Lieberman: The unfaithful cannot be citizens
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 10.12.06, 20:58
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1. This lie - berman is full of shit !
2. Israeli-Arabs
Milo Perez ,   Tijeras/USA   (12.10.06)
I don't always agree w/Lieberman, however, he does make a legitiment point in regards to citizenship. The Arab MKs want full-recognition and rights as citizens of Israel but openly express their distaste for the Jewish people. They have no hesitation meeting w/known terrorist countries to destroy Israel. Israel-Arabs should not be able to taste the fruits of citizenship until there is comprehensive change in their actions.
3. 1967 border
charles ,   petach tikva   (12.10.06)
What ? Lieberman will a peace accord based on the 1967 border ? What is this ? Giving up Jerusalem ? Is he become crazy ?
4. Damn right, Avigdor! Finally someone is making sense...
The Raccoon   (12.10.06)
5. #3 At least from what I read, he is saying that is false
That its a false assumption that by giving up borders will result in full peace. Am I reading that wrong?
6. Jews Who Are Against This Answer Me This
Watch and Answer
7. ::::::Check out those VIDEOS:::
Yoni ,   Ramhash   (12.10.06) Tell your english speaking friends about this site, a must see for everyone!
8. To Nª 3
Annie Azbir Lehah ,   una am   (12.10.06)
to Nª 3: you misunderstood He wrote that it is a ......".false assumption..: that the establishment of a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders will end the (arab-israeli) conflict.".
9. General Scheme
Beb Aday ,   here   (12.10.06)
Why do you surprise! You can apply this Scheme to any country or organization in the world " My ............. has the right to demand full allegiance from all its citizens.(members) He who is not ready to recognize an ......state (or organization), cannot be a citizen (member) in the ........... This applies to extremists of the ...... well as to extremist factions of the ..............
10. Lieberman should be expelled from Palestine
Azzam   (12.10.06)
11. Now: make them run
Chicago Russian Jew ,   IL   (12.10.06)
Finally one with normal ideas and with the power. Mazel Tov Israel !!!! Russian way should help. Watch him and learn Mr. Olmert.
12. Our Senators just call the president a liar.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (12.10.06)
They then tell everyone you will never win a war. Then they tell everyone that a draft is imminent. Then they tell everyone that the president is killing our citizens for oil. Then they vote against weaponry for the troops. Then they vote not to fund the war. That part is coming up in the next Congressional Session. Stay Tuned. We don't have any snakes in our government? Ha! That's all the Democrats have been concerned about during the last six years. They will sacrifice winning a war, and troops lives, to get back into power. They have framed a loss of a war in the news media for three years intentionally, to get back into power. Shamefully the news media has helped them in every way possible. So what's different between Israel and the United States? Not Much. They might as well be meeting with Bin Laden.
13. Lieberman tried....
Elokim ,   Israel   (12.10.06)
Can a leopard change his stripes...NO. Can Lieberman change his dictatorial view of Israelis? He tries in the US but changes his story in Israel. Anytime he opens his mouth it sounds like the dictators we are fighting in the Arab countries. If Israel was so upset about Arab MK's talking with and opening dialog with say Syria, the Kadima party would not b able to make progress in the hope for peace. If we Israelis are will to put a man like this in power....ONLY BAD things will happen to Israel. Look at the US and Bush. They are ready to impeach's not something as petty and getting a BJ and making a mess on a dress. The US is going left and if we put an extreme right government like Lieberman.....things will get worse. Support will be lost. Open your eyes... Israel does not need a dictator. If we are going to say we are a democratic country we need to live like one and make ALL citizens equal. We need to work on the extremist cults and keep them contained...or push them underground. (not kill them)
14. False Basic Assumptions
Milo Perez ,   Tijeras/USA   (12.10.06)
What Lieberman is saying in this article is the peace process is based on three false assumptions. He is not, my interpretation, wanting to give in to territory from 1967 borders, but says giving the territory away is not the solution to the conflict.
15. hmmm.
American ,   USA   (12.10.06)
anmd those American jews loyal to Israel above the USA- here in the US we call them Israeli Firsters- like wolfowitz and perle- Also need their USA rights taken. GOD BLESS.
16. Those who will not bear citizenship's responsibities
Adamush   (12.10.06)
should not expect citizenship's rights!
17. Lieberman
Joe ,   Israel   (12.10.06)
Liberman should be the Prime Minister of Israel instead of that crook Olmert. I do not know how honest Lieberman is, but at least he is in favor of Israel and not looking for an excuse to hand over the entire country to the Arabs. Historically and moraly Israel belongs to the Jews. Any Arab member of Knesset that meets with Israel's enemies - and moreover expreses support for those enemies - should be tried for treason and thrown out of the Knesset.
18. to no 1
fish   (12.10.06)
your remark is like a belch after a pint of beer,loud but stupid.
19. Sedition
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (12.10.06)
Would someone found guilty of sedition in the U.S. have their citizenship taken from them? Or would they just be put in prison? There are large numbers of U.S. citizens who are - in one way or another - working against the inerestst of the U.S., including some members of Congress. To be convicted of sedition is a complicated process. But Lieberman is on the right track.
20. At last someone opens the eyes!
Harissa ,   Israel   (12.10.06)
21. Citizens
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (12.10.06)
All citizens have the right to complain, and peacefully protest about there government decisions, stances, and procedures. However, anyone committing acts that undermine, or threaten this policy, ie. arab mk's holding secret meetings with hostile governments, should be tried for treason, and given capital punishment. For those against capital punishment, my idea would be for them to foot the bill to feed these traitors, clothe them, and pay the guards wages. Exile will also work. Citizens should not have to pay for traitors.
22. If some Americans acted like the Israeli Arabs
Richard ,   USA   (12.10.06)
they would be locked up for treason.
23. Lieberman is 100% correct. The Arabs get benefits from Jews
Barry ,   USA   (12.10.06)
and they still want to destroy them in their own land.
24. Thanks #6 ... gotta love you tube
Spinner ,   World   (12.10.06)
It's becoming a great research tool. Go Google...$1.67 billion spent well :D
25. I fully support Lieberman but why does not he........
Roni   (12.10.06)
topple Olmert' government now? New elections must be triggered ASAP to save Israel from incompetent Olmert and his just as incompetent team. Lieberman should not sell out for a ministerial post - he can be a minister in the next government with Olmert out!
26. #1 Mohammad, why is he full of shit? Makes sense to me.
Jeremiah ,   Israel, Jewish Land   (12.10.06)
27. Lieberman defaults Israel law.
H.H.M ,   Israel   (12.10.06)
The minister of Israel cabinet Yvet Lieberman swore several times to follow the lines of Israel law. This as member of Knesset, and an additional oath when becoming a member of Israel government. His statement should be considered unlawful and dealt with accordingly.
28. #25 If there was a stable coalition without him
It wouldnt cause any topple if he left right now. The government WILL BE toppled when the budget is being voted on, whether its Labor or Shas, one will vote nay and it will all fall apart since he wont have a majority. I believe it would be correct to think that if he WASNT part of the coalition he WOULDNT be part of this American forum where could speak his voice and mention his concerns and beliefs to Condi/Bush/etc. Better to introduce the concepts to the American political leaders now than when he announces them as the PM or DM.
29. He is 100% right!
RA   (12.10.06)
I wouldnt mind seeing this man as PM sometime really soon.
30. Israel supports terrorism
Neil Elkins ,   Denver Colorado   (12.10.06)
Any country that allows its representative to openly support and meet with terrorist states needs its heads of state examined. The U.S. doesn't allow its representatives to go to Syria. Why should Israel? Here we are bending over (way over) again. In the U.S. it's called treason, sedition, etc.
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