Gays plan for disaster scenarios at J'lem parade
Tal Eitan
Published: 29.10.06, 19:18
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1. Concerns on removing clothing
Steve ,   USA   (10.29.06)
B"H That kind of demonstration where removal of clothing is part of the threat belongs in a shower and not on a public street in Jerusalem. Perhaps the beach might be a better venue for such an event where there are more showers to conduct such activities in. Quote: Among the JOH's concerns are the possibilities that groups may sit on the road and bring the parade to a standstill, confront police officers and even remove their clothing.
Ashkenazi folk, they arent even the majority.
3. Gays should dress like Haredim
Uzi   (10.29.06)
It will reduce the tension, they will make an important point and everybody will have some clean fun
4. And this is called Pride???
Tamar ,   Israel   (10.29.06)
After reading this article, one wonders what exactly this Pride Parade is supposed to be proud about - they don't even know if their own particpipants will act in an acceptable manner. Who ever heard of preparing "with pride" for a worst case scenario involving trauma uits!
5. THe SEcond Crucifixtion
Aran ,   Haifa   (10.29.06)
"In the event of a fatality, or serious injury, the Open House will convene people over the course of the weekend, establish a memorial and see to the publication of an obituary and informing the public of the funeral arrangements. " WOW !!! The gays are really going all out to turn this into the Second Crucifixtion. Nothing like promising violence to get the newspapers and TV stations and websites all agog. By the way - it's not just the "ultra" Orthodox who object vociferously to this obscene show. It's the plain, regular, decent non-"ultra" orthodox; the plain regular decent traditional Jews; the plain, regular decent secular Jews and all sorts of other plain, regular, decent people who find gay activities highly objectionable and immoral and who are exceedingly angry at having these activities stuck in their faces and publicly displayed on their streets.
6. gay parade
avi muyderman ,   Prague Czech Republi   (10.29.06)
and this is what is wrong with the country. for all the blood that was spilled to give us a homeland that is Jewish and based on Jewish values we have a country in which everyone wants to be like the goyim. But like its leaders in the knesset the country is corrupt and I am ashamed
7. And the police let it???
Sam Burger ,   Canada   (10.29.06)
They know there will be major violence,where they are assumings deaths and the police don't prevent it? To think this is what Sdom and Gmoroh was all about.Caring only about themselves and nobody else. Let them go have their parade in Gaza.
8. Hey Open House: Don't Be So Sure Of Yourselves
H ,   Jerusalem   (10.29.06)
The Haredim have no intentions of making peaceful demonstrations. They already have over a million people who will demonstrate noisily and violently. This is a war against G-d which cannot be allowed to be carried on quietly.
9. Nov 11 is Poppy Day
Moshe ,   Toronto   (10.29.06)
It is a disgrace that on the day that the western world is marking then end of WW1 and in mourning the gays want to parade and celebrate. They have no shame or honour and this parade has nothing to do with "pride" - it is just an attempt to offend for the sake of offending.
AVINU   (10.29.06)
11. freaks..
John ,   UK   (10.29.06)
deport all the gays to san francisco
12. I'm also ashamed of our country
Scott ,   Haifa   (10.29.06)
I remember the good old days in America when the shame of being gay kept people in the closet. If I was the government, I would not let you promote immorality to our children in our streets. Shame to you, and to our government if you allow this.
13. Proud of What?
David ,   Netanya, Israel   (10.29.06)
We lay claim to Israel only because of our acceptance of the Torah. Where else is there any mention of this being a land "given" to the Jews. I would suggest a thievery pride parade, a false-witness pride parade, and a liars pride parade for next year.
14. Parade in Jerusalem is coercive
mike ,   Chicago, USA   (10.29.06)
Not constructive. Nothing good can arise just a righteous sense of victimization on all sides. Potential for the demagogue to rally the base
15. A War Between Kedushah (Holiness) and Tumah (Impurity)
H ,   Jerusalem   (10.29.06)
In other words, a war against G-d. The Torah specifically mentions that the Holy Country Israel will VOMIT the people who commit such acts.
16. Stay out
Oded Ambar ,   Tel avuv   (10.29.06)
Jerusalem belongs to 3 monopolistic religions. Gays stay out of it…
17. #6 - avi
Maurice ,   Montreal, Canada   (10.29.06)
You state that: "we have a country in which everyone wants to be like the goyim". You are forgetting that in Israel there are thousands of homosexuals as well. The population of Israel, eventhough they are mostly Jews, they are first and most humans, and they face the same human problems other countries face, and they have to deal with them.
18. This lewdness cannot be allowed! We must all be there..
LEE ,   NY, USA   (10.29.06)
Jews, Muslims, and Christians must put all conflicts aside at this time and unite to prevent such atrocities to be commited in the city that is Holy to our mutual One G-d. We cannot sit in silence at this point. The One G-d is looking to all of us now. This is undoubtedly a major test that we must all pass together for His honor. Such abominations cannot take place on such Holy ground!
19. Another sign for the fall down of israel !!!
fadi ,   lebanon   (10.29.06)
20. Why ur soo full of hate !?? they have their right to live
American Gay ,   US   (10.29.06)
and express themselves like everyone else .. they are humans after all and i thought israel is a democratic place to live
21. Israelis are Intolerant
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (10.30.06)
Pretty sad to see how Israelis are intolerant of other human beings. It reflects very badly on Israel in addition to half the Government officials heading to jail for rape, fraud and bribery.
22. Aean #5 Decent people object to Gays? My foot.
Laila ,   Montreal   (10.30.06)
Aen #5 don't flatter yourself that "decent Israelis object to gays." You Israelis are no better than Iran. Gays represent 10% of the population and are just as decent as heterosexuals. They are a persecuted minority who deserve "equal rights." To call heterosexuals "decent" and gays "immoral" is racist, intolerant and primitive.
23. No to perversion
Brod ,   USA   (10.30.06)
The Government should stop the perversion parade on GOD's holy city or in any place in Israel. GOD hates sin. Sin is the breaking of GOD's Commandments. The fear of the LORD is to hate sin. The pride parade of perverts is an abomination to GOD. Where are the religious institutions in Israel? Why aren't they more vocal in echoing GOD's wrath for such an abomination? Have the people forgotten about what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah? Why is the Government not taking a strong stand in preventing the flaunting of sin in the face of GOD and the nation?
24. in vatican
gat parade   (10.30.06)
sound nice in mecca and medina sound nice too respect for relgion that's all i am not relgion guy but respect jerusalem is for judism christianty and islam do it in tel aviv or haifa or mybe in nazaerth
25. What's "Pride" got to do with it?
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (10.30.06)
Homosexuals insist that they are "born that way," that it is not a lifestyle choice, but something in their very genetic core of self that forces them to have intercourse with partners of the same sex. So if they are "born that way," it's like having blue eyes or curly hair, it's not something to be "proud of" because it is not an accomplishment. So don't call it a "Pride Parade," just call it a mass hump.
26. #20 - Yes, of couse they have their right
Scott ,   Haifa   (10.30.06)
The right to live...and they have free will to live as they choose....They don't have the right to jam their perversity down everyone's throat, especially our children. They can do their immoral lifestyle behind closed doors, but they don't have the right to cause our children to stumble through flaunting sexual sin in front of them in our streets.
27. #20 - and all others
Scott ,   Haifa   (10.30.06)
You don't respect our rights to live a moral life if we choose. Seems the gay agenda is wild against those who choose to follow God's laws. Your desire to "express" yourself is offensive to our values and beliefs, no one says you can't do it behind closed doors - keep it there !
28. Gay Parade
Eli ,   Zichron Israel   (10.30.06)
Everyone seems to be missing the point. No other mainstream group goes out there to parade their sexuality .The Gays if they want to be main stream (the honest statistics are 5% of the population), they should exercise their legitimate sexual rights in their bedrooms only. There is absolutely no reason or excuse for the Gays to disturb the peace of Jerusalems streets other than to create a conflict where they are seen as victims.
29. What the Bible says about homosexuals...
Daniel ,   Danville, KY, USA   (10.30.06)
If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both have comitted an abomination: they shall surely be put to death: their blood shall be upon them. This verse is from Leviticus 20:13. Almighty God considers homosexuality to be an abomination, and He says that such people are to be put to death. God destroyed two cities because of this type of sin. In the Bible, the penality for such sin is just as severe as it is for a murderer. I sure hope something will be done to stop this parade as God certainly does NOT want us to glorify our sins.
FM ,   Seattle   (10.30.06)
You people are so terribly hateful. I'm sure God loves you even more for it. To Brod: there's no commandment about homosexuality. To the Bible thumpers: understanding the story about Sodom and Gemorrah hinges on the interpretation of a word or term, which makes the offense sleeping with a child, not another man, but I guess that's debatable. If God created everything then how is one place more Holy than another place? To those who question the "pride" aspect: gays use the term "pride" to describe the occation because they are who they are--created by the same God you were, no less--so they feel that they don't have any reason to be ashamed. Instead they embrace who they are--loving as they usually are--with pride the same way any of you take pride in who you are. I can't help it if you can't understand something so simple. Maybe you don't know many gays. If you did you'd realize that there is really no difference in the way they live their lives: law-abiding, loving, responsible, dedicated, hard-working, god-loving, etc. In fact there are probably many people you know and respect and THINK are straight but are actually gay, hiding it because they know what your hate is like. It's really too bad you let supposedly godly and riteous things cause you to hate. It's contradictory to what you say your God and what your religion are about....unless your God is really about hate. Good luck you lost fools.
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