UK politician: Pro-Israel lobby controls West
Hagit Kleinman
Published: 21.09.06, 18:35
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61. Aipac or Opec? Joy makes sense. Jenny does not.
Jewish Lobby? ,   Arab Lobby!   (09.23.06)
OPEC, now THATS a conspiracy.
62. Pro-Israel lobby controls West
truth ,   anywhere.everywhere   (09.23.06)
Why is it that talking the truth when it comes to Israel amounts to anti-semitism. People are getting fed up with Israel and the time is coming when the backlash against their constact provocations is going to hit home. When that time comes, they can scream anti-semitism as loudly as they wish, but like the boy who cried wolf, no-one will be listening. The fact is that the most anti-semetic nation on earth is Israel which has been taken over by the false jew.
63. truth
omjaya ,   us   (09.24.06)
# 1,the world thanks you.Knowledge is powerful.
64. nr 55 Ynet is not Haaretz (thank gods)
Dov Goldrush   (09.24.06)
65. Apply Reason
Akira ,   Novy Sad   (04.10.09)
Re: "The pro-Israeli lobby has got its grips on the Western World, its financial grips." There's no discussion in the article regarding the truth of the statement.
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