US General: Strikes on Iran possible by 2007
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 12.10.06, 14:27
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31. TO evryone!!!!
eb22 ,   Haifa   (10.12.06)
all the men who now live in peace in the USA and in EU stop thinking Israel is the enemey EU did u see what have u done 60 years ago? u killed 6milion jews these men built up your entire country:aconomy,culture,way of living u killed the only pure thing in your continent the men who were the backbone of your countries after the war u said "we are humans" so u broght 20milion MUSLIMS insted of jews and now her is a question count 2 things these muslims has giving u(and i mean GOOD thing) i will answer that NOTHING they broght murder,death,theaft and now look what is going on in EU in germany they broght down a play just cuz they cut of muhhamd's head if u would have cut moses head the jews wouldent mind u say one thing about islam in EU and all the churches in that city will be on fire PROVE ME WRONG and if u think that the destrucation of israel is the selution for the problem think again those men want to kill al who is not a muslims that includes EU people Israel is the balance point of the world...think about it ISreal could not be destroyed not as a country and not as a people for 5500 years jews are hunt and all of thier hunters are not lies dead with their entire poeple who wanted to destory israel PROVE ME WRONG AMERICA!!!!! u guys sit in your comphy houses in the suberens and say oh my god look at those beats these jews deserve nothing but death and u dont even know that the engine of your country army,culture,political and everything is jew YES belive it or not If it wasent for israel EU would have been gone by now but only when we are gone u will see how much we ment for the world
32. #22 You mean these types of kids
(10.12.06) And you call them all innocent, yeah they look like they are crying for peace, look at your own side before pointing fingers at others.
33. #6 thanks for your info.Iran is a horrible country!
rachel ,   usa   (10.12.06)
34. #16 you leave Israel alone and it will leave you alone
rachel ,   usa   (10.12.06)
35. #22 don't make us laugh with your Palliwood!
rachel ,   usa   (10.12.06)
36. "Israel prefers Washington to act on its behalf ...."
World Citizen ,   the world   (10.12.06)
Finally we get to the heart of the matter. Israeli wants the United States to spend American blood and treasure to fight its wars. They got away with it in Iraq. The JINSA crowd pulled off a neo-con game that time. The next time may be harder. George Bush could actually be impeached and jailed as a war criminal if he tries it with Iran. Intelligent people know that a nuclear armed Iran is in no way, shape, or form a threat to the United States. A single nuclear attack on the US or any of its assets would bring on total annihilation for the attacking country. Even the Soviets, with their arsenal, knew this. And considering the number of nuclear weapons Israel has, Iran is not much of a threat to them either. What the Israelis really hate is the idea that they lose the ability to bully the countries surrounding them. But if the Israelis continue to abuse and threaten the people of the Middle East , one day a Hamas or Hezbullah will get their hands on a nuclear devise and set it off in Tel Aviv, etc. It won't matter if they stop the Iranians for 5 or 10 years. Sooner or later someone will get a nuclear bomb and use it on Israel. If the Israelis do not learn that there are other ways besides slow genocide, apartheid walls, land theft, and murdering so-called Palestinian "terrorists" to settle their problems then surely that will be their fate. From the comments I see on this site everyday all I can say is that Israel has lost its soul. I think its fate is sealed. If I were a religious person I would say Israel is under the judgement of G_d. I'm not so I will only tell you about kharma. "What goes around, comes around." Israelis should think about this.
37. #3 You must be illegal
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (10.12.06)
Iraq and Afghan are staging points for Iran, let the people that can actually think with foresight do the thinking. And if they do attack I hope they have conscriptions here, cause you will be in the front line. How would that treat you. Maybe you'll think twice about coming here, when we conscript you and make you shoot your own. Are you even here legally, your a joke and an embarrassment to my country, your either going to be consripted as cannon fodder or locked up. Take your pick asshole. Or you can leave and go home. Contrary to your belief this isn't and never will be your home.
38. To No. 30:
Rob ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.12.06)
Why do you equate Iran itself with the government in power? From an historical point of view, Iran is a great country that is currently strangled by its leaders who use religion to accrue absolute power. Iran would be far better without them. So what are you doing in Wichita?
39. To Hayssam in Ottawa
BJL ,   Appleland USA   (10.12.06)
Easy for you to critisize from your free country of Canada. Why dont all you muslims, go back home and critisize the crappy governments from which you came from. Make your home country a model for humanity, then you can critisize. Muslims need to fix your own crap hole countries first, then you can spew your venom at the free world. But, no! You want to live in OUR free world. GO HOME! You are not welcome in Western Civilization ANYMORE.
40. This General Needs History 101
Ben Stein ,   New York USA   (10.12.06)
"The retired general estimates that such offensive would significantly destabilize the Ayatollah's regime." Wrong, wrong, wrong. The people would rally around their leaders even more, as any country does when under attack. History and human nature proves this time and time and again. I suppose this general also believed we would be greeted with candy as liberators in Iraq. According to his twisted, pretzel logic, this would not surprise me. Let's hope there is no attack on Iran, it has to much potential to wreak havov with oil and the world economies, and also turn Iraq into a much bigger mess than it already is, if that were even possible. Iran could make life hell for Israel as well.
41. #40 And Iran could shoot a nuke at us, choices choices
Our priority is to save our lives first, as all countries have done, we will not risk the deaths of millions of Jews. If we have to execute the Samson Option, we will. It will end, whether you want it or not. With a Victor and a Looser.
42. Fools
NC ,   PZ   (10.12.06)
It seems bizzare that someone can think any of that. After all that is what they said about Iraq, everyone would put their hands up and say, ' Great the Americans are here'. It never happened it never will, they have invaded the planet and now it's time for them to go home. Their whole culture is a gun culture ..... they are purely mad and have no understanding of humanity. It's one world not theirs not yours not mine.
43. US General's comment ,   London, Canada   (10.12.06)
As an Iranian l am offended by this general's comments. Was Iraq experience not enough? Why do you keep interfering in internal affairs of other nations? Military operatons are doomed to failure. Iranian people will respond to such provocations and will defeat US military or any other force trying to invade our country. Make no mistake about it...
44. #43
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (10.12.06)
We are not talking about invading, just bombing military and infrastructure targets. And when that country publicly declares there want for an apocalypse so there 12th Imam will return, and publicly declares for the destruction of a UN member state it is not a matter or internal affairs anymore but an international crisis. And if you love it there so much go live there. You are not wanted here. Would you also so then that evacuating all those lebanese out of lebanon and interference in internal affairs, they should evacuate them themselves, or what about the millions in aid giving to these countries cause they'd rather build bombs and train terrorists then create jobs and prosperity, is that an interference in internal affairs. I notice there pride hits the floor when we break out the cheque book. Loser, your not wanted in Canada, your not liked, go home.
45. sampson complex vs. karbla complex
teflon moslem ,   kufa iraq   (10.12.06)
iran every body knows has12 cruise nuclear tipped missiles israel only need three of those the american are scared from the other 9 might hit the basis in the gulf this general is FOX general he was fired by the first bush during the frist iraq war for the same blah,blah he doesn"T know what others do trust me IRAN would not take such a stand if they donot have somthing for iran its win win situtation becuase they can take out israel and whatever peices of america possible one american general here in iraq told me that its going to be horrible and prefer not to go that path
46. Killing is easy
Nima ,   Tehran, Iran   (10.12.06)
While thousands are being killed after U.S. lied to the world and invade Iraq, the guy speaks so easy about devastating Iran in less than 36 hours. Cool
47. As well.
Toppi. ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (10.12.06)
It will be soon a new worldwar. Because it is too many muslims i Europe. But I know not when. But it is as well to Iran will be attacked so soon as possible.
48. Mc Inerney
this lunatic sounds like something a former Fox commentator would say. i hope he'll send members of his own family to start another illegal war. iran or korea for that matter are perfectly within their right of developing any weapon they like as long as israel is armed to the teeth and uses illegal weapons in lebanon just like the USA is using iranium enriched bullets in iraq. everybody has the right to defend themselfs. if iraq would have been a nuclear power, there would have been no invasion.
49. Why most Americans are so dumb
please see Evidence memo F above.
51. #46 Killing is Easy
BJL ,   Appleland USA   (10.12.06)
Oh you mean like the tens of thousands of young Iranian boys that were sent to die in mass in the 1980s? You mean like the killing Iranian agents are doing now in Iraq? You mean like the killing Amadinejad has in mind for the return of the 12th Imam and the destruction of Israel?
52. To Rachel #34
Jeff ,   Sterling Heights, US   (10.12.06)
The Palestinians have already tried that. It doesn’t work.
53. #46 #48 & #45
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (10.12.06)
46- Just as your leader so easily states wiping Israel off the map. Hypocrite. But I guess that is what your best at. Why do you think they are in Iraq, and Afghan, have you looked at a map lately, you are surrounded by your enemies, Iraq, Afghan, Israel, Saudi, and the US Persian Gulf Fleet. It's like chess bitch, put em in position, then checkmate. 45-12 nukes with missiles that can't hit North America, compared to 10 000 nukes that can be fired from Air, Ground or Sea, and can hit Iran from North America, also you have to launch the missiles first. Don't forget about satellite coverage for recon, I am sure the US is up on that one as well. They will bomb the launch sites and if you have an armed missile it will cause a nuclear explosion on there own soil. Given, US will lose some forces in Iraq as well as the Iraqi losses that would occur. But the aftermath of such an attack would be the total annihilation of Iran and 100% death of all civilians. What your saying is Iran is bringing a butterknife to a sword fight thinking if they can get one cut the US might give up. Dream on. They are war mongers and make billions off of it, fire there nukes and give them the reason too. 48-Iraq had chem, nuc, and bio weapons that were transferred to Syria before they invasion as stated by the IAEA inspectors responsible for Iraq. Read about it. Israel doesn't flaunt it's nukes, nor does it threaten to wipe another country off the map, they defend themselves from there annihilation. Are you a friggin retard. Why don't you go live there then tell me how wonderful it is. Wake up moron, and join the real world. Any country that parades there nukes and missile arsenal through the streets while all citizens cheer is messed up. Do you see those types of parades here? In the US? UK? NO. You see them in Russia, North Korea, Nazi Germany, and Iran. dumbass
54. And this is going to happen more or less like He Says
Timur ,   Germany   (10.12.06)
And this is going to happen more or less like he says. You may not belive it, or may not agree with it, but it doesnt matter, It will happen. And military wise Iran have nothing to stand up against. It`s military will be defeated within weeks at most, just like Iraq, Yes there probably will be kind of a civil war later in Iran too, but it just doesnt matter. What matters is that it will not be able to aquire a nuke.
55. Some nerve!!
Lynne   (10.12.06)
first of all no one should possess nuclear weapons.. and second... the US should be the first country forbidden to develop nuclear energy.. since they hadn't hesitated in using them on Japan in WW2.. have we forgotten or what? how could they now decide who has the right to develop nuclear energy??
56. to rayan canda #53
teflon moslem ,   kufa iraq   (10.12.06)
u.s. only have 3500 warhead and russia had the same the minute u.s. strikes iran russia will respond watch the geo. but nver the less nobody is looking for doomsday scenrio but what i said is true that is why every body is throwing the hot potato into the other lap wise up man if coomes down to it you will be in water wrold
57. to 55
Timur ,   Germany   (10.12.06)
What a bullshit a dozen of countries already posses them, some since 1945! Who you are to forbid something to someone? A Jessus Christ himself? This world is only working by the rule of the power. And it is the one who is stronger telling others how to behafe, didnt you learn it in school
58. #56 Teflon in Iraq
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (10.13.06)
I don't want to see it either, but your wrong assuming Russia will help you, and your wrong assuming I'll be in waterworld, I live in Calgary man, it's a pretty high elevation, and Canada wouldn't be the easiest country to attack, assuming anyone could even get an army here, we are surrounded by huge oceans to our sides, the arctic to the north, and the US to the south. You on the other hand are in Iraq, and the US forces there will be the first to be hit, and I don't think Iran would second guess the thought of Iraqi casualties if they could get the US there. I am under the thought that my country is my country and should stay this way, which is why most people here get mad at muslims that come here and try to change our ways. Your country is your country and should be the way the majority of your citizens want it. We should all be working together to build spaceships and stations, and colonize other planets and explorations. Canada is a peaceful beautiful country, why do you think so many immigrants apply to come here every year. We are a better living than the US, and I'm sure i'll get some heated remarks over that, but it's true. We want peace, but you guys make the world unstable, with your leaders desire to spread Islam, and your hypocrisy. You need more tolerance for people different than yourself, and more acceptance to the truth of matters. But why should I even attempt too, greater people than I have tried. You need to do some reading, research Albert Pike, and his 3 world wars, the illuminati, and read it with an open mind. You will put two and two together, and realize that all parties involved are being manipulated by the so called elite individuals in power. We yip on here back and forth, and disagree, but if we met in the street, we'd probably say hi, how are you.
59. Iran can defend itelf
Traveller ,   USA   (10.13.06)
Attacking Iran is not a cake walk as the good general wants us to believe. Iran has based their strategic security doctorine on "asymmetrical warfare". With this strategy Iran will be able to inflict tremendous damage to the the enemy both in terms of material and men on a wide theater of operations. The main risk here is the enemy willing to escalate when they get a 1000+ men loss a day ? The danger is at that point only nuclear weapons can be used to stop the losses in which case you can kiss global law and order goodbye for a long long time. Welcome to the jungle :)
60. Israel's reeks of hypocrisy
Jack Rauber ,   Carmel Valley, USA   (10.13.06)
Look at the Israeli papers constantly beating the drum, prodding the American Christian Zionist leaders to bomb any Arab country that dares to assert itself, even speak its mind. Keep this up Israel and YOU may be bombed back into the Stone Age. What comes around, goes around.
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