Austria: Neturei Karta rabbi's children expelled
Associated Press
Published: 08.02.07, 02:44
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1. Oh, my... I thought it is 21 century outside
Lednah ,   Europe   (02.08.07)
2. GOOD!!!
mark ,   ca   (02.08.07)
This scum should move to iran!
3. Public denouncements
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (02.08.07)
I hope a powerful Jewish agency will compel Friedman's children to denounce their father's actions in public.
4. He asked for it
Apctan ,   Singapore   (02.08.07)
What is the point of having his children to study history when their father had already established denial on the holocaust with Mr. Mad man of Iraq ? Friedman has 'fried' his own innocent children. Terrible mistake !
5. traitor to the jewish people-got what he deserved.
debra ,   usa   (02.08.07)
6. Not Fair!
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (02.08.07)
I don't think it's right to punish those kids for something their father did or for what the screwball believes. I suspect that those poor kids caught, catch and will continue to catch enough hell as it is. Besides, their schools might have brought home the fact at some point that dear ol' dad was just a little off the wall to expect the Messiah to do something the Jewish people, obviously, managed to do quite well for themselves and that it's kind of difficult to be angry with "Israel" without being angry with Jewish people. How, in blazes, does one separate the two in a "we, the people" democracy?
RCA ,   USA   (02.08.07)
Neturei Karta has managed to evoke the wrath of Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist and other "REAL JEWS" worldwide. This is just another one of a long list of reasons why orthodoxy should not wield power. When these groups blunder so hideously, it embarrases all Jews.
8. The sins of the father
9. He's not a Shoah denier
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (02.08.07)
He is a freaking asswipe retard who plays tonsil hockey with freaking Shoah deniers, but he himself does not deny the Shoah.
10. what his kids do wrong? Austria eager to purge Jews again
DAVID ,   USA   (02.08.07)
Johnny ,   Miami   (02.08.07)
I detest Neturei Karta - but the best way to countreact them is to educate the children better than the parents. This expulsion only guarantees another generation of these ridiculous horrid views. Moreover, what the hell did the kids do?
12. Why his Kids
Abe ,   Manchester   (02.08.07)
I do not condone the Neturei Karta in any way, I also am disgusted by their attendance of the Holocaust denial conference in Iran, but I don't agree with the school in Vienna who have thrown the kids out of school. Is has been mentioned, i am sure the kids have suffered enough abuse and taunts, but now to throw the kids out (making them outcasts) is a bit far. It is not the kids who should be punished.
13. Friedman's children
Dr. Jack ,   Canada   (02.08.07)
People don't understand, or choose to ignore the facts. This is a PRIVATE Jewish school and has no obligation to accept any students they deem as not fitted with their mandate. One would not expect a Muslim religious school to acept Christians, Jews or Budhists. Mr. Friedman, however, can send his children to an Austrian public school or an Islamic institution. The choice is simple and obvious.
14. Wrong
Sigfried S. Kuhn ,   Aberdeen   (02.08.07)
This Rabbi and his soul mates in the insane group of antisemitic Jews who kissed up to Iran deserves to be ostracized. However, the children are innocent of any wrong-doing and it was wrong to expel them. Perhaps, the children can become menschen with a good Jewish education and learn to understand the depth of their Father's insanity. The kids should not be punished because of the sins of their parent.
15. Despicable Neturei Karta
Drumgoole ,   Newark NJ   (02.08.07)
It is almost beyond the realm of reality that the crazy demons in Neturei Karta would defend their trip to Iran by bragging that they trried to persuade Ahmadinejad to direct his anger towards Israel rather than the Jewish people. These evil nuts are saying that it is OK to annihilate Israel and all Jewish Israelis as long as he leaves diaspora Jews alone. They are truly evil monsters. Despite their evil, the children of the evil Rabbi should not have been expelled as children are not the ones who called for Iran's wrath to be directed against Israel and then the evil one justified his behavior.
16. Friedman is nuts
I respect his right to his belief. He may have a point. But, to attend such a conference and lock lips with Ahmadinejad, that's nuts. It's like apostasy. As for the kids, well business is business. Expulsion at this time is rather silly. It would make more sense to refuse admittance next year.
17. its not the kids
jimmy o ,   portland or   (02.08.07)
The community in Austria is trying to get him to move, the best way to have that happen is by not allowing his kids to go to school there. In other jewish communities worldwide, (wherever these few folks are,) there is a movement to kick the children of these people out. Eventually what will happen is that they will have to band together in their own community ( probably, ironically in Israel) and pray and educate their children together. The "children" sound innocent, but Iif my kid was in their class i wouldn't want him being preached to by a brainwashed kid.
18. are you kidding?
me ,   heree   (02.08.07)
How is that they believe Ahmadinejad should be praised for directing his anger at Isarel, not the Jewish people? Israel is full of Jewish people -- who else would he be attacking in Israel , the minorities? give me a break. however, i do think the rabbi's children should remain in school and be taught about the holocaust because otherwise their father will just tell them it is myth and we don't need that
19. The Sins of the Father?
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (02.08.07)
Friedman deserves to be excommunicated and drummed out of the Jewish community for attending this so-called Holocaust conference. I'm sorry for the children, to have been fathered by him. And, no, I would NOT want my children exposed to them, because surely his opinions would have tainted theirs. He is reaping the rewards of his despiccable action. Unfortunately the innocent are caught up with it.
20. Expelled from school?
Hinda ,   sonoma   (02.08.07)
Does the crimes of the father fall upon the children? in this case, I feel sorry for the family to have to suffer for the crimes of the father - but then again, the family as a whole believe that Israel should be destroyed - thanks to the insane teachings of this Cult - and it is a cult!
21. Go...................
Danielle ,   Raanana   (02.08.07)
go, take your kids and live in disgusting, vile creature..or better yet get run over by a truck.
22. I feel bad for the kids
tma   (02.08.07)
But their father deserves to be punished and encouraged to move away. Maybe other neturei karta members will learn to keep a low profile. I do feel sorry for his children who did no wrong and are probably bewildered at all this negative attention and hate their family's been receiving lately. Honestly, they're better off out of that school for all the kids there were probably taunting them anyways. It must have been hell for them. The family should move somewhere where the children would not be familiar with the story and wouldn't recognize the children, or better yet, as someone else mentioned, the neturei karta should start their own community. I hope this group will eventually die out. I hope these children won't follow their father's footsteps. I wonder how he explained the whole Jewish community's wrath towards him.
23. About time
Hiram ,   tel aviv   (02.08.07)
Too bad for the children who have probably nothing to do with this whole thing....but about time that Jewish communities set up a limit in religious zeal !
24. Neturei Carta "Rabbi"
Ros ,   Tel Aviv   (02.08.07)
Maybe 6,000,000 Jews wouldn't have died, if the State of Israel was established in 1937 instead of 1947. What is the difference between Jews and the people of Israel - maybe he prays to a different G-d!!!!
25. Austria
Aviva ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.08.07)
Although it is sad that his children have to suffer, but it is important to set a firm sign
26. #4 - Oops
Apctan ,   Singapore   (02.08.07)
I meant 'Mr. Mad Man of Iran'. I failed my Geography !
27. No political correctness, kids to school in iran is best.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (02.08.07)
28. the neturei karta are not jewish that 's a sect of evil
29. #6 - Punishing children for their parents sins
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (02.08.07)
is a big thing in the Old Testament. Fairness has nothing to do with it.
30. #8 - hers's a guy who knows how it works.
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (02.08.07)
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