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US: Jews launch Operation Screwball
Itamar Eichner
Published: 07.01.07, 08:47
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31. #17
tma   (01.07.07)
The article concerns various Jewish groups, including the orthodox, in the States' decision to boycott the members of Neturei Karta. Read it again. See where it states "Orthodox Rabbis from across the spectrum has condemned this evil group who are religious fakers". Obviously the haredim are AGAINST the NK and do not side with them.
32. #13 Both disgusting
33. #18
tma   (01.07.07)
You, like Sagi, are either a dimwit or are doing your best to equate haredim with Neturei Karta. The question is: why are you doing this?
34. Charles and Sagi
tma   (01.07.07)
I do not hate anyone. I only respond to other people's attacks. You, Charles are the one who hates anyone more observant than you are. Everytime there is an article on ynet with "haredim" in the title, I just know I'll find dozens of talkbacks from you, all full of hate. Why did you leave France since you obviously hate Judaism??? BTW, I don't know anyone by the name of Gabriela. Sagi, in case you were referring to me, I don't hate seculars, I was one myself, my whole family (and my husband's) are secular, and a lot of my friends are all secular. FYI, I choose my friends according to the purity of their hearts and not by their religious observance. Your talkbacks to this article were plain stupid. The article concerns NK and you keep referring to haredim and saying the article concerns haredim. Why are you doing this? NK are NK and haredim are haredim.
35. The picture
tma   (01.07.07)
That was used to illustrate this article is nauseating. It looks like they're about to kiss on the mouth. They should have used this picture for the gay parade article. Gross!
36. From Alice in Kosherland
Alice   (01.07.07)
No, it's not hate, it's PITY, for you and your lifeless monotonous hatemonger friends. Au contraire, I admire you for eating anything as revolting as a shrimp without vomiting. Well done! I couldn't do it, so I guess, yes, you've caught me out, I'm jealous LOL
37. Treif-eating Leftist Jews
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.07.07)
I wonder how the NK feel when they demonstrate together with treif-eating (non-kosher) Jews. There is a hatred on both sides that I would love to understand. How can they possibly condone the murder of their fellow Jews???? Does this rationalization come from the killing of Pinchas? And how do they explain that the Jews of the Yishuv were spared the horrors of the Shoah?/
38. #21 Sagi - Does "Knowing Hebrew" Make One a Good Jew???
Eli ,   Israel   (01.07.07)
The same Torah that tells you to eat kosher, tells you to keep Shabbat. In fact, Shabbat is one of the ten commandments! Did you know that? Why do you hate Haredim who throw stones more than hating the self-hating Jews throwing stones at police when they protest? For some reason, you "forget" the "sins" and corruption these liberal self-hating Jews impose. Wonder why?!? And for your knowledge, the NKs are indeed under a total cherem by all religious Jews worldwide. You're talking about serving in the IDF? According to one of the major newspapers several weeks ago, there are more non-religious Israelis currently not serving in the army than religious Jews. You probably read about it too, but, of course, wouldn't admit it. You, Sagi, and Charles seem to have the most venomous hate in your hearts. I do not know any haredi or any religious Jew hating anyone as much as you and your friends do. You people hate and hate and hate - and, of course, with an excuse; they don't speak Hebrew with an Israeli accent, they don't eat shrimp, they don't go to the army, they slaughter the meat, they don't do this that you do and don't do that. It's about time you people learn to love other Jews even if they don't act like you do.
39. #20 Why? You, Charles, of course will defend it...
Eli ,   Israel   (01.07.07)
While you were not serving in the army during any of the Israeli wars and let others do the job for you, have you at least prayed all day for their success like the haredim and the Rabbis did? If not for their sincere prayers and siyatta Dishmaya (help from Heaven) the Jews would have lost each and every war. Of course you wouldn't admit this because you and your friends believe that you have the power and the strenghth to "defend" the country all on your own and it has nothing to do with G-d. How foolish!
40. not true
Jay Akselrud ,   Beit Shemesh   (01.07.07)
There ARE chassidim in Monsey, but most Jews in Monsey are not.
41. Sagi and Elokim
charles ,   petach tikva   (01.07.07)
I agree with both of you . Seculars are , or better were , very tolerant toward all the other citizens . But tolerance has not only to be one sided , has to come from the other side too . And this not being , has made us disliking a great part of them . I say a great part , because i know some charidi and true religious men who are very tolerant . Sad to say there are not too many . And as at Sagi's home , my kitchen is also Kosher , not out of religiosity , but doing so allows Shomre Shabbat relatives and friends to eat at my table .
42. #1 Any secular, not just Tali Fahima
Aviva ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.07.07)
who acts or speaks against Israel or lives in Israel and refuses to abide by the laws of the Land should be stripped of citizenship and deported. This applies also to the Kadima party officials who are committing tax fraud. Works both ways.
43. To Eli # 39
charles ,   petach tikva   (01.07.07)
Does it help to pray ? so why were so many GOOD Religious praying Jews murdered during the Shoa ? and one and a half million children ? Do not tell me because of the sins comitted , baby's do not sin .
44. tma
charles ,   petach tikva   (01.07.07)
If you do'nt know Gabriela [ ben Ari i think ] you obviously only look after my name in tb's . You are right , i send many tb's regarding the BAD behaviour of your charidi friends . You only look at my name , do'nt read my tb's . I wrote that i did not come from France . And what about me being parasyte ? If i made Alyah , it's not for material reasons , financially i'm loosing , and you can trust me . I hate only intolerant people , not Judaism , nor "TRUE" religious people , not even charidim , i know some who deserve respect . But those i know are not the hatefull stone throwers . If your family was , or is , secular , my family was mostly very religious , even charidi . Sadly to say , their prayers did not save them in the Shoa .
45. No chareidi
Myra   (01.07.07)
has ever hampered my middle of the road lifestyle. Secular style preferences, do though, all the time. When we driving up North, for example, and need a magnifying glass and an extra hour to find something to eat that 's not a cheeseburger. Clothes? If you don't want your pupik out and threequarters of your chest on show,and loads of ugly flesh cascading out of the side of jeans/skirts and your'e NOT the Bnai brak type, you've had it here, in most places, spec. Tel Aviv and malls. So dont tell me the chareidim hamper your lifestyle, when just the opposite is the truth.
46. Charles has chutzpa
tma   (01.07.07)
to speak of servind in the army when he himself did not ever serve in the army, not even miluim. My husband has been in war of Yom Kippur and served miluim thereafter, leaving me, an olah to care for my little children on my own. I've three sons will be soon serving in the army to protect your ass, Charles, so keep your venom to yourself. I hope you choke on it.
47. #21 Soggy
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (01.07.07)
"Have you ever heard of a secular Jew throwing stones at Haredim ?" THEY USE HORSE POLICE WITH CLUBS.
48. Chaya of Bat Yam
charles ,   petach tikva   (01.07.07)
First a question : where have you seen nk demonstrating together with , let's say , very secular Jews ? nk throwing stones at seculars , this can and is happening . That the Jews of the Yishuved were spared the horrors of the Shoa , read history , the german army did not come here , that's it . Not because they were praying , the Jews here were mostly seculars . For this "hatred" from the seculars , look at my other responses , it's more dislike towards some of them
49. #44 Charles
tma   (01.07.07)
Hi again, I saw Gabriela's name in the talkbacks, but she's no friend of mine. I don't even know what background she is, I cannot identify with someone I know nothing about, that's why I stated I don't know Gabriela. You're obviously a French speaker, I'm even sure you stated somewhere that you came from France. Don't worry, I won't waste my time searching the talkbacks of all the anti-haredi articles to look for your posts. It's not that interesting. Regarding my friends the haredim, I've no friends who are haredim, my friends are baalei tshuva like me, national religious, or secular. I may seem to be haredi because of my defence of them in these talkbacks, but that's because I can't stand antisemites, including Jewish antisemites who keep villifying the haredim, with such loathing. I also can't stand haredim who throw stones (if they really did), hit women, throw bleach on women's clothes, etc. That's all disgusting behavior. I could write a book about all the things haredim do that I can neither stand nor comprehend. But I figure there is enough anti-haredi articles and talkbacks without adding my own. I'm against hating people just because they're haredi. Regarding your family perishing during the shoah, you've got all my sympathies if you are telling the truth, but I can't know for you continually contradict yourself. Again, regarding this issue, in another talkback, "H" suggested that you were anti-religious due to some trauma you must have endured and "H" even assumed that had a religious past, and you attacked "H" and told her that you she was wrong about her assumption and you attacked her for analysing you. Here you are now repeating exactly what "H" had stated. Make up your mind.
50. Eli, Cherem ?
charles ,   petach tikva   (01.07.07)
well Eli , i would be very happy if the nk were unther a total cherem by the religious worldwide . I have only seen a condemnation by Rav Metzger , and some harsh condemations , maybe cherem , from the Satmar . No sign of a cherem by the Rabbanut here . So if it is true , tell me where i can find this cherem put on the iran visiting nk .
51. tma, cool it a bit
Alice   (01.07.07)
This stupid nouveau tb craze, of I was in this or that war, in the army I was in elite , my eight children willdo/have done the Army is so degrading. You can't be so nasty to an oleh, even one with hate filled tb's. I remember our first Yom Hazikaron over 30 years ago at the school near our Merkaz Klittah. I was so overcome by the sad and beautiful 'tekkes' and the blood that had been spilt. I mentioned to one of the teachers that I felt so inadequate, just 'standing there', not having given or done 'anything'. Her reply was 'You came out of choice,and you didn't have to, and you brought five children. You are part of it all, just as we are'.Those five did of course all do Army and now miluim, but I could never taunt an oleh, that my hubby( he did 'zach') and kids did the Army and he the oleh, did 'nothing'. Not nice, tma, not nice.
52. regarding Cherem
tma   (01.07.07)
Where is it stated that the secular have put a total cherem on Neturei Karta?
53. Monsey, Ir Hakodesh
Monsey Jew ,   Monsey, USA   (01.07.07)
1. 20,000 plus Jews live in Monsey, of all colors and stripes. 2. Monsey is well known in all Jewish circles. When I fly on El Al, all El Al agents know Monsey quite well. 3. In the Diaspora, Monsey is the most beautiful place to live, deer, wild birds abound, even an ocassional bear is seen. 4. Best way to deal with NK is to invite them toplay baseball with a wooden baseball bat ( Ha'maivin Yavin ).
54. Good - they are triators and deserve Herem
Mush DeLeon ,   Brooklyn, New York   (01.07.07)
55. Anti-NK Website
Dovy ,   Toronto   (01.07.07)
It has many errors on it. It shows they don't know all that much about what they are talking about.
56. tma
charles ,   petach tikva   (01.07.07)
Listen , i'm not someone who tell's lies . If i said that most of my family on my mother's side [ this i tell for the first time ] was exterminated it's true . i have not to come out with such story's . Not on Shoa victims , they are HOLY for me . My only connection to France is language , that's all . And this i have said more than once as an axcuse for errors in English . Regarding H's analysis , she do'nt knows me , she thinks i'm anti religious or a self hating Jew . On the contrary , i'm PROUD to be Jewish and to belong to a people who has contributed so much to the world . I will not underestimate your knowledge on this , but i'm sure you , as most people , are not aware of this tremendous contribution [ not talking about the Tora ] This contribution is my hobby , so i know a little bit more than others . If i attack someone it's because of he or she immediately calls me [ and others ] self hating and other nice names . You , today called me a parasyte who has to look for a job , instead of living at your expenses . Without knowing anything of my situation . Do you think you would appreciate this been throwen at you ? Why did you write this ? without any basis for behaving so . And here again this is not a lie , you can ask the Bituach Leumi . And on this i would like to have a response from you . Regarding your disregard for some of the extreme religious behaviour , even with a doubt from you , i can only appreciate . I hope that this is your true feeling
57. tma
charles ,   petach tikva   (01.07.07)
talking about Gabriela [ Sorry Gabriela for citing your name ] you said that you do'nt know anything about her , so no comments on her background . Very correct . But when you wrote that i'm a parasite , did you know something about my background ? So for one no , for another yes .Is that not contradictory ? In my mother tongue , not French . this is called something as weighting with different measures . No , i did not serve in IDF . my grandchildren will [ i hope there will not be a need for this , only hope ] But this do not forbids me of criticising people who are in age to serve , and who on their religious [ or other ] grounds refuse to do it .
58. Alice [ in Kosherland ? ]
charles ,   petach tikva   (01.07.07)
I'm not hate filled , only the behaviour and some tb's are so disgusting , that i have , sadly to say , to react vehemently . I'm a very tolerant person , but tolerance has not to be one sided , you agree i suppose . And i think i even wrote it to you [ not sure ] A little smile with Alice [ a nice name ] in wonderland , did'nt you like it ? A smile and a laugh can make happy , at least for some minutes , better than nothing on such a rainy grey day . Thanks for your Yom Hazikaron story .
59. Charles
Yoselli ,   (01.07.07)
Sorry to hear about your financial hardships @Bituah Leaumi,Apparently you don't the RULES:I could tell you how to make a BIG claim from them(5yrs RETROACTIVE).You interested?In the meantime do some knitting like me.P.S.You could even get Bituach Leumi even if you went abroad,
60. yosseli
charles ,   petach tikva   (01.07.07)
Happy not to be entitled to bituach leumi .
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