Report: Carter says too many Jews on Holocaust council
Aaron Klein, WND
Published: 28.01.07, 13:04
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1. Is Carter An Anti-Semite? Y E S
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.28.07)
2. who was the rejected member?
aaron ,   ra'anana   (01.28.07)
Whoopi Goldberg? David Cone? (NYM) Bernie Kosar?
3. I generally like reading ynet...
jjohnson ,   Turks & Caicos   (01.28.07)
...but when repost stuff from WorldNutDaily you lose me. BTW...anyone got a copy of this note?
4. Hope Carter dies on same day as Fiedel
Mike Highland ,   Detroit MI   (01.28.07)
that way we could save loyal American taxpayer money by have his State Funeral and burial held in Havanna. This man single handily created and enabled the Islofacist terrorist fubars we see in headlines daily. He still sides with all Socialists and communists or any other political enity hating America.
5. It appears that Ynet is joining the American pro-Israel
Apartheid ,   Methuen USA   (01.28.07)
leviathon in its effort to discredit Carter. It is ridiculous to dredge up an insignificant 26 tear old incident and start assigning sinister motives to it. Carter may have simply wanted the council to look more inclusive rather than a Jewish only effort.
6. Peanut Farmer
Talula ,   Israel   (01.28.07)
With a brain the same size.
7. carter
Max Ullman ,   Israel   (01.28.07)
This man is an out and out anti -semite and the world should be made aware of his true leanings. Make him so uncomfortable that he will realise we kno w exactly what he is.
rich ,   da bronx   (01.28.07)
I think too much of that peanut gas went to JIMMAH's brain. I think maybe he drank too much billy beer or took too many teaspoons of saudi terror money which is why its clear the old fool probably had and definately has now alzheimers. What is this garbage...too many jews. Duuuuuuh I think after 6 million getting wipred out and with no one lifting a finger to help, I think the old man has a lot of nerve deciding who decides what.
9. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.28.07)
Ynet, do us all a favor: Ignore Jimmy, and maybe he'll retreat to Plains, GA and tend to those peanuts. He isn't worth the space it takes to print his name.
10. Carter looses control...
Lior ,   London   (01.28.07)
I really do wonder whether Carter has gone senile, I really do... But I suppose the truth will out in the end -and one cannot but see him as a prototype of all the liberal left anti-Semitism that is about today. But I do wonder, seriously, if he's still got all his chairs round the table and the lights are all on in the attic, I really do. Still, they say that the ageing process is less than flattering in its later stages. You can't always decide when and where to go to the bathroom and a lot of people have to clear up a lot of shit...
11. David Irving and Jimma Carda, same medal
12. I say we have too many idiots as former Presidents
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.28.07)
13. what's IN the book that's not right?
bryan ,   tamap   (01.28.07)
Amasing..nobody's taking time to refute the books content, instead u're asking is carter anti-semite?? WAW, i did not know character assasination was that much of a cheap shot strategy for jews.
14. Usual tactics
Bob ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (01.28.07)
Well, this was to be expected. If Israel supporters don't like the message in his book, they start demonizing the messenger. It will not surprise me when these accusations are false - like so many times in the past. Israel has one enemy and that is Israel.
15. 1,2,,4,5,7,8,9,10,11,12, Carter has done a brilliant job of
Apartheid ,   Methuen USA   (01.28.07)
exposing to the American public the kind of mad dogs who blindly support Israel. He put out the bait and you fools took it.
16. a question for mr carter
googler   (01.28.07)
why no nazi prison guards on Holocaust council? because you speak for them?
17. Surprise, Surprise
Shimon ,   KY, USA   (01.28.07)
Why would anyone believe that a Southern Baptist would be a Jew hater? One wonders how much ODESSA money, extracted from the teeth of slaughtered and raped Jewish bodies and pillaged Jewish homes found it's way to his campaign coffers? Nobel Prize, perhaps....but a noble soul? I think not.
19. #5, 26 years ago is relevant today
David ,   Boston, USA   (01.28.07)
It establishes a pattern. Some people can change. Most people cant. It is a fact that Carter was a bad President for the US though. While he may have helped during the energy crisis. He was terrible during the Iran crisis, let the military down, was terrible for Israel, making them give up the Sinai to Egypt and Egypt has broken its peace agreement with Israel for years. As for America being Pro-Israel. Its quite simple. Good versus Evil. Most people in the US get that. Look at the Hamas charter that calls for kiling Jews. Read transcripts from Muslim Mosques around the Middle East and now even Europe, Asia and US, no thanks to the Saudis. Look at the facts. I dont have enough facts to decide if Carter is anti-semitic, but he's definitely biased against Jews and Israel. I wasnt sure about Mel Gibson before his arrest, but am pretty sure now he is an anti-semite. And as for history, when will the Arab admit the Jewish history to the land? Why were all Jews kicked out of Judea and Samaria and banned when it was occupied by the Britiish and Arabs from early 20s until it was liberated in 67?
20. Refutation for Bryan #13
JPS ,   Efrat   (01.28.07)
It's not character assassination. All you have to do is start with the title. Carter even admits that "apartheid" isn't part of the equation, but he put it in on purpose to stir up "controversy". In other words, Carter admits he has purposefully mislead readers to think he is equating the Palestinian-Israeli conflict with the black-white conflict in the Apartheid days of South Africa. There is no equivalence between them. It's in the book. It's not right.
21. #6 , Carter has other body parts no bigger than peanuts
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.28.07)
22. Jews made Billy Beer go bankrupt!
Jimmy Carter ,   Munich   (01.28.07)
23. It is all Snoopy's fault
Ginette Golden ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.28.07)
For letting Carter out of his leash! YNet, please listen to M. Hartley in Atlanta (#9). My mom always advised me to ignore the ignorants. # 13, it's not a matter of character assasination. Freedman is right when he states: "If I was memorializing Martin Luther King, I would expect a significant number of board members to be African American. If I was memorializing Native American figures I'd expect a lot of Native Americans to be on the board. " "I do not for a moment consider it inappropriate to build a Holocaust council with a significant majority of the board being Jewish." Judah #21. There is a lot of truth in your statement. Men of ...should I say a small calibre turn out to be the most sadistic and believe me I am not saying this from experience but rather of what I have heard from other women.
24. When Israel Supporters Didn't Like the Message in the Book..
Joe ,   US   (01.28.07)
they offered the messenger the chance to debate the contents of the book and the messenger avoided this at all costs. And why is positions he has taken in the past irrelevant? If those people who support Carter believe the situation in the Middle East is an issue of justice than surely you also believe that both sides have the right to make their case, unlike President Carter.
25. To #15
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.28.07)
I don't put too much stock in what someone says or writes, who talks of being attacked by killer rabbits and sees UFO's. When Jimmy gets real good at baiting anything, we'll designate him "master baiter." In the meantime, I think, I'm in better shape supporting Israel than swallowing any of Jimmy's drivel, and that's not even considering whence the Carter Center gets its financial support. 14 people on that center's board didn't resign because it was a cold day in Georgia.
26. To #22
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.28.07)
Actually, it went bankrupt, because Billy was his own best customer :-)
27. To #13 and a few other people
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.28.07)
Read Jimmy's apology in the Jewish section of ynet.
28. Jimmy is bad news
Doug Miller ,   miami Beach, USA   (01.28.07)
As incompetent and destructive as he was as a president, Jimmy Carter is even worse as an ex-president. He has turned into a liar and an unrepentant anti-Semite. I'm afraid that his book will join the ranks of Mein Kampf and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion on every bigot's best seller list. Shame on you, Jimmy.
29. 24 Israel supporters have been doing everything in their pow
Apartheid ,   Methuen USA   (01.28.07)
wer to prevent the other side from being heard in America. One sided opinions supporting Israel are heard uncontested everywhere and all the time. When some one manages to even suggest that all may not be as the the Israelis portray it, they are accused of being one-sided and biased. Demands are made to 'tell both sides of the story.'
30. Get this story out to CNN, FOX, etc - Carter must suffer!
Roni   (01.28.07)
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