Border Guard policemen admit they abused Palestinian teen
Efrat Weiss
Published: 23.03.07, 12:20
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1. Imagine Abbas or Haniyah giving jail time to palis for crime
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (03.23.07)
2. the sick left Israeli mind
marcel ,   florida   (03.23.07)
maybe if the IDF soldiers would follow the example of the Palestinian fatah and Hmas and strap on bombs and blow the Palestinian childeren into tiny pieces they would recieve the positive media spin from YNET and the sick leftist government which they so easily give to the Islamic terrorists whom they call militants? The Islamic terrorists are rewarded by a sick Israel and so they have no one else to attack but their own flesh and bllod for minor nonsnese compared to what the Plaestinians are doing. You fools ,hypocrities and cowards who reward evil ,your punishment is at the door.
STEPHANE ,   FRANCE   (03.23.07)
israeli "justice" you are TRAITORS!! who do you want to be liked by? you think that the pals will suddenly love us because you arrest this 3 heroes?! free them and give them a medal instead of arresting them!
4. They'd better face jail time
What they did was simply unaccaptable, allowing them to go free will simply show that it is ok and the other officers acting the same way (who simply haven't been caught on tape yet) will not hesitate to continue beating innocent defensless children
5. Promote them
Tzefa ,   Israel   (03.23.07)
No question: They deserve our support. ANYTHING done by our soldiers to our enemies while protecting us is legitimate- especially those enemies caught red-handed like these Arabs were. And those who filmed it should be beaten too.
Ahmed   (03.23.07)
Ron   (03.23.07)
9. All this for some slaps !!!!!!!!!!!
Avi   (03.23.07)
10. c' mon this is a no event
11. We have to show our power ! it's war man
Alain   (03.23.07)
12. c'mon, political- correctness is b.s!
oded   (03.23.07)
i'm quite sure that these arab youthes instigated , and prompted the treatment they recieved from the b.p soldiers... they must have taunted them , knowing there are camera crews around just to get beaten ,so it can be documented. the soldeirs should be realeased , and be promoted , not jailed. pliwood is a long, proven tactic the arabs use to try and shaME THE IDF.any one who buys nto these tactics , is even a bigger fool.
13. #11 Power show
Amir ,   Dusseldorf   (03.23.07)
The hezballah fighters told us how you showed up your "power" by crying and screaming for mummy when you don't fight children but brave heros like the hez fighters! Your IOF loosers suck!
14. to Stephane
Ayman ,   Jerusalem   (03.23.07)
To Stephane! I think when you see this video, you should feel ashmed to say that! Even I am sure that you have seen it, but your comment is really full of hatred! If you believe that these racist soldiers are heroes, then, I congratulate you for being worse then them.
15. police abuse evacuees
yoni ,   jeruslaem, israel   (03.23.07)
why is this bigger news than when we caught the police abusing girls and teens in the evacuation of amonah and gush katif? so far there has been no stated reason that the police abused the arab teen. it is hard for me to imagine that they went over to a random teen in the middle of a group who didnt do anything and started abusing them. dont just see one side of the story!
16. A nation of laws
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (03.23.07)
No one in our State is above the law, well no Jews that is. The officers will pay the price. Arab MKs will however continue to commit treason and sedition with impunity
17. OK to beat Jewish citizens though?
lk ,   il   (03.23.07)
.....the barbarian Eruv Rav from amona remain at large...
18. Moving on.
Talula ,   Israel   (03.23.07)
Had this Palestinian been a Tibetan Monk the reaction would have been a nation full of repulse and disgust. But he is no monk, he comes from a people who feel it's ok to kidnap Israeli soldiers, he comes from a people who send children to blow themselves up and cause death and mayhem. I for one cannot feel sorry for him. He's going to milk this for all it's worth now. Those soldiers should not be serving anytime at all in prison.
19. #2 and 3
Rustum ,   London, UK   (03.23.07)
Sick people in Florida. Sick people in France. Now let's take a scenario. Marcel in Florida is beaten up going home from the local cultural centre, the shopping mall. Three state troopers drag him from his car and beat him up. Newspaper columns are full of letters in support of the troopers, praising them for beating up fifth columnist Marcel. The troopers are then disciplined. The newspaper are full of further letters calling the judiciary and authorities "leftist traitors" and "followers of al-Qaeda" and "people who betray their own country." I think one hardly needs to describe the sickness of these sado-right wingers. Poster #2, screaming "traitors" about the disciplining of the three border guards, is in serious need of psychiatric help and perhaps a little course in the history of the French revolution and universal human rights.
Elvis   (03.23.07)
shame on this gov't
21. No, this is not war
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (03.23.07)
no its not. this is just a drama. war is something else, no heart today is ready to see. this is just a bloody drama. all people in play have main roles. without everyone sharing THIS DRAMA WOULDNT EVEN COMPLATED. we feel the tone of war. we are the one who borned to be warrier...but at the same time we love. for me, black is black...white is white.
22. heros for beating a kid??wish it was urs
marc   (03.23.07)
23. Jail !?
Palestinian refugee   (03.23.07)
remember it was a Palestinian who filmed them and they reacted only because of the film. they all know what the soldiers do to the Palestinians they even order them to do so but make sure no one see. when a Palestinian filmed them they show the world that they will trial them. very funny. remember the 1 shekel fine for the massacre perpetrators of kafr kasem. Where is the soldier who killed the Gaza girl cold blooded. give me a break
24. Toddler killed in renewed Palestinian infighting
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.23.07)
What have all you Pali sympathizers have to say now???
25. #14, Ayman...good to see you here...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.23.07)
But how come I haven't seen your talkbacks in articles which talk about Palestinian infighting, toddlers being killed, a grandma was caught between fatah and hamas? Surely these are worst than a slap, no? Your bias and hypocricy knows no bounds. You people have no shame and no remorse for human life. All you want to do is make Isrel look bad so you can blame all your problems on her. It is not going to work. People around the world are much smarter than you and can see through your lies and BS. Sorry to rain on your parade, but you are fighting a losing cause for the wrong side.
26. Muslims beat their wives all the time....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.23.07)
I don't see any posts about this. People like Rustum pick and choose their battles wisely. Only coming out when the story fits their beliefs...very pedictable. Muslims and Arabs should expect nothing less than this from israeli soldiers and guards. After all, how many have entered Israel and murdered innocent people? I would rather have these guys slapa young man, than let him in to kill. Not to say that they are all terrorists, but if we become less vigilant, more terror will come out.
27. YNET LEAVES OUT FACTS! The Arab was throwing rocks!
Rafi ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.23.07)
That Arab was throwing rocks at the police - that's the reason why the police are wearing their helmets (police don't usually wear helmets). SHAME on YNET for not reporting the full story!
28. This Border Guard Unit are OFTEN PELTED with ROCKS!
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (03.23.07) reports the border guards hit the Arab after REPEATED ROCK-THROWING ATTACKS on Israeli jeeps in the area. Border Guard Commander Hassein Fares suspended the 3 border guards. This border guard unit are OFTEN PELTED WITH ROCKS. Vicious rock-throwers maim and kill !!! A precious IDF soldier lost his eye to a violent hate-filled rock-thrower. WHY WERE THERE NO CONSEQUENCES FOR THIS WICKED ACT ??? Arabs are overjoyed that Israel gives them TOTAL FREEDOM to attack and maim Jews with rocks. Israel is a country that denies Jews the basic human right of protection.
29. Whats the big deal?
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (03.23.07)
Just Suspend them for a month without pay and call it a day! The kid got out of school at 12:30? Come on he was cutting class. He got his ass kicked for cutting class! Get over it people!
30. Double standards?
Margaret   (03.23.07)
Here are highlights from an article on this subject from another Israeli newsite. "Policemen seen hitting a suspected Arab rock thrower suspended at once". Those indicted for beating Jewish protestors still in active service. "This is a blatant example of double standard," said Orit Strook the head of a yesha civil rights group. When there is a case of violence against Arabs, there is an immediate suspension,but we have cases of police violence against Jews where indictments have already been handed down and the policeman are still serving and haven't been suspended. Strook,provided a few examples, mounted policeman Dud Edery who was indicted for trampling Yehuda Etzion in Amona a year ago, has not been suspended,policeman Yaniv Renuiv who was photographed chocking a boy during disengagment has not been suspended,and police officer Yechiel Amsalen, who kicked and broke the jaw of a protestor,has not been suspended. Of the 100 complaints filed against police in Amona last year only 3 indictments have been served. The border guard unit, patrolling the Hawara area,is often pelted with rocks. In this Wensdays incident , the police stopped a crowd of youths suspected of taking part in throwing rocks. One youth did not stop when ordered to by the police,and it was he who was filmed being hit.
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