Iran: Enemies cannot stop our nuclear work
Published: 10.11.06, 21:37
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1. Too late now
Mike ,   USA   (11.10.06)
Unfortunately now it is too late to do anything about this guy. Fortunately he is not really in control of anything, and The One who is, knows the outcome of all things, and this Ah-madman is just a pawn in the hands of the one who loses in the end, so go ahead, because the sooner you do, the sooner the real winners will be free to live in a world without garbage like you.
2. Ringo!
Jeff ,   Cherry Hill, NJ USA   (11.10.06)
3. Hes "damn" right about that !!!
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.10.06)
4. #3 The West needs to work with Iran
Mark ,   USA   (11.10.06)
Instead the West particularly Bush works against the West. In 2003 they made an offer for peace and dialogue. They wanted to talk about all issues. Bush was against that idea. He refused to consider the offer and called Iran an axis of evil. What a diplomat. He causes problems!! Anyone else agree?
5. Iranian nuclear power
Melvin Eiden ,   Lafayette, LA USA   (11.10.06)
As an American Jew, I'm afraid he is right that this country will not do anything to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Unfortunately and ashamedly, i have to say its up to Israel to do.
6. Well, Bush? Do you intend to be stubbornly stupid
sk ,   USA   (11.10.06)
for your remaining two years? Or do you intend to destroy, from the air, the entirety of Iran's military infrastructure and its leadership stratum? Or, will you diddle with the Euros, Chinese, and Ruskies? We Neo-cons have been saying this FOR THREE YEARS. This is A REGIONAL WAR YOU DUMMY. Fight it as one.
7. No country will wage war for Israel, Iraq sharade won't work
Joe ,   NYC   (11.10.06)
especially after the barberic Israeli terror in Gaza. In fact, most people believe that Israel should be held responsible for its war crimes, terror, and occupation in Palestine.
8. I don't hear know fat lady singing
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (11.10.06)
9. eurabia has aleady surrendered to the new hitler
Arie ,   Afula   (11.10.06)
and they expect us to be the sacrificial lambs walking into the ovens again. this time - if the eurabians wish to walk silently into the gas chambers then go or it. WE will not and are prepared to take EVERY action necessary to figt the demons of islam!
10. WTF!!!
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (11.10.06)
Is the president of Iran wearing a Members Only jacket?? Wait, he must be the last Member. His time will be short!
Ari ,   Finland   (11.10.06)
I just can't understand how blind people are! Iran is developing their nuclear weapon and western and other countries do nothing... Is Israel only nation who can and will stop Iran?
12. powerful nation will continue its path
silvio ,   italy   (11.10.06)
If you throw the Big Bomb your path will be the direct one to the Heaven of Allah
13. Exploited differences
Ryan ,   Calgary   (11.10.06)
There needs to come a time, when people on both sides say enough is enough, stop attacking, stop the violence, live together, prosper together, learn together and live together. Majority of citizens from all sides of conflicts desire peace, twisted leaders, on all sides, exploit prejudices and differences, historical viewpoints to garner support for war, for terror, for resistance, for violence. All these leaders need to be replaced with "for the people" type leaders, Know one would win a nuclear war, it's impossible. All people need to stop worrying about the differences between each other, and find peace in the similarities, love of life, family, love, music, desire to learn, and explore. If we spent the quantity of resources on developing weapons as we did on poverty, fighting disease and space exploration, We would have cures for diseases, we would be colonizing planets, and we'd all have a full belly. It's is not G_ds will to have us kill each other, but it is our nature to do so, we are not as advanced as we like to think we are. Selfishness and greed have hijacked the human race, all sides are guilty, we need to overlook petty differences, we need to look to the future instead of rehashing the past and justifying future / current acts of violence because what happened yesterday, we need leaders that are actually serious about evolving humans as one race, we need to learn to find the good in each of us. There is good in Iran, there is good in Israel, there is good in the UK, there is good in the US, there is good in Russia. How many people actually agree 100% with there leaders? If given the opportunity how many people would actually kill the "enemy" Fadi - If you could getaway with it, and had the opportunity to do so would you kill every israeli on earth? How would you feel afterwards? I pose the same questions to all Israelis, Americans and Europeans, everyone who reads this. Sorry for picking on you Fadi, but I don't believe you to be as hateful as your posts portray you, nor do I believe anyone is
14. #Mike
enzo ,   london,uk   (11.10.06)
Mike, I understand what you're saying and I agree with you! Well said!
16. usa needs to nuke iran now, ask for forgiveness later
jeff ,   seattle   (11.10.06)
17. Here's Hoping That I am Wrong
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (11.10.06)
It seems clear that the powers to be in the US adminstration want to allow Iran to emerge as a power broker. Otherwise, why would they allow these blatant aggressions and not do anything to thwart their designs? All the bluster from the US and from Israel won't do a damn thing. The mullahs have every reason to crow.
18. #7
stop iran now!! ,   atlantis, ocean   (11.10.06)
If US attacks Iran it won't be for israel, it will be for oil, the way, if you think gaza is barberic, then what do you think of the bombings and killings perpetrated everyday in Iraq, arab on arab. Talk about barberic..Makes gaza look like a walk in the park...
19. #4 Well said. Same thing happened with North Korea.
fadi ,   lebanon   (11.10.06)
such kind of behaviors of provoking and initiating crises from iraq to korea to iran is not done from stupidity or wrong judgement. Its a well planned policy of Cheney and the neo cons (Bush ofcourse is just an idiot and an image) to start confrontations and wars in order to achieve their hidden agenda of world hegemony and control over resources (oil), markets and political domination
20. Pretty hard..
DK ,   Israel   (11.10.06)
Pretty hard to make peace with a country that doesnt belive in your right to exist...
21. So!!
Tony D. ,   U.S.A.   (11.10.06)
Iran is like a little child begging for attention. Just take the sanctions and shut up, because that's all the attention you will get from the U.S.
22. Now he's using oil as ransom by threatening to cut
John ,   NZ   (11.10.06)
When he got nuke, he'll blackmail the world.
23. it is time there is a balancing nuclear powein the ME
24. #9 Halliburton is making huge profits.
Mark ,   USA   (11.11.06)
The US uses Halliburton who overcharges the US government. They got another contract to build detention centers. If you go to their website they keep getting more contracts to build stuff. Halliburton is making huge profits.
25. Halliburton keeps building worldwide!!
Mark ,   USA   (11.11.06)
Their business depends on wars and conflicts. Staying in Iraq benefited Cheney and others. It did not matter that people were getting killed every single day. Rumsfeld is smart and he intentionally made a crisis in Iraq. He wanted to "Stay the course". Normally after mistakes after mistakes a normal person would have fired him. It makes no sense to keep someone on when everyone else says get rid of him. The pressure from the election results forced Bush to fire him.
26. Mr. Bush was against Israel/Syria talks
Mark ,   USA   (11.11.06)
I never have known a US president that is against Mid-East talks. Having two countries talk to each other is a good thing. A normal president would love that!!
27. Cheney is very intelligent.
Mark ,   USA   (11.11.06)
He creates strategic moves. On and off the battlefield. He is always thinking.
28. Fadi Bush wants cheap labor
Mark ,   USA   (11.11.06)
He wants open borders. Normally after 9/11 you would want secure borders. He wants illegal immigration and has detention centers lined up. cheap labor helps Bush
29. No, Mark (4), we've been down this road before.
sk ,   USA   (11.11.06)
Mark, what is it that you don't undertand about religion and ideology? If a religious fanatic says he intends to do x, y, and z, you should believe him. This guy SHOULD repeat what Khomeini said (about US not being able to do a damn thing) because he was a disciple of Khomeini when the Worst American President in History (Jimmy Carter) made no response except a bungled rescue attempt when American territory (our embassy) was seized. Iran has been an enemy of the US since Khomeini; it is absurd to attribute anything to being on an Axis of Evil list. Let me put this in a different context. Remember all those Haredim and "far-Right leaders" spewing anti-gay filth about gay people? Let's say I said to Ovadia Yosef, "You are evil for your vicious statements about gays." Do you think he would give a damn? Of course not. He "knows" he is right. Do you seriously believe the Iranian mullahs are less ideological and fanatical than Yosef? Be serious. Iran must be decapitated. Now. Not for Israel's sake but for the US's. A plus would be that the US doesn't rely on Iranian oil, and we can kick Eurabia in the teeth for undermining world security.
30. It's funny how even when moslems do bad things
Micha   (11.11.06)
moslems still blame it on the Jews. How utterly pathetic. When is the moon-transport program going to be put into place?
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