should be equally shocked that Hezbollah intensified the rocket barrage into Israel by the time the conflict had been largely resolved, to the tune of 250 a day. It is extraordinary that you fail to mention the ball-bearings packed into these rockets - tens of thousands of them. And still no mention of these ball bearings being contaminated with rat posion and feces. Really, UN, how can you aspire to be taken seriously???
3. Stupid
Yair ,   South Africa   (09.19.06)
You stupid idiots. The UN is a waste of money, an utter disgrace, and incredibly anti-Israel. But hey, what's new? Oh, so condemn Israel for firing into civillian areas. But a) that's where the terrorists were! firing out of buildings and cars! and b) Hizbullah is ok? We aimed only at terrorists and their weapons, by vast majority in defense and retaliation, often dropping leaflets in Arabic hours in advance, blowing our element of surprise, in order to minimize civillian deaths and injury; Hizbullah aimed maliciously and with intent of harm and murder at civillians. But you, Shearer, don't mention that. But hey, what's new?
4. Is This Another Qanna?
emanon ,   USA   (09.19.06)
Do we know in fact that these cluster bombs were indeed dropped by Israel or were these muntions from Hizbollah / Syrian stores? Once a peson is caught lying it is dificult to accept anything they say as the truth. Hizbollah and other terrorist organizations have lied to the world about Israel too many times for this thought not to have crossed my mind.
5. Cluster Bombs
Joe Simon ,   Kfar Aviv, Israel   (09.19.06)
How come the UN didn't condem Hizbulla's firing rockets directly into civilian populations? Could it possibly be that the UN has a double standard?
6. oops !
dorothy ,   kansas   (09.19.06)
7. as if they care!
Freeman   (09.19.06)
This just shows how much the aparhied country of Israel cares about human lives when the humans in question are not of jewish faith! such acts will surely start the end of such a regime.
8. "extraordinary that they were fired into civilian areas"
aaron ,   ra'anana   (09.19.06)
ah the hypocrisy of the UN
9. The Truth .... or REUTERS?
gerd schulz ,   germany   (09.19.06)
WILBUR ,   CANTON USA   (09.19.06)
11. hate
lebanon ,   lebanon   (09.19.06)
israeli children writing on shells and israeli goverment approving the pollution of the sea. the sea ? using cluster bombs on civiilians areas, destroying peoples homes farms. Israel is a nation of hate. Israel is pure evil. its the cause for terrorisim and the reason muslims hate the west.
12. #7...Free your mind from B.S.
DR ,   Florida, USA   (09.19.06)
Israel cares about the lives of its citizens, which the state is sworn to pretect. If you attack the people, get ready to pay the price...simple isn't it??? Now, the fact that you are still whining about Israel going after a terror group, really shows us who you are and that your brain is not so free as you claim.
13. shocking?
esther ,   raanana   (09.19.06)
UN behavior is shocking. This defunct organism should be taken off life support.
14. too bad the UN isn't shocked & outraged about terrorism
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.19.06)
instead, they are shocked and outraged about those who confront terrorists. maybe if the UN would actually deal with terrorism and terrorists we might not have to worry about cluster bombs.
15. these "civilians" are terrorists, you idiots!
16. Hatred
Lebanese ,   Lebanese   (09.19.06)
and they want us to live in peace with these seems they care much about civilians....hizbollah fired 4000 rocket most of them on military positions. israel fired more than 1 million on lebanese civilians...who is the war criminal..u stupid people are crying for few misciles that hit military bases..... and for the UN, things should change and they should cancel what's called a veto and the vote should be by majority of countries and then we see who is right or wrong
17. Cluster bombs
Dr. JOHN MAXWELL ,   Israel   (09.19.06)
Would someone kindly point out to this person that Hizbolla didn't wait until the conflict had been resolved, they used " cluster-ball bearing " bombs from the first barrage of Katyuchas they fired at Israel. But then again we know that only on the Lebanese side are there " innocent civilians" & that all those on the Israeli side ( women & children included) are " soldiers" Makes you sick does'nt it!!!!!!!!!!!!
18. What should IAF use Mr Shearer?
Chris ,   Australia   (09.19.06)
I'm wondering ... besides ball-bearing filled rockets which other munitions carry the "UN morally OK" stamp of approval?
19. "Civilian" areas mean nothing in Hiz-land
Anyone who claims ignorance about their intentional use of human shields is either braindead or lying. And how are ball-bearings in bombs intentionally shot into civilian-ONLY areas of Israel not deserving of mention?
20. idiots..blind stupid brain-washed idiots
whathef??? ,   NYC USA   (09.19.06)
that's all you are, i cant see what's stopping you next from calling the UN a terrorist group, hahahahaha, that will be like saying all 192 countries in the world, without israel of course, are terrorists, grow up children, cluster bombs are banned in civilian areas by all civilized countries, unless civilized countries are terrorists too, i cant see why israel shouldnt ban them too, or maybe the 400 men of hizbullah, strong of katiushas and AK 47s, were the ones who threw them, or maybe it was ben laden, or wait, the evil one-eyed man from southern sri-lanka, yeah that's the one bottom line: you're so drunk and soaked in your own illusions and lies that reading you is starting to become funny, so go ahead, entertain us...
21. #16...Hezbillah fired on military targets?!?!?!
Yonatan ,   US   (09.19.06)
You are TOTALLY brainwashed!!! Hezbullah NEVER fired on ANY military targets! BTW...It IS legal by INTERNATIONAL LAW to fire on civillian areas when the enemy is embedded in it. When the civillians support these terrorists, they become responsible for their own fate.
22. UN: Israel cluster bomb use
Jukka Moisio ,   Nacka Sweden   (09.19.06)
What's truly outrageous, is for an UN-official act like a spoilt child, weeping condemnations, whereas he himself should concentrate on helping those civilians and children to avoid hurting themselves. The first thing to do in like case is naturally to forbid anybody to even approach the areas where the bomblets has fallen. Clean the mess, and file a report thereafter. To run around shouting outrage is in itself just that. A stupid,artificial way of showing that this Shearer fellow propably has not the right qualifications for the job. It is already enough of patronizing and moralizing around this Lebanon affair. Mr. Shearer, just call it quits, or shutup and work the mess.
23. Think of this as...
kevo ,   miami, usa   (09.19.06)
...a going-away present from the Most Moral Army in the World. We came, we saw, we couldn't conquer, so we seeded your towns with cluster bombs.
24. to Lebanon
Charlotte ,   London   (09.19.06)
You are responsible for the situation.You spport terror and expect israel to just accept attacks on it's let Hezbollah start a war from your turf-you then have to accept the consequence. You hate Israel becuase it is a successful democracy amongst nations that are anything but. You should clean up your own country before blaming israel for anything.You hate the west and you blame it on israel. you are more then ignorant.
25. Hatred
Charlotte ,   London   (09.19.06)
Are you living on Mars?Or your own planet? Hizbollah fired indiscriminately on Israeli town s actually SAYING that they want to kill as many israelis as possible. How can you even write such stupidity whithout laughing.Your are pathetic.
26. dear lebanese hatred
Dr. NO ,   jerusalem   (09.19.06)
Schools, hospitals and residential neighborhoods in Israel are used for those purposes - education, medical care and housing. That is what Hezbollah was targeting while shooting from private homes, UN positions, etc. The hospital in Naharia is not a military basis. The shopping mall in Kiryat Shmona is not a military basis. Private residences in Nazareth, Mrar, Haifa, etc, are not military bases. IDF does hide behind mosques (in Arab vilages) or printed press offices (al-ittihad in Haifa). Unlike Hezbollah - we all saw the arsenal hidden in a mosque in Lebanon - is that how you worship your allah and his prophet muhammad? Now in Lebanon, wasn't there a commando raid on a Hezbollah-controlled hospital which was empty of medical staff and patients but well-equipped with state-of the-art rockets and rocket launchers, among hand grenades, RPG's and other such "medical" equipment? Didn't Kevin Zone (CNN Hot Sites) film inside a Hezbollah terrorist's house? Didn't you see the weapons stashed in closets, under the bed, even next to a baby's crib? You know, Arab press reports (and unfortunately the easily duped MSM) remind me of the joke Russians tell of their leading newspapers in the USSR: Pravda (truth) and Izvestia (news). There is no pravda in izvestia and no izvestia in pravda. And one more thing the UN might wish to consider (if indeed they are mentally capable of considering anything) - some 2000 rockets and rocket parts were still scattered about residential areas, inside damaged homes, in schools, city parks, farms (Israeli farmers can't return to work either), national parks, on truce day.
27. And the Hezzies fired ballbearing laden
Allan ,   US   (09.19.06)
Katushas, that's ok? This hypocracy makes me sick.
28. just a thought about the last few hours
paul ,   Tel Aviv   (09.19.06)
How dioes Mr shearer know these munitions were fired of in the "last few hours of the war" do they have stop watches on them. Or is it that the same "innocent civilians that wish nobody any harm but will support Hzbollah to our dying breath" who supply the usual unbiased reports on the lack of military means in areas attacked saw these munitions land. Of course they would be standing around as something nasty was incoming to check what time it arrived Seems a bit fishy to me
29. should have use them earlier
jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (09.19.06)
The U.N.(useless nations) humanitarian coordinator say nothing of the buck shot in the rockets the HIZBULLSHITALLAH where firing into civilian areas. The Israelis should have fire the clusters bombs from the begining when there was more civilians around, maybe that would have make the U.N. happy
30. Un Says cluster bombs immoral
Mick Roberts ,   Warrington   (09.19.06)
I find it immoral that The UN oversaw 6 years of terrorist build up alongside it's"neutral" troopss bases in south lebanon and then stood by while they fires 4,000 plus rockets into a member country. truth is no-one takes notice of the UN as it doesn't matter. Like the League of nations beforeit . it has become a gravy train for failed diplomats and jihadi appeasers and assorted anti-semites.
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