Katsav charged with rape
Aviram Zino
Published: 23.01.07, 20:12
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31. Well, those who didn't want Peres for Prez
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (01.24.07)
In a position with no real power, got him as an MK again. With a vote. And for Prez they got a guy who's being indicted for rape.
32. Katzav
GF ,   Jerusalem   (01.24.07)
Please forgive my ignorance and see question below: Attorney General Mazuz decides to file indictment...... President Moshe Katsav will be charged,... Mazuz decided. The indictment has yet to be filed, and "can be dismissed if Mazuz changes his opinion after hearing Katsav's version". How can Mazuz decide to indict Katsav if he has not yet heard his side of the story (unless of course Katzav has refused to cooperate)? Maybe someone can explain this to me?
33. #32 - It's actually a common legal procedure
Mike ,   Tel Aviv   (01.24.07)
Mazuz, after reviewing the evidence assembled by the police and prosecution, decided that there was sufficient evidence to indict Katsav and take him to trial. However he said that the indictment was pending a court hearing, wherein Katsav will be given a final chance to counter the claims of the complainants. It's not that Mazuz hasn't heard Katsav's claims, that much has been fully documented by the police investigating the case - but rather, as the attorney general, he is giving him a chance to present his case in court (this is different than the police investigation) before a trial is set into motion. While the media makes it seem like every side has already said everything, this is misleading. Katsav hasn't been in court yet and there are things that his lawyers can't or won't say to the media first. This is a very responsible and mature decision on Mazuz's part in my opinion.
34. To #33. Thanks
GF ,   Jerusalem   (01.24.07)
Thanks for clairifying this.
35. Why women delay reporting rape
Tamara ,   US   (01.24.07)
As a rape crisis councellor, I have seen many, many women who did not immediately run to the police. Generally, the FIRST thing a woman does is SHOWER and change the clothing she was wearing. Psychologically, this is a normal first response-- she feels "dirty" and "used", so she showers. But it destroys the evidence. Keep in mind victims often fear retribution if they know or work for their assailants, Michelle. The fear is most acute where the man is a powerful or wealthy figure. The prime minister is both. Finally, there remains a great deal of shame about telling a strange-- perhaps hostile-- stranger in a blue uniform (policeman) that you've just been raped. They'll chew gum. They'll want to know the details of how you were pinned down. They may call their buddies over... Lots of police are NOT trained to hear a woman with patience and respect, forget empathy! So many, many women don't go directly to the police. They tell their friend, they confide in their mother, they cry to their sister.. This is common.
36. Complications
Ben ,   Washington D.C., USA   (01.25.07)
This case touches on too many delicate issues to judge so easily. First of all, this article, as well as multiple others, barely presents any evidence, which I doubt is readly available. Additionally, consider the racial and gender complications: this case involves an Iranian jew and alledged rape and sexual assault. Think To Kill a Mockingbird; think Duke rape scandal. I'm not saying he's innocent, because I can not possibly know. Withhold judgement and soften biases until an objective reality emerges. Many of you sound like you want to indict him just because a woman was involved, and that is absurd.
37. add no. 25 answer
helene ,   israel, Jerusalem   (01.25.07)
I am very surprise of your comments. Everything is linked. The way a society fonctions at home is the way it will fonction outside. the values are the same inside and outside the nest. This is REAL LIFE my dear ! and it is so true that everything is in education .
38. To #2 Kyle - If so his co-rapist was your President!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.25.07)
Olmert’s only "sins" as Prime Minister are that of being mislead by the almost former Chief of the General Staff and for "allowing" YOUR President and YOUR Secretary of State to force him to accept the cease fire and leave our two soldiers, Udi Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, in the hands of the Hezbollah and leave the door open for another war in which OUR country, not yours will be bombed! The lack of intelligence was caused by the blindness to the Lebanon situation of the Sharon Government which was in power from 2000 until 2006. As for the raping of a country, well what do you call the Iraqi situation? If that is not Country Rape, proven to be based on a lie, well then what is? Between 54,000 to 60,000 Iraqis dead (courtesy of the Iraqi Body Count site) since 2003 due to your President's war against non-existent WMB's! At least when Dan Quale fought with "Murphy Brown" she was a TV character. Your President is fighting things that weren’t and aren't even there! Just remember Kyle, only Israelis have the right to choose how to run our country. We Picked Olmert, you picked Bush. We made our beds, now we must lie in them and so do you.
39. to #35 rape victims
roger ,   australia   (01.29.07)
I think that it is appropriate that you raised this issue as everyone is concentrating mostly on Katzav and maybe overlooking the issue of rape victims: The fact that the women waited so long proves indeed their lack of faith in the legal system, particularly as the man in question is, as you've mentioned, percieved by them as powerful and well-connected. The system, in light of the fact that the women only came out and complained after one women raised the issue, should do more to encourage women to complain.
40. Israeli President Charged With Rape
Edward Anderson ,   Savannah, U.S.A.   (01.29.07)
Sounds like he could be Bill Clinton's brother!!!!!! I would suggest that the prosecutor in the trial quickly learn what "is" means!!!!!!
Justin ,   Belleville, IL   (06.26.07)
Wow i didnt think the Isreali president would do somthin like that ya know? Ok anyways YES what you said is true about "Police" officials they are rude they do make smart arse remarks or look cruel... i know becuase i stood there with my girlfriend while she told a detective what happened and wow he really P**SED me OFF. They have NO compassion for wemon what so ever, no training, and embarrass a wemon. Good cops dont do that but damn are there lots of not so good cops out there. we all know how evil men can be. (I am a man btw)
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