Olmert: I lament Halutz's resignation
Ynet reporters
Published: 17.01.07, 13:39
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1. One down
Me ,   Lebanon   (01.17.07)
Olmert is next
2. Today lamenting
Sagi ,   Israel   (01.17.07)
tomorrow lamented.
4. Theirs a dog catcher available
Shimmon ,   Tzfat Israel   (01.17.07)
Theirs a dog catcher available in Tel Aviv whos a leftist wonder boy. No military experience but he does love those Arabs give him a try. What the H--L he's a good boy. Just ask the women in Black they love him.
5. Sharon neutrelized Halutz resignred olmert under investigati
Norman   (01.17.07)
Those who threw out 10,000 Jews from their land are paying. Hopefully next in line is Olmert with his Kadima peretz and his labor. Maybe Yalon should retake his position as Chief of Staff. The following is from Haaretz. Halutz was made chief of staff in June 2005, just before Israel launched its unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip. The appointment raised eyebrows as it meant early retirement for the chief of staff at the time, Lieutenant-General Moshe Ya'alon, who had publicly warned that the Gaza plan would embolden Palestinian militants sworn to Israel's destruction.
6. Halutz's resignation
jeremy ,   Upper Galilee   (01.17.07)
Now if only Peretz will tender his resignation, the IDF will be better off adn begin to get ready for our next war
7. Olmert :I lament Hulutz's resignation
Maybe but few would lament Olmert's resignation
8. Resignation
Gillian ,   Ashkelon   (01.17.07)
Hopefully, Olmert will go the same way.
9. I lament Olmert's non resignation
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (01.17.07)
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