Israeli injured by sniper fire near Gaza
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 19.03.07, 13:13
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1. 3 cheers for Norway!
JPS ,   Efrat   (03.19.07)
YNET is now reporting that Hamas is taking responsibility for the attempted murder of this Israeli civilian. Oh, sorry, this is "legitimate resistance to the occupation" that is now endorsed by Norway.
2. Not a sniper
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (03.19.07)
Just an errant bullet fired into the skies by Hamas to celebrate the Norwegian recognition and the great successes of the Oslo Accord
3. Very Misleading Title
Raymond Johansen ,   Oslo/Gaza   (03.19.07)
There was no sniper, simply Israeli propoganda against my friends. Mr. Haniyeh and Mr. Abbas were simply restaging for me Mr. Abbas' great achievement in Munich in 1972.
4. Iranian/Hizbollah Sniper tactics
malcolm   (03.19.07)
This is no simple "incident" . Iran's war college, hellbent on the destruction of Israel is now going through a new "training" phase for Israel.This is identical with the succesful training of Israeli soldiers on the pre-Sureender Lebanon border. Israel & Israelis are being "trained" to stay a bullet's distance from Gaza and anyone , civillian or military alike, who penetrates a particular distannce or zone is dead. Iranian "training' is part of the sadistic Iranian culture. Look back last summer and see how Larijani trained Solana into becoming his slave through sadistic cancellations of meetings and ALAWAYS at the last minute leaving him with his pants down and his balls in his hands. The stronger the sadism the more effective the training session. So make no mistake about this. They are Iranian supplied sniper rifles and iranian trained snipers who act ONLY on Iranian orders.
5. #3 and propoganda....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.19.07)
I guess those qassams that rain on Israel are also just propoganda, huh? Palestinians do not even have to hide the facts...the left wing media does it for them.
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