Aoun in Beirut rally: Siniora must resign
Roee Nahmias
Published: 01.12.06, 19:32
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31. Ok guys back from the demonstration ! today is first
fadi ,   lebanon   (12.01.06)
step in bringing this government down !
32. To the moron whos using my id : Get a life loser !
fadi ,   lebanon   (12.01.06)
u can copy the name but u wont copy the spirit and the thoughts !
33. #10 thanks for the spirit man ! u should have been here too
fadi ,   lebanon   (12.01.06)
in the demonstration more than 1.5 million people all united from all religions against the puppet governemnt of Bush / Chirac and Rice !
34. ok guys back to the sit down and sleeping there:) nice girls
fadi ,   lebanon   (12.01.06)
too :)
35. Mark and DR
SAM ,   USA   (12.02.06)
Interesting comments. It is not hard to see how the American government , since 1967, has tried to use Israel as an attack dog. Fighting a united front against an enemy like Iran is an interesting strategy. However, the one problem is that Israel is really just looking out for her own survival and usually acts in that manner. They are not expansionist at all. They didnt annex the territories, just thier ancient capital. But on a world level, You guys present an interesting scenario.
36. Mark.. your talkbacks give me hope that..
Lynne   (12.01.06)
still there are Americans who weren't .. emm.. brainwashed.. (no offense to anyone but I couldn't think of a nicer term)!!
37. DR!!! security and peace??
Lynne   (12.01.06)
Americans were never less secure than the day they voted Bush!! why did 9/11 only happen during the rule of persident Bush?!! is it because he brought in security?? why were Iraq and Afghanistan only invaded during Bush's rule?? is it because he was looking for "peace"? did he send your children to Iraq and Afghanistan as a peaceful gesture??or to make you more secure?? the US had never had as much enemies as it has today!! again.. during the rule of Pres. Bush!!
38. DR..
Lynne   (12.02.06)
should I remind you that 9/11 took place DURING the rule of president Bush? and that the US had never made so many enemies as it had DURING the rule of pres. Bush.. what security are you talking about? as for peace.. well.. associating the word peace with the name Bush is in itself laughable! we saw the peace he brought to Afghanistan and Iraq!!let's just pray he doesn't bring in any more "peace" to the region!!
39. Hizbollah protest of lies
Observer ,   New York   (12.02.06)
800,000 protesters that don't know what they are protesting. Hezbollah poisoned the minds of many and dragged people into the capital on buses to show great numbers. Most are there because hezbollah paid them and threatenedf their families. If only 800,000 support Hezbollah, they've already lost power:)
40. haha, 20% want 1/3 representation:)
Mohammad ,   alibaba   (12.02.06)
The population of lebanon is over 3.8 million and only 800,000 support Hezbollah. Sorry terrorists, but the majority of your country likes to be ruled by the sane and not the trigger happy fundamentalists that brought war and suffering to your land. Enjoy the sit-down, nobody cares:) Peace!
41. Aoun is a blind megalomaniac
michael ,   NYC USA   (12.02.06)
who is taking a part of the christians with him to uncertainty just to satisfy his ego and inferiority complex when the US and europe france ahead decided to cut diplomatic relationships with him because of his stubborness and arrogance and because he has no respect for diplomacy and back stabbed them more than once, as a matter of fact he was the main reason for the christian-christian end of the civil war where christians killed each other be4 inviting syria in . His followers are still blinded by his glory days when he first his liberation war against the syrians. Guys this is my conclusion after watching a documentary on the civil war in lebanon, what half the christians are following here is a defect general who is searching for napoleon's glory without earning it, he would allie with the devil if it takes just to satisfy his megalomania
42. Oh and fadi
michael ,   NYC USA   (12.02.06)
You're a despicable excuse for a human being,i came to this conclusion after following your replies for a while. If you love Iran so much, why not go there and get an education, get a degree from an iranian college, folks our main problem in AMERICA is that we failed in every aspect of education, if we manage to teach half of the foreign students here the values of democracy, true democracy, and send them back to their countries then we would make a huge difference in the world, instead we teach them pure capitalism and profit making, because this is how we have been raised, and they come back to their countries like nothing ever happened. As for you fadi, you are going to the rally because there's nice girls???? what are you implying ? i know lebanese girls are beautiful, cause my ex was lebanese, and smart, cause she's now my ex :):):) but believe me they would make a rag (look this word up in the dictionary) out of you, i cant imagine them even speaking to you with your stupid stubborn headed theocracy (u can look this word up too), . you're all excited like if you're going to a fair while what u are doing right now is pushing your country out of democracy and into the dark ages back again.
43. Anyone seen my spine?
fadi, lebanon   (12.02.06)
I must have lost it when I hid behind those women and children.
44. Hey Fadi
???   (12.02.06)
So how long until Sharia law takes over in Lebanon?
45. I'm the real Fadi. :)
Fadi ,   Lebanon   (12.02.06)
46. #4
Igor ,   Russia   (12.01.06)
this mark guy is traitor.
47. Nasrallah is a very very bad man.
Nanou ,   Pakistan   (12.02.06)
48. Re: Foley's comments (#26)
dm ,   Louisiana, US   (12.02.06)
So now we should simply sit down and talk with Iran and her proxies. It seems to me this tactic was tried before: When England's Chamberlain sought to appease Hitler through mediation. And we all know how this mediation resulted in great peace and understanding between England and Germany!
49. #2 is fake
tFighterPilot   (12.01.06)
Fadi would never say anything bad about the Hezbollah.
50. Aoun in Beirut rally-Lebanese Armed Forces waiting in Calm
T.L. ,   R.P.-S.B.   (12.02.06)
At the time the speaker M.A. in behalf of the "resistance" forces asks for the legitimate Lebanese Goverment to resign and the same person who has no 1% of the knowledge of what would happen to the good lebanese people when he and his friends from ABROAD LEBANON engaged nearly FOUR MILLION people in " his" beloved country in the LONGEST NONSENSe War between the state of Israel and one of his Arab neighbours ,one should think,look for this question: The Question is..... 1.The Lebanese Armed Forces ,the independent people of Lebanon who wants to have as soon as possible a lebanese serious way in Middle East ,without israeli interference ,without Iranian interference Without " Mesianistic or Imasnistic"salvations for all of us,and, yes And Knowing that there are more and less 10.000 Armed blue soldiers IN LEBANON NOW to give the RIGHT Support to the Oficcial and Legal Lebanese Goverment with P.M. Siniora ,the 14 March Lebanon FOrces,the independent people of Lebanon ,The Support of the ARAB REpublic of EGYPT,the support of the SAUdi Arabian Kingdom ,and all THe ARab League,and alot more (including the recent "resistance facts may be from abroad " that unlegally killed M.Hariri and M.P.Gemagel for nothing ) need to be nervous or the Opposite.? (Sorry for such a this long q.) What is your answer? Mine is : Firmly waiting. Seeing till where the kind who are looking for the salvation of All of the OTHERS are going. to their chosen end(open or dead),but looking carefully,very carefully like till now. By the way,the easiest way of feel apologized for not knowing the 99% of the recent Nonsense War between the not official southern armed people of Lebanon and the Israel Army is blaming M. F.Siniora and his Legal ,Official Lebanon Goverment And then continue reading the memoirs of General Sharon ,or whatever you feel sake for reading. It´s not easy fill to 99% of unknowledge. Good Luck independent Lebanon,and Lebanese Armed Forces and UNITED NATIONS in the Field working hard to assure an Independent Serious and Sane Lebanon. and may be some day a more Harmonic Middle East.
51. #38
Oleg ,   Milwaukee, USA   (12.02.06)
You are wrong -- the enemies were there, they have just fully revealed themselves at this time. Your Clinton hero who actually did nothing, except no sex in the White House, knew about them, but had no guts to go after them. He was too busy with Monica.
52. #48
Oleg ,   Milwaukee, USA   (12.02.06)
That's right. Thank you.
53. # 34
Oleg ,   Milwaukee, USA   (12.02.06)
Hey Fadi, I bet Nasral paid a lot of Iran's money to bring you all to Beirut. What was the price? How much did he pay you? Was this done with money or with girls? Was Julia one of them? You are disgusting person who does not care about your own country. You will soon start kill your own brothers. Nothing new in this world. Just another dirt.
54. Arab realism does not mean Arab nationalism
Marwan Khoury ,   Montreal   (12.02.06)
For too long the anti-Israel rhetoric has been fused with religious references, in order to justify to the pious and religious this irrational almost pathalogical hate, anti-Semitism. The Arab nationalists were not above referencing Nazi texts, Czarist anti-Semitic fake (Protocols of the Elders of the Zion). Or how about a cartoon context making a mockery out of the worst case of injustice among the Human kind - the Holocaust. We are making fools out of ourselves in the eyes of the rest of the world by displaying ignorance, disrespect to others, inability to reason or think indepedently. The Arab "leaders" are using the "Israeli threat" as a scapegoat to shadow the problems of the Arab world (inequality, inter-tribal and religious violence, lack of human rights, lack of women`s right....need I go on?). The only result of this policy is a diservice to the 22 Arab/Muslim nations around the world because those problems remain and keep us from evolving into modern societies.
55. #49
Igor ,   Russia   (12.02.06)
if #2 is not fadi then why does he say he is,i believe this is fadi,only fadi talks like that,if it is not fadi then fadi i will beat him fadi up.
56. Lebanes CHRISTIANS Israel BETRAYED by PEACE/DEATH Agreements
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (12.02.06)
PLO terrorists were rewarded for their barbaric jihad against Lebanon's Christians - PLO "peace" partner terrorists were implanted into Israel through Oslo covenant with death - to continue their bloody, barbaric jihad against the infidel Jews & Christians of Israel. PA/PLO broke ALL agreements-precisely AS EXPECTED of murderous terrorists. Declare Oslo, Road Map and ALL agreements NULL AND VOID. Re-take Gaza, Judea and Samaria immediately! Photo gallery - 20,000 Christians handicapped by PLO atrocities: STOP the surrenders to Global Jihad!
57. Iran's WAR Against Infidels and Lebanon
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (12.02.06)
Iran's terrorist army Hizbullah, rained down over 4,000 rockets on Israeli population centers - the rockets packed with thousands of metal ball bearings to maximize the suffering of Israeli victims. Israel's third largest city Haifa, was under regular rocket barrage. Over one million Jews were forced to live in bomb shelters for one month. Embedded in densely populated civilian areas, Hizbullah despicably shoot from inside mosques, hospitals and schools in south Lebanon. Hizbullah committed war crimes using Lebanese civilians as human shields to protect rocket launching teams who set up rockets and other weapons in apartment blocks, schools and mosques. Images show Hizbullah using high-density residential areas to launch rockets:,,19955774-5007220,00.html Surrounded by 22 huge, hostile Arab nations, tiny Israel is in a battle for survival in the war to bring all nations under Islamic subjugation. On the frontlines of global jihad, Israel fights for the freedom and human rights of all nations - Israel's enemies are the enemies of the free world.
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