Early withdrawal from Iraq disastrous for Israel, Cheney says
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 12.03.07, 22:47
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1. something to consider
ay_lamb ,   usa   (03.12.07)
I would like to ask Vice President Dick why the only media apparatus threatening and denigrating Iran worse than his is Al Qaeda and, then why this mutual and parallel rhetoric is never imparted to the American electorate. What tangled webs we weave but, then again no matter what the outcome War is a “win win” scenario for Dick. money, money, money – P.S. don’t forget he is a proud evangelical as well and they love to heap on the gallows blessings on Israel. In other words no matter what they say they don’t really care about the fate of Israel to them you sealed your fate 2000 years ago.
2. Poor Ameicans
Here is it the truth came out ..... America spending a hell of money and lifes for eyes of Israel .... for the Ameican tax payers you see now how much Israel costing you .... for the ameican mothers and fathers you see for whom your children get killed in Irak .... to all Ameicans you see what is the zionist loby in your country are ruling you .... God help you and help all the victims .
3. Bibi is the only leader
Concerned Israeli   (03.12.07)
Bibi is the only one in the Israeli leadership that is doing something that our government should be doing - fighting for our survival. I'm sure that won't stop the Bibi bashers from attacking him though. Once you've been smeared by the media, it's hard to come back.
stude ham   (03.12.07)
And Purim comes out 365 days a year on the goy calendar. Cheney is senile and a bit out to pasture.
5. BottomLine::Early withdrawal suicidial for GCC countries!!
KMR ,   Middle East   (03.12.07)
6. # 1
cathy ,   usa   (03.12.07)
Not all americans are cowards as you surely project yourself to be. Some of us have brave sons and daughters who are currently serving in Iraq and are damned proud to do so. I have 2 sons, and a daughter who are in Iraq. So unless your'e willing to show how brave and how much of a patriot instead of a coward you are, I guess you can go live in some muslim country and then write us back with all of your new found not so free rights. As far as the evangilicals go you obviously have no clue when God said about Israel "I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you". So if your'e upset with the VP being blessed, than I suggest you take up your jealous concerns with God.
7. # 2 we can say the same about poor muslims
stewart   (03.12.07)
Here the truth has finally come out about you guys too. All the monies that have come into fatah, and hamas, and the corrupt leaders are keeping all the money and the pals still have yet to be paid for services performed. And this is in front of all the world to see how the people fight for them, and they still get nothing. And all of the money being spent so that they can get control of Israel which they have yet to do over the last 40 years. So do you see what all your hatred for the zionists is doing to your sons and daughters by getting them killed for a country you will never have? Funny how you never saw this side of the picture hey?
8. Bibi is right Cheyney is looking for the jewish vote
zionist forever   (03.13.07)
Natanyahu is right in that money is where its really going to hurt iran most. Ahmadinijad cant justify firing rockets against Israel or anybody else if its just an ecomoic blockade. Isolating Libiya politcly and economicly brought Gadafi to give up his weapons of mass destruction by choice and now the US is helping Libiya. Hitting the palestians in the pocket has weakened their power and softened up some in the hope the money will start flowing again. I am dont think it will be as simple as this with Iran which is much more highly developed than Libiya and the palestians and Iran has Russia and China in its pocket but it will have an effect maybe make the mullahs start thinking about other ways forward and they hold the reaal power but millitary action should not be ruled out and dates should be set on when to give up politcs and when to drop bombs. Cheyneys talk about pulling out of Iraq to early would be bad for Israel has nothing to do with Israel its about trying to turn around the views of the jewish voters who are against Iraq if they think it benefits Israel to see Iraq out till the end then maybe they will vote republican.
9. videos from aipac
ronrn ,   ta   (03.12.07)
US Vice President Dick Cheney - Former Israeli Prime Minister, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu -
10. #2 Americans soldiers take an oath.
Johnson ,   USA   (03.13.07)
That they will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Israel is not a enemy, Israel is our friend, and a vast majority of Americans, and US soldiers are Christians so helping to protect Isreal from you fanatics is not really a big problem. So, send your pity elsewhere... God Bless America, and God Bless Israel.
11. vote bibi!!
12. W's big mouth is the cause
george ,   usa   (03.13.07)
of the mess in the ME. by the way mr. DIC aren't you forgetting who attacked us on 911. for a VP you cannot identify iraq or iran from alqueda. this is another scare tactic to justify your war!
13. Much more importantly, it would be disastrous for the USA
Zvi ,   USA   (03.13.07)
And that disaster would spill over not only onto Israel but onto dozens of peace-loving countries, and billions of innocent people, worldwide. Don't pretend that the Iraq issue is about Israel; that only plays into the hands of psychotic lunatics and idiotic demagogues.
Mark ,   United States   (03.13.07)
15. Dick Cheney hates Jews
Mark ,   United States   (03.13.07)
16. to # 6
Jackie ,   L.A.   (03.13.07)
thank God that most of the american don't have your mentality.
17. #6 Bless you, thank G-d about half Americans
Aaron, L.A.   (03.13.07)
are not cowards, and understand that Islamists/terrorists/jihadis will not be appeased. As a graduate student of Chemistry, I thank you every day for your sacrifice, which allows me to live and work in peace, freedom, and security, to advance the cause of this great nation and all the free peoples of the earth through science and technology. The evil ideolgy of radical Islam will be defeated
18. to Stewart, #6
David ,   NY, USA   (03.13.07)
Both Israel and USA are occupying forces in this region and they will (USA already is) be defeated soon or later. People fighting them are heroes defending own land. Learn from history.
19. to #6
Erik ,   czech republic   (03.13.07)
I would like to know how many brave sons & daughters from the American Jewish families are serving in Iraq?
20. Chenny's Concern
Joji Cherian ,   Kerala India   (03.13.07)
So the Vice President of America concerned about the disasterous consequences on Israel. Not the benifits for his country!! That is true patriotism, and loyalty. He is honouring the commitment by oath to protect his country !!!
21. Hi Dick, don't mislead us anymore including the President
Simon Mohammed ,   Falls Church, VA USA   (03.13.07)
it is true that get out right now this way isn't an option before helping the Iraqi people to get together well. But please do not say is will be bad for Israel while ignoring the lost that happened to Not just the Iraqi, Israel or CCG country, but to The USA it self. By Invading this wake country you just make the monster "Alqaeda more stronger" face it and don't scare us anymore we are suffuring where evere we live, even if we are in the USA. Thank you Mr. Dick. How much money did you make in it by the way???????????
22. when you refuse my Opinion i do send it else
Simon Mohammed ,   Falls Church, VA USA   (03.13.07)
I though you were are free and democratic site????????????
23. So Americans r dying 4 Israel Interast.
1.5 Billion Muslims   (03.13.07)
Cheney should tell that to American people istead of Lobby Group and Natenyahu who is runing around in the state and tell every American Jew he see that second Holocust is coming , Israel will be wipe out , the sky is falling , they hate us cause we r civilized and they will kill us no matter what ; but what natanyuhu is not saying is Israel r resposable what ever happen to them Good or Bad . Reality Check, world
24. #6 - Bless you Cathy...the people of Israel
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (03.13.07)
apreciate Americans like you. Thank you and may God bless you and your children.
25. Cathy #6
US soldier ,   baghdad-green zone   (03.13.07)
Thank you for sticking up for us. It makes all of us mad when we see and hear are ignorant people who live in america are. I don't know why they say they're tired of the war. Most of us here are on our 3rd tour and are dam proud to be here. Thank you once again maam.
26. #16 LA What does that stand for again?
US soldier ,   baghdad-green zone   (03.13.07)
Oh yeah, Lazy Ass liberals who don't know how to do anything except run their mouths about something they know absolutely about. Do you have any idea how we soldiers loath ignorant people like you? You who would never do anything to protect your country or fight for a cause you believe in. Almost everyone here signed up knowing full well where we were going, and are glad to be here. We have a job to do and are dam proud to do it. The only thing I can say about your mentality is that it sounds just like ted kennedy and john kerry who are the 2 most hated men in our platoon. Full of cowardly hot air and no substance. Next time you look in the mirror, just remember you have a mirror to look into. Grow up and get a clue.
27. I would not be surprised if Al Qaeda is still working for US
AR ,   USA   (03.13.07)
They hate saddam we attack saddam. They hate Iran were about to attack Iran. Hmmm..... We let Osama go. We trained them. Opium is doing well without the taliban around. hmmm...? Why dose cheney look like he has a demon trying to get out in the pic. Actually in all of his pics what an ugly human being inside and outside.
28. responsa to #6
ay_lamb ,   USA   (03.13.07)
I personally served in a combat engineer battalion during Desert Shield and Storm that suffered the highest combat death toll of that conflict. I served in an Armor BN in Bosnia 2001, I returned from Iraq September 2006 and I am currently on orders to return in September 2007 in a few months. In short; I am an American Jew born to an Ashkenazi Jewish mother and a Gentile Christian Father all of us unobservant of course, I have been serving in the US Army for twenty years. I have witnessed so many good perish and so many evil prosper that I have neither the time or the inclination to go into all examples; suffice to say I have come to one absolute certain conclusion. When permitted (after retirement) I fully intend to embrace my Jewish roots to the fullest. America used to be a land of inclusion but, it has become a land of exclusion and I wish I could blame the current administration but, sadly I cannot ignore their popularity among the people. I can and will point out erroneous information they put out, I will no longer acquiesce in the face of bigotry. I know bashing those that are different make them quite the heroes in their small town ethnically acceptable church centered cultural gatherings but, the simple fact is most never had to sacrifice because they were born into a privileged elite. Over the years I have hid my belief system in an effort to integrate and assimilate and make my comrades comfortable but, based on the Islam-bashing and the anti-Semitism so prevalent in the last eight years under the supervision of this administration I must now refuse concealment. President Abraham Lincoln said it best “America can never be defeated from without but, only from within” America will have to change from within and reverse damages done from the last 8 years if we are to remain a vital, viable, prosperous and a unified symbol of opportunity; regardless race, color, religion, gender or national origin. A Nation where individuals can believe that they are evaluated and afforded opportunity based on their individual skill and nothing else. My mother taught me the most imprtant premise of Judaism has always been “that which makes us similar exceeds that which makes us different” and although I neither understood nor accepted it at the time I have certainly grown to accept it as an axiom. This was once a pillar of American Democracy and can be again. “HaShem willing” Shalom
29. #6 cathy the liar
AnAmerican ,   USA   (03.13.07)
you have no sons or daughter in iraq. if you had you would be so worried and protesting against the lies of the government rather than slinging verses from bible at us. you are lying out of your you know where... I would even bet $100 that you may be a jew!
30. #1o how does us army
protect the Us constitution by getting rid of saddam??? iraq was a stronghold against al qaeda and terrorism as they could not nest there when there was Saddam. everyone knows about the WMDs so I won't even tell about it. now look there is all wavelengths of terrorism across the spectrum in iraq. so pleeeassseeee...
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