Olmert, Lieberman agree to change system of government
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 08.10.06, 07:40
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31. the form of gov't needs to be changed
lisa   (10.08.06)
but what form of gov't do they want to change it to? We need accountability, we need representation with accounability & that can only happen if we have districts with direct representation, no coalitions, the P.M. is elected separately and then the supreme court appointment system must be changed also, put an end to the "old boys" appointment system.
32. To Mark and all
silvio ,   italy   (10.08.06)
The land of the Faraoni, the Sinai to the Arabic heirs. The land from Israel to the Israelis! As the Armenia to the Armeni, the Kurdistan to the Curdi, Ireland to the Irishmen, the Countries Basque to the Basque, Scotland to the Scots and so on! God blesses all those that they understand this thing! This is peace!
33. Dear MARK< USA
gabriela ben ari ,   Jerusalem   (10.08.06)
Take some lessons on demography first. Just to start with. You've got a couple of things twisted here. 1) It is not Israel, it's halacha SOLELY the one to decide who is jew who is not. As much as you might resent this , think, judaism is a religion NOT a political party. So leave these to the rabbis. Non jews from Russia (specially) are in need to have their issues addressed and solved , nonetheless, once the Sochnut brought them here, we will have to take every care them. Independently of who's a Jew. BTW, dont think that converting will do the trick, because it wont. If any doubts ask me later. 2) Dont belittle religious rate of birth rate, two years ago it surpassed arab women birth- rates. Again read statistics and demography And last but not least. Have a little faith in Hashem. It wont hurt. Your posts sound like science fiction "what to expect next". Leave the future to the One upstairs Bye good luck
34. We don't need racist fanatics in our government
Sheila Rubinstein ,   Studio City, CA   (10.08.06)
Mr. Lieberman is an anti-Arab radical who shames the concept of tolerance and should have no place in Israel's government. Israe's right wing bring shame to me, as a Jew. Their beliefs frighten me deeply, and some of the ideas they advocate are no different than those espoused by certain racist groups. I call on all decent Israelis to passionately protest the addition of this right-wing lunatic to Israel's government. G-d have mercy on us all!
35. exactly why i voted for Nat'l Union and not Lieberman
aaron ,   ra'anana   (10.08.06)
why throw a life preserver to Olmert???
36. Lieberman, you just lost my support. How could you?
David ,   Israel   (10.08.06)
37. #33 The Jewish people are a tribe.
Mark ,   USA   (10.08.06)
They come from a tribe called Judah who practice a religion called Judaism. A person is born Jewish. Once a Jew always a Jew. The first Christians were Jews.
38. # 37
Keren ,   Sao Paulo   (10.08.06)
Study a bit,at least,before speaking! Jewish People are composed of 12 tribes: Reuben,Simeon,Levi,Judah, Dan,Naphtali,Gad,Asher,Issachar, Zebulun,Dinah and Joseph. You ,usually,dont think before coming to write in this site,whether because you are futile or just because you are unable to it.I don't know which one.
39. #18 Jewish state NOT Jewish Ghetto
Kate ,   Jerusalem   (10.08.06)
Our Jewish state is NOT a Jewish Ghetto. To take rights away from, exclude or otherwise compromise the freedom of non Jews is more than ridiculous - it is completely intolerable. We built this state to escape the Ghetto. If you want to go back - then leave. No one stops you. Our democracy - though fragile and problematic - is the road that will one day build us into a great state. WE NEED A CONSTITUTION! We don't need racist, exclusionary, blind iranian-type policies and control freaks ordering lives like mad dictators.
40. Olmert give up deceit and corruption? Can't stop laughing!!!
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (10.08.06)
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