Terror group says has improved rockets
Aaron Klein, WND
Published: 08.03.07, 18:24
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1. After Ashkelon Tel Aviv...
Josef Matamoros ,   Finland   (03.08.07)
unless the government lets the IDF do the job finally in Gaza to eliminate the terror cells. You remember the twelve years old Sderot boy whose father was killed by a Qassam. The boy said: if we don't defend Sderot, next goes other towns until all of Israel is gone. It's up to our determination and attitude: the country is ours. No other nation would suffer from this. It's neither our duty nor right to suffer from terrorists' attacks. We must act. Either this government finally acts with decision or we need soon a government with determination to act on behalf of the population.
2. well, then
israeli ,   israel   (03.08.07)
firstly, not hundreds, but thousands of rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel. secondly, I think it is very high time we surprise and astonish the Islamic Jihad, who should be held responsible for their deeds. They even gave us the operation codename: Surprise and Astonish!
3. Wonderful News
Gary A. MD ,   Boston USA   (03.08.07)
Our enemies keep getting stronger while Olmert & Peretz - two morons- do absolutely nothing. How did Israel end up with 2 brain dead leaders. We need Bibi!!!!!!
4. You can trust Islamic Jihad with its promises...
Avraham ,   NYC   (03.08.07)
unlike Olmert, Peretz, Peres, Livni and the rest of that criminal gang selling out Israel piece by piece.
naro ,   nyc   (03.08.07)
If only Israel had rockets like the Islamic Jihad's it would not be so vulnerable. I see a rocket gap developing between Israel and her Pallie enemies. Can Israel at least buy a few Katyushas in the black market. Let's take a collection for this purpose.
6. Attack Gaza now
Steven ,   San Francisco   (03.08.07)
Don't wait.
7. Paybacktime
Y ,   N   (03.08.07)
Maybe the israeli air force should send a squadron of F-15 and F-16 to carpetbomb Gaza every time the palis send a rocket into Israel. Maybe they will learn not to attack Israel? Most likely not.
8. Oh, Ynet, seriously...
Michael Steiner   (03.08.07)
WND is to the right what Robert Fisk is to the left: no-one of a sound mind takes either seriously. What possessed you to decide to reprint what they vomit out??
9. Well.. let's turn Gaza into a no man's land
10. Good thing we left Gush Katif.
Daniel ,   Tekoa   (03.08.07)
That realy showed em!
11. I have heard that one before...
jan ,   usa   (03.08.07)
During the 6 day war the enemy said the same thing about the big guns that could reach Israel as well. But what happened then? Each time they shot a round, it either fell into the sea, or they overshot and it fell WAY short of it's intended target. And the same Lord of Hosts that helped Israel in that war, is not off sleeping somewhere, but is ever ready and willing to come to the aid of Israel again. Don't be surprised if these things fizzle like a sparkler when they come out of their launchers. It's almost to the point where you want to say "I'm not afraid of the big bad wolf". They can huff, and puff, but they will never blow Israel down.
12. If they really believed that
they wouldn't be blowing hot air "in advance"
13. JA!
JOHN ,   DC,USA   (03.08.07)
And if you continue doing this terrorist activity!.. YOU WILL BE AMAZED BY IDF MIGHT.
14. Pals will be more suprised&astonished by the beating coming
Alan ,   SA   (03.08.07)
15. Well within acceptable limits, as I keep stating.
Ehud Olmert ,   Dubai   (03.08.07)
16. israeli answer to the the threat ?
David ,   paris, France   (03.08.07)
So what do israeli government intend to do against this new threat ? The can't wipe out gaza from map, and palestinians don't want to negociate.
17. What do they want exactly?
"and keep bombarding towns regularly until reaching deeper and deeper": Not clear what their goal is...
18. Rockets
Sam ,   USA   (03.08.07)
Israel Should Issue an ultimatum. For every rocket that reaches into Israel, Israel should give notice to the civilian population in Gaza in any town where the rockets are fired and proceed to carpet bomb it one hour later.
19. to #8, "vomit" the wrong word
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (03.08.07)
Vomit refers to your comments, Michael, since WND sickens you, just as my reply to you is "vomit" because you sicken me.
20. Leftists were right - Itnatkut has brought Peace!
Ronny ,   TAviv   (03.08.07)
21. The Hamas will put a stop to this!
Steve G ,   Kew Gardens, NY, USA   (03.08.07)
Hamas, the democratically elected government of of the PA must be told of this immediately! I am sure they will instantly dispatch their forces to put an end to such lawlessness! Anybody got their phone number?
22. to # 8
pj ,   brooklyn   (03.08.07)
Ah, Mike why don't you chill out and take a nap now? I've read your comments on other stories and you seem to be more grumpier today than normal.
23. They use Israel's pipe's and tax's
marcel ,   florida   (03.08.07)
Israel's Olmert helps the terrorists giving them Gush Katif as a training base and tax collected and withheld until recently. The pipe tubing for the Roakets have been imported from Israel under Olmerts tragic rule. Soon Olmert will give them even more.
24. Swiner goes for Hezbollah's alManar as a good source
zionlion   (03.08.07)
25. Israel Should NOT Lament.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (03.08.07)
Islamic Jihad said :".. (we will) keep bombing (Israeli) towns regularly ..". So, NOW these armed-gangsters of Islamic Jihad has factually DECLARED war on the State of Israel. The IDF should NOT endeavour to capture any Islamic Jihad operatives. ALL Islamic Jihad operatives should be tracked down and killed on the spot. We should NOT contaminate our prisons with the presence of the dirty Islamic Jihad operatives. Israel should NOT lament while killing the Islamic Jihad operatives. BTW ONLY the Government of the State has the sole MONOPOLY to use violence. When used by others like Islamic Jihad - it is punishable by death. BTW when armed criminal gangs roam about FREELY -- they make life MISERABLE for the general population.
26. Good.
Jimmy ,   Newcastle, UK   (03.08.07)
Then Israel will be perfectly justified in launching all out war into Gaza once and for all from the air, the sea and land. Launching these rockets into Ashkelon will raise the ante to the limit. Then responsibilty for the ensuing carnage will be laid right at the door of Hamas and co. Yet ultimately yet again we see the filthy hand of Ahmadinejad and that publicity mad idiot Mashaal perpetrating this conflict at the expense of others. The Palestinians have a choice. They have total jurisdiction over what happens in Gaza. They can stop it. The question is will they.
27. Guess it's time to whack a few more boastful terrorists
NY ,   USA   (03.08.07)
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (03.08.07)
We have peretz keeping an eye on things through his binoculars,that guy has amazing vision and talent. And we all know he is always willing to talk peace. Maybey it is time now to give ashkalon back,then for sure we will have peace. If that does not work we will further give back whatever they want,because they realy want peace.
yoni ,   jerusalem   (03.08.07)
how do we get a new government with a head on its shoulders to save our struggling country? any ideas how to oust the prime minister ? this must be done by us the citizens!! immediatly!!
30. And who will suffer???
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.08.07)
Everytime this happens, the Palestinian people suffer alittle more. Israel is stronger and better and will continue to defend itself. Terror will never get these scumbags anything...only death and misery. Until the Palis wake up and realize this, they are forever doomed to live a shitty life.
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