Holy war against pride parade
Neta Sela
Published: 30.10.06, 02:48
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1. Do the Heredim believe in the bible?
marilyn   (10.30.06)
In Psalms it is writen 'the man believing in violence, Gods soul hates' so violence isn't the answer. I believe of course the Heredin can not comprimise on this issue, but wisdom from God will be given them how to handle it ,if they ask him, and he surprizes us with the way he shows us how to handle situations. I believe in free will and nobody can force another persons will. Even in the garden of Eden, God did not interfere with Adam and Eves decision even though he had told them the consequences of their actions. Gay people have been warned, we want them to be saved but if they don't listen they bear the fruitage of their own actions.and we are free of blood guilt
2. Ynet And Half-Truths
How can one truly believe this dribel, while some of it is probebly correct, Ynet includes bogus quotes and fabricates articles to make anti religious folk seethe and become even more angry at their fellow Jews. Dont Believe Everything Ynet Says especially when they have secret sources within the religious. WHAT RELIGIOUS JEW WOULD SPILL BEANS TO YNET?
3. Jews and Arabs can finally stand together
Blues ,   Portland, USA   (10.30.06)
and fight against this abomination in the Holy Lands. No gay parade in Jerusalem -- not this year or any other. It is time for Israel to remember its God.
4. Arrest them and throw away the key
Sigfried S. Kuhn ,   Aberdeen   (10.30.06)
These Haredim who arethreatening violence should be put on notice that they will be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law if they use violence against police or parade participants. They have the right to stage a peaceful counter demonstration against the parade but those who incite violence are nothing but criminals. What kind of Judaism are they practicing?
5. #4 They follow the true Judaism
What you think the acts of Hashem where he killed every first born child of Egypt, the acts of Gideon, Joshua and the Maccabees were? Those acts were true and pure Judaism.
6. Opposite sides of the same coin
malcolm   (10.30.06)
The gays wanted to provoke the haredim with their choice of Jerusalem and these particularly incenced & violent haredim want a head on fight with gays. They are both acting out an S&M dance together and they deserve each other. Meanwhile they are both clueless about the deeper psychosexual connection they have in common which is at the very root of the conflict. That connection is way too complex and controversial for this talkback.
7. gay tzalmoves
chaim boruch ,   nyc;usa   (10.30.06)
as the arab mk said,with this action you jews forfeit your claim to the cannot commit abominations in the holy land,If you do, the land will spit you out chas vesholem
8. 1. Marilyn - King David wrote most of the Psalms
Tanakh show God hates violence against the INNOCENT and will use violence, after many warnings, against those engaging such violence and against those who hate Him. "I hate those who hate Me..." Wantonly parading sodomy on Jerusalem, despite Tanaka's unmistakable position on this and doing so on the anniversary of Kristallnact is THROUGHLY hating the God of Israel. If the Israeli people and government stand idly by, some even promoting a gay parade in God's holy city, as you stated they, "...have been warned, we want them to be saved but if they don't listen they bear the fruitage of their own actions and we are free of blood guilt.." Israel has been repeatedly warned. Consider too, such parade provides EXCELLENT fodder for the surrounding hostile Muslims to justify a self-righteous attack on Israel. So this sodomite parade is also a real threat to Israel's national security given the religious envy nature of muslim hostility. *Sodomite drives from the city of "Sodom and Gomorrah" which was destroyed for homosexuality Sodom = Massive Destruction
9. What's to be "Proud" of?
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (10.30.06)
Homosexuals insist that they are "born that way," that it is not a lifestyle choice, but something in their very genetic core of self that forces them to have intercourse with partners of the same sex. So if they are "born that way," it's like having blue eyes or curly hair, it's not something to be "proud of" because it is not an accomplishment. So don't call it a "Pride Parade," just call it a mass hump.
10. Tabloid Journalism. Shameful.
LEE ,   NY, USA   (10.30.06)
MIKE SMITH ,   TX,USA   (10.30.06)
12. Finally the God of Jacob is Moving
Keith ,   Greenville USA   (10.30.06)
I cant stand how people always says you cant be violent if your belive in the God OF Abrham Isaac Jacob lets not forget Holy war on the other side has been declared you just cant wish it away God Always crushes the serpent . when the Jewish kings retook there land God let them crush them down when the jews turned from his law god let the Heathen concor them .Stand up and fight for your promised land .For If god be for you who can be agaisnt you .dont bring back a report saying we are like grass hoppers among them .but be like King david and tear down there Idols ,Graven Images .and false god Temples Even so Come LOrd Jesus Amen
13. Haredim are bad Jews
Sidney ,   USA   (10.30.06)
This is our Holy Torah: 'What is hateful to you, do not do unto others.'" Would the Haredim approve violence from those who do not approve of their ways?
14. As Ahmadinejad told us.
YMS ,   Kuala Lumpur   (10.30.06)
Israel wants to allow this parade to happen in order to show that they are the most free and secular nation in the Middle East. Can someone tell me what the actual reason the existence of Israel is based on? If the existence is based on the religious cause then as Ahmadinejad put it, Israel has LOST all its reasons to exist. You cannot say that God loves you and gave you a land at the same time being a secular, free thinker and defying the God.
15. Its not just the Haredim
Adam Segal ,   Raanana, Israel   (10.30.06)
I will be protesting this abomination too. How dare they hold their twisted disgusting spectacle in my holy city. All I can say is that if the arabs still had control of Jerusalem there would be no gay march there. It shames me to say it, but they would have done a better job of keeping the holy city holy than we have.
16. The gay parade
leah amdur ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.30.06)
The worst kind of sodomy is pedophilia and as long as the pedophiles are at large in Israel we are not doing what Hashem wants. Now that we have mobilized against the parade the next step is to stamp out the pedophiles. Extradite those from foreign lands and jail our own
17. what's to be proud of?
We are proud to be true and honest and free and self-affirming and strong and loving in a sea of bigotry and hate as evidenced by the majority of talkbacks for this article. Jerusalem is a working city as well as a holy city; gays offered to change the parade route but that wasn't enough of a compromise, so they must now prepare themselves for self-defense. i am v proud of them and wish i could be there to support them.
18. To The Arabs: If It Doesn't Go From Within
H ,   Jerusalem   (10.30.06)
it will have to go from without. We need the ARABS to help us fight this abomination. Arabs: Let the police know now that there will be a million of you fighting this Holy War and violently!!!
19. Abomination
Arul ,   Malaysia   (10.30.06)
It is clearly mentioned in the Bible and Torah that such behaviour is punishable by death. These gays are committing the abomination and are proud to be one such. Shameful and disgusting. GOD's judgement is on its way. Infact , We need more Phinehas s now . Lev 20:13 13 And if a man lie with mankind, as with womankind, both of them have committed abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.
20. #1 Aren't Murderes Born To Kill? Why Be Violent Against Them
H ,   Jerusalem   (10.30.06)
If a child does mischief, should he be allowed to carry on with that or should the parents be violent against his acts? These people are SICK and BAD. The liberal approach will not help them overcome their bad traits. A person is born to work on his bad behavior. And immoral acts are bad, worse or equally as bad as murderers. According to your twisted understand of "G-d hating violence", perhaps we should allow those behind bars to march too. Why not?
21. Gay parade
Anita ,   Jerusalem   (10.30.06)
Would anyone oppose the Vatican if they didn't allow a gay parade in Vatican City? Jerusalem is the holy city of the Jews. Have tolerance for the beliefs of Jews who practice their faith. Accept that Jerusalem is not just any city.
22. Clearly too dangerous
Josh   (10.30.06)
The police can see that this is planned to be very violent. They have no choice but to cancel the parade. I think the terrorist are also going to show up. After all they claim its their holy city. Unless of course Palestinians are really gays in disguise. Besides gays should stay out of peoples faces. They are the true terrosists who frighten straight individuals into submission to their belief that it is OK. Social norm should not be acceptance but intollerance at their sespool perverted thinking and their labeling of children as born gay. "you shall remove evil from your midst" Everyone who is straight in Isreal should show up and have a heterosexual protest to perverts parading on the streets. It is indecent exposure of a sexual concept.
23. Hareidi
Choni Davidowitz   (10.30.06)
Kol Ha'kavod- Hareidim; but where were you when you stood idly by as thousands of your bretheren were expelled from thir homes in Gush Katif,and yeshivas destroyed?
24. Why In Jerusalem and Not In The Vatican?
H ,   Jerusalem   (10.30.06)
These abominable people believe that the Holy G-d is in Jerusalem and not anywhere else. And such "pride" - according to their corrupted thinking - cannot be anywhere but in the House of G-d, in order to cause Him to get real angry. In other words, these sick people are fighting A WAR AGAINST G-D just like in the time of the Flood or rather the generation of the Tower of Babel. Hashem yerachem!
25. The Abomination in the City of David
Ray ,   TX. USA   (10.30.06)
Do you remember Israel when David took the census because of his pride? How the people suffered for the prideful mistake of one man. It would have been better for Israel at the time that David be confronted by one man even to the point of death to get David to see the error of his ways than to see the devastation his action resulted in. The abomination parade being held in the City of David is more than a parade, but a parade meant on mocking the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in His own city. I would say to the Nation of Israel do everything you can to stop this parade unless God remove his protection over you. The City of David should not be defiled less God's wrath fall on the Nation of Israel for it's turning away from God. This cloud of sin and wickedness is trying to blanket the country of Israel and to turn it into darkness. Know this, the darkness will fall if it goes unchecked by the God fearing. Put on the full armor of God and fight you in Israel that fears God. These "FAGS" are a bundle of sticks meant to be burned in a long hot fire as will be the fate of everyman who turns from God in the day of judgement. This parade will entice your enemies to rally against you! Remember your ancestors and what happened when they turned away from God by tolerating the ways of the ungodly. I pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem (God's Holy City)
26. Arise O YHVH!
Regardt ,   South Africa   (10.30.06)
27. No gays in Jerusalem PLEASE!
Palestinian   (10.30.06)
Yeeaaaa, it is just disgusting me to even think about a mass of gays over there...!! :(((( This is a SHAME on any body who thinks Jerusalem is a HOLY PLACE!
28. "You will not lie with a man as with a woman...
Vicky ,   Turin   (10.30.06)
... it is an abomination. " (The Almighty) "And if you do - do it privately ... and don't be proud." (The Victim's Elbow)
29. Haradem intolerant and parhetic
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (10.30.06)
The Haradim are religious fanatics who show no tolerance. They don't even contribute anything to Israel and they do not serve in the army. Pathetic.
30. #23
guy   (10.30.06)
There are certain things which are both wrong and painful to bear yet they do not warrant violence. Here we're talking about provoking the Almighty in His city-This must be stopped by all means-I am not a Chareidi but i understand their ideology fully.
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