IDF intelligence: Iran, Hizbullah preparing for possible US strike
Ronny Sofer
Published: 01.04.07, 15:49
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1. Whatever
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (04.01.07)
Haniyeh says, it will be a claculated lie. Just like Arafat, he will say anything and promise anything to lull the "enemy" .
2. Prepairing for war
Yossi ,   Canada   (04.01.07)
Why would these three degenerate naions be preparng for war?? The answer is simple. If postions were reversed then they would be attacking without hesitation.
3. Bush Is Too Weak To Attack
David ,   Marietta USA   (04.01.07)
The seditious traitors in the US Congress won't fund an attack, and then there's Olmert on your side. If I were Iran, I would be cranking up my nuclear facilities wearing a very broad smile on my face. Might even capture a few more Western hostages while I'm at it. 15 British hostages totrured, "confessing", and wearing schmatahs on their heads, paraded around on TV (in TRUE violation of the Geneva Convention) and nary a peep out of the world. Israel, you are not exactly sitting in a good position these days. Too bad your "leaders" haven't figured that out yet.
4. #1
enzo ,   london,uk   (04.01.07)
You're correct! It's called Taqqya and they are the masters!
5. Iran Preparing for War........
Miriam Jakubowitz ,   PHILA USA   (04.01.07)
Hopefully, the United States will not wait for Iran to strike, but strike first. Perhaps this is the only way to prove the United States will not stand for anymore terroristic actions on our homeland!!!
6. About time
Shabaz ,   IRAQ   (04.01.07)
The whole world knows that Iran and Syria are terrorism sponsers, everywhere in the world. Nobody can rise against them other than America, that is why they hate America. I Hope the day is coming and America will kick their ASS so hard, they will never be able to sit on it again, Iran may go back 100 years, because of rain of tomhawk from every direction, I guess Iranians have to leave their homes for a while because it is going to be worst than the earthquakes they suffered. If Iranian close harmouz gate they can't sell their oil, their oil refineraries will be gone in the wind, the whole infrastructure destroyed. And will be the time for the good people of Iran to rise and get rid of those Mullas for ever.
7. Middle East Putz!
Ag Mines ,   Pittsburgh, PA, USA   (04.01.07)
In time, Hizbullah, Hams and Al Aqeda will play out their threats and become victims of there own boasts. They will end up crying as they always do when it comes to real fighting. Cowards cannot win! A Law Of Nature!
8. Taqqya
Funkmaster Chris ,   NYC, USA   (04.01.07)
Taqqya, Shmaqqya, pile of cow flop, whatever. The United Srtates has proven beyond a doubt that they will easily emerge victorious fighting a war against any standing army in the Mideast. Iran will end up a pile of lttle broken rocks if they overplay their hand. Any student of the history of the past 60 years knows that superior air power will defeat any enemy when and if it is let loose. Does anyone actually doubt that the US possess both the weapons and effective delivery systems to turn Iran into a huge, radioactive sheet of molten glass over the course of one or two days? Please.
9. Bush won't tolerate nuclear Iran
sanjosemike ,   San Jose, U.S   (04.01.07)
The one thing that even Bush detractors admit, is that he is consistent. He has said that he will "not tolerate an Iran with nuclear weapons. His gift to the free world will be the attack of Iran nuclear facilities prior to the end of his term as president. Our "involvement" in Iraq has nothing to do with this. Our air power remains supreme and the Iraq war has nothing to do with this. Politically, Bush is "plenty" strong enough to do this, by virtue of the fact that he IS president, and that Iran is a direct risk to the US. Sanjosemike
10. Why wait?
Mike ,   Florida, U.S.A.   (04.01.07)
What the hell are we waiting for??? Iran has been a thorn in everyones side for TOO many years. Blow the crap out of them already and get it over with!!! Yes there will be a lot of innocents killed, but hey, it's them or us and I sure don't want to live under the rule of islam...
11. British issue could have been a probe for what's next
what if the Iranian take thousands of american soliders in Iraq hostages? what if the Iranians occupy Basra? Recent conflicts have been full of the unexpected !
ANA MARIA ,   LATIN AMERICA   (04.01.07)
13. To #3
Bob ,   Omaha, USA   (04.01.07)
The Brits and Iran are not in declared war, so the Geneva Convention holds no merit in this case.
14. Actually exactly now the americans are in perfect postion...
Lednah ,   Europe   (04.01.07)
Actually now the americans are in perfect position to strike Iran. The american troops are on the Iranian border and you can bet they are very angry and the fleet is flanking them on the other side.
15. #9 - Bush Won't Tolerate A Nuclear Iran
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (04.01.07)
To those who think the US is too weak to attack Iran's nuclear facilities. This is simply untrue. If the Americans don't, sooner or later the Israelis must. This is a fanatical fundamentalist Islamic regime that is fueling terror and misery across the globe. The only thing that could possibly be worse, is an Iran with nuclear weapons. Make no mistake, they will use them or give them to those who will. As the Iranian people seem unable or unwilling to bring their "mad dog" of a government down, the job will have to be done for them. Only then, will Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas begin to understand that the West will no longer tolerate the constant cycle of violence being precipitated and funded by Iran and other Islamic fundamentalist lunatics.
16. nothing to lose
mike burns ,   tucson, USA   (04.01.07)
I think that Bush has nothing left to lose by a massive attack on Iran, even nuclear. He's not running for office, he has worthless approval ratings and even his own party is openly against him. Remember, great military victories are achieved only by surprise. Bush is in a great position to pull off a surprise, precisely because it looks like the US couldn't possibly attack.
17. Paranoid
z ,   Canada   (04.01.07)
Propanada machine is back....You were pretty quiet for a while.
18. summer attack
David ,   rockville Centre   (04.01.07)
although the occupation of Iraq has not gone well, iran syria and hizbullah no they well be decimated by the us should they attack. All 3 are in serius financial trouble and politicaly they are getting weaker, the uS needs to stand its ground and maintain heavy pressure, all three will crumble from within. having said that if we should be attacked the us should not make the same mistake twice, the should rein down holy hell untill the enemy is not just beaten but anhailated.
19. More horse dukey
Kevin ,   Tyler, TX   (04.01.07)
This information comes from "IDF's Military Intelligence", AKA Mossad. These are the same guys who sold El Shrubbero on the WMD in Iraq. Yeah, hit `em now... another war for Zionism with Americans footing the bill in dollars and blood.
20. War with Iran?
jerrod ,   austin usa   (04.01.07)
Speaking as a former Republican (Bush changed that for good) there is no way this administration can or should be involved in another conflict ANYWHERE, let alone the Middle East. Iran from all accounts is many years away from getting a nuke. Let the next Administration handle Iran. This one has been given a "No Confidence" vote by everyone (in the U.S. anyway).
21. Re: Elections
Raj ,   Jersey, USA   (04.01.07)
Can't put anything past the Bush administration, they might try to do something to stir up the elections next year, I predict Sept./Oct. something will happen.
22. All you guys talk about nukes like its cake
Phil ,   Washington DC   (04.01.07)
If the US does make a pre-emptive strike, it will definitely not be with nuclear weapons so forget about that. It will be with stealth B-2's and F-117 and a bunch of F-22 Raptors, all of which Iran doesnt have the capability to even see. They will strike major military targets and strategic targets to completely take away their military ability except for foot soldiers pretty much. The US has no beef with the Iranian people and knows that theyre just in a shitty situation since 1979 and need the chance for another revolution.....this could be it
23. It'
Mustafa ,   Canada   (04.01.07)
24. British Soldiers were trespassing in Iran
Lisa ,   USA   (04.01.07)
otherwise, they WOULD NOT have been captured. They either screwed up and went the wrong way or were on a spy mission. Lets face the facts, Iran was correct on this note. Most captured soldiers in history were captured behind 'enemy lines'.
25. Kiss the ground
JohhnyFrisco ,   San Francisco, USA   (04.01.07)
They say that 72% of Iran's population in under 30 years old. Someone needs to remind them everyday they should kiss the ground. USA and Israel lack the will, not means to blow them out of the sand...and has for 70 years. The time is now for revolution from within.
26. #3 - no US President since WW2 declared war !
redkmike ,   tel aviv and london   (04.01.07)
Bush doesn't need approval to launch an attack on Iran. And you can be sure that unless Iran backs down very fast that the attack will be in the next few weeks.
27. #19 and any other detractors of Israel
Yoni   (04.01.07)
Israelis the “only” country with operatives that have been placed high up in the arab echelons of government. Israel is the only country that has fought the arab bastards for years on end. Part of any intelligence network is misinformation. If the USA is gathering troops on the Iraq border with Iran you can bet the attacking force will come from another direction into Iran. Don’t discount an Israeli attack into Syria then Lebanon and the PA if the US attacks Iran. The flow of terror from Iran must be stopped. Syria and Lebanon are just surrogates for Iran, the PA is a weak minded surrogate of a surrogate for Iran. The next targets will be the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their two faced terror war across the globe. The only way to stop the sand rats of the middle east is to turn to a viable alternate power source other than crude oil. Brazil has already become a non importer of oil using sugar cane as a source of fuel. When the oil the arabs use for wealth becomes worthless they will go back to riding camels and killing each other en mass instead of attacking the world. Lets face the facts, without oil the arabs and Iran have no infrastructure to produce anything. They are fat and rich because of oil and they have made no plans to keep their black empires without the aid of oil money. If the world stops the flow of oil the flow of Islamic terror will cease and never start again.
28. better a small war today rather than a neuclear war tommorow
zionist forever   (04.01.07)
Better for the US to deal with Iran today and risk Israel having to fight another war rather than allow Iran to get nukes tommorow and then bullying every state in the region and if one of the mad mullahs gets a message from Allah one day that he wants the good muslims to wipe the zionist entitly off the map then they will use it. With religious fanatics like that sometimes they will allow religion to overide logic forget what will happen to Iran if they nukes Israel Allah wants us to do it so thats what we need to do and worry about the personal costs later. Even if it they didnt decide to nuke Israel Iran would be the new regional power with their money to invest in milllitary hardware, their terrorist army and nukes nobody will dare stand up to them and it will make the whole region more unstable than it allready is.
29. Iran
Joe ,   Austin United States   (04.01.07)
Why does everyone fail to forget why the Iranians distrust us so much. They forget that the CIA and MI6 Helped destroy Iran's Democracy (Mossadegh) and install the Shah. This when Iran decided to nationalize their oil fields. The US also sided with and armed Saddam Hussein during the Iran -Iraq War. So here we are with people cheering this on like it is a football game. Our country used to be a Republic, now it is an empire. Why can't we just leave the middle east to itself and try to bolster peaceful economic cooperation instead of Military Intervention? We need to educate ourselves more on the middle east. The majority of Americans cannot even find Iraq on a map and here we are just blindly watching these corporate sounbytes and suddenly we are on the brink of another failed war and occupation. Have we really thought of the reprucussions. Do we really think China and Russia are just gonna let the US control the majority of the Worlds oil supply. We need to stop this warmongering and revert back to what our founding fathers encouraged. God help us.
30. Taqqya, Shmaqqya?
Doug ,   Portland, OR USA   (04.01.07)
"Any student of the history of the past 60 years knows that superior air power will defeat any enemy when and if it is let loose". Absurd. The exact opposite has been shown to be true repeatedly. Vietnam coming screaming to mind. We dropped more bombs there than in all of WWII without a victory. Boots on the ground is always the determining factor. No US president is going to unleash nuclear holocaust over Iran. Just ain't gonna happen, Funkmaster. The US will NOT end up in a war with Iran anytime in the foreseeable future. We just don't have the resources after 15 years of steady cuts in the US Army.
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