Iran jets in long-range training
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 14.02.07, 23:24
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31. Israel could be a target
Daniel ,   Israel   (02.15.07)
Roar of Iranian jets is a weak-up call. Titen your seat belts.
32. #5 clueless and stupid
jerome ,   basalt, co   (02.15.07)
not neo-con, but neo-nazi, not jon but jihad jon!
33. #11
AR ,   USA   (02.15.07)
The reason Iran spends so little of its GDP on Military is because most of its weapon are indigenous. They make their own weapons. Obviously Israel and Saudi Arabia have better Air Forces than the Iranians. They have bought (or been given) the most advanced fighters of America and Europe. Israelis dont really need to worry about Irans Airforce if war breaks out they should be worrying about Iranians infiltrating their country on the ground.(not invasion) Spec Ops.
34. #21 is right tho. Israel would be nothing without America
AR ,   USA   (02.15.07)
35. #21 & 34, Actually we would be EVERYTHING without....
j ,   jerusalem, israel   (02.15.07)
Without American pressure to give up land to terrorists. We have always managed to be victorious in wartime because of support from G-D not USA. Without American pressure our borders would be at the front door of damascus and Cairo.
36. #5 NeoCony...
jul   (02.15.07)
NeoConi, you are everywhere..... what an intelligent person, really astute observations!
37. Re #34 AR
Abdullah ,   Europe/MiddleEast   (02.15.07)
You're quite discerning. I would have to agree that Israel is for the most part dependent on the western powers for its military hardware. While Iran tends to be more self-reliant given that it has been semi-isolated since their popular uprising against the tyrannical western backed regime in the late 70's. It also seems to me that they have developed means of fighting asymmetrical warfare using "elite special forces". Overall they appear to be highly motivated (a strong sense of identity) especially if the matter hand appears to be self-defence (avoiding humiliation). Israelis and especially Jewish Israelis can learn a lot from the Persians in these matters. When surrounded by a sea of hostility, these attributes are essential to survive (barring divine intervention of course). The modern military hardware is a plus but it shouldn't be relied upon. The ability to inflict maximum pain with the minimum hardware in enemy territory by highly motivated people (motivated to continue their uninterrupted Jewish heritage in peace) should be the goal of those who defend Israel. In addition changing the facts on the ground such that Israel is perceived as consisting of people whose sole reason for desiring a homeland is to continue their uninterrupted Jewish heritage in peace (a purely defensive position) and not as a western proxy. All that said given the inferiority of the Persian army in relation to the west (including Israel) and Saudi Arabia, and given Persian history in the last few centuries of being oppressed by foreigners, it is quite understandable if they seek nuclear capability for "defensive" purposes. In a sense Jews should be able to identify with Persians, and hopefully the future will be one of greater cooperation between Jews and Persians in the Middle East. Respectfully
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.15.07)
Every article that one reads on the defense and offensive capabilities of Iran concludes with a note that Israel's capabilities are far too advanced...........Tehran can be flattened before the the Sahab gets airborne...........Iranian Airforce can be almost wiped out before it takes to the air........communication gear possessed by Israel is far too superior to that what Iran could possess..........I wonder why than so much of commotion created at the smallest developments in the Iranian Armed Forces,Naval unit and the Airforce.So long as Israel has superior weaponary and ability let Iran do what it intends to.......but at some stage, as a reader,I start wondering if the thoughts in the minds of military personnel and the Defense Ministry in Israel really believes if its capabilities are enough in the event of any confrontation.I really dont understand.
39. To #35, j
Harry ,   Kansas   (02.15.07)
"EVERYTHING"?? Please tell me about this EVERTHING? "We have always managed to be victorious in wartime because of support from G-D not USA. " Tell me something did God arm Israel with fighter planes and nukes? Unless you think the USA is God (God forbid)? I don't blame you. Bush thinks he is! Now do you see why you "have always managed to be victorious in wartime"!!! Its not the USA that Israel needs to be without. Its the zionist regime. The one that runs the USA and Israel and God knows where else. This is what Iran are refering to. They never said "israel should be wiped off the map" and I challenge anyone to show me they did say this. They said, ''This regime that is occupying Qods [Jerusalem] must be eliminated from the pages of history.'' See the keyword "REGIME". Its like when they Terrorist Regime. They don't mean the whole country do they?
40. AK must have been joking
Shir ,   Helsinki, Finland   (02.15.07)
USA did not help Israel in any way in 1948 when Israel was at war with FIVE arab states, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Syria. No economical help, no weapons, NOTHING. USA did not help until 1973 after the peace contract with Egypt. So during the 1929 Palestine riots, 1936-1939 Arab revolt, 1948 Arab-Israeli War , Suez Crisis, Six-Day War, War of Attrition, Yom Kippur War Israel DID NOT NEED the Americans. So jews can make it without USA, but can USA make it without American Jews? "They make their own weapons. " (iranians) Not quite so. In 1985 Iran obtained Scud missiles from Libya and North Korea, and later acquired rocket components and know-how from both North Korea and China.Iran's first batch of Scuds arrived from Libya in 1985. These single-stage, nuclear capable are of Soviet origin. In 1991 Iran ordered some 200 Scud Bs and Scud Cs from North Korea. In early 1993, an additional North Korean shipment of Scud Cs, along with several launching pads, was reported by the Israeli media. In July 1998, Iran flight-tested a version of North Korea's medium-range NoDong missile, components of which Iran had imported. Even Iranian-made Shahab 3 and Shahab 4 are based on Russia's obsolete SS 4 "Sandal" missile. And Russia has sold them a lot of missiles and AVLIS System for Advanced Uranium Enrichment.
41. SHIR...............................................#40
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.15.07)
Shir, I have read on so many occassions about Iran being supplied with obsolete the missiles in your article.Are you sure about that?I would wonder how stupid of Iranian military buying absolute items.I fail to understand why the feeling of Iranian might growing in the Middle East?If they only possess absolute items,I am sure there should be no concern at all.Or,is it that you just want to please few readers by making them believe what ytou write?I am bit baffled,you know.
42. They need the range to fly to HusseinsScrapYard in Malaya
Alan ,   SA   (02.15.07)
43. Never underestimate who you are dealing with 25.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (02.15.07)
The Japanese had a Submarine with a plane inside during WW2. The planned on surfacing and takingout the Panama Canal. Later on when Germany was losing the war, and was sending one of their last submarines, with a dirty bomb as a last hurrah for the Japanese to use on the United States. Fortunately it sank in the Atlantic. The Japanese were going to use the submarine with a plane inside to launch the dirty bomb on the West Coast. Sh*t happens. Especially when you least expect it. Don't underestimate one bomb going off, before your wonderful troops disable the terrorists. This will take out your radar with the electronic blast. The secondary idiot with the next bomb will take out the coastal city. You are vunerable to any religious nuts just as well as we are. Looking at a bunch of boobies doesn't change the fact. The Coast gaurd has one hell of a time catching speed boats off of Florida. Two of them with bombs....One to take out the Coast Gaurd and radar.......then a second to cruise into Miami because the Electro Magnetic Pulse has taken out your radar and oops.....Miami isn't happening anymore. Lebanon is a fists throw away. What arms have you really stopped lately? Let's be real.
44. They are training...when will our politicians get serious?
First let me say that I respect our men and women in the IDF, without which we wouldn't have an Israel. We owe them everything. Every person who has participated in the IDF is a hero. I know, you know, Ahmedinejad knows, that Israel will rock Tehran to the ground should it go 'that way'. But its foolish to not prepare or even push the case for Iran. They have a 'suprise' for the world in April they say. I hope that we are ready. Yeah I know, IDF will reign supreme. But lack of preparation costs unnecessary lives and lengthens the time needed to win. Look at Summer 2006, we could have decimated Hezbollah (which would have sent a strong message to Iran). But Olmert capitulated to the pressure, didn't let the ground troops advance and stuck to bombings. Yes people, the Iran confrontation is happening, its 1930s and Hitler has taken the Sudatenland. Will we be a Churchill or a Chamberlain? Must TA be bombed before we stop listening to whiney apologists that think that WE are in control with whom we are at war?
45. Mahmood in London
Shir ,   Helsinki, Finland   (02.15.07)
Some of the information presented can be found in the internet as well:
Scott   (02.15.07)
Of course the Iranians may have some "surprises". But I think a lot of comment here is way too upbeat for some kind of display of Iranian glory when hostilities begin in earnest. Iran will be absolutely smitten- one way or another. And especially so if they look like gaining any kind of ascendancy and especially more so if they get to harm Israel as they have stated. They will not get enjoy any post-Israel aftermath. They wont be around anymore as we know it.
47. SCOTT................................#46
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.15.07)
Scot,enlist yourself in the army.They need people like you.When a simple antitank missiles caused a havock in the 33 days...............................I cant imagine Iranians just sabre-rattling.Nevertheless,you have made some readers happy but I would strongly suggest caution.
48. Reply to #3
Danny Benoit ,   Vinton,LA USA   (02.15.07)
I would not underestamate the Iranians, but the technology is 3 decades old. Forget about making it to Israel and worrying about the IAF shooting them down, you would have to pass over or around Iraq. Do you think the US military would allow Irainian war planes to enter their air space. It would be considered an act of war and it would give the US the reasons to take out the Irainian armed forces.
49. 46# you are absolutely right...they will be gone.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (02.15.07)
Unfortunately they believe they will all be in heaven with Allah if they commit this atrocity. They are quite willing to pull the trigger because of their nutty religious beliefs. I put nothing past these idiots.
50. #34- harsh statement, but essentially true
Cameron ,   USA   (02.15.07)
The US has been, and will always be(?), the ultimate barrier to Israel being swamped by the Muslim world. Lose us and you lose everything.
51. Steven Wilson is correct: Never underestimate your enemy
Eric ,   USA   (02.15.07)
While few would debate the greater strength of the IAF compared to the Iranian air force, any war between the two countries will not be decided by these forces alone. The Israelis were humiliated by an inferior enemy in Lebanon this past summer who used tank-busting ordinance to completely neutralize Isreli tanks, making it questionable as to the value of tanks. The only way Israel can now defeat Iran would be if Israel used nuclear weapons against Iran...before Iran uses them against Israel. The other problem Israel had last summer was inferior leadership from the top-down. No matter what your weaponry is, if you have inferior leadership, you will lose any war.
Scott   (02.15.07)
All this Iranian "up talk" reminds me of the build up to the "wars" against Iraq. They weren't even wars. IT WAS ALL SABRE RATTLING. BIG TALK. And no reader could be happy about the devastation that is about to occur...and yes if I were back in the military ..I'd gladly do my bit to stop Islamic Fascism.
53. the funniest comments
bbk ,   los angeles, u.s.   (02.27.07)
israel has strong air force but don't make fun their 80's technology cuz the f-15 and the f-16 are 70's and if any of you do a little bit of a research you'll know what they have and based on the isreali intel report in 2005 they have secret planes including mig-31( the best interceptor in the world) and su-27 and maybe su-30's, upgraded mig-29's and upgraded f-14 (about 30 of them) latest technology of air defence systems. just because they don't speak hebrew doesn't mean they are stupid. they watch and evolve their forces based on what's happenning around them. trust me it wouldn't be an easy just drop the bomb and leave. and to most of you do a five min research before you open your mouth about your dreams. u.s rules
54. #35
You double spoke - you called the local residents of Palistine terrorist and then said without USA restaint we would be in Syria and Egyt. Who is the terrorist?
55. iranian jets will not make it to the air
An Iranian ,   uk   (03.25.11)
This is the biggest bull shitttttttttttttt i have ever heard
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