UK newspaper: Jesus was a Palestinian
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 25.12.06, 21:23
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61. Lets make genetics the Arbitrator.
Toufik ,   Algiers, Algeria   (12.26.06)
It's the 21 st century, genetics can solve this question. Analysing the genes of all the ethnic groups that live in this area will prove to a great extinct similarities between muslims, christians, and jews who have let say centuries roots in the Holly lands.
62. # 52
dave - ,   nj usa   (12.26.06)
Moses was a Jew - His parents were slaves at a time when pharoe was killing the 1st born sons of the slaves (the jews). He was placed in a reeed basked ni the nile, where pharoe's daughter found him. He was raised as an egyptian, but was non the less jewish.
63. 50 No way period.. Jesus was not a palestinian.
freedom ,   canada   (12.26.06)
And as for what christians, ie. Jesus Christ thinks of the Koran and Islam. Well you better read your Holy Bible and get back to me. I hate lies, including this literary piece of garbage and blashphemy.
64. Jesus Palistinian
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (12.26.06)
LoL,The Londanstanis[ U.K.] trying to please their moslem masters and overlords.15 yrs from now the U.K. will be living under sharia la.
65. to #51
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (12.26.06)
German Jews look German? You're an idiot.
66. Will Mel Gibson make it a movie?
Robert Goldman ,   cooper city Florida   (12.26.06)
Will Old Mel make a revisionist version of this BS story into a movie? Will this be the battle cry for all anti Israeli wackjobs that call us Jesus killers? or will it be passed over like a bad satire? I wonder.
67. Crazy
Scott ,   Haifa   (12.26.06)
Yeah, sure He was... Next thing they're going to tell us is that He is Islamic. Just in case you didn't notice, He is Jewish. And His word promises the Land of Israel to the Jewish people as an everlasting covenant, so argument closed. You have a problem, take it up with Him. Hanan Ashari says that Yeshua was a Palestinian, but last time I checked, anyone who converts from Islam to Christianity in the Palestinian territories is usually persecuted or killed, so it is a lie as usual. Islam does not mix with being a true believer (in Yeshua). It's the other way around folks. Israeli's are being terrorized by Islamists - not the other way.
68. Get It Right About Miriam
Ron Cook ,   Mobile,Alabama-USA   (12.26.06)
Her real name was Miriam. That is about as Jewish as you can get. So called Palestinians go home to Jordan where you belong. And stop calling yourselves Christians if you do not realize that the land belongs to HIS brothers. For even HE said in the gospel of John-"Ye worship ye know not what,but we know what we worship for salvation is of the JEWS." G-d bless and protect Zion now and forevermore.
69. That word didn't even exist at Jesus' birth
James Just ,   USA   (12.26.06)
Mary was a Jewish woman born in Judea. the word 'palestine' did not even exist at Jesus birth so what does that word have to do with Mary? the word palestine was a roman curse of jewish lands that was not uttered until after 70 AD. the word palestine was resurrected in the 19th century by the british to describe the british diplomatic program of establishing a jewish homeland. the word palestine was not intended to be used to describe the arabs living in Judea since they were known as lebanese, beduin and egyptian, and bosnian turks. the arabs later took over that word in their efforts to deny the jews any identification with a word that describes part of their history. palestine always referred to the Jews, not the arabs.
70. Yes, Jesus was an orthodox Jew
Fasulia Hudra   (12.26.06)
Actually Jesus was an orthodox Jew. At the beginning Christianity was little more than a sect of Judaism with only minor thematic diferences. Jesus obviously knew Hebrew but spoke Aramaic which was the lingua franca of the time and place. Jesus also observed the Sabbath on Saturday, observed all the Jewish holidays, observed the Jewish dietary laws, and used the lunar calendar. As time went on, especially under the influence of Rome, the Christians worked overtime to remove any memory of Judaism from their religion. Sunday became their Sabbath. The lunar calendar was discarded because it was too difficult to compute. The holidays and dietary laws were also discarded. The irony is that Jesus would feel far more at home in a synagogue today than a church seeing that there is little if any similarity to the religious practices that he engaged in or the language used. For further infomation on early Christianity see the following URL and follow any topic that interests you.
71. General observation
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (12.26.06)
If Jesus looked as goofy and mushy-faced as the picture at the top of the article, I don't care who claims him. They can have him.
72. Mary a Palestinian
ted james ,   panama, panama   (12.26.06)
Congratulations to the Independent. I read the story and it is not anti'Israel as you claim. Ot is pointing out facts. You should be ashamed of youselves,
73. And here I thought all along that Jesus was a jew
D ,   Israel   (12.26.06)
If this is so then it was the Palestinians who killed him. What a stupid article. Islam wasn't even around during Jesus' era and neither was the Palestine invention. So how does that make him a Palestinian? I think that you Palestinians are a very confused people. And you obviously don't read history.
74. for the ultimately retarded
SAM ,   USA   (12.26.06)
The term "Palistine" was coined by the Romans long after Jesus Christ was crusified and had risen. Palistine was the name the Romans gave to the province after they put down the revolt when the Romans destroyed the temple. The ignoramoses that spew out the lie that Palistine existed before there was an Israel or Judea are just plain old idiots. Read the book, fools. and why did you come in here and think anyone would believe your lies. You people are the prime example of why an Israel exists today. Jews have no fair chance with disgusting excuses for human beings like yourselves. REAd a book, morons Satan does not win.
75. Scott in Haifa
SAM ,   USA   (12.26.06)
Well said. Praise God
76. Jesus / Yeshua
Barbara Kelly ,   Rio Rancho USA   (12.26.06)
They are one and the same. Jesus was never a Palistian. They are of coarse out of the stupid heads. He came from a long line of kings. There minds are so full of brainwashing and hatred , they can't even see the truth. they just blindly believe what their leaders tell them. They need to learn to search for the truth themselves.
77. Jesus the Jew
Christian ,   Sweden   (12.26.06)
Jesus was an observant Jew during the second Temple period. His family lived in Nasaret in Galilea and Jesus visited the Temple several times. When he was executed by the Roman authorities on the cross, the Roman administrative area Palestine did not yet exist and theTemple still stood. Jesus was executed under the suspicion of being a Jewish Messiah that is he was accused of sedition against the Roman authorities. His cross was marked with Jesus from Nasaret King of the Jews. Just read the Gospels in the New Testament! Christanity began as a Jewish sect and did not exist as a separate religion until two or three generations after Jesus, if not later. It is a sad fact that political and religious extremists and ignorant fanatics are tryning to falsify history merely out hate against Israel and the Jews. Jesus was a Jew. If you cannot accept that there are other religious affiliations than Christianity. I think Islam would fit better.
78. Jesus the Jew part 2
Christian ,   Sweden   (12.26.06)
To call Jesus a Palestinian is as meaningful as calling him an Israeli.
79. Palestinian
JB ,   Canada   (12.26.06)
The idiotic Independant is trying to confuse the meaning of "Palestinian" in the days of of Jesus (a resident of the Roman Province of Palestina which they conquered from the Jews, Israelites, members of the 10 tribes or whatever name you want to give the Jews of that time), with the present day meaning which colloquially means someone living in Gaza or the West Bank. Thus the uneducated and the inherently anti-Jewish readers will, it is hoped, believe that Jesus was of the same origin as the preset-day Palestinians. The really ignorant will conclude that he was also a Muslim, ignoring the fact that Mohammed was born many centuries later. It is further interesting to note that until about 1948, the Arabs living in Britist Mandatory Palestine did not consider themselves "Palestinian" but rather southern Syrians. Only the Jews called themselves Palestinian hence the Palestine Post (later the Jerusalem Post), the Palestine National Orchestra etc. Even those who call themselves Palestinians immigrated to British Palestine once the Jews started to make it economically prosperous. Anyway, the Independent (piece of crap) wants to make it seem that Jesus wasn't a Jew and that the Palestinians today suffer just as the Jews, oops I mean Palestinians, did then. Its total bullshit, more propaganda from the British Isles soon to be the European Centre of the Caliphate, ruled by Sharia.
80. Vast majority of inhabitants of region named "Palaestina"
Bridget Ashmore ,   OR, USA   (12.26.06)
by the Romans were Jews, NOT Arabs, at the time of Yeshua's(Jesus's) birth and during his lifetime.
81. the Jews,Palestine, and Jesus
marie ,   usa   (12.26.06)
Typical..The Jews killed Jesus, and now they are killing the innocent Palestinians. Ask yourselves, what would the world do without a scapegoat? Ps..Global warming is the Jews fault too...funny, Just keep pointing fingers at the Jews and you shall be justified soon. hmmm
82. stand up!!
marie ,   usa   (12.26.06)
Stand for something!! Or fall for everything!! Ps..leave the Jews to their land, let them breathe already! GET OVER IT!!
83. The British are worse than the Arabs
Mush DeLeon ,   Brooklyn, New York   (12.26.06)
They are sympathizers and misnagdim.
84.  a great book to read:
Karen   (12.26.06)
"FROM TIME IMMEMORIAL" by JOAN PETERS. " the origins of the arab-jewish conflict over Palestine".
Julian Manole ,   Melbourne, Australia   (12.26.06)
The first Christians were Jews. For them to accept Jesus as the Messiah (a radical thought) they would have had to be sure he was from the lineage of king David. If he wasn't from the lineage of king David that means he could not have been the Messiah. So that proves he was a Jew (not just any Jew). Interesting is those waiting for the Moshiach can't find anyone today that can undeniable prove he is from the lineage of king David (a pre requirement to being accepted as the Messiah/Moshiach).
86. ## 1 prpoganda
Dr.Joji Cherian ,   Aluva India   (12.26.06)
It may taken for as anti Israeli propaganda.But there is nothing in that article that is untrue.
87. Jesus was American
Earl ,   Adams, USA   (12.26.06)
Every photo I have seen of Jesus shows him to be blue eyed with sandy blond hair. He was obviously American. After all, he preached about good American values, not all that middle-east garbage.
88. Jesus was an Israelite
Nannette ,   London, UK   (12.26.06)
And he was a practicing Jew. Mary, Joseph, and the baby they are about to have are all, of course, Jewish. And if the Virgin Mary (presumably with Joseph) were to arrive in Bethlehem today, and arrived without the IDF around them, in a place now controlled by the kind of Palestinian Muslim Arabs who are there now, they would be killed on the spot. If you need evidence for that, start with any number of Israeli hitchhikers picked up and murdered, or those two Israeli boys beaten to death in a cave, or those two Israeli reservists who took a wrong turn into Ramallah and were lynched, as those who killed them and gouged out their eyes held up their bloody hands to a crowd below hysterical with its own happiness and hate, or those four little Jewish girls sitting in their car, methodically shot to death, one by one, by one more brave hero -- hailed as a hero, held up as a model -- of the "Palestinian resistance."
89. zionist atrocities
A Human. ,   UK   (12.26.06)
The 'zionists/ jews' who so adamantly claim to have suffered at the hands of germans during WW2 are themselves killers of innocent palestinians and Arabs. What gives them the right to speak of having suffered at the hands of europeans whan they themselves are perpetrating crimes against humanity?
90. Jesus was a Palestinian
John ,   Chicago   (12.26.06)
& he was a race car driver too, right?!?
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