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Israel's image hits nadir
Sever Plocker
Published: 24.01.07, 17:30
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1. Those that part of the corrupt arent even practising Jews
2. Exactly at this moment...
Keren ,   SP-now in Israel   (01.24.07)
I am at the Haifa Univerty. I wandered through here the whole afternoon, and could not stop my self of the sentiment of proudness of my people:such an outstanding and beautiful place!Computers abound everywhere,at the disposition of all students;huge libraries, full of what is the newest in all possible areas of human knowledge;and that's not all:the architecture of the University, with plenty of art and good taste... In another thought,today I read a comment,here at Ynet,where somebody says that Israel is more creative and innovative than Dennmark,for exemple... We,Jewish People have a so rich history ...we are a People so inteligent and creative...What is going on? Israel is such a gift,that should be cared with so much love than the most precious of the jewleries,and this is what we do with our gift? Please...wake up ,there is another way to behave,not this one. Jewish people must be the Rosh not the zanav.Please,lets remember this and start changing completely things!
David ,   B7   (01.24.07)
A few days ago I was reading a report on the economy by Morgan Stanley and they sung the praises of the low inflation, strong shekel, current account surplus, foreign capital inflows, etc, etc. The fact that we also have a free press and judiciary that can pursue errant politicians should be seen as a plus.
4. Plocker's Agenda. Not As Pure As The Driven Snow
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (01.24.07)
Plocker should be honest enough to say that Israel is ALWAYS demonized at these international confabs. While the Israeli political leadership is a cesspool, while its business elites have treated its public institutions like fiefdoms, Israel is NOT vilified for these reasons. Israel is vilified because these Euros and the rest of the self appointed elites are seeking for polite, or not so polite reasons to 'dismantle' this 'mistake'. Therefore, Plocker should stop trying to pull the wool over people's eyes. He should rather speak about the true conditions that have led to this dismal state of affairs. In an honest and forthright manner he should proclaim - the antizionist left from the Israeli media (of which he hails!) from academia, (in Israel & world over)and from the Israeli (in)justice court system, have ALL allowed our homeland to be turned into a laughingstock. While truly brave people are risking their lives night and day to protect our homeland, and while Israeli researchers are busy developing cures/techniques that many Jew haters have also benefitted from, it would behoove Plocker to step up and defend these valiant citizens. He should then point the onus squarely where it belongs. Fellow zionists, I would not count on this happening.
5. Corruption and Politics
allan ,   ramat ilan, israel   (01.24.07)
Israel needs new and fresh leadership. We need to cut down the number of parties and have a more transparent system with more lawmakers involved and an over site committee to make sure things are done correctly. But makes a change from the stories saying we are the brutal zionist occupiers, i guess...lol
6. Don"t worry!
CG ,   West Virginia   (01.24.07)
Why worry when your the apple of Gods eye...so be happy! The world is the devils playground!
7. Let the other guy say it.
JLK ,   LA, CA   (01.24.07)
What you say may be true--if a bit dramatic--but how about letting our adversaries say it? Israel and the Jewish people get enough bad press without you leading the way.
8. But it's good
Ken Velox ,   Norway   (01.24.07)
At least it's good Israel has a democracy with institutions strong enough to take on the leaders of the country. Now let's hope the next generation of leaders will be a generation of high morale doing what's best for the country and not themselves.
9. Sever Plocker
Lazerbenabba ,   London   (01.24.07)
There is a derogatory Anglo-Saxon word implying absolute idiocy; just add a letter 'n' to the writers surname after 'o' and before 'c'. Does he really expect that we believe that hard nosed politicians experienced in "Real Politik" would approach him and ask in shocked tones are Israelis rapists,self serving politicians, and corrupt?All nations have their bad eggs but at least in Israel attempts are made to get rid of them.
10. Israels image
charles ,   petach tikva   (01.24.07)
I lived many years abroad , and know something about the presentation of Israel in Europe . The smallest thing happening here is commented . Israel is since many years overrepresented in European media . So , no wonder when a President is accused , if others have big problems , this will make headlines . Here in Israel , the media don't give much attention to what is happening there , even not if it is Jewish related . Has someone seen something on the French Righteous of the Nations commemoration in Paris last week ? has someone seen the text of president Jacques Chirac's speech ? Only a line in the papers , indirectly mentionning this important event . Kol Israel , in their French news bullettin were the only to talk of it .
11. If you didnt start reading , move to next page.
Gabriel ,   Montreal   (01.24.07)
I always respected the author point of view and allways looked forward to read his next article. Nevertheless, I can't help but wonder what happened to him. His article is quiet alarming to say the least and doesnt reflect the reality at ALL... For today , to paraphrase the author "if you didnt board the plane, don't come to Davos".... If you didnt start reading his opinion, move to next page.
12. Questions for the Author...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (01.24.07)
Is Israel the only country in the world with corruption in politics? Is Israel the only country where there is armed conflict? How come Israel is held to higher standards then other countries? The fact remains that Israel is still a thriving country. Think about how young it is and how far more advanced it is than most other countries. Self-hating seems to be an epidemic these days. Americans as well as Israelis need to be self-critical, but not self-hating.
13. Please get over yourself
syb ,   Atlanta, USA   (01.24.07)
You can't be serious. Every nation has the exact same problems; why should Israel be any different? I don't think any less of Isreal because there has been a spate of corruption scandals, that's par for the course in any human nation throughout history. Thinking that Israel is supposed to be above human nature is an impressive feat of ego. To see you embarassed by this is almost cute. If you want to talk about international image problems look at America. How low we've been brought these last few years.
14. We should stop sending Peres there
Amir ,   Beer Sheva   (01.24.07)
Peres is a joke. Corrupt guy from the most corrupt party in Israel, Kadima. He is weak ans stupid. Imagene sending Begin, Shamir, or even Natanyahoo. Peres' Israel perceived as weak, disengaging, collapsing. He looka like the current PM of Lebanon. People don't like such leaders.
15. i disagree
eliza ,   jerusalem, israel   (01.24.07)
the fact that most israelis disapprove of the conduct of the president, the prime minister, and other government officials, is a testament to the democracy that thrives in this country. these types of scandals exist in many countries around the world and where there is democracy, they are exposed and even high-ranking officals are charged with crimes. in many countries throughout the world, this kind of open criticism is not only forbidden but punishable by death. so mr plocker, dont be so quick to blame an entire country for the alleged wrongdoings of a few.
16. Bill Clinton & Moshe Katsav
new_york_loner ,   Rocheser, NY   (01.24.07)
Talk about a double standard for US and Israeli Presidents - lying about consensual fellatio between consenting adults got a US President impeached, but the mainstream media, looked the other way, when an Israeli President was caught in deep sleaze. These allegations of criminal conduct became public back in October but , for some reason, the story never developed "legs". Moshe got a pass. Bill Clinton was pilloried. The Middle East is a place that has become world-renowned for barbaric acts of state-sponsored violence, it should come as no surprise then, that the leaders themselves, even the Israeli leaders, are sometimes violent criminals who exploit the savage status quo for personal gain.
17. point over-stated
dave ,   herzliya   (01.24.07)
Plocker, as usual, is making these ridiculous statements. The culture of corruption needs to be attacked and it is, but he's obviously not spent much time abroad or just isn't familiar with it, Israel's not so unique. This guy has made his fame being a doomsday reporter.
18. The Problem is the lack of positive publicity/
David ,   Boston, USA   (01.24.07)
The press is so negative, and so prefers to focus on the minority of facts versus the majority of facts. From everything I have read and seen Israel is in the best shape it ever has been since its re-creation. Economically, socially, militarily, ethnically. Israel is a HUGE success story. It isnt perfect, but its better than most, and that is what should be stressed. I am very proud of Israel today and look forward to the next 60 years of the re-created Israel. I suspect, they will still be talking about creating another Arab Palestinian state in 60 years, but I also suspect it will never be created other than renaming Jordan Palestine.
19. Sever if you dont want to be an Israeli, then move
RA   (01.24.07)
20. Israel's image
Christian ,   Boise, USA   (01.24.07)
It's true. Irael's image is currently less than stellar, in view of the personal shortcomings and corruption of high government officials. However, this image roller coaster is typical in a democracy where the press is relentless in its search for "feet of clay." The recent law passed by the Knesset to try to inhibit Israeli non-jews from conspiring with outside the border forces is a much larger issue. We understand the continuing need to safeguard against treason. But Israel must be careful not to destroy the democracy it is so enthusiastically defending. As they say in Brooklyn, "Let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater."
21. Israeli Morals, Corruption
TD ,   Seattle,WA   (01.24.07)
Having spent a year in Israel about a decade ago, my experience was that the Israelis are no more or less moral or corrupt than a cross section of the rest of the developed countries. One thing that stood out was how socialized they are, with the government having a great deal of say in peoples lives, as per employment, etc.
22. jews
victor ,   brussels   (01.24.07)
Being born Jewish but brought up without any true Jewish education can maybe invent nice software but not always behave truly kosher, but looks like the world expects us Jews to be truly kosher! and you know maybe they are right?
23. Israels image hits nadir!
Elliot Lewis ,   California USA   (01.24.07)
What a load of rubbish.Israel currently is held in extremely high esteem by anyone who any intellect or even a modum of knowledge about the Country. Not only is it a thriving Country,that excels in so many fields,it has established itself as a major force and infleunce in the entire Middle East. There will always be people who direct your attention to the woes of any Country or leading politician,one can take almost any Country and simply read the headlines of their newspapers. Isreal has major communications with most Middle East Countries.regardless of whether this is public knowledge or otherwise,and headlines today are history tommorow.!
24. If no one wants to shake an Israelis hand..
rick ,   NYC   (01.25.07)
..then what will they do upon meeting a Sudanese - not a Darfurian but an oppressor, an Iraqi, an Iranian intend on developing WMD, or any number of nationals where near genocide, trampling of human rights is an every day event or the repression of women is legal and on the books? Israel is in trouble due to her lack of leadership but when Olmert is replaced, Peretz is sacked, and those on trial for corruption or rape are either sentenced or freed under a free and open judiciary, Israel will pass this just as the US passed Clinton's affair with Monica. But in those nations like Sudan- when will anyone be able to shake their hands?
25. Don't worry about image, worry about Israel and your lives.
M├írcia ,   Brazil   (01.25.07)
26. Leading up to a MAJOR event
Steve Bremer ,   Minneapolis, USA   (01.25.07)
Israel's "image" has a lot more to do with factors such as Jimmy Carter's new book. Everyone everywhere knows that politicians are corrupt by their very nature. Does it not become clear with each passing year that Israel will NEVER be safe in the Middle East? Certainly, no one could have predicted that even Arabs could be so irrational over such a long period. But it should have been obvious 60 or even 100 years ago that the Middle East would be a hornets nest. Did anyone honestly believe that Arab Muslims would *EVER* accept a nation of predominantly White European Jews? Israel should be a part of the European Union. It should have been from day one. If it had been, Jews would have experienced peace and tranquility over the past 60 years rather than the constant threat of being blown to bits. This geographic location while having great historical significance has cost an unacceptable number of Jewish lives and created an unacceptable amount of Jewish fear and suffering. How many more lives must be lost before lives outweigh the significance of the geography? One terrorist attack of the right variety could kill many thousands or more. How many would have to be lost before it was generally agreed that Israel in Europe is the path to take? Ten thousand? One hundred thousand? One attack could potentially kill this many. ONE attack! Likely a matter of WHEN not "if". Is it worth it? Is it really worth it? Israel should be moved to Europe. Military savings alone would eventually cover the cost. To do so would not be to admit defeat, but would instead be admitting that Israel exists in a land of backwards savages who are never going to change their way of thinking.
27. It's the Occupation...stupid!!
Al ,   Chicago   (01.25.07)
it kills the morality of a nation...an occupier can never be moral.
28. Plocker Always Negative About Israel
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.25.07)
So of course he thinks everyone else feels the same way. People like Plocker are part of the problem, not part of the solution.
29. #26 learn some simple Jewish math
Rick ,   L.A USA   (01.25.07)
Now Israel should be moved to Europe according to you! Israel is where it is because of Europe and murdering Europeans. Let me give you a lesson in Jewish math. Since 1948 approximately 25,000 Jews have died fighting for their country or terrorist acts. That is the equivalent of about 3 days worth of the Euro-Nazi solution for Jews from 1942 to 1945. Jews will not be contaminated again by the soil of Europe.Thanks but no thanks. Keep Europe for those that deserve it. Anyway Europe will be Muslim before Israel.
30. well at least ......
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (01.25.07)
he made a point in making it clear that the ones who drained israel down the pipe are kadima - leftists - league
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