Obama: US should never dictate what's best for Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 02.03.07, 21:10
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61. #17- 'cheap scare tactics'??
Cameron ,   USA   (03.03.07)
Ari, as an Israeli, you of all people should have an awareness of the ding-dong lunacy & barbarism that is in your own neighborhood, the very real menace that will not relent and will never end in our lifetime. Obama, Edwards, and the Clintons reek of Progressive rot and disaster. I have never volunteered my help for any national elections before, but the false talk, silliness, & outright foolishness coming out of the Democratic Party have made it essential to give both my time, as well as my money, to the Republican Party. Looking forward to putting a foot in the Progressive bottom, come 2008.
62. Yuri about   (03.03.07)
Evacuate irak and send all USofA and british troops to israel, to protect israel. Declaring Israel as a british or american protectorate will secure its future.
63. President Obama would dictate whats best for Israel
zionist forever   (03.04.07)
How long would it be before President Obama started trying to drag Israel to or from the negotiating table? Obama is telling AIPAC what American jews would like to hear what the presidency under him would be like but in reality the guy is very left wing and wants to send a signal to the arab world that the United States supports the palestians cause and is willing to put preasure on Israel, he will put the preasure on Israel to give up the Golan if he thinks it can help get the US troops out of Iraq quicker. An Obama presidency will be an anti Israel presidency he is bad news.
RCA ,   USA   (03.04.07)
No NY mayor ever reached the heights of achievement and leadership of RUDY GUILIANI. None even came close. This he accomplished with some of the best Jewish minds on his team and in his corner. When Rudy assumed the mayoralty, the job to be done was deemed hopeless. Rudy restored and greatly improved the safety, the economic climate, the prosperity, the glitz, and the morale of New York. If he can do this for NY, he can do this anywhere. As a proven resiliant and resourceful leader, who weathered the storms, gallant under fire, Rudy deserves the presidency.
65. #38-Good point ! Good sources of reading, Brod !
RCA ,   USA   (03.04.07)
I have read some of these authors works. Good choices all !
66. #55 That Era Is Over : STOP
1.5 Billion muslims   (03.04.07)
Leaving for the Past , The Jews Vote does not matter any more , And American Muslims r becoming more political Active who wil replace the jews political power : By number Muslims are 10,000,000 and Muslims is the fastest growing religion in america and the growth comes from Conversion of lot of American , espacialy the African american and The Media ; the Internet make most of other media irrelavent and every can use it : Internet is bigest threat to Israel aggerassion , since the American Jews can not controle what American people can hear : so Please wel come to the new world order where every thing goes . Reality Check, world
RCA ,   USA   (03.04.07)
68. To #66
Lyn ,   USA   (03.04.07)
"The Jews vote doesn't matter anymore and the muslims are taking over" that what you are saying? You are sadly mistaken dude! And as long as there are twice if not more christians standing with these jews that you say don't matter it will never happen. Oh, and not just christians, but many of all walks of life and religions, and peoples have had enough. You see, Americans are going on about there business, leading there lives but they see very clearly what muslims like YOU are trying to do, they see your brothers, sisters and even your grandmothers blowing themselves up to kill people and we in the west think that is straight from the pit of hell and repulsive. These people you think are so great are going to keep on terrorizing and murdering indiscriminately and eventually the west along with Israel is going to say ENOUGH! I dread the day that happens because I hate violence but when that day comes you will mourn and wonder what your life has become. To you, I would say, GROW UP, get a life, do something kind for someone, I know it will be hard but you would be surprised how it would make you feel. We are all HUMAN BEINGS! Do you understand that?!!! We all have a right to a good and prosperous life and we welcome you to join. It's 2007. Stop being brainwashed and join the real world and I will pray for you that G-d would soften your heart and reveal to you the hatred that is consuming you. And that my friend is YOUR REALITY CHECK!
69. #49 - M Martin - Who's better qualified?
Jake T ,   Alaska   (03.04.07)
You have a point. But Giuliani was not the mayor of any old town. NYC is almost a country in itself, and a very complex one, with millions of citizens of every race and national origin, with big business and big politics. The most important qualification is his track record. The man is mature, has been tested, has proven his worth. Senators do not deal with the variety of issues that a NYC mayor does, and they are less exposed to media scrutiny as well. Things are too dangerous right now to have Obama learn on the job. He needs at least ten more years at a job with real executive duties to qualify for the highest job in the nation.
70. Obama and Israel
Alexis Frost ,   New York   (03.04.07)
Obama's AIPAC speech was designed to convince us that he is a strong friend of Israel. But as this article from Electronic Intifada show, he used to be very pro-Palestinian:
71. 70 - Alexis, Interesting article
Jason ,   Canada   (03.05.07)
Could you mention it again when a new Obama article comes up? More people need to read it. This Ynet article has been read by most readers already. Thanks.
72. To: Lyn & 1.5 B #66
Mark ,   Georgia, USA   (03.05.07)
First , Lyn don't worry about 1.5 B. He just writes to himself talk. Nobody I know really takes what he writes seriously, although it is OK to reveal his ignorance. !.5 do you have anything meaningful to add to this debate? 1) The internet is like all other media, there are diverse views, and the old myth that the Jews controlled the media is silly at best. 2) While it is true that the Islam is growing in the U.S. , because of the UK attacks, for instance ( homegrown terrorists ) I don't think politicians will be running to accept their money. In fact , I hope they( Arabs) increase their political activity too. Then people will better understand the death culture they preach. My belief is it will stay rejected by our society. In fact the more educated/informed people are the more they will support Israel. Put another way, there is a inverse relationship : increased knowledge of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict decreases support for the Palestinians. Later Mark from Georgia
73. To : Lyn & 72
1.5 Billion Muslims   (03.05.07)
Dear Lyn : Thank u for remaining me that we all human being which is true and i am glad to join it , but do not expect i will join it as servant nor equel , we all want Peace but there will be no peace without Justice , remeber whan Dr Martin Luther King was advocating the Civel right of African American , he refused to stop his activity as long as there r Social unjust , i can not act every thing is okey when the Palastinian Kids are getting shot while they r going to school , while Israel commiting genocide against palastinain , while lot Iraq r dying , while Afganistaan dying so my dear Lyn what world do u want me Join : Dear # 72: First since u so happy to reveal my ignorance which i will well come : First let me remaind u since u equite ARAB with MUSLIM, Arabs r less than 10% of the Muslims around the world , Muslim is Globel Faith who transend nation , race and gender so what sociaty r u talking about who will rejact Muslims since we r part of that sociaty : let me give u little secrat : Israel is bocaming laibilty to America instead of Asset and America will sooner or latter have to drop Israel to Guide their interast so what relationship is going to inverse. Reality Check, world
PETE ,   windsor, ct.   (03.05.07)
this is why the U.S. is going downhill. pandering to a bunch of sleezebags in a joke of a democracy called israel
75. US should never dictate to Isreal
Andrew ,   Canada   (03.05.07)
Since when has the USA EVER told Israel what to do? Israel does what it damn well pleases in order to maintain the status quo regardless of world opinion.Was there any US politican while still holding office who dared to criticize Israel's actions or policys?Just keep the flow of money and supply of muntions coming please.
76. #75
Shepherd   (03.05.07)
politically correct is the key word.
77. Lyn
ahmed   (03.05.07)
Muslims are becoming the new Jews on earth.
gerry ,   USA   (03.05.07)
Why this a...sss...hole doesn't say that "we" should stop RUSSIA, PAKISTAN, CHINA,GREAT BRITAIN, ah!!! and israel from having nuclear weapons??
79. 1.5 B #73, #'s 74, 75 ,77 & 78
Mark ,   Georgia, USA   (03.05.07)
You are quite correct regarding Arab and Muslim, duly noted. We simply disagree about the US and where its going. Its not that society will reject Islam as a whole. Its that the point to ongoing murder by Muslims for an imagined greivance will not fly. The realty of the ME is, of all land in the area there is (1) Israel and (21) soon to be 22 countries that surround Israel. The creation of Palestinian Arabs to develop a underdog psuedo-situation to foster sympathy ( everyone loves a underdog ) has worked well as PR. But the more people learn the true events the more they will back Israel. After all Israel only is on 1.5% of the land in the region, and even that seems to be to much for Muslims. So, it is OK for 21 + 30 more in the world, but its not OK for Israel to have 1 small nation. Hey Pete tell me what you really think!!! Andrew did you forget when Bush 1asked Israel not to respond to scud missle attacks? They did what was asked of them. It was the first time ever that Israel didn't respond to such a attack by another country. So much for your conclusion. " just keep the flow of money etc.....". What money are you speaking of? Very little cash is given to Israel. ahmed: How are the Muslims becoming the " new Jews ". There about 12 million Jewish people and 1.4 Billion Muslims in the world if your speaking political donations will see who takes the money. gerry: And why should we do that?
80. He's got your vote!
Lebanese American ,   Austin, Texas   (03.05.07)
I just hate it when people say Israel is our ally. We don't want to be associated with Israel in any way. We wouldn't flood rural ares (like in Lebanon) with millions of cluster bomblets after the war ended. Tens of civilians have been killed by those bomblets so far.
Sammy ,   san antonio,tx usa   (03.06.07)
What you say is no doubt correct; however, if you could say something about the $7 Billion (20 yr stat) the USA Treasury literally donates to the Religious State of Israel is beyond any Statesman's comprehension. If Israel is a Religoius State (which it is), then it is NOT a so-called democracy, by definition. Do you have any idea why we're in the mess that we're in? Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and now the W. Reed Hospital scandal? There's a lot more that we don't know. Bottom LIne: MoneyMoneyMoney: and AIPAC has plenty for you coming probably from our own TAX dollars. How Sad!
82. If I were an American
antisatan   (03.06.07)
I would not be voting for him, or any other pawn of the neo zionist clan. Amerikkka has more than enough to worry about, never mind trying to please Israel's unquentchable thirst for, well, EVERYTHING!
83. Dear Mark :We All Want Same
1.5 Billion Muslims   (03.06.07)
Let me come out of closet , i hate voilence , it is true Israel should get their own country which i agree cause as Muslim who is not Arab , i do mind the decand of Ibrahim Children living peacefully beside each other and i do not wanna see People r atacking cause they r Jew cause most of my fevorite writers r jews which i want to be sucsesful , so how the Palistinian people can get land to live and the Israel to become State without looking religion : i am asking u . Reality Check , World
84. 1.5; We are on the same page...
Mark ,   Georgia, USA   (03.06.07)
It is a tough question that you ask. There is a cycle of violence that seems to go on forever. It is like what came first the chicken or the egg? Should the Palestinians stop the attacks? Should Israel stop the settlements? I believe that 1) Israel is already a state, but in saying that I must point out, Israel does not need anybodies approval. It is!! Just like the 154 other nations in the world that were created by the same international groups ( UN, League of Nations ) . It is not suspended in mid-air waiting for approval nobody has ever thought of posing a "right to exist " question to any other existing nation. 2) I think Israel has accepted the two state solution. My worry is that Hamas & Fatah both call for the destruction of Israel and only disagree on the details of how to accomplish that. Therefore, I believe it is incumbent on the Arabs in the area to prove that they will honor their agreements ( i.e. Arafat already agreed to reconize Israel, new Gov. Hamas won't honor it.) & stop the violence, totally. All groups at once must cease all attacks, not this shell game where one group states they won't attack but three others continue. Then claim Israel broke the cease fire that never really existed. Hamas now wants to trade land for a maybe will sit down and talk about the idea of reconizing Israel. That is like going to a car dealer paying list price in cash and the dealer says maybe I'll talk to you about selling you the car!!! Would you do that? What do you think Thanks Mark from Georgia
85. .
John Smith ,   Philidelphia U.S.A.   (03.06.07)
Are you telling me Israel can't take care of themselves? The Holocaust didn't happen in Israel, it happened in GERMANY. Why should the US citizens be paying tax money towards a state that has used aggression against states which have not provoked it? (LEBANON) What about the Jewish kids writing on bombs? Are you telling me that Israel is totally innocent in all of this religious fighting??
86. #85, John
Mark ,   Georgia, USA   (03.06.07)
Calm down my friend, are you still frothing at the mouth. Your Lebanon example: remember Hezbo sent in a small detachment of terrorists that attacked, killed and kidnapped the IDF. They did this to help the Pals who did the same thing 2 weeks earlier. That is called a Act of War. Kids writing on bombs upset you? What about Pal. kids training with weapons at 10, does that bother you? How about babies dressed as suicide bombers, anything to say about that? Only kids writing on bombs after they have been attacked bothers you, how interesting!
87. Dear Mark
1.5 Billion Muslims   (03.07.07)
Is end Justifies the Means: American suport israel their own self interast , they use Israel to bully Middle east countries so they have acces to the flow of oil of that region and so-called Christian who care about Israel want bring aal the Jews to Promise land so their Messiah who will send the jews people to hell will come , so my dear friend Israel have to look them self and say do i have to be some body's agent to do their dirty work or do i wanna be state who get along it's neighboher and live peace among the state : so my brother i think on the long term Israel will be better of living peace its neighbohor instead of doing American's dirty Job , so Mark what u think Israel should do . Reality Check , world
88. 1.5, good to speak with you.
Mark ,   Georgia, USA   (03.07.07)
I disaree with your premise. If the US's self interest was only oil, then siding with the Muslims would have the smart move . In fact, the old line conservatives ( Republicans ) in the 1950's argued that point strenuously. But the leaders of that time felt it was more important to support a emerging Democracy in the Middle East, they did this knowing it would harm their relationship with the Muslims, but it was a moral decision. Soon though the USSR would use that decision to wedge into the Middle East and it did become a Cold War battle. Both sides may have been used. You are correct that many Christians support Israel because it must exist for the " end of days " prophecy, which I've always thought was a bit bizarre. It is not what Israel should do. What are the Palestinians going to do? They have the power to stop this at any time, they always have had that power. You see 1.5 , if the Palestinians stop all attacks so would Israel. Even if one doesn't believe that is what Israel would do , they would have no choice but to stop. If all terrorist attacks stopped for 6 to 12 months world opinion would force it !! But it has never happened even once in at least the last 30 years probably 60 years of Israel's history. What do you suggest? God Bless you my friend
89. Dear Mark: What r we looking for
1.5 Billion Muslims   (03.08.07)
My dear friend i wanna share with u little history : There was Sufi teacher name Nasrudin who lived Anatolia ( presant day Ancara turkey) at 13 century , one night neighbohor of Nesruddin who was passing front of the house of Nasruddin saw nasruddin who was looking some thing on the ground , when the neighbohor get close to nasruddin , he ask what Nasruddin looking for , Nasruddin who did not look up the man who ask question and who still searching some thing answer i am looking the Key of my House , Nasruddin's neighbohor start kneeling down on the ground to look for Nasruddin's key , when they were looking for while , Nasruddin neeighbohor ask wher he drope his key , Nasruddin who still busy to find his key answer , i Drope inside my house , the guy who was helping Nasrudin ask , if he drop his key inside why is he looking for his key outside of his house ; nasruddin who still looking his key answer , the reason he is not looking his key inside of his house is inside his house is dark and ha can not fing his key in the darkness so since outside is lighter wer he can see every thing , he will see his key if he look outside since its lighter than inside his house , So Dear Mark r we like Nasruddin who r looking easy way out of find solution . although what we lookin f for is like Nasruddin who was looking for his key where he did not drope , the light Nasruddin talk about is like how i blame Israel aggresion to palistinian people and how u talk about Palistinain terrorising the Jewsh state so My dear friend r we looking solution the wrong place and inorder to find real solution , both of us have to venture the dark place were solution is although it is very dark and we might hit wall , step on sharp objective and get hurt , this way who will lead us real peace or we accuse who is bad which will not get us any where . reality Check, world
90. Candidates
lawson ,   Phuket, Thailand   (03.08.07)
You just know that democracy is in good hands when people recommend a candidate, whose name they can't even spell correctly.
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