France: We nearly fired at IAF aircraft
Published: 09.11.06, 07:02
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31. French want a confrontation
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (11.09.06)
France would love to shoot down an Israeli plane. They will become the heroes of the Islamic world and the present Government will win the French elections and gain brownie points with the 5 million French Muslims. Why did Olmert allow them in Lebanon? He's a fool.
32. Keep flying overthere until kidnapped soldiers are set free!
33. beware israelis
MACH   (11.09.06)
beware or you are going to get your ass kicked by Europe (again!). You already got humiliated by hez this year, don't be so eager to get humiliated again, wait for 2007.
34. #27 you missed the point
Mazen ,   Lebanon   (11.09.06)
religions: Islam, christianism,Judaism, etc.... When you want to refere to a religion you use the above terms. When you want to discuss ethnic groups you say White, Mediteranean, African, Asian, Arab etc.... When you generalize and use "muslims" and Israelis instead of Arabs and Jews, it means that you are a racist anti Muslim idiot. "by the way, stop barking from far away and go back to your country "wherever the hell you are from".
35. Fadi is right
The Israeli's sunk an american ship, and they fired on UNIFL forces in lebanon killing them recently. If I was the french I would keep my finger on the trigger.
36. If UNIFIL II stops hezbollah
Isak ,   Norway   (11.09.06)
If UNIFIL II stops hezbollah from getting weapons from Syria, IAF dont need to fly over Lebanon, but until UNIFIL start to do someting they have to........
37. Withdrawling from the french how pathetic
nobody ,   US   (11.09.06)
38. Save everyone the trouble
nobody ,   us   (11.09.06)
Lets be honest do the arabs need all that land they have. Can't they just give the Israelies the Sinai, the east bank and palestine. Does the US need another arab state that hates america and lives off american welfare. We spend trillions of dollar for them every year and they still cause us trouble. I mean after Iraq is any american goining to give a fuck about arab honor or their feelings. Funny the only american who sacrifices and is really concerned for arabs is George Bush. And he is a moron.
39. If they had shot...........
Mike ,   Rishon, Israel   (11.09.06)
...... they would probably have missed anyway, especially after consuming too much red wine........
40. to #5
Djaza├»ri ,   France   (11.09.06)
I think Hezbollah members are Lebanese and stay in Lebanon, their country. While the zionist planes fly over Lebanon, a foreign country. It's an act of war.
41. they'd better be careful
shimon ,   madrid   (11.09.06)
and disarm hizballah, instead of trying to scare us. They are ONU troops and have no actual power to attack anybody without the security council authorization: these are typical words of frustrated French, for they have no actual power. Hey, you are not the US, don't you pretend to scare anybody and disarm hizballah, which is violating the resolution since the end of the conflict
42. Flying over Lebanon
Sean ,   Melbourne, Australia   (11.09.06)
Israel has no moral or legal authority to breach international borders, indeed they are guilty themselves of terrorism against lebanon. The definition of terrorism is the use of violence or threat of violence to intimidate or enforce a political outcome....the very definition of israel's murderous attack on Lebanon, and their constant bombardment of Palestine. Israel clearly has no interest in peace, as they have clearly shown that they are only interested in killing as many arabs as possible, and extending their land grab of palestine. If Israel truly was interested in peace, it would cease all violence against their neighbours, and use their wealth to build up the infrastructure in Palestine and Lebanon, like schools, hospitals, water, electricity, without conditions, intead of using their wealth to subjugate and murder their neighbours....but that would be too much to expect wouldn't it! Bah!
43. protecting whom
Freeman   (11.09.06)
whom do the french think they are there to protect? they are their to protect the to-the-teeth-armed Israelis from the unarmed lebanese civilians!!!! therefore the french should not complain if israel fires at them or performs mock attacks over their heads or even shoot their soldiers. if the french really mean business they have to prove it and shoot those bastards to the point talking about a two second away from shooting.
44. That was lucky for France...
Darren ,   Tampa, FL USA   (11.09.06)
If France decided to attack Israel, then there would be outrage in the U.S., for Israel is a truer, more faithful, ally than France. France is corrupt. Chirac is anti-semetic and corrupt. Besides Americans would be fools not to join the winning side, i.e. Israel. So quit your blustering France for I doubt you could win a war against Lichtenstein. Finally, before you get involved in the Middle East any more than you are, perhaps you should deal with the Middle East that is rioting in your cities like Paris first. For soon, France and most of Europe may soon be Eurabi for Chirac and those like him are so Dhimmi. They are so blind they don't even realize the enemy is not only at their doorstep, but is already in their home.
45. To the Qatari, the Indian and the Lebanese here
Adam ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.09.06)
1.) UNIFIL are doing NO work aside from making sure that Israel doesn't stop Hezballah from rearming. 2.) Not everyone who critisizes Israeli policy is anitsemitic. However people like yourselves who are ignorant and critisize things you have no idea about with an obsession with Israel ARE antisemitic. Where is the outrage on Sudan etc? Do you spend nearly as much time on that? 3.)In any case, unless you are someone who believes that all states and all borders are wrong and doesn't particullarly concentrate on Israel, then critisizing the existance of Israel is antisemitic. 4.) Some people milk everything but claiming that we in general milk the holocasut is antisemitic.
46. israel
rafael ,   los angeles, usa   (11.09.06)
The French are ridiculous for saying that the French led force on the ground in Lebanon may need to change their rules of engagement in order to defend themselves from Israeli fly overs in Lebanese airspace. As if the French would actually fire on an Israeli F-15 without being fired upon first. The Israelis should not be flying there but definitely should not be threatened by the French for doing so. And if any rules of engagement should be changed it should include the ability for the United Nation's troops to disarm Hezbollah!
47. nearly, but no cigar.
karlos ,   new zealand   (11.09.06)
better luck next time
48. #45 - Great point about Sudan
Darren ,   Tampa, FL USA   (11.09.06)
Dear Adam: You made a great point and observation when you said: "Where is the outrage on Sudan etc? Do you spend nearly as much time on that?" Yes I would like the answer to that too by all these pseudo-human rights advocates. Are you advocating for them too? Where are the marches? Where is the great pressure on the U.N.? Where are your letters and talkbacks about the massive daily killings in Sudan and Dafur? Thousands are dying and being driven into slavery by the "religion of peace". Where is your anger? Where is your outrage? Or are you people, as I suspect, selective hypocrites? I don't even hear the outrage from you people when Christians are being persecuted or beheaded in the "Religion of Peace" nations like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, and/or Indonesia to name a few. Where is the outrage for Hindu violence against Christians? H'mmm cat got your tongue? Or do you have an AGENDA? And of course, there is a DEAFENING SILENCE when "martyrs"" of the "relgion of Peace" strap on bombs or lob rockets killing little Jewish children and women riding a city bus? H"mmm???? Did you march in protest in the streets of Berlin, Paris, London, Madrid, and Washington D.C. when such slaughter took place in Israeli cities? Did you inundate the U.N. for calls of resolutions and sanctions against the people of the "Religion of Peace" when they committed such evil atrocities? I bet you hypocrites with an agenda just think that pictures of Palestinian babies and children with explosive belts or AK-47's in their hands are just so "adorable". I hear no great protests and see no marches when Palestinians ACTUALLY put out the call for women to come to a mosque to be a SHIELD for their Jihad men who were committing acts of terrorism against Israel by you people. Then these fool women get shot and you raise holy hell not agains the Palestinians but against the Israelis!!! Palestinians who HIDE behind women and children KNOWING that they may be killed and be a GREAT PROPAGANDA PLOY against Israel when CNN shows the video. You people just swallow their ploy hook line and sinker with no sign of indignation or outrage. What a pathetic hypocritical lot.... Oh and let's not forget Rwawanda??? But why get indignant againt the atrocities of Palestinians or what happened in Sudan, Dafur, or Rwawanda for they aren't Jews!!!
49. israelis are playing with fire
LOL ,   Euro   (11.09.06)
israelis and their incompetent airforce are dancing and playing with the fire. If israelis don't stop we all know what is going to happen : You are going to look like dumb*** AHAHAHA, ridiculous.
50. Allez les bleus!!
diana ,   Tampa US   (11.09.06)
Thank you France, I think next time you need to shoot so you teach them a lesson to those arrogant war hooligans!
51. French became the "Sub-contractors of Hezbollah" ???
KMR ,   Middle East   (11.09.06)
52. Wrong Info Fadi
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (11.09.06)
Fadi first the Israelis did not sink the ship they did fire on it big difference. Second there is a big difference between going to fire and fire to. The French will not do ANYTHING!! Why because the U.S. will tell them not too!! Please for once learn to think outside the box instead of inside the box. The french are basically useless and their equipment sucks! Take care Fadi!
53. much chest pounding by frogs
Arie ,   Afula   (11.09.06)
the world leaders in surrender technology
54. Responding to #10
jeremy ,   Northern Israel   (11.09.06)
The French are anti semetic and anti American. They are the most pro arab country in Europe. As for your comments, who really cares. Why are you reading an Israeli newspaper anyway?? AS for firing on our planes, dream on, baby. You'll never get the chance.
55. shooting down IAF easier than blocking Hezb antiplan messile
56. to 50
haim ,   montreal canada   (11.09.06)
les bleux sont dans la merde MEANS THEY R IN DEEP SHIIIIIT this is the same army usa wend to defend from germany so not to worry
57. shooting down IAF easier than blocking Hezb antiplan messile
58. #29 fadi means shaheed, believe it or not
59. Choose teh good enemy, Israel
frogman ,   frogland   (11.09.06)
1) The stupid "French equipement sucks and french are leader in surrender" is always a way for ultra pro-israel people to pass their rage because Israel was unable to beat the poor band of hizbolla mens... When you are a soldier performing a stupid peace-keeping operation because Israel is unable to do it by herself, the last you can hope is that israel is not going to bombard your positions... 2) It really amusing to see a think like if france and israel goes to war the obvious winner is israel..ect... What would happen there would be a great victory of arabs because after the 50 kilotons french E-nuclear that would deactivate all Israel'computer there would be nobody in US that would want to try in france what they were unable to do in Iraq 3) But I really think France has nothing to do in Liban: those guys bombed us last time we protected them, we had better let them in their ***** 4) Please Canadian people DO NOT critizice french army: in 1990 your army was unable to take part in Desert Storm because it was 'not combat ready', for remembrabce french troops were the tip of the spear in the north of iraq...
60. france anti-aircraft and other deployments
doug ,   chicago   (11.09.06)
The French short range anti-aircraft seem far from ineffective- they are very similar to the FIM-92 Stinger or SA-18 Grouse, and have been used 2000x with a .95 kill rate. Would the French be dumb enough to fire first, no. Would Israel, no. There is seemingly no reason for the overflights, especially the low buzz flights on the French or German contingents with the F-15/16's. Israel is very capable of deploying drones and/or other types of survailance. It is a dangerous game of cat and mouse. The French may be frustrating, but they are clearly a part of NATO, and would without any question have the full backing of the alliance, like it or not. The radar systems and heavy artillary France has deployed is clearly to identify the origin of anything fired from Lebanon towards Israel and to be able to retaliate or stop such action. 13 tanks and 4 heavy artillary pieces clearly pose no strategic threat to Israel. It is not in the mandate for them to disarm. Work the diplomatic channels, play within the agreed upon rules and you may come to notice that the entire western world is truly on the side of Israel.
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