US poll: Israel alone named 'vital friend'
Yitzhal Benhorin
Published: 23.02.07, 01:24
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1. My friend--Israel and her people
Jan ,   usa   (02.23.07)
Hashem says "I will bless those that bless you, and I will curse those who curse you". I take those words literally. Israel you will always have a friend in me. I pray for the peace of Israel daily, and I am FIERCELY protective to people I meet about the sucess of your nation. And by the same token I know that I will always have a friend in Israel. Your friends become my friends, and your enemies now become my enemies. Shalom, Shalom
2. Long live Israel!
Oleg ,   USA   (02.23.07)
3. We got your back Israel.
kent hall ,   palmer, alaska   (02.23.07)
4. Israel vital friend?
Dr. Joji Cherian ,   Aluva India   (02.23.07)
Either the poll lacks credibility or the respondents were dumb
5. Israel
kathy ,   Orlando, FL   (02.23.07)
We love Israel!!! I guess the Dr. from India thinks that millions of American Christians that love Israel and her people are dumb.
6. Watch the propagandist/Haters flock here
Neal ,   NJ,USA   (02.23.07)
The terrorists responding here are threatened by this fact. Their western collaborators are threatened by anyone who fights back because they believe fighting terror will get them killed . They would rather be raped by sharia then fight for freedom.
7. America and Israel share the same values.
Daisy ,   USA   (02.23.07)
Most important of all is that we are blessed by God. The rest of the world is jealous of us as they should because they are losers.
8. EGYPT - Favorable?
Eddie ,   Usa   (02.23.07)
Just goes to show you how much most people know about the world. It's pro-Israel slant is tempered by the fact that Americans view Egypt favorably. That is ridiculous!
9. Thank You - America
Joe ,   USA   (02.23.07)
we value your friendship and support. Our mutual goals of freedom and democracy will bind us forever.
10. #4
Jane   (02.23.07)
Ever consider that the problem may be with you, "Dr."?
11. #4
Jan ,   usa   (02.23.07)
You know, it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living G-D.
12. to #4
Arul ,   Malaysia   (02.23.07)
Dear Dr, you appear to be having a Christian name and don't know the truth. Israel is not only US's vital friend. Israel is the prince with GOD . GOD will protect his nation at all times. Know this truth first. Go and read the Bible.
13. our relations
Mark H. ,   Lincoln, USA   (02.23.07)
As an American, I'm proud of the fact that my country can be counted on as a friend of Israel.
14. Israel vital friend?
a.j. ,   florida,usa   (02.23.07)
Long live Israel!
15. Most americans dont realise we are hated because of Israel.
AR ,   USA   (02.23.07)
4 the pole is very credible. People are dumb. Really tho its not fair to for Americans If you are living in America the media has such a pro Israeli bias its not even funny. Also alot of evangelicals support Israel because they want the apocolypse to happen etc etc. Not to mention they think its easier to convert Jews to Christians than it would be muslims. Also their is are some Americans who just like Israel. Israeli's shouldnt be so confortable tho. They are only 3 points ahead of Egypt and these polls have a +-3%. What a bunch of hipocrits. I dont wanna hear any americans call people terrorist and say that they dont want to fight for freedom. What do you think palestinians are? What their blowing themselve up because they hate jews? That is dumb they are doing it because they want freedom. They want a better life for their children and want to end Israeli Occupation. If in America we got an unbiased view of what Israel dose even the nuttiest Evangelical couldnt defend that country. #9 if you say your from america why are you thanking america i dont get it you said "we value your support" peculiar.
16. #15 - Much hate nothing to do w/Israel - Iraq, prior Iran
sheri ,   rockville maryland   (02.23.07)
Iraq, prior Iran, round the world wars US waged under the radar in the 70's & 80's are major reasons. Israel's just a side piece to the whole muddle. You say "What their blowing themselve up because they hate jews? That is dumb they are doing it because they want freedom." Actually, if you go to Arab sites and read for a while, their hate is exactly why they are blowing themselves up. By occupation they mean Israel's existence in the whole of the M.E., not the terroritories. "The terrorities" is just a sanitized version to win over westerners because it sounds good to our ears. (I was shocked when I first realized the defintion of occupation was eliminating Israel, from reading Nasralla's speeches and the PNN and so on). Also, they actually had a lot of freedom before they started blowing themselves up along with Israeli's during the Olso accords. Before that '49-'67 they were occupied by Jordan, but they didn't fight that. The view you are getting is a right wing PA one, not a moderate one so it's not "less biased". It's designed to undermine Israel by painting a picture that makes Israel sound wrong and illegitament in her every action. And by the way, lies are an considered a valid part of that war, so all sources have to be evaluted carefully. Like you, evanglicals belief in apocolypse and conversion scares me, so no comment from me there.
17. Many Americans love Israel
Tracy W   (02.23.07)
but its government has other commitments and priorities. How else would anyone explain Bush and Rice's stubborn determination to create a country for Palestinians when they refuse to recognize Israel? When their greatest desire is to destroy the Jewish presence in Israel? When Palestinians don't have a government with even the appearance of stability or legitimacy? It would be very appreciated it Americans put as much pressure as possible on their government not to sacrifice Israel's security for the sake of Arab assistance in disentagling the US from Irak.
18. # 15 and 4
Josh ,   vancouver canada   (02.23.07)
Im not gonna waste my time disagreeing with all your points (I do it so many times on here and Im tired), but yeah Israel is America's only vital friend. In fact, you guys are idiots. While I agree that Israel needs the US more than the US needs Israel. Let me explain to you some of the things that Israel provides for the US. Cell phones were invented in Israel, voice mail, text messaging, instant messaging, most computer operating systems. The "Hetz" arrow missile defense system (stated as co created but honestly, Israel played the biggest part and the inventor is an Israeli). Even though Israel is the only country that has been able to significantly test it. The Arrow will be the US's only defense against possible incomming missiles by potential enemies. Lets see, what else, maybe valuable intelligence on potential terrorist threat that could be targeted against the US, medicine, basically huge aspects of life enjoyed by Americans. Oh yeah, in addition, being the ONLY TRUE friend of Americans in the Middle East. I do love Indinan food, India provides that as well as solid info tech help.
19. Careful AR your swastika is showing
Johnson ,   USA   (02.23.07)
1. America is hated by people most Americans would not get along with anyway. Quit blaming Israel for eveything wrong with this world, stop smoking dope, and grow up. 2. The "media" in the US is not pro-Israel, am I am not sure our media is all that pro-American either. 3. Nobody wants the apocolypse, but there are a few who want to bring it on. Mainly kool-aid drinkers, and the leader in Iran. 4. The palestinians have no "freedom fighters", only terrorist, and they are blowing themselves up because they have been brainwashed from the age of two into believing the Jews are always the problem for all their own self-inflicted troubles, and that killing the Jew, and us infidels is God will. Peace has always been in the hands of the palestinians, but they cannot stop their lust for blood, and hate of the Jew. God bless Israel, and God bless America
20. That's all nice and well but...
Michael Steiner   (02.23.07)
U.S. influence (economic, political and military) is in a state of irreversible decline. In a few years' time it will have to share its superpower status with at least China; a short while after that the likes of India and Brazil are likely to join. Russia is looking and making serious steps to get back in the game, too. We will not have U.S. patronage forever and it would be a good idea to try to build other bridges lest we end up with none.
21. 15 - AR - Could you please explain
Tess   (02.23.07)
how exactly do suicide bombers advance the cause of freedom and a better life for their children? And if they blow themselves up not because they hate Jews, why do they target Jewish civilian men, women, the elderly and children?
22. America needs Israeli brains; Israel wants American $
john ,   nz   (02.23.07)
23. Maybe because they don't know where Israel is?!!!!
Sarcastic ,   Israel   (02.23.07)
24. The Feeling Is Mutual.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.23.07)
Israelis like America as well. The US & Israel have a reciprical relationship & we are both disliked for the values we share. Anti-Americanism is like a new anti-Semitism - the same people who say "blame the Jews" also say "blame the Americans" - a convenient scapgoat for their own failures, their own prejudices, & their own discontents.
25. Thank you guys, Israel loves you too!!
Elan ,   Netanya, Israel   (02.23.07)
And to all you idiots who don't like the positive results of the pole... tough luck, you will never succeed in changing the majority opinion in Israel and America. Americans are bombarded with relentless propaganda against Israel on the major news networks BUT STILL view Israel favorably. That to me is a sign of a great people, a people with an innate ability of discerning right from wrong.
26. #15 Terror perpetuates occupation
Kidon ,   USA   (02.23.07)
You say the Pals blow themselves up because, "They want a better life for their children and want to end Israeli Occupation." In 60 years of terror, The Pals have created nothing. The terror sustains the occupation. You have a need to glamorize and justify Jihad. When you refer to "we", I doubt you're referring to Americans.
27. Arul ##4
Dr. Joji Cherian ,   Aluva India   (02.23.07)
Yes I am very much a Christian, devout practsing Christian.And precisely that is the reason I can not tolerate the bestialites, they commit on the hapless Arabs . And what about the humiliation blackmail and extortion they commit towords real Christians in the West. By these princes.
28. Dr. holier than thou from India
kathy ,   orlando   (02.23.07)
Explain your cess-pool poverty -riden country before you start to slam us. What have YOU done to make your country better? Expect hand-outs from the U.S.? Oh yeah, I forgot, you are already getting them at our expense. Not one more dime to people who hate us.
29. Israeli
Geo Cook ,   Columbia US   (02.23.07)
Most folks seem to forget there is a difference between Israel and Judah. Judah was aprox. 1/12th of Israel. There are 11 more tribes out here somewhere that are NOT Jews!
30. Michael
charles ,   petach tikva   (02.23.07)
You are right , we [ not you as an anti Israeli ] need more friends . All those countries you name have good relations with us . Both sides have good economic ties [ less with Brazil ] But don't talk about "we" , you are excluded , not only as an anti Israeli , but also as one who rejects Jewish traditions .
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