Adolescents burn Israeli flag, mezuzahs
Avi Cohen
Published: 30.01.07, 12:03
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1. They aren't Jewish, so send them back to where they are from
Antonio ,   Haifa   (01.30.07)
I bet these are Russians, and they should just be sent back to Russia. My deepest respect to the Russian Jews who return to Israel in order to get away from scum like this.
2. a case for the mental institution
(recommend if u agree)
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (01.30.07)
With the constant barage of negative stereotyping off the haredi population and the jews of YESHA by the press and state controlled media here. One does not need the live in europe to experience anti judaism. Also the talkbacks on this side reflect the pure hatred towards observant jews in general. Ynet and other media here are a constant soundboard of selfhatred and have a big responsibility for these kind of sentiments here and abroad. In their zest to be like other nations,they create a huge increase in anti judaism around the world.
4. Beautiful law of return and fake convertions as its best
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (01.30.07)
5. Pride of Secular Israel
Enemy of State ,   Judea   (01.30.07)
How appropriate, just a day after the Zionists decided to "get tough" with those damn settlers. Now you've got the mezuzas burning in the street - I guess your next step is the Final Solution for all us pesky Dossim. Herzl would be proud.
6. you are to blame
jew   (01.30.07)
One can only thank the media for causing such a rift in the Israeli society-you have a lot to answer for.
7. #5 Show a little respect
Aharon   (01.30.07)
People like you make me so incredibly mad. Just WHO do you think you ARE? I understand that you are religious, I understand that you don't care much for our secular lifestyle in Israel, and under our secular democracy, that is your right. But how DARE you insult the father of the nation in which you live? Herzl might not have been the greatest Jew - you may even think he was a traitor, BUT YOU OWE HIM THE LAND UPON WHICH YOU CURRENTLY SIT AND CRITICIZE HIM. Show some respect you arrogant fool.
8. Sad! Absolutely sad!
enzo ,   london,uk   (01.30.07)
Hopefully psychologists will be able to help them, before their expulsion from the Country!
9. #3
Legitimate criticism of the Haredim os not "anti-Judaism." If they don't want to be treated like outcasts, they should serve in the army like every other law-abiding Jew. They are not Holier than us and have to fight and die for this country just like everyone else. Once that is done, I will talk to you about your concerns RE the media.
10. Please people
Yael ,   Tel Aviv   (01.30.07)
They are children. They are very disturbed and angry children coming from dysfunctional homes. They are acting out against society and the dominant society here happens to be Jewish. Were they in the U.S. they'd be burning U.S. flags, if they were in another country they'd be attacking symbols there. They very likely have a great deal to be angry about but, because they are children, they are taking their anger out in very inappropriate ways. As someone who has worked with abused and neglected kids, the signs of deep abuse in the home is obvious reading this story. Put on top of that the frustration of trying to fit in to a new language and a new culture (and let's face it, other kids are often not very accepting when it comes to admitting newcomers or those different in any way). A child from a stable, loving family meets these challenges with difficulty but soon shines, a child whose world goes upside down with a new culture, language, lifestyle, everything plus having no stability or support (and likely abuse) at home will have a meltdown. Further, if these kids were of a truly criminal bent they would not have confessed to engaging in anything beyond what they were caught for --they are making a very strong cry for help. And these kids need help. They need to be shown the true face of Jewish society which is a loving and caring society. Everything possible needs to be done to integrate them, make them feel included, wanted, and valued while teaching them proper values (and to have some professional help). Otherwise, in another 5 years they are going to be in real trouble --and so will the society they live in. Ours.
11. to David and Enemy
Drew ,   העמק, Israel   (01.30.07)
What the hell do your rantings have to do with the article?
12. to David
Paolo Ortenzi ,   Rome, Italy   (01.30.07)
I understand your concern, David. But relating the behaviour of those youngsters againt Jewry and Israel to the fact that they are not jewish is racist, and furthermore denounce a lack of insight. Hating Israel has nothing to do to be Jew. And have NOTHING to do to the fact of being an OBSERVANT Jew. Few weeks ago a a Jew, a ultra-ortodox Jew like Rabbi Friedman joined the outrageous negationist conference in Teheran and wished along the enemies of Israel that one day Israel would DISAPPEAR. There are many goyim that LOVES Israel, and many Jews, even observant Jews born in Israel, that contempt Israel and consider it blasphemous. Maybe it is time to give a constitution to Israel, that strictly separates religion from state, and to reform the Law of Return: it is NOT enough to be a Jew to be Israeli.
13. hateful stereotyping
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (01.30.07)
Let's not say that the four haredim who went to the Tehran conference represent all haredim or religious Jews, and let's not say these six delinquent kids represent all secular Jews. Especially since they weren't even Jewish! How about it, folks? Mutual respect and civility, or should we take the Fatah vs. Hamas route?
14. #6 The media is not to blame
It was not the media that assasinated Yitzhack Rabin. The rift was caused by that assasination, which in turn was caused by the disgusting Kahane ideology.
15. Sokhnut must be reformed immediately!
Matti ,   USA   (01.30.07)
16. #3 very strong point
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (01.30.07)
17. TO NR 7
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (01.30.07)
I understand that you are upset,but you have to understand that Herzl is just a zionist version of who realy is the father of Israel. We have a written document that gives us the inheritange and claim to the land of Israel. So you see herzl is something like a mao or stalin to the secularists of this world. People still need a frame work to believe in. So you have been thought that Herzl was a real original to want to come here (uganda would have been ok with him too). I always say that zionism is a jewish imitation of communism. And looking at the situation now,it seems that holding on to the land is getting impossible based on this filosophie.
18. #10 "Everything possible needs to be done to integrate them"
Matti ,   USA   (01.30.07)
Why on earth would you want these punks integrated into Israeli society? These "kids" are ethnic Russian anti-Semites, so they should be shipped back to Mother Russia.
19. Herzl would be proud.
AFB ,   London   (01.30.07)
He probably would say today was the day to march all Jewish people to the nearest church for a mass conversion. We as a people owe him nothing, we do though owe Hashem, get your priorities right.
20. a rejected love ?
lets have an empathy with these aggressive boys. This boys must have powerfull love for the Flag and related subject in their past . Whatever it did happen it did affect them badly, it made them confused and disappointed. THAN burn the Flag ! Maybe, they are not 100 % Jew, well maybe someone made them upset to tell them, to treat them as they are half or less Jews (this subject is too bad, I hate this ) THAN THEY MUST HAVE SAID THAT , IF YOU CALL ME A HALF ONE, I BURN YOUR FLAG !!!! I BURN ANYTHING I SEE.... these BOYS cant be a few aggressive boys. these boys are asking QUESTIONS !!! important questions. Atilla Karagözoğlu
21. How long did it take?
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (01.30.07)
...For this to turn into the usual, blame-the-haredim-for-all-problems-in-Israeli-society talkbackers to show up? For every problem in Haredi society (and yes, religious people are humans and have their share of problems) the same problems exist in secular society. The only difference between "Neturei Karta" of the religious community and the "post-Zionists" of the seculars is that the Neturei Karta gets less funding from abroad and does not have members sitting in the Knesset.
22. Israel should be a country for the Jews
Tracy W   (01.30.07)
anything else is a travesty of the Jewish dream. Let the rest of the world be as multicultural and as democratic as they wish. Israelis will have to take the painful step of removing non-Jews from their tiny refuge or see Israel disappear in a couple of generations. Judaism has to be the basis of the country's existence.
23. to Yael #10
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (01.30.07)
Can I meet you?
24. Turning hate inward
AK   (01.30.07)
When faced with Anti-Semitism, the Jews on this forum have turned at each other. Nice going.
25. #3 you said it!!!!!!!!!
Daniel ,   Tekoa   (01.30.07)
26. #7 - Father of Israel?
David ,   Israel   (01.30.07)
I agree people shouldn't bad-mouth anyone - to do so is lashon hara - but to proclaim Herzl as the "Father of Israel" is either intentional disrespect for the religious or ignorant hubris on your part. The term Father(s) of Israel goes beyond the mere secular state (which I'm happy to have). Indeed, it is a term rooted in our religious tradition and texts and carries profound and specific meaning. It applies to the real fathers of israel: Abraham, Isaac, Israel, Yosef, Moses, Aaron, and David. Herzel was a fine man, and is deserving of respect for his efforts on behalf of our people, but you shouldn't expect to use an ancient term that has specific spiritual and religious connotations in relation to Herzl (connotations I'm sure Herzl himself understood) without being called on it. You have a secular state for now, but even in a secular state there is respect for tradition and culture. That's something Herzel and Ben Gurion (and the other secular leaders of their generations) obviously understood far better than you do.
27. TO NR 11 AND NR12
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (01.30.07)
First of al reread what i wrote,because i never mentioned that these kids were not jewish. I wrote clearly that the media and the anti judaism attitude from the government and the socalled liberal israelis are feeding these youngsters with hatred. The state of Israel is founded on principles that will not sucseed in the long term. As a jewish nation we can only hold on to the land by recgonizing who got us here in the first place and obey those laws,only then can we lve here in peace.
28. #22
Hanna ,   israel   (01.30.07)
excellent solution! but... whats with all the arabs and bedouim and drusim that have lived there even before u guys came along? oh, and what's with all the israelis that travelled the world an unfortunately found love with a non-jewish person and live happily in israel? now, should they get divorced, or just kick both of them out? or even force them to convert?
29. David- You are 100% right on all counts.
LEE ,   NY, USA   (01.30.07)
I wish there were more astute thinkers out there like you. Keep up your voice.
30. Oh, COME ON!
Uriel ,   Cro   (01.30.07)
So because of 5,6 retarded underage idiots EVERYBODY now chats "See? I told you so! This is because of attacks on haredi!" The same mentality as because of 3 or 4 Haredi idiots seculars start to chant "See? I told you so! This is because we allowed Haredi too much!" What a bunch of jerks...
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