Paris: Jewish youths suspected of hate crime
Shirly Sitbon
Published: 11.01.07, 00:10
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1. sameach b'paris
2. liberty, equality, fraternity
M ,   San Francisco   (01.11.07)
Funny how fast the French police reacted to 3 Jewish boys playing around and they couldn't do a thing when Moslems took over their whole city. I am not excusing the Jewish boys but come on now..When the Muslims try to intimidate the entire City of Paris and the police sit idle and watch "real" crimes and atrocities and destruction that's a big difference. Things like this make me feel lucky to be an American where most people treat different people in a civil manner and when they don't they are punished equally. I love France and its people and hope they work this stuff out
3. Oh those naughty Jewboys
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (01.11.07)
Where do they think they are, in Hebron?
stude ham ,   outremont, canada   (01.11.07)
Which is probably why one of these frogs stated how afraid he was of jewish youths in groups. Don't we all just love France????
5. Hate
Jamal Aboud ,   Ramallah   (01.11.07)
Hate is not good. It should be rejected by all people. To these families, before brining kids to the world, you must know how to teach their self-respect and respect for others.
6. At least
Jewson ,   Belgium   (01.11.07)
Those people stood up for and faught fire with fire and if the fate of Israel was in their hands , Hizballah and arab terrorist would be far away by now , you have to understand something we live in hostile barbaric world in which we are hated the most. Wake up people you are now sitting ducks while Iran is ready to nuke us.
7. Defense League Thugs
Jay ,   Washington DC   (01.11.07)
It's about time someone did something about these thugs. I'm a late middle aged Jewish tourist who was beaten to the ground by four Jewish Defense League thugs on Rue des Rosiers.. My 'crime' was taking pictures of the neighborhood. They accused me of invading the privacy of the Jews living in the neighborhood. These were four, very strong young men in their 20's. I was kicked to the ground in broad daylight on a Sunday evening this past May. Not one shopkeeper came to my rescue and I did scream for help. No tourist should go to the Marais unless and until the police and the Jewish community sets up a system of protecting people from Jewish Defense thugs.
8. Jay from Washington DC
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (01.11.07)
Maybe you're too sephardic looking for them ;)
9. to #2
Michael ,   Austin, TX   (01.11.07)
10. # 7 Jay , Washington DC
Meir ,   Arad   (01.11.07)
There is no tribulation without transgression. Try to remember what you were doing there. Maybe you are an Whole-Merde look alike? I bet you were not wearing a kippa or tzitiot. What makes you different from the goyim?
11. yeah... sure... hordes of Jews with scimitars, right?
diamond ,   usa   (01.11.07)
Are they overturning cars and burning down entire neighborhoods for three weeks straight? Are they shooting at Muslim schools? Stabbing Muslim kids praying on city buses? Beating up Imams walking down le avenue? OOPS... sorry, that's MUSLIM 'kids' doing all of that. The JDL-ers (all 4 of them !) would be better off confronting real threats like those mentioned above, rather than picking on easy targets.
12. That thing about Hevron, now this...
Herut Zion ,   UK   (01.11.07)
Can't you also publish anything about how the Arabs are attacking Jews both in Israel and Galut, includding France, dear Yedioth Ahronoth? Toda.
13. #10, #8, 11 and anybody else this applie
Patricia ,   Waipahu, Hawaii, USA   (01.11.07)
So maybe he should have worn a star of david. Are you saying that it was ok for him to be beaten up because he did not look Jewish. If that is what you meant, then I gotta wonder here about bigotry. You cannot justify bad behavior because others behave badly.
14. To #5
Mush DeLeon ,   Brooklyn, New York   (01.11.07)
If you had to be able to teach good values to your children before having them, Ramallah would be a gost town.
15. #7 Jay's horrible adventure
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (01.11.07)
Did you call the police, or is that arondissement too dangereuse pour le gendarmerie approcher? Oh I love the smell of burning Citroens in the morning. It smells like...France!
16. keep up the good work boys
betar ,   uk   (01.11.07)
keep kemi saba and these scumbags on their toes. kep up the good work ldj and betar.
17. The Shame of It All
Daniel Temkin ,   Tel Aviv   (01.11.07)
I hope this will remain an isolated incident. G-d forbid we should stoop down to their level. And by 'their', I think we all know who I am referring to.
18. This is a crime?
Dave ,   Redford, MI USA   (01.11.07)
So a punk from the JDL compares a guy to Saddam Hussein. This is a crime? The kid sounds like a reject from open mike night at the local club. Yup, tough kids these JDL'ers. The other side rapes, murders, and burns down synagogues for fun. And the JDL'ers respond with bad borscht belt shtick. Oy vey!
19. LOL @ Kyle's Duval impression (#15)
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (01.11.07)
DEBRA ,   USA   (01.11.07)
21. All these stories are second or third hand
Tracy W   (01.11.07)
Nobody really knows what really happened but I am very skeptical of this version. I have visited Rue des Rosiers and I always hoped that there was someone watching the neighborhood for everyone's safety. Regarding #7, Rue des Rosiers is a tourist area and people take pictures all the time. I don't think that just picture taking was the real problem in Jay's case. In this latest incident, Paris Jews are not out there looking for a fight so something else must have happened and the anti-Israeli press pounced on it, distorted it, and it's now all over the world. (Sounds familiar?) In the meantime, Jews get beaten up, even killed, in Paris and barely anyone notices it. And when it happens, the police says "youths" were to blame. Never "Arabs" or "Blacks" or "Muslims", lest anybody may think that they are violent people.
22. There is a common thread
Tracy W   (01.11.07)
to news items that have been published lately about "Jewish violence". My first thought after seeing the Hebron incident video was that it must have been a set up. They even had a cameraman ready and the Jewish woman (if she was really Jewish) was obviously taunted. This Paris incident could also be one in a new Arab PR tactic of provoking incidents to smear Jews.
23. jdl
jdl supporter   (01.11.07)
jdl librated the russain jew more then 1 million jew from russia and jewish community over the world didnt do a thing also the israeli goverment
24. Great kids - I do the same.
Alex ,   US   (01.11.07)
Michel SLONIMSKI ,   Paris, France   (01.11.07)
26. Big deal!
Isac ,   Florida   (01.11.07)
If it wouldn't have been about the Jewish/Muslim issue no media would have reported about this incident. Beside, we didn't hear what the truck driver responded. My own experience with scuffles tells me, that he said something really nasty. To everyone: Don't mess with the JEWS.
Michel SLONIMSKI ,   Paris, France   (01.11.07)
Wait a minute. You call this a HATE CRIME ? Or is it just a brawl ? I thought HATE CRIMES were serious matters, like racially motivated murder or murder attempt. The one HATE CRIME that really took place in France recently was the ghastly torture and murder of the Jewish boy Ilan Halimi - by black thugs.
stephane ,   france   (01.11.07)
"A shopkeeper on Rue des Rosiers street, where the incident took place, said that the Jewish youths come in groups every week, frightening the clientele"...i want to say to that jewish shopkeeper,i know the street,all the shops belong to jews.that if these guys were not in rue des rosiers every sunday,when the street is packed with young jewish people and families,there would be almost every week gang of arabs and africans who would come to attack us.believe me that our ennemies know about of presence of JDL there,and it's why they don't come to attack jews.and i will add that if all the jews were like them,the arabs wouldn't make a move against us in israel.
29. To 21
tommy ,   belfast uk   (01.11.07)
My tjoughts exactly Quote....On January 21st of this year, for example, a gang of mostly Islamic youths abducted a 23-year-old cell phone salesman, Ilan Halimi, a French Jew. They held him prisoner in the rundown Paris suburb of Bagneux, a Muslim ghetto. From time to time neighbors entered the apartment where the young man was captive, either to watch him being tortured or to participate in his mutilation. Many in the area knew of the crime; no one said a word to the gendarmes. and Three weeks later, passers-by found Halimi slumped near a train station, naked, his ears and fingers amputated, his body covered with burns and stab wounds and eaten away with acid to remove all traces of the perpetrators’ DNA. He died en route to the hospital. and At first, the French government refused to recognize the mutilation-murder as a hate crime. Giving an excellent imitation of a foreign minister looking over his shoulder at some 5 million French Muslims, Dominique de Villepin reportedly reprimanded Justice Minister Pascal Clément, who made the mistake of quoting one of the accused kidnappers: Halimi had been abducted “because he was Jewish and Jews are rich.” ....Unquote For what its worth the french like the british are afraid of islam and hope that by ignoring it -the problem will disappear. Tony Blair and the rest of the leaders say that these terrorists have hijacked a peaceful religion-UNTRUE There are many peaceful muslims but they have no koranic arguement against the terrorists and will reamain peaceful until the man with the gun orders them to act according to the koran.. The koran must be reinterpreted to accomodate 21st century values In my opinion this would be impossible
30. Of all the hate crimes
Jayzee ,   World Citizen   (01.11.07)
The Vichy French do nothing while their streets are torched by muslim youth or when Jews and Jewish property are attacked, defaced, and destroyed hundreds of times a year. When a Jew is the assailant however, this is a hate crime to them and this is the second time in as many years. An epidemic. They really do suck those French.
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