Khameini: Don't masturbate during Ramadan
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 04.10.06, 19:55
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31. Accidental masturbation
MR   (10.04.06)
No alcohol, no masturbating, the girls are dressed as they are dressed... no wonder what comes out of there. #18, Iranians do make fun of us, (when the Danes make fun of them)they deny our Holocaust, they publicly express the wish to destroy us and Islam wishes to "cure" the whole world indeed... we all know what it means.
32. Khameini's masturbation of the mouth
Steven ,   L.A. USA   (10.04.06)
If Khameini's mother masturbated instead of having him, the world would have been a much better place.
33. Cussin' in Arabic? Tez Sarama
American ,   Jew   (10.04.06)
34. To the "palistinian"
Arie ,   Afula   (10.04.06)
Not rude - just explaining why you insist your women wear bhurkas!
35. Ramadan Rules
John ,   Afula, Israel   (10.04.06)
Ok, then can I assume that if I have sex with someone, and its by accident, and I don't "spill my semen" then its Kosher, so to speak?
36. This guy is a real jerk-off!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.04.06)
37. and you thought the muslims were pissed off before?
jeff ,   seattle   (10.04.06)
38. masturbation
me ,   planet earth   (10.04.06)
Maybe if these Islamists,masturbated MORE,the world would'nt be in the screwed up state it is in;and maybe,they would'nt have to blow up innocent civiliens,and then hope to get 72 virgins .But I suppose that is exactly why they don't.(masturbate)Their rediculous dream of these 72 virgins,is the origine of their frustration. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THESE PEOPLE?EVEY TIME THESE MOLLAHS &AYATOLLAHS OPEN THEIR MOUTHS,ITS ONLY TO FURTHER RIDICULE THE REST OF THE MUSLIM WORLD. GOSH,AND NOW THEY ARE REDUCED TO MASTURBATION JOKES.
39. ROFL...Are they unanswered questions since 1400 years?
KMR ,   Middle East   (10.04.06)
40. Accidental masturbation revisited
Willie the Wanker   (10.04.06)
Honest Ayatollah, I was cleaning it and it just went off!
41. Can you say oomrooj ?
Mike ,   Jerusalem   (10.04.06)
They wipe their tochas with their left hand I wonder if there is a fatwah which had to use to perform oomrooj. zaknaboot lejaja(choke the chicken)
42. Iranian Wankers
Chaim Shmerril ,   Alleswartze Yurin   (10.04.06)
Dear Khameini is oral sex tantamount to breaking the fast
43. sets have a wankathon in iran
dimitry   (10.04.06)
instead of homosexual parade in Israel, i suggest all the homos go to iran and compete with iranian locals in a wankathon supervised by the international atomic energy commission
44. iran does not need nuclear power
dimitry   (10.04.06)
i ask homeni to allow iranians to masturbate - israel will invent a device to convert their wanking power to electricity and they will have no need for nuclear power!
45. Aha...
Rabih ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (10.05.06)
So WTF does this have to do with anything??
46. Don't masturbate. Hire a hooker instead.
Khameini ,   Tehran   (10.05.06)
47. Don't cum now
Big Al ,   Isr   (10.05.06)
Mr khameini rather blow your load than blow up innocent civilians
48. y masturbate thought they have 72 virgins each
ken ,   california   (10.05.06)
49. Cum Cum now!!
Moshe Zuchmeer ,   Loch In Dred   (10.05.06)
Mr Khameini, pray do tell Sir,how one can masturbate unintentionally? Is this an Iranian secret
50. masturbate for peace
Hung Aryan ,   London   (10.05.06)
Remember guys that after urinating - any more than two shakes is considered jerking off. Check out my web site
51. #18 - Right Modja you moron...Iranians just want to...
Andy   (10.05.06)
wipe us off the map. Nothing as serious as making fun of our holidays.
52. Mike Jrslm#41
Big Al ,   Isr   (10.05.06)
Your'e cool dude
53. Beat your meat
Big Al ,   Isr   (10.05.06)
They don't fool anyone .If after you Pee you shake it more than3 times your'e playing with it !!!
54. Ignorance at its best
Sam ,   Alquds, Palestine   (10.05.06)
Some of the comments here show the amount of ignorance and illetaracy the commentators here have reached. The best one is from the guy who thinks Khamenei is an arab, and tries to make a joke about the arabs and their clerks, assuming that he is an arab. It would be better for you to check some of the questions Ovadia Yosef gets, and his "remarkable" answers. Khamenei is persian you idiot, but I guess you would have to get back to the encyclopaedia to figure out what that means.
55. laws
izaak   (10.05.06)
this dispute is ridiculous the religions are alike . let the jews have their land and iran take in the palestinians
56. More sinful "inentional discharges"
Prof. V Ethical ,   Ivory Tower   (10.05.06)
It's a bigger sin to "intentionally discharge" a nuclear weapon ...wanker
57. actually sam from yerushalayim #54
Mike ,   USA   (10.05.06)
No techincally Khamenei is not Persian he is Azerbaijani (Turk). Ya ahmaq as a Iranian might say. By the way why dont you hear the arab posters ever protesting about Ahvaz/Arabistan occupied Arab territory in Iran?? Could someone answer this for me please.
58. Getting clarification on what an "accident' is...
Hahahaha ,   Tampa, FL USA   (10.05.06)
Thanks for the link to Khameini's website. You can send a letter and uploads pics to them, so I sent them some nice "relevant" pics to this article concerning Muhammad from this site: asking them which of said pics is intentional and which is accidental.
59. Mulla: DO what I tell you to do but don't do what I do
John ,   NZ   (10.05.06)
60. 18
HS ,   USA   (10.05.06)
and of course we never hear iraniots make fun of or hold any kind of cartoon contests regarding Jews, or the Holocaust.
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