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Study confirms: Nazis made soap from human bodies
Published: 10.10.06, 09:09
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1. Horrific
Talula ,   Israel   (10.10.06)
And the world wonders why Israel reacts the way it does when under threat. Then the Jews did nothing, today things are different. It will never happen again that a Jewish body will be used to make soap. It's too vile to think about.
2. disgusting!
3. Disgusting...
MA Khan ,   NY, USA   (10.10.06)
No animals but humans can only be so cruel and barbaric. Although 60 years have passed, but yet we see the Mullahs of Iran are deadly intent on re-inacting a similar episode against the Jews. MA Khan Editor,
4. Soap advertising on side of page...
Rachel ,   London   (10.10.06)
And to add on the vileness, I ask why is YNET allowing Google to advertise soap on this page. It is a joke.
5. I agree with # 2, Jewish Soap is disgusting.
Max ,   London, UK   (10.10.06)
6. Why are we punishing the Palestinians?
Arab Jewish ,   TA, IL   (10.10.06)
Whatever happened in WWII doesn't justify the atrocities Israel is committing against the Palestinians and Arab neighbors. We shouldn’t forget that when Europe was slaughtering Jews the Arabs and Muslims received us in their countries and gave us safe shelter. And instead of thanking them for that the Zionist movement came and put its hand in the hands of those who were killing us to help them occupy the peoples which saved us!
7. Nazis made soap
silvio ,   italy   (10.10.06)
During the second world war has stayed put a miliary stone of the ferocity to which a man against an other man could arrive at. Particularly against those people that by of their wealths acquired with the strong hock and job was refused to deliver them in hand to biggest criminal that the earth has never begun to the world: Mr. Hitler!
8. Arab Muslim; No believs you're a Jew. ArabsaremurderingJews!
Daisy ,   USA   (10.10.06)
The Jews are indigenous to Israel and welcomed the Arab invaders not the other way around.
9. to #6 Arab Jewish: That is the biggest B.S I've ever heard!
yonatan ,   nyc   (10.10.06)
Yeah, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was really on the side of the Yishuv and the Jews in Europe during WWII. Allying with the Nazis was a great way of showing how much he cared about them. Same with the Farhud in Iraq in 1941. These Arabs obviously loved Jews and cared about them deeply. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!
10. So What....?
Ali ,   Lebanon   (10.10.06)
I am really sick of reading everyday about the stories of hollocaust...I really respect the lifes of everyone ( jewsih, muslim...actually any human being) but how about judfing ourselves...In the last war in Lebanon, we have seen the same kinf of hateret, Jewish people faced during the 2nd Wolrd War..Beleive me, No one hates someone for no REASON,,,Judge urself and u will find the solutuin...Just keep in mind, that a human life is a human life ( A jewsih life is not more important than other lives)
11. to #6 arab jewish
ed ,   milan,italy   (10.10.06)
you are not jewish!
12. Arab Jewish, study history!
Paolo Ortenzi ,   Rome, Italy   (10.10.06)
When you write: "We shouldn’t forget that when Europe was slaughtering Jews the Arabs and Muslims received us in their countries and gave us safe shelter" you are telling a LIE. 1939 anti-jewish riot were ALL but a safe shelter, and the reduction/prohibition issued by the British authorities from 1939 to 1945 to the Jewish immigration in Palestine were issued because of the ARAB REQUESTS! Last but not least: the STRICT collaboration of the Jerusalem Mufti with Adolf Hitler, including recruiting Muslims for the Waffen SS.
13. To Silvio #7
Dr D ,   Jerusalem   (10.10.06)
Tradurre in Italiano!! In Inglese e' quasi il liguaggio di Nostradamus.
14. Chamberlain & British lefties gave 'peace' w/hitler a chance
Moshe ,   Beit Shemesh   (10.10.06)
leftists who are soft on dictators lead to the wholesale murder of innocent people.
15. #10 So what you say?
Talula ,   Israel   (10.10.06)
How do you begin to make the same comparison? Do you even know anything about the Holocaust? How can you compare it to the recent war in Lebanon? 6 million Jews were rounded up and murdered just because they were Jews and for no other reason. We do NOT hate the Lebanese people, or anyone else come to that. You don't see us going to Germany and Austria with suicide bombs to get revenge for killing so many helpless Jews. A war is a war, and the last one was not of our making, as you are fully aware, and if you expected us (Israel) to sit back and do nothing, then you are thick and stupid. Of course your life is not worth any less than mine, no-one even mentioned that. But someone thought is was OK to murder 6 million Jewish men, women and children while the world looked on. So don't preach about the value of a human life, especially when it's only a Muslim that will strap kilos of explosives to himself in order to kill more Jews.
16. soap
Rida ,   Tlemcen, Algeria   (10.10.06)
Who can believe this tale?
17. Disgusting animals!
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (10.10.06)
Those disgusting Nazis were sicker than I thought! Good thing they are extinct!
18. To Talula - So what you Say
Ali ,   Lebanon   (10.10.06)
First of all, I as any other arab are aware of what the Nazis did in the Holocaust and no matter if they were 6 million or a couple of thousands, it is a crime against humanity. Second, YES you do HATE lebanese people and u hate anything that relates to arabs and islam...In the recent war on Lebanon, everybody saw how ignorant and stupid the Israeli government and people are..You wanted to destroy hezbollah and u don't know for a fact that every house in Lebanon is a Hezbollah... Stop hating people, stop discriminating, throw all the stupid beliefs you have that say that you are the chosen ones...We are ALL HUMANS
19. Lampshades
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (10.10.06)
Did the Poles really have to research the well known fact that the Germans used human substances to make soap? No wonder there are so many Polish jokes! Maybe the Poles should now determine where their lampshades came from?
20. Response to #16
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (10.10.06)
Who can believe this tale, you ask? The same people who believe that they would get 72 virgins by blowing themselves up the middle of a crowd!
21. To No. 16
NYC Girl   (10.10.06)
Frankly, to many of us this isn't some kind of a news flash. We've known about this obscenity for a long time. And as far as your question as to who can believe this tale is concerned, since the Nazis kept very detailed records, the answer to your question is "anybody with half a brain" which, sadly, doesn't seem to include you.
22. Daunting
Mikulas ,   Bratislava, Slovakia   (10.10.06)
Yes I had known this. It has been known for quite some time. As always, gratuitous hate of individuals generalized into the hate of the community have always led to this. A lesson for all...including a lot of fake "pro-Jewish" posters on YNet. Hating Jew haters does not make one an enemy of Holocaust.
23. Ali - Lebanon
Judah ,   USA   (10.10.06)
Ali, the fact that you are talking on this is a good thing. Dialogue is a good thing. But you need to get yourself out of the years and years of hatred that you've been taught. Israelis and Jews in general do NOT hate the Lebanese people. Jews and Israelis do NOT hate Muslims. The world's Jewish population has been devestated by Muslim and Christian hatred over 2000 years. 50% of our population was wiped off the face of the earth as recently as 60 years ago. Any threat to a Jew we consider to be an existential threat. Imagine if you were cornered by 10 men wanting to kill you. You would fight ferociously to save your life. That is how we feel. When was the last time Islam and / or Arabs faced an existential threat as do the Jews continuously? The answer is probably that the Crusades could have come close but not really. So, the hating really needs to stop on your side of the fence. Again, as Talula stated, you don't see Jews and Israelis strapping on bomb belts. You do see Jews and Israelis attempting to bring on peace. Your world in Lebanon would be far better if you let go of the propaganda that has been taught to you that Jews are bad and evil and control the world and all the money. All of these statements are rediculous and an intelligent person like yourself should attempt to see past that propaganda. Let the Jews and Israelis live in peace and you will see that your world will prosper - simply by spending less time hating and more time getting along.
24. to #18
tomer ,   uk   (10.10.06)
we don't hate lebanon. some real questions to you ,I don't understand: 1. why hizbulla start the whole thing at first place and kill soldiers and kidnap some of them and why after the withdraw they did it also?? what are the reasons for that? why not to live in peace ? 2. it is easy to blame jews in everything. muslims want to kill us- so we should love them?? history wars of arab countries against Israel, Hizbulla, Syria, Iraq missles 1990, Iran treat to Holocaust and the threat to kill all jews ,what we should do??
25. To #6
Adam ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.10.06)
Actually the Southern Syrians (as the Palis called themselves at the time) were allied with the Nazis. Hitler intended to just deport the Jews until their Mufti Husseini said that instead they should exterminate them. This coupled with the FACT that for around 700 years they treated local Jews like dogs in in our own land. A Muslim could enter the home of a Jew unanounced and take what he wanted including raping his wife. A Jew couldn't bear witness in court whereas a Muslim could. If a Muslim killed a Jew, the max he could get is a small fine. Jews were taxed more heavily than Muslims. There were frequent pogroms. This was the situation for the most part of post Crusader Islamic rule over the Levante with the exception of the rule of Ottoman Sultan Suleiyman.
26. Ali, Lebanon: I am sick too
Paolo Ortenzi ,   Rome, Italy   (10.10.06)
Of reading everyday stories about how much Arabs are suffering because a tiny nation like Israel want to survive. Have a life, built your nation a kick out of Lebanon Nasrallah and friends, and you will not see anymore Israeli jets on your skies.
27. #16: it is NOT a tale. It is HISTORY.
Paolo Ortenzi ,   Rome, Italy   (10.10.06)
How can you be so IGNORANT?
DAVID P ,   SANTA CRUZ, USA   (10.10.06)
29. To Ali the dirty disgusting antisemite
Adam ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.10.06)
The Holocaust was a SINGULAR event in the history of humanity because it was the first time that a organized premeditated genocide of a race had been executed with such precision and calculation. 6,000,000 have never been exterminated of one paticullar ethnic group. You are a dirty little racist skumbag. Please choke hard and die slowly soon.
30. To #16. Please see my last post; same to you.
Adam ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.10.06)
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