UK politician: Pro-Israel lobby controls West
Hagit Kleinman
Published: 21.09.06, 18:35
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1. As George Orwell Said
World Citizen ,   the world   (09.21.06)
"Speaking the the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act." And so the revolution has started. Long live the revolution!
2. as terror attacks rise in Britain . . .
Steve G ,   Kew Gardens, NYC   (09.21.06)
Additional terror attacks by Jihadist Muslims in Brittain are inevitable. People like the Titled Twit mentioned in this article will be marginalized by events. Pity she is not on the side of preventing terror instead of encouraging it. She should take the underground more and ask the riders who they think is the cause of terror.
3. what does the west have in common with palestinians??
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.21.06)
islam? terrorism? gender aparthied? hate? anarchy? racism? antisemitism? tribalism? murder? paranioa? intolerance? ignorance? why would anyone in the west express solidarity with such a lot as the palesitnians? maybe IF the israeli lobby controled the west the palestinian issue would be in better shape. this baroness tonge is delusional.
4. Lib Dems Wouldn't Care if there was another Holocaust
Nannette ,   London, UK   (09.21.06)
They're the most extremely antisemitic party, far more so than the BNP - and that's saying something. I wouldn't touch them as far as I could throw them... they're all a bunch of antisemitic hypocrites.
5. those comments make me hate the UK
Mark ,   USA   (09.21.06)
The British are so bloody Anti-Semitic. They have no morals and are reverting to the Dark Ages. The British love torturing people verbally and physically. Boycott the UK.
6. We all know how anti-semitic the English
rachel ,   usa   (09.21.06)
are especially the so called "upper class and nobility" (nothing noble about them)
7. This is just the next thing in a long line of .....
Adam ,   Manchester   (09.21.06)
anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, blindly pro-Palestinian abuse! How she is a Baroness eludes me. She is a dangerous, coniving b!tch and the sooner she is out of politics the better. Hamas, Hizbollah, Chavez et al. will get on like a house on fire with her! I would love to put them all in a house on fire!
8. tonge's tongue
oded   (09.21.06)
is so far up the arabs' a**, it not even funny.... this sexually deprived b****(word is that every second man in england is gay or bi), is so desperate ,that she'll say anything or do anything to appease the "palestinans/arabs".
9. Tonge
Dr. JOHN MAXWELL ,   Israel   (09.21.06)
Isn't she the one who once said she "understands the Palestinian suicide bomber" & would in similar cicumstances have become one! Pity she hasn't blown herself up yet!!
10. This outburst is a charming compliment!
Adamush ,   UK   (09.21.06)
But the Israel lobby needs to turn its financial clout into political. British readers: Write to your MP and express support for Israel if you haven't already done so. I'm penning a letter already!
11. The UK needs to work on peace.
Mark ,   USA   (09.21.06)
If the UK is unhappy, they need to actively engage in the mid-east peace process. The UK is doing nothing but complain about Israel. I hold the UK responsible for the turmoil. Blood is on the hands of the UK government. They are not doing anything to promote peace. The UK promotes jihad.
12. The Nazis said similar statements.
Mark ,   usa   (09.21.06)
The United Kingdom is resembling a Nazi Kingdom. Synagogues are attacked. Jews are beaten. Anti-Semitism is preached by the government. Daily Anti-Semitic propaganda from the BBC. The British are copying the Nazi behavior.
13. Correction
Sagi   (09.21.06)
she did not say that she understood the hearts of the Palestinian suicide bombers. She actually said during a visit to the west bank that if she were a Palestinian grandmother she would give her blessing to her grandchildren to blow themselves up. She is an anti semite of the worst kind and the fact that she was a parliamentarian in Britain is only to britain''s disgrace. Israeli politicians should steer clear of the Liberal Democratic elements in British politics, they are misguided at best and disgusting at worst. They are as disilluisioned about life as were the early followers of the communist ideal.
14. #6 There is nothing noble about the UK
Mark ,   USA   (09.21.06)
Nothing. I repeat. Nothing.
15. The UK caused the Arab/Israeli conflict
Mark ,   USA   (09.21.06)
They need to fix it. They gave Palestinian land to Jordan, a made up kingdom. They left "British Palestine" a complete mess. They occupy Northern Ireland and have the nerve to call Israel an occupier. The pilgrims came to America because they knew the British were intolerant. They had to get away from the oppressive British regime.
16. Mark from the USA
David ,   UK   (09.21.06)
I am British and a Jew and an Israeli - your hyperbole achieves nothing. Comparisons between modern day Britain and Nazi Germany are laughable. Sweeping generalisations about the 60 million people who live in Britain are not helpful to Israel or the Jewish people.
17. What's Anti-Semitic About Tonge?
Dovy ,   Toronto   (09.21.06)
If the Zionists say the Arab lobby has a grip somewhere they would deny they were anti-Arab. So what's wrong with what the Baroness said? It has nothing to do with Jews. It has everything to do with the Zionists, and she is CORRECT!!
18. Hitler's legacy is alive and well in Europe.
AK   (09.21.06)
Now everybody is free to express anti-Semitism openly and proudly, not having to worry about society's censure. I wonder, will the Jewish ostriches get their heads out of the sand now, or is it still too early for them? Are Benny Morrises of this world willing to admit the damage they have done to the security of Israel and Jews around the world , by calously and heedlessly aiding and abetting anti-Semites? (I don't bother asking about Chomsky, Finkelstein, at al., they do their damage out of pure malice.)
19. #16 David Please Make Aliyah
Mark ,   USA   (09.21.06)
You are in a state of denial. Look around your country and wake up. I am telling you the truth. Jews have been beaten. Synagogues have been attacked. Jewish graves are desecrated. Anti-Semitism is out of control in the UK. Stop your denial. Never Again! Never Again! Never Again! Please make aliyah. I must speak about this. I will not remain silent. Never Again! Silence=death
20. Here we go again
Abe ,   Brooklyn, USA   (09.21.06)
Antisemitism is about as common in England as fish and chips breath and bad teeth.
21. David the Brit Jew
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (09.21.06)
David, Mark rails against the British State, not British people in general. As a Brit, you know that "they" refers to a singular organization. And you should also know better than to link one man's statements to the the State of Israel and Jews in general. Talk about your own hypocrisy! Or stupidity. Or inept thinking. Or...
22. Tongue has it backwards
Dan ,   USA   (09.21.06)
If anyone is gripping the West by the gonads its the arab oil-men. Of the 10 most wealthy people in the world, none of them are Jewish, but one is a prince of Saudi Arabia. 100 years ago they were living in tents, fighting over sand - and thats where they'll be in another 100 years.
23. semites are be so anti-British...
wanda ,   montreal   (09.21.06)
is my above statement correct? no. so how can people hate Brits and tar them with the same brushstroke. inductive reasoning works only in propaganda...
24. #17, Dovy, what you say makes NO sense
David ,   Boston, USA   (09.21.06)
Many Jews are part of the financial establishment and are not pro-Israel. She absolutely is anti-semitic based on what I am reading. NY Times has Jewish owners and is Anti-Israel. George Soros the billionaire is Jewish and not Pro-Israel, at least not the way I would agree with. Would you like more examples? Jews are everything under the sun. When she says "The pro-Israel lobby" has its grips on the Western World, its financial grip thats 100% incorrect. IF anything its the arabs and their oil that controls the financial market and has for WAY too long. Personally, I dont see how someone can be Jewish and not be a zionist. They are the same. It is our land, our religion. Just as Muslims have Saudi Arabia, Israel, including Judea and Samaria are the home to the Jews. IT can be shared with others, but it is the homeland of the Jews. We are its native people, not the Arabs or other invaders over the years. Look at the Torah, look at the architecture, look in the ground, above the ground. IT is Jewish land. 60 years ago, even the Arabs would have agreed with this. There is just too much hatred in the Arab/Muslim world today. Its isnt all of them or even most, but there are enough lies throughout the Islamic world and Eurabia that cause it.
25. The Liberal Democrats and antisemitism
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (09.21.06)
Of the three main British political parties the Liberal Democrats are the most institutionally antisemitic. Their current leader Menzies Campbell has made a career of attacking Israel and the party has striven to be more left-wing than Labour and has declared that it wants to be the party of the Muslims. The basic ethos of this party tends towards extremism and the appeasement of Islamic terrorism, more so than the other main parties. (Of course both the Labour and Conservative parties have their own unsavoury elements.) Tonge herself strikes me as a raving nutcase, so crazy are her comments. They are typical of antisemitic irrationalism and clearly she has a serious personal problem about Jews. Maybe when she was at school a Jewish girl was cleverer or was better at netball than her, and her hatred stems from her inability to cope with that. Who knows?
26. jealous baronass
earl yossef ,   france   (09.21.06)
what's wrong being successful ???? S H A N A T O V A !
27. when can we expect payoff
Josh   (09.21.06)
If this was true then why is everybody in the pro-palestinian corner. Think the oil barrons got the world by the b*lls more than we. Just an extension of the illuminati theory and end-off-time parasites that never notice the flip-flop between the book of old and new prophecies. Hint, only one can be right. Tonge cries like a baby because he can't have his political way and his outlet is to blame the Jews.
28. Tonge's e-mail address
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (09.21.06)
Dr Jenny Tonge E-mail Address(es):
29. #17 have the Zioinists said so?
Roee ,   Israel   (09.21.06)
NO, Even though the Arabs control the most valubale resource in our times. So please try to focus on what has been said.
30. David, UK: What is helpful, in your view?
AK   (09.21.06)
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