Haredim mull sabotaging gay parade
Neta Sela
Published: 26.10.06, 05:00
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1. Like Shas is going to tell a anti zionist like Efrat Weiss
They have plans, Shlomo Amir just announced them today. Keep hating the Mizrahi, but Shas is here to stay forever.
2. well if it comes down
popo   (10.26.06)
to fisty cuffs my moneys on the gays. i definatly will be going to the gay parade this year and im not gay or religious, ...........have a colourful one.
3. It is their righteous citizens
Craig ,   USA   (10.26.06)
The gays have Tel Aviv, this is simply an 'in your face' provacation to straight society and the religous in particular, and in fact to God Himself. All in Israel who don't oppose this will be held complicit in this travesty, this affront to the Amighty...and you will then wonder why things go from bad to worse for poor secular Israel. Like it or not, you Jews were called and set apart for God, but you have become mostly a secular nation. Just like in the Old Testament Scriptures...your ancestors didn't want God as their ruler, they wanted a human King so as to be like the 'other nations'. Go ahead and be politically correct, be like the other nations...become like Europe and the USA. You are half way there already with your leftist liberal appeasing leaders. Wake up Israel. You don't have to be Ultra-Orthodox to stand with them against this provocation. Even if you resent the Haredim in re. to other issues, they are right to try and stop this. Every one of you gays who partakes in this parade will be storing up God's wrath upon yourself.
4. The Gay Parade
leah amdur ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.26.06)
Its a very good idea for haredim and yesha to organize a gay parade. I will join it BH. However we have a worse problem and that is pedophilia in Israel. It is easy for us to parade against goyim and chilonim who come from chul and run amok in Israel for a week. Why don't we rather concentrate on the pedophiles in our own community who are much worse than the gays. Extradite Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz and Rabbi Ben Zion Sobel, David Porat and others. Jail the Israeli ones, report pedophiles to the police, educate our children. Save our children. If a child is molested they have a high chance of going gay. A pedophile in Bnai Brak recently admitted to molesting 300 victims. That is 300 destroyed lives.
5. 1#then why all other parties told efrat about their plans?
shas not religious ,   just looking votes   (10.26.06)
6. gay parade must be cancelled..forever. It will turn our...
streets into a boxing match.
7. Gays should get out of jerusalem and Israel!
Israel   (10.26.06)
8. Queer parade
Avraham ,   Netivot   (10.26.06)
This queer parade must be stopped by any & all means. I for one will be supporting the Haredim.
JUST SAY NO   (10.26.06)
10. Gay Parade Pollution
Mac ,   Houston USA   (10.26.06)
Israel has a death wish. Sodomites take over Jerusalem! Will you people EVER learn? You can't kick God in the teeth and expect peace and security. It ain't gonna happen:(
11. it's ashame
dovdevan ,   ashdod,israel   (10.26.06)
i'm a very tolerant person and open minded and hiloni !! but i'can't understand this provocative act !! why making this in the heart of israel's capital !! this is insulting religious people and i'm sure it will produce big disorder !!
12. Julius Streicher is back ?
Hiram ,   Stornoway   (10.26.06)
When I read comments about the attitude of the "religious" people ( Moslems, Jews, Christians ) about homosexuals, I feel sorry for those who prentend having their marching orders from Gos ! And we want to give lessons of humanity to Moslems ? In the 1933 to 1944 period, anti-homosexual campaigning was one of the themes of Nazi propaganda. Have Rabbis and Orthodoxes become crazy ? or is this just the obscurantism of some who is shedding this kind of light on Israeli society ? Live and let live ! Shame on those who pass judgements in the name of God , as one day God will pass judgement on them too !
13. Gay Parade
Angela ,   Orlando   (10.26.06)
How many times does G-d have to show you He does not approve of this parade. What will postpone it this time?
14. To The Arabs: Now It's Your Turn To Help This Abominable Act
H ,   Jerusalem   (10.26.06)
from taking place. And if you will just mention one word that all the arabs in Israel will do ALL they could to stop it, the police will not have enough power to allow it to go through.
15. #4 you have a good point too
gabriela ben ari   (10.26.06)
16. rights
Kevin ,   Ottawa Canada   (10.26.06)
How atrocious is it that there is so much resentment towards the gay community? The sheer fact is that all humans deserve the rights to equal life like anyone else, including the choice of sexual orientation. Simply arguing that homosexuals 'have' Tel-Aviv is not a valid argument for why they cannot transgress and exist freely in other cities. Minority cultures have constantly been under the scrutiny of the majority (think about Jews in Europe, Native Indians in Canada); why scrutinize an smaller minority for their decisions of life. What I, and many other would argue is how their existence impends on another's life? Maybe it is time that Israel looked to Canada in how to deal with human rights and freedoms, and begin to embrace the choices of individuals as simply that: personal choice. The opposition to this parade, and culture, only further magnify the ignorance of the individuals who are unwilling to adapt and understand the demands of the modernized world.
17. 12, Hiram
Yisrael ,   Montreal   (10.26.06)
This is not Judaism. Torah teaches us that a man shall not lie with another man, and to rebuke our fellow if he sins. Who are we to pass judgements on homosexual acts and condemn our brother who want to march in the holiest of cities and commit Chillul Hashem? We are Jews who follow Torah and fear G-d
18. 12. Read Torah - Bible... It's not what anyone "thinks"
it's what God says... God says: No sodomites You say: Yes! Who is greater?
19. God says: No sodomites - Liberals say: Yes! Who is greater?
Follow Tanakh ,   or follow man   (10.26.06)
Righteousness, Victory & Heaven [Biblical principles] -- CHOICE -- Hell & Loss [Man made reasoning / approval seeking of man]
20. If the religious Morons can demonstrate
Talula ,   Israel   (10.26.06)
then they have too much time on their hands and they should be rounded up and put in the army. Let the gays parade, they have rights just like any other citizen in this country. LIVE AND LET LIVE!!!!!!!!
21. #s 7, 8, 9 you sound like goebbels-niks
Adam Adamati ,   Israel   (10.26.06)
# 4 Your feedback was beginning to sound completely acceptable, until this sentence. "If a child is molested they have a high chance of going gay." 1. There is no such thing as 'going gay'. One is either born with a high or low level of attraction to someone of the opposite sex. 2. A molested child HAS a high chance of being sexually disfunctional, like so many haredi and hiloni paedophiles, spouse abusers, child beaters, and, perhaps, like the THOUSANDS of closeted orthodox with non-standard sexual practices. 3. It would have been correct to say, ""If a child is molested they have a high chance of being sexually disfunctional." #s 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 - Your intolerance for others, let's call it hate, is exactly why "Pride Parades" are held all over the civilized world. Everyone: 1. Try accepting the fact G-d includes homosexuals in the universe. 2. Gay does NOT equal homosexual. The words are not interchangeable. Homosexuality is internal. Gay is ONLY ONE style of externalization. 3. If everyone in Israel who ever had a homosexual experience woke up with a purple mark on their forehead and nose, you would see PLENTY of haredi with ski masks, and you would see people from EVERY background and nearly all families with ski masks. 4. No one chooses to be homosexual, one can choose how the world percieves them. A homosexual who chooses to be openly gay, has chosen a difficult path, but has rights. The right to parade in one's city of birth, or one's chosen home is still a part of democracy.
22. To Israel, 17
Hiram ,   Stornoway   (10.26.06)
Ysrael nothing and no one stops you following the Torah. Judaism has values of tolerancce which in this case are far from being demonstrated. I , for one , do not make ANY difference between a Jew Hater of homosexuals for religious reason and a Moslem who, for religious reason, is supressing his wife (s). Religion is a matter of personal beliefs. This country is ( Like Arab countries ) carrying too much weight in the name of God , if any . There is no difference between Jewish Obscurantism and Islamic religious obsurantism : both of them are set up by MEN ( not God ) and both of them are based on oppression and lack of freedom. Shalom
23. the religious do not hate
ebbe ,   oob,usa   (10.26.06)
the individual gay person but they do not want homosexuality made into a "mitzvah" by proudly parading down the streets of the Holiest City in the world
24. To all the bible thumpers
NYC Girl   (10.26.06)
Why don't you back off already? Let them march and just ignore them. Gays aren't your worst enemies, for crying out loud. In fact, I wonder how many of the suicide bombers who've murdered and maimed thousands of Israelis were gay.
25. Why Jerusalem? why not Tel aviv?
linda   (10.26.06)
I have no problem with gay people, but why hitting the streets and why in the holy city? Only one shock and hurt
26. is Israel a democracy?
Vitaliy, Esq. ,   NJ, USA   (10.26.06)
Israel is a democracy (or so it claims). Do you people realize that being in some respects more liberal than US (like gay rights) is the only thing that makes Israel attractive to liberal gentiles in US? Do you understand that prohibiting or acting like you're still in a shtetl is going to turn away many non-Israeli Jews from you as well? Where will you be without that asset? Who else save for Gaydamak is going to help the populace? We, American Jews, do not have to support UJA Federation, which gave money to the north. we do not have to support any other charities giving money to Israel. This is not a threat. I am just trying to put things in perspective.
27. It's not about Gay rights, it's about civil rights
Avi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.26.06)
Anyone with eyes in their head and even a partially functioning brain can see that this is all now about basic civil rights, democratic norms and acceptable behavior. It has very little to do with gay rights anymore. The transparent bullying actions of those thugs opposed to the parade are clear for all to see. Who needs to caricature the Ultra Orthodox / settler /Kach (a proscribed terrorist organization) / Mafdal bullies when they do such a good job themselves. I call on all my fellow citizens in Jerusalem who have any self respect and spine to come and support the right of the gay community to march in our city. The only way to defeat terror is to stand up to it. This is civic terror with lethal threats attached.
28. Basic rights
Jimmy ,   Jerusalem, IL   (10.26.06)
People insisting on expressing their basic rights of lawful assembly should be supported, or at least not hindered. The talkback section here is appalling, self-righteous fanatics asserting that they have some monopoly on Jewish life and values. They're not going to parade through Meashearim or any of the fundamentalist neighborhoods, simply on the streets of the capital city. I for one, will be marching along with them.
29. Gay Parade
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (10.26.06)
The same people who persecuted gays also persecuted Jews. To be so anti-gay is in the final analysis, the result of ignorance. Traditionally, the sin of Sodom was not homosexuality, it was lack of hospitality. This re-interpretation of Sodom is borrowed from Christianity. Anyway, should we be ruled by Ayatollahs like our intolerant neighbors? Homosexual behavior has always existed in human society & even exists among numerous animal species. But it makes a great issue for religious fanatics to drum up support rather than deal with important issues. Why would anyone care who sleeps with whom - be intellectually honest & tell me what possible difference this makes in your life? Instead of wasting time & energy being against a gay parade, go do something useful, a real mitzva, & help someone. And have a sense of humour, a gay parade is the least of our problems.
al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.26.06)
Is a gay person happy? It appears as if the gullibility of people is of utmost importance. Using the media is a way of selling an idea much in the same way as advertisements sell a product. There is no limit to the means with which a group of people seek legitimacy, yet the attention given to them by those who are accepted legitimately gives others the publicity they drastically need. On the one hand, Jerusalem is supposedly a holy city but these people do not understand or appreciate the concept of holiness since inwardly runs a gamut of self-doubt and the need for acceptance because they doubt their own legitimacy. Perhaps picketing the demonstration gives them recognition which is their psychological need, but it will not erase the deep awareness of the content of their lives (i.e.emptiness and lack of purpose). Year after year they seek approval for their deviant behavior and want it to be socially acceptable by coming to Jerusalem and think that it will be sanctioned and approved. BY WHOM? They want to arouse anger and tension to get publicity at any price. I've watched their representatives on television always talking but never listening to anyone else. The other alternative is total silence. No one should relate to them, but again the media needs justification to stay in business so it writes and broadcasts all it can on the subject assuming the readers and listeners are alway manipulated and their thinking is nill, nonexistent. I can understand all feelings because here I am writing a response to an article on this very subject. The ego temptation is indeed very great to publicize my feelings and interpretations of current event. Can anyone be blamed for trying?
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