Obama: US should never dictate what's best for Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 02.03.07, 21:10
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1. He'll be pro-Pali when he speaks at a Mosque
Nancy   (03.02.07)
2. Obama is such a Douche
Jabroni ,   Florida   (03.02.07)
I pray that our american jewish brethren arent buying what this politician is selling
3. Crickets
M. Martin ,   NYC/Tel-Aviv   (03.02.07)
Hey, where are all the people who said Barak Obama was anti-Israel and pro-Arab? Where are the people who put him at the bottom of the list of Israel's allies in Washington? Come out, come out wherever you are.
4. Ha- haa! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
Rick ,   Open Range, USA   (03.02.07)
Oh, excuse me! I just had to let out a good laugh after reading this one!!! His party is doing everything it can to undermine the "war on terror" and hand a Republican president a military defeat!! Iran couldn't get a better ally against Bush than this bunch of seditionist! WHY WOULD ANYONE TRUST OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS WITH THEIR BACKS??? If anyone believes this guy please let me know. I just happen to have some ocean front resort property in the Rocky Mountains for sale!
5. he's got my vote!
713 ,   Seattle US   (03.02.07)
simple enough, he accually seems to be on the same page as myself. Isreal is our biggest ally in the Middle East, but I am also tired of hearing that Isreal is an American state, which it isn't.
6. what a joke
“But in the end,” he added, “we also know that we should never seek to dictate what is best for the Israelis and their security interests. No Israeli prime minister should ever feel dragged to or blocked from the negotiating table by the United States.” THIS IS FROM A GUY WHO NEEDS TO BE ANOINTED BY ISRAEL TO BE ELECTED AS THE PRESIDENT OF THE US. IT IS HILLARIOUS TO SEE HOW YOU CAN SPIN THE FACTS AND SHOW IT LIKE THE US IS DICTATING AND FORCING ISRAEL INTO SOMETHING. MY HATS OFF TO ISRAEL AND JEWS...
7. Another Barack
Ben Hur ,   Manhattan, USA   (03.02.07)
Of he's drawing from his wide knowledge of ME history and his extensive experience in Foreign Affairs. Senator for two years, Shabab. He wouldn't be hired to run a Fortune 400 company, Why would you hire him to run the USA?
8. Barack Obama
Harris ,   West Palm Beach, USA   (03.02.07)
It is very easy to give a pro Israel speech in front of AIPAC, particularly when you have no track record on the subject. Caution: this is a campaign, and let us see what he says to far left and Arab-American audiences. For me, a candidate such as Giuliani , with a proven pro-Israel record is a much safer bet when it comes to Israel. And when it comes to the safety of America, I believe the same to be true.
9. When will people realize politicians...
Reign ,   Aurora, Colorado   (03.02.07)
When will people realize professional politicians just say what the people they're speaking with want to hear? This is just securing votes. This gentleman is no different. There is a term for this: “Two-faced”. From what I can see, the Democratic Party criticizes efforts to stop terrorism without putting forth any solutions themselves. I am not for war and think nations coming together to speak and understand each other is the only solution. But, unfortunately, this does not happen. I believe pride is standing in the way.
10. he's got my vote
papa jay   (03.02.07)
11. Congratulations to Obama's coach
Jake T ,   Alaska   (03.02.07)
Obama's statements sound very nice. However, he's got no track record. His biggest asset right now is that he's Not-Clinton. That's all. He's reaping the benefits of a country sick of the Clintons. Rudy Giuliani has been tested by years of experience and the 9-11 tragedy in his home town. We know him and we trust him. Rudy for President!
12. He's saying what he needs and I believe him.
Noah ,   CA, USA   (03.02.07)
I'm am independant and I like this guy. To Ben Hur, USA is not a corporation. I will hope that America does not become a Corporatist state in this century. Though it might be too late...
13. What he says and what he does are two different things!
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (03.02.07)
Go Guliani!!
14. Lets hope the Senator can
Mark ,   Georgia, USA   (03.02.07)
stick to his guns. The Democrats with the far left and the Arabians will certainly try to condemn him with major pressure. Expect to see the fruitcakes come out and whine about AIPAC and the Israeli lobby. It shouldn't be long before the neonazis,klan , skinheads, and others ( Arabs ) start to write their antisemitic drivel without any proof to support their rantings. Just phony or bias websites or legit info taken out of context. G-d help me, I love it!!!! Let the games begin. Mark from Georgia
15. Well He Should!
Jewish CANADAIN ,   Toronto Canada   (03.02.07)
Israelis and Palestinians are far too backwards to implement the necessary 2 state solution.It is WE:LL past time for the intenational community-'led by the US-to impose a solution on these barbarians,
16. Big deal-Jimmy Carter was also pro-Israel when he was runnin
Jenny ,   NYC, USA   (03.02.07)
but the tide quickly turned after he was elected. We need to vote in someone that we know really cares about Jews and Israel and that is Rudy G!!!!
17. Republican or Democrats...
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (03.02.07)
The US will always be on Israel's side, so I ask our Republican friends to stop their cheap scare tactics because the American people has spoken and they are tired of the Republican party incompetence and are ready for a change.
18. Waaaaw
He is too old fashion ... he didn't know till now that supporting Israel is not the wining card , he didn't know that most of the Americans are fed up from such old disc , the guy created his enemies before he begin .... you already lost Obama .
19. And we should take the candidates at their word? Why?
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (03.02.07)
Let's look at the candidates so far: Hillary Clinton-Gave Suha Arafat a BIG hug when Suha chided Israel for "gassing and poisoning" the Pali kids, and that was as the first lady and emissary of her husband the President. Now all of a sudden she is so pro-Israel? Her track record in the war on terror speaks for itself in her constant calls for surrender to Al Qaeda. Obama is making nice declarations, but there is no factual basis for his comments that would make us believe him. The Democratic Party has been going out of its way to submit its will to the extreme left-wing, including Anti-US anti-Israel media, proponents who claim to be "military experts" but whose claim to fame is calling US soldiers "ignorant idiots that couldn't find real employment", and continuing to promote policies that entice terrorists and criminals. Here, we have our own self-serving "leaders" ie Olmert and Peretz. Perhaps they and the Democrats are reading from the same playbook. The ONLY ones we can trust is ourselves! To place our future in the hands of politicians that may or may not keep their promises is sheer suicide!
20. interesting but a long time till the convention.....
Roy Galut ,   Selah Washington USA   (03.03.07)
and many issues to trip over.... including the right of the unborn to life.....
AVRAHAM ,   JERUSALEM   (03.03.07)
22. Barack Obama
mutt p ,   east toledo, ohio,   (03.03.07)
Obama just alienated himself from the Democrat party with his thoughts on Israeli security. The dovish, socialist core that the democrats cannot begin to think of helping any nation defend themselves.
23. Obama/Clinton/etc.
Barrry ,   Halifax   (03.03.07)
These people are looking for votes,that's all.Obama is a rookie,so is HillaryClinton for that matter..they will say anything to drum up votes.It's scary to think either one of these two have a chance to be President of the US....God help us all(which he won't) if that happens!
24. I have to agree with #4
Lyn ,   USA   (03.03.07)
He sounds perfect. He say's just what I want to hear. Those are all the things I want for Israel and believe me when I go and vote, Israel is at the top of my list when I am making my decision. But...why do I feel unsettled when I listen to him. I don't feel I can trust him. He say's what is right but supports what is wrong now. Just speaking out loud here, to be honest, I am not "excited" about any of the people running now. But watch, I bet that Hillary and Obama will team together eventually and be the next Pres/V. President which really scares me.
25. How can you give your vote to him?
Judy Y ,   Los Angeles   (03.02.07)
Until a few months ago hardly anybody had heard about this guy. How easily the voting public is fooled.
26. Obama and the jews
lydia ,   Brisbane, Australia   (03.03.07)
Obama, Obama don't let us down now! We want the Palestinians right to return to the homeland. If the jews can claim right of return after 2000 years so can the Pals. We want the jews to stop murdering Palestinians with their targeted killings and stop incarcerating members of the democratically elected govt . We want them to stop using cluster bombs on women and children. The jews supported the apartied regime of South Africa and are now applying the same apartied principles on the Palestinians. Bear this in mind when you start molly cuddling these murderers of tiny infants. No amount of jewish fundraising will cleanse the blood stained hands they offer it with.
27. He is not so good
Jenny ,   Los Angeles   (03.03.07)
His Father was a polygamist and on his Mothers side they owned slaves. His chances are zero. Some several of his half-brothers/sisters will begin giving interviews (they live in various countries).
28. Jellybean for President!!!!!!
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (03.03.07)
I don't know about everyone else, but none of these suit wearing two faced, say whatever group they are entertaining wants to hear losers, ever represent me or any middle class regular working joe. It's time someone who isn't in the pocket or payroll of big companies, religious affiliation, or lobby group runs for president, someone who knows what it is like to work for a living and doesn't put personal interest of themselves, friends or advisors first but the regular working class hero. We need a movement worldwide, a revolution on such a scale that these suits will lock themselves up in their mansions, and the underpaid police and armed forces will back. I nominate Jellybean!!!!!
29. Dont believe this!
Rav Hagoen Hador ,   Ohio   (03.03.07)
I would say that none of this can be trusted. We all know that the democrates have lost 2 stright elections. This only leads us to believe the one time they have a chance they will do everything to gain the jewish support.
30. He does indeed seem pro-Israel
Steve   (03.02.07)
For those who believe there is a possibility Israel can make sufficient painful concessions, withdraw from enough land and negotiate with Fatah jihadists, Obama and Bush do indeed seem very pro-Israel. I guess we will know a friend of Israel when we see one. Obama comparison of Iran to the former Soviet Union in terms of diplomacy fails in that Russia for all its evil doing, unlike Iran, is not a jihadist, apocalyptic suicidal state. When confronted with nuclear war by the U.S. during the Cuban missile crisis, Russia backed down because Russia, though evil, is not suicidal. Will nuclear-armed, apocalyptic mullahs of Iran back down? Obama, like Bush, thinks Holocaust denier and arch-terrorist Mahmoud Abbas is a man dedicated to peace. These men live in a fantasy world.
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