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Neturei Karta rabbi meets Ahmadinejad
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Holocaust denial conference in Tehran
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Neturei Karta member kissing Ahmadinejad
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US: Jews launch Operation Screwball

Website launched by New York-based group calls for boycott of Neturei Karta Jews who attended Holocaust denial conference in Tehran last month

Jewish groups in New York launched a campaign over the weekend against members of the fringe Neturei Karta sect who attended the Holocaust denial conference host by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran last month.


An unknown group launched a website on which it published the photographs of the Neturei Karta members who attended the conference, their addresses and their phone numbers and called on New York Jews to "teach them a real lesson."


Members of New York's Jewish community have been called upon to sever all contact with the "traitors," to ban them from synagogues, refuse to give them employment and bar them from entering Jewish-owned shops.


A mass protest will be held on Sunday outside the offices of Neturei Karta in the Monsey neighborhood of the city.


"Neturei Karta crackpots are traitors to the Jews for helping Iranian Hitler-imitator Ahmadinejad who is planning to wipe Israel off the map with nuclear weapons," read a statement posted on the website.


'Collaborating with the killers of Jews'

"Now in response 'Operation Screwball' has been initiated to help wreck & ruin these self-haters, and Jewish traitors out of Monsey. I am sure Iran will welcome them with open arms" the statement continued.


"'Operation Screwball' will legally bring to the attention of the Orthodox Jewish community that a group exists in their midst, claiming to represent them, that collaborates with the killers of Jews in direct violation of every precept in the Torah!


"Orthodox Rabbis from across the spectrum has condemned this evil group who are religious fakers. We will also bring to the attention of Neturei Karta that the days during which their antics went undisturbed have come to an abrupt end," it concluded.


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