Opinion  Ray Hanania
Big burqa debate
Ray Hanania
Published: 13.10.06, 23:02
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1. For some women, it's a sin NOT to wear a burqa
amnon   (10.13.06)
Sometimes there is a reason they cover up their faces. And we are grateful.
3. For once Ray is right.
John ,   NZ   (10.14.06)
It's a male imposed bondage to belittle women. Unless one is into B&D, no reason why women should wear it. It's also a national security threat. Male who wears a burqa with eye make-up walla!! you have a male female-looking suicide bomber. btw. has anyone seen a woman in burqa photo in a passport ?
4. Ray, then why do Females wear it in college
Mark ,   USA   (10.14.06)
in the US of A? Its like Halloween 365/7 Boogie Boogie Boo
5. Hey Ray: Go tell your nuns to take of that headgear too
Jamil   (10.14.06)
What are they not oppressed? Hey, go tell your priests that they can marry and have sex, are they oppressed? What about those monks who silence themselves so they wont speak sin? Are they all oppressed? Or is it because of the color, what you dont like the color black?
6. Not our issue, Ray
American   (10.14.06)
Why are you writing this in an Israeli newspaper. Do you think that it will be easier to convince Israeli's to make moral judgments about Muslim culture and dicate western standards to them just because they have lots of Muslim enemies? Honestly what good does this do for the Muslim who you claim are oppressed. Go write in a Saudi paper. All you are trying to do is take advantage of the conflict between jews and muslims and make it even worse. You don't belong here.
p HENRY ,   LONGMONT U S A   (10.14.06)
8. Totally wrong here
Assim ,   lebanon   (10.14.06)
Unfortunately for someone not living in a real environment where women do not show off there body parts (remenber the holy poeple like Lady Mariam PBH mother of Jesus PBH) and I can give you a small example come to the universities of Beirut and you can see them as leaders of some clubs in the univeristy and majoring in different major (not just arts) and this also not to tell you about them in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Iran..... so I consider this is a dishumilation for those
9. Untrue what said about burqa
Tawfieq ,   USA   (10.14.06)
I read your articles in this Israeli news website but I do not see it in the arabic newmedia, also I wonder why they allow you to publish such an articles. Let me correct you if I may. I am not sure if you have ever read Alquran, but in the surit Alnoor verses 31, it say that women can put on the burqa , but it's up to them. Also if you think that Moslem men force thier wives to wear burqa, I think you are not in touch with the moslem world. I suggest for you is to educate yourself about Moslem alittle bit more before you start writting such untrue things. Moslem women are not victims of thier husbands...They choose to wear it, what is the big deal.
10. burqa is not imposed by Islam
Ali ,   Lebanon   (10.14.06)
The Burqa is a culture thing for some Arab tribes in the Arabian dessert. It has nothing to do with Islam. However, as many of the arab actions or sterotypes, which don't relate to islam. Women who put the burqa are usually affeced the Arab Khaleeji culture.
11. Right on Ray!
Yael ,   Tel Aviv   (10.14.06)
I don't always agree with a lot of the stances Ray takes (but he always makes me think and to re-examine my own stances). In this instance, I whole-heartedly agree. I read a number of websites (blogs) by young Saudi women and it is heartbreaking to read daily how they suffer under the restrictions imposed on them.
12. to Antonio #2
ygalg   (10.14.06)
Israel is Israel but that is not excuse to keep it ignorance especially when it also concerns it as well. Islam evolved from Arabia it is a fact. but the founder was a Jewish Arab. (e.i Muhammad)
13. Misjudged him. Brave and noble thing to say
Adam ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.14.06)
14. Ray is wrong again
Jay ,   Israel   (10.14.06)
Ray said "Their husbands will beat the living heck out of them, or worse. And, rather than be prosecuted for violence, the men will be celebrated, cheered and “honored,” a custom whose tradition in not just Muslim culture, but Christian and even Jewish culture". Sorry Ray, but this isnt a Jewish or Christian custom that you claim.......only a Muslim one. Nowhere do i see a culture of beating up women in judaism. Get you facts right.
15. religion..on who's side?
megan ,   Israel   (10.14.06)
we find most religions are towards maledomination, and women are shatles, around to bear children and serve the male. TG things have changed in most of the free world. #1, you may be right in most cases, but there is a mystery when you see "just eyes". I have heard this can be more of a turn on for males. Now our ultra orthodox lot have got it right, tshaven head and scarf...not one bit appealing to a male onlooker. BTW, the burka is great in those hot and fly infested places, keeps them off and the dust out..LOL
16. refusenik
Irshad Manji   (10.14.06)
17. Wut the hell he's talking about?!!
ImmortalK ,   Jerusalem   (10.14.06)
Women have the absolute right whether to wear the burqa or not! Me myself I never heard of such "debate" ! Y r u always trying to attack muslims all over the world for no reason... I know you r a self-hating palestinian but still u can still apply some logic in ur talk! I think there was a debate concerning the cartoons on prophet mohammad (peace be upon him) I would be more glad when you criticize such cartoons! or u know wut, criticize jews forcing their children to wear thick clothes during summer!
18. The right to question
Yehuda ,   USA   (10.14.06)
The right to question and disagree is very taboo in Arab culture. You can even see traces of this in Jewish cultures that came from Arab lands. When you question an elderly, a man, or anyone in authority, its seen as disrespect. Of course its realy just a threat to the person in an authoritative position. This characteristic is prevelant throughout the Arab society and that's why so many dictators can thrive in the middle east. Unfortunately heroic women like Wafa Sultan take it to the other extreme - she is a true rebel and I fear for her life, but very few Arab women can follow in her footsteps as they will probably be killed. Good observation Ray. #2, Antonio, you need to learn about Arab-culture. We are going to live with Arab neighbours for ever. Remove the veil from your eyes and don't be threatened by articles. They cannot harm you.
19. Rule of thumb
Michael ,   Seattle, WA   (10.14.06)
...a phrase derived from only a few centuries ago meaning, sadly, a man could beat his wife with a stick only if it was thinner than his thumb! For this cruelty he was not punished. An old English law. Disgusting. Good article, Ray. It's time for an end to repression. Free the women so they can heal the world.
20. Ray only attacks Muslims when it comes to Christian rights
He makes it very clear that it was the Muslims' fault for all the fighting and riots in response to the Pope's comments. Maybe it was the pope's fault for provoking them. But woah to the Jews who set up checkpoints trying to stop suicide bombers. They are provoking Muslims anger so Jews must be to blame.
21. Sinister inventions imposed on women.
elisheva ,   S.Pete, FL, USA   (10.14.06)
"A veil is a burqa, which is the most sinister invention that man has ever imposed on women." Let's just hope they don't reinstate the Chastity Belt. That's right up there in my book for the most sinister invention imposed on women by men, and probably even beats out the burqa/veil.
22. to Antonio #2
ygalg   (10.14.06)
you decides for us what to read ? can we make our own mind? is it still a democratic country or tyrannical? Israel should be ignorant? you don't like it, don't read it! keep your tyrannous ideas to yourself.
23. Ah, the feminist's Male-Conspiracy Theory...
Ed ,   England   (10.14.06)
Part of the old-school feminist's rhetoric is the notion that it's all Men's fault that Women are the way they are. Women are victims, and it's all Men's doing. Personally, I don't think I've ever met a woman who's as feeble as that; they have their individual and collective strengths and weaknesses, just like men do. I think it might be more accurate to say that women wear this form of dress because they choose to. And, although I detest the burka, it's none of my business what they wear.
24. yes 20 - when jews involved, muslims are NEVER to blame
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.14.06)
muslims only commit wrongs when christians or others involved. when jews are involved, jews are always to blame. how courageous ray. such a man of peace, our ray of hope. pathetic.
25. a reply
Antonio ,   Haifa   (10.14.06)
so looks like some leftist censors removed my previous talkback, to which there were a few replies. I guess Ynet is more concerned with Arabs, our other enemies, and allowing some to compare Israel with Nazi Germany, then with letting in some honest talkbacks. That's a quite disturbing trend, to say the least. But in case, this talk back is going to be posted, here is my reply to all who think this is of any importance to Israel. Israel is a Jewish state, not an Arab state. It is Israel, not Ishmael. The culture that we need to be concerned with is ours. We shouldn't be bashing that of the foreigners. Nor should we look forward to a future with the Arabs. To them--theirs, to us -- ours (that is Israel with an undivided Jerusalem, and as few Arabs as possible.)
26. Honestly, Ray -- who cares? Let them cover their noses too.
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (10.14.06)
27. practical, religious, social or something else ?
johanna ,   tsfat   (10.14.06)
the veil, the chador, the burka.. are not all the same.. as you can see by looking. they obviously come from different places at different times. the taliban imposed the burka on women in afganistan, while kamil attaturk allowed women to go without the veil as part of his modernisation of turkey. i'm not sure if he even made wearing the veil illegal ? if you live/d in a desert where there are sandstorms it makes/made sense to completely cover your body including your face.. or at least have the sort of clothing where you could. if you look at beduin male dress you can see that they too can completely cover their faces.. with only their eyes showing. this shows at least some of the practical reasons why the "veil" (call it what you will) developed. in modern day cities like new york...the likely hood of needing to cover up against sandstorms is somewhat remote... but in tokyo & mexico city at least people wear face masks against the smog. one must be aware of the extreme /or subtle social and society pressure to go along with the crowd. the muslim women may say they are not "forced" to wear the veil, in the sense that their husbands don't actually physically put the veil on them before they leave the house but there may be extreme social and society pressure to choose to wear the veil. a woman removing the veil may feel uncomfortable at first, feel people /men stare at her.. etc and she may be, or feel that she would be (completely) excluded from her female friends and family and given the idea/fact that she might "dishonour" or be seen to "dishonour" the family, she may not have the strength or the desire to escape the veil.. .at least while in her normal environment. when this type of pressure is combined with legal measures against women who do try to go without the veil.. as in iran.. is it any wonder that women are reluctant (to put it mildly) to rock the boat. think about the social pressure of teenagers to be "individual" and yet dress like everyone else. i speak as a married jewish observant woman who covers her hair and is well aware that if i lived somewhere else and had a different social circle my decision might very well be very different.
28. Male-Dominated Religion
Jasmin ,   Haifa   (10.14.06)
Husbands who beat the daylights out of their wives are celebrated, cheered and honored in the Jewish and Christian traditions???? Let's have some examples. RSVP
29. To Mark (#4)
Jasmin ,   Haifa   (10.14.06)
Ah, but then it's a *choice*. That makes all the difference in the world. Besides, being seen out there in a burqa makes them seem a bit exotic, if not notorious, which they probably enjoy.
30. veiled women
ruth ,   uk   (10.14.06)
seeing these women covered in black robes especially in hot weather is absolutely beyond my understanding. They look frightening and i am sorry for them
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