World War III has already begun, says Israeli spy chief
Published: 27.01.07, 20:32
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61. DOOH!
Homer ,   Springfield   (01.28.07)
Someone tell Mr. Burns to hide the Uranium!
62. Imminent Threat
Theresa ,   Alabama, USA   (01.28.07)
As I read the comments from the beginning, I found myself on a tide of roller coaster emotions. The funding for these "Holy Wars" comes from oil. If we take the profits from the sale of oil out of the equation, the movement loses it's pitch. We need a "Green Solution" to this problem.
63. What if...
Mike ,   San Jose, CA, USA   (01.28.07)
If all the Arabs put down their guns and grenades, there would be peace. If all the Jews put down their guns and grenades, there would be no more Jews...
64. Israel has not used its Nukes
Dave ,   San Jose, CA USA   (01.28.07)
If Israel was an evil terrorist nation, there would already be heaps of dead Arabs everywhere......Israeil has shown great restraint over the years....on the other hand, if the Arabs had the power, Israel would have already been exterminated!
65. Israel
pt ,   USA   (01.28.07)
66. response to #22
pt ,   USA   (01.28.07)
And just what fantasy world do you live in? Are you joking? Maybe you are, I can't tell by the way you phrased your coment. If you are serious, then I have to tell you that our leaders aren't going to save us.
67. Israeli Nukes
JP ,   USA   (01.28.07)
Probably true that Israel has them, but--and this is a big BUT--Israel at least values life and does not threaten the anhilation of another country.
68. Well We all Need to be prepared
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (01.28.07)
As I indicated in the previous post what he says rings true about the potential dangers especially in the US. Please note this goverment disaster website page by homeland security.
69. ww III
ed maleszewski ,   springboro, ohio, us   (01.28.07)
Agrfee with 63 - Us or them - U decide
70. Stop being a whiner !
David ,   Englewood, CO   (01.28.07)
#21 Where's your truth? If you can't handle the truth then stop whining and go read the comics. People like you fail to realize that our way of life as we know it is at stake. I could give you many references to prove this , but you don't want to hear it. Keep your head in the sand!
71. Give the first blow
Yitzhak Mallin ,   Tampa...US   (01.28.07)
Very shocking , but Mr. Halevy may be on the right track. The US is not in the mood for another war and I feel they will not fight. The Americans want to win wars wearing white gloves. If you cannot kill your enemy, they will kiil you. Shalom
72. Repspose to #1
Allen ,   montgomery USA   (01.28.07)
Lets look at facts. What would happen if all the militant muslems in the world put down their weapons? Peace! What would happen if Israel put away all of their weapons? Genocide! Look at all the trouble spots in the world today. Almost every one has militant muslims involved.
73. Halevy Should Know Better
Lame Cerry ,   USA   (01.28.07)
Mr. Halevy should know better than to throw the WW III term around as this is not a world war...YET. That war is coming after a probably WMD skirmish in the middle east which will bring about a false peace. Be warned though a super Eurasian war is coming with Russia, European, Chicom and Caliph elements as they will rearm in the peace and then pounce upon each other as America withdraws.
74. #55 - check your history
Paul ,   California   (01.28.07)
The Crusades happened because of the Muslims (figures) were invading the holy land a burning down Christian and Jewish buildings and killing Christian and Jewish people. The pope issued the Crusade but the Church didn't attack, it was the political countries. Even so, the Crusades were in retailiation. If anyone has read the Quran, it is obvious that Islam is not a religion of peace - although there are peaceful muslims - the religion itself is not peaceful. The west has a hard time understanding that because they have this view of all religions are peaceful, and that simply is not true.
75. to 53
Shadow ,   Israel   (01.28.07)
Kinda of what happens when you steal peoples land; question is, why do all of the 'smart Jews' stay in the United States, isn't there something to be an ingathering?!? You can take Hollywood and New York and Washington D.C. What kind of idiot are you 53?
76. #30
Sampson ,   Portland, USA   (01.28.07)
In todays world, Muslims are being slaughered, butchered, and your own freakin' Shites and Sunnis. Give democracy a chance, for if you questioned Iran's policies in Iran, you would be in Iranian terrorist (president's) jails.
Chris ,   Montana, USA   (01.28.07)
Fer cryin' out loud. Yer gonna get us all killed. Just leave.
78. Hey #77
jack ,   Atlanta, GA   (01.28.07)
You don't really think this is only about the west bank do you?? if you do, you have a LOT to learn. It's about islam taking over the word, and making you a slave or a convert.
79. Do you know evwn a bit of history #77
Peter ,   Las Vegas, USA   (01.28.07)
For your benefit, as well as others who know as little history as you, Jordan annexed the West Bank and ruled it from 1948 till 1967. During that 19 year period not a single voice was heard calling for a Palestinian state on the West Bank. Yet in 1967 the surrounding Arab armies gathered to annihilate Israel, with Nasser's calling to drive the Jews into the sea. This has never been about the West Bank, Gaza, tje Golan or anything but the desire on the part of the Arabs to destroy the Jewish State.
80. #77 Read your History
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (01.28.07)
The West Bank was designated part of a Jewish State in 1921 by the League of Nations which was then the United Nations. Jordan invaded it in 1948 not Israel, and must I remind you Jordan has a 80 percent population of Palis ruled by a minority Hashemite aka Beduin minority.
81. #71
Randy M ,   knoxville,Tn USA   (01.28.07)
#71 You are absolutely right.........GOD HELP US ALL!
82. #74 - check your history
Fred ,   Atlanta   (01.28.07)
I would like to add, if one reads the history of Christianity they would find that (in practice) it is not peaceful.
83. never again
Race Stein ,   palm beach florida   (01.28.07)
Since I was a kid I heard Never Again. When I was Bar Mitzvaed and my mother made me read Treblinka I heard Never Again.......WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? PRESS THE BUTTON. PRESS IT NOW.
84. # 78, What are you going to do? I'm not converting.
Mike ,   Mount Vernon, WA USA   (01.28.07)
Hello Jack, Do you realize the methods they will use for forced conversion. Convert and submit to Allah or have your head cut off. I've already made my decision. It's not to submit to Allah. If Allah is the true god (which I don't believe he is) then sign me up for hell, because I would never want to got to heaven to be with a god like that. Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life no one goes to the Father, but by Me." Jesus never killed anyone nor does He command us to go kill those who won't convert. He does it by invitation. Regards, Mike
85. WWIII has begun
d reeves ,   texas, usa   (01.28.07)
No peace until Jesus returns.
86. WW 3
Yahowceph ,   GATLINBURg   (01.28.07)
In the original 1611 King James Bible you will find Esdras=Ezra ll:16 "Woe for you Babylon(Iraq) and Asia (Iran). Woe for you Egypt and Syria.Put on sackcloth and haircloth and bewail(cry) your sons,for your destruction is at hand, IT IS THE BEGINNING OF SORROWS. ISA Chapters 13-19 shows the same climatic EVENT!
87. Gods Law
sandy ,   wi,usa   (01.28.07)
Thou shalt not kill. the 5th commandment. Where is the exception for? Killing is evil and so people of all races and religions need to respect Gods Law. I will pray for peace. Sandy
88. Entertainment Distracts
Stephanie Sharf ,   Los Angeles, USA   (01.28.07)
The entertainment/celebrity/media culture in the West is distracting us from the truth that Halevy speaks. it will take just such an attack for us to turn off the tv, forget about renting the latest dvd, and ask "Britney who?"
89. The world does not understand
Bill ,   Auckland New Zealand   (01.29.07)
Au contraire. The world is beginning to understand that 750,000 dead Iraqis and Afghans, 1,600 dead Lebanese and thousands of dead and incarcerated Pals do indeed indicate that there is a war going on with Islam. Problem for Halevy and for Israel is that the world is also waking up to the identity of the aggressor.
90. I applaud you and echo your sentiments #36
LMR ,   Central NY USA   (01.29.07)
#36 You are you exactly right! All you have to do is read the Koran and understand what Shariah law is and means and you can see that Islam is far from a religon of peace. These islamic terrorists have been killing and slaughtering innocent people for over thirty years. How long is it going to take before America and the rest of the western world wakes up to what we are facing. Thank you for using facts to expose the lies.
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