Early withdrawal from Iraq disastrous for Israel, Cheney says
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 12.03.07, 22:47
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61. #60 give it a rest already!!!
One who was there ,   NY Ground zero area   (03.14.07)
Wow, you really need to quit drinking the kool-aid there man. After reading your comments, I'm convinced you are a graduate from IDIOT U.
62. to #54
george ,   usa   (03.14.07)
what happened on 911 was 'incompetence' not iraq invading the us. the Pres. Daily Briefing says BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO ATTACK THE US!' binladen is a saudi/alqueda not iraqi. if a message like that is received by a president, he would act upon it to protect the lives of the innocent. but it was ignored. WHY 2 again know your enemy - who is jihadist & who is iraqi insurgent. your statement 'fight them over there so we would not have to fight them over here' is another chaney/W statement who cannot identify which is which. us is occupying iraq that is why they are resisting you. 3. the enemy is in afghnistan pakistan & the name is alqueda/osama not iraqi/iraq/insurgents. so if communist china attack the us you would bomb vietnam? and i will not call you names just give you the facts. i support the troops if they are in afganistan or fighting alqueda.
63. LTC Green Zone
ay_lamb ,   USA   (03.14.07)
yeah right good luck Amelik
64. 62
JS ,   USA   (03.15.07)
Incompetence. 9/11 was planned before "w" took office. I am not a fan of him as a President but one thing he has done right is bring the fight to them. Blame the people before him for allowing this country to be seen as weak. Although I beleive anyone who sells themself on that idea is palying with fire. There is no difference between an insurgent and a jihadist. They are not freedom fighters man, thay aren't even from Iraq. They are there for the chance to kill Americans. Sunnis and Shia are at each others throats because the playing field is finally level, that's a different story. The foriegn fighters would be trying to get here if there was no fight elswhere. There has to be some point in time when you take your eyes of George Soros and actually look at reality. We are fighting them there, not here. As far as your comment about Iraqis resisting us because we are occupiers: Dude these people want our lives, they want to live like us. They want proserity and peace. Well here we are to give it to them. They want it, but you know who blows up hospitals and employment lines in the name of "resistance"-foriegn insurgents. Afghanistan and Pakistan? I dont know if you watch current events unfolding around you but we have an unprecendented influence in both countries. YOU CAN NOT SUPPORT OUR TROOPS ONLY IF YOU SUPPORT THEIR ORDERS. Thats not the way it works dude. They have the grapes to do what is needed, no matter what, to make sure all is well here. Just like it has been since 9/11. If you think for one second that the terrorist are holding back to wait for the perfect time, your wrong. Out of their own mouths they proclaim that we should be attacked whenever possible. I wonder why it hasn't happened again?
65. Reply to #64
AR ,   USA   (03.15.07)
Ok you said their is no difference between a Jihadi and an Insurgent. Do you realize your statement makes no sense what so ever. The Jihadis come from other countries to fight in Iraq. The Insurgents are from Iraq and are fighting the occupation forces. You are also wrong when you say Iraqis want us their 10% want us out now. 80% want us out by years end. Their is a very small minority that want us in the country. Believe it or not what america is doing in Iraq is the biggest crime since WW2. Yes i understand its hard for you to believe how can america be bad? We started a war in Iraq with Bin Ladens enemy. We have killed or put the country in a situation were at least half a million people have been murdered. Children, woman peaceful human beings. When people like you blame people like George Soros it really dose hurt your arguement George Soros is a business man he could care less about Iraqis. He just bought a bunch of stocks in Haliburton so no serious anti war american gives a hoot what he says. Their was no alqaeda in Iraq. We could have fought them in Afghanistan but no we started another war. We pretty much gave groups like al qaeda a new recruiting tool. How are you gonna blame Clinton for what happened on 9/11? Where the clintons making business deals with the binladens? No bush's. Did Clinton try to kill bin laden? Yes. Did 9/11 happen on bushes watch? Yes. Could bush have prevented the attacks on WTC 1&2 and Pentagon? Yes. He could have put cheney in check when he and rumsfeld changed the rules so that if a plain was hijacked it could not be intercepted without his approval. 9/11 has bushes fingerprints all over it but that is not the point. WE STARTED A WAR IN IRAQ. Iraqis arent terrorist. They are fighting for their country. What should they just sit around and get occupied. While Chevron and BP rob them of their oil (which in a week they will be able to do thanks to the BS puppet government of Malaki) BP Chevron get 70% of oil profits. Iraq gets 30% and most of that will go to the guys controlling the gov. Iraqis wont get jack and they wont sit around and let that fly. This security bs is to keep them in check when the law gets passed. Read people read. Stop watching Fox, CNN, NBC for your info READ. THANK AL GORE FOR THE INTERNET AND READ.
66. AR
JS ,   USA   (03.15.07)
The UN conducted thier own investigation regarding the death toll in Iraq since the US invasion. You are way, way off with the half a million figure. They found it to be around 50,000. While the same investigation found that under Saddams reign it was in the hundreds of thousands. I think you got me wrong or maybe I didnt explain it right about the difference between the insurgents and jihadist. I guess what I should have said is that they are both doing the same thing, destabilizing any effort to have peace. The oil thing, well I can't help but to recognize that the price of gas is going up. The way this works is if supply rises, prices fall. That isn't happening. So is Chevron and Exxon hording it all?
67. to #65 - they are gullible
george ,   usa   (03.16.07)
thank you! you are right about 911 happened on bush's watch! they are washing their BLOODY HANDS for what happened on 911 & iraq! that is why they blame clinton & name calling like leftist or liberals!
68. 67
JS ,   USA   (03.16.07)
Nobody in the world disputes who was President on 9/11/01. the fact still remains that the attack was palnned for years before "w" was in office. I am a fan of Clinton but do realize that if he wasn't so preoccupied with being impeached he might have actually got OBL. However when it comes to bringing the pain to the enemy, Bush has the field. I don't think Clinton would have ever gone after terrorists the way "w" has. But back to my whole point that started this silly conversation... As long as those who wish us harm are over there, I am cool with that.
69. Reply to JS
AR ,   USA   (03.16.07)
Ok a couple quick points. It dosnt matter when people started planning something you act like Clinton is responsible. Dont you remember Condi testifying that she got a report saying "Bin Laden determined to attack america" Obviously the Bush administration new something was gonna happen and THEY failed to act to protect americans. According to the NIT (and commen sense) Bushes war in Iraq has created more people who want to harm us so he really isnt helping us out in that department. I hate to sound like a bush basher but he is so incompetent i would just be lying to myself if i thought he did anything good. He dosnt care about terrorist. Do you remember the war a couple months ago in somalia? USA was supporting the very warlords that attacked our troops their years ago (blackhawk incident) Do you think he cares who attacks americans? What did Iraq have to do with 9/11 i know that question is anoying but it is a great question and if you can answer that then you will understand what we are doing in Iraq is WRONG. Also the Iraqis wouldnt be trying to kill us if we hadnt invaded their country and occupied it. Oil is an inelastic resource aka they can charge us whatever they want regardless of supply because no matter what we need it. Plus this bill is just about to pass so it hasnt happened yet. The UN cant even enter Iraq these are the very people who were robbing Iraq during Saddams reign so i wouldnt really trust them on the issue of human death tolls. Also their has only been one legit civilian body count done in Iraq and it said about 2 years ago 400,000-650,000 iraqis had died in acts of violence. Look you dont have to believe me or this result but think about this for one minute. Last month 6,000 Iraqis had died. I understand that that is one of the more violent months but for the sake of argument let cut that in half say 3,000 people a month (which is very reasonable) 4 years equals 48 months. 48*3,000= 144,000 people. So you see that 50,000 number is garbage. When was that investigation (i just want to know cuss ive heard bush use that number) Iraq right know is the 9 bloodiest civil war of the last 60 years. We have destroyed those people and it saddens me that someone in a country as great as america thinks it is ok for us to do that because they talk like the guys who attacked us on 9/11.
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