Fifth column forever?
Abir Kopty
Published: 07.04.07, 11:11
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1. what about Arab MKs? Are they not enemies of Israel?
Helena ,   Stockholm; Sweden   (04.07.07)
the author of this article could spare his crocodile tears as he is trying to deceive us. Arab MKs from RAKACH and the rich flora of Arab parties have been busy for years trying to destroy Israel stopping at nothing to promote there anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish agenda: aiding and abetting terrorists, incitement, co-operation with enemy states, the list is very looooooooooong... YES, many of Arab citizens (or at least their democratically elected politicians) ARE ENEMIES of Israel and should be handled as such... The author can call Azmi Bishara and others of his ilk and get the whole list of their wrong-doings
2. Arabs Are A Threat
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (04.07.07)
No amount of hiding behind liberal rhetoric can disguise the fact that this is a hostile & potentially dangerous population whose goal is the elimination of OUR state to be replaced by THEIR state. In my thinking, the two-state solution means a Jewish state on one side, an Arab state on the other. We do not belong in the same political entity - coexistence is not possible in our circumstances. If this entails population transfers, then that is what must be done.
3. Abir, if only Israel did to its so called "critics" as
Leo ,   Melbourne   (04.07.07)
Arabs do to their critics and dissenters. Then there will be no problems.
4. Fifth Column is very accurate!
Steve ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (04.07.07)
Arab Citizens of Israel must accept Israel as a Jewish State or they will forever be considered with suspect. Redressing discrimination of Arab citizens is most encouraged. However, the article by Abir Kopty is so disingenous. He knows all too well that these ideas that are floating in the Arab sector mean the death of the Jewish State. Maybe it is time for our Arab citizens of Israel to accept the Jewish character of the state and dedicate themselves to being loyal citizens. Maybe then trust will be considered by the rest of us.
5. Cooperation is difficult when you look at history
Concerned Israeli   (04.07.07)
The article makes a good point regarding the "chicken and the egg." Israel follows considerably inconsiderate policies in many areas towards its Arab citizens resulting in their alienation from the state. But these policies are meant not to alienate the Arabs, but to strengthen Israel and its security vis-a-vis those that really do seek Israel's destruction. The fact is, these people who want Israel to disappear are located within the Arab population so Israel's efforts to highlight this will be naturally aimed at the Arabs. One might call this a vicious circle. Another point to remember is that according to a recent survey most Israeli Arabs do not believe that the state should be Jewish and that they identify more with the Palestinians than with Israelis. No matter what Israel does, the ethnic, cultural and religious barriers to reach and, if possible, draw in Israeli Arabs, are too high to bridge the gap already created by years and years of conflict. It's only natural that the Arabs, who have never been historically exposed to a lifestyle of tolerance of the Other, will automatically want to be a part of their own nation and not of the Jewish state. The reality on the ground shows that Israeli Arabs wanting to live at peace with the state of Israel have every opportunity to do so. It's those that don't who create the problems for all.
6. To Abir Kopty. ONLY In The Parliament.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (04.07.07)
You write :".. Government's intention to expropriate land in northern Israel ..". Abir, you SHOULD know that land conquered by the Israeli Defence Forces BELONGS to the Israeli Government. And the Israeli Government can do with that land whatever it wants; like, for example, building a city there. You write :".., the constitutional proposal we raised, ..". Law is drafted ONLY in the Parliament by Parliament Members. Private persons or private societies do NOT draft laws meant for a country. AFTER the creation of Israel in 1948 156,000 Arabs remained in Israel. AND that 156,000 has expanded into 1,2 million Arabs in Israel in 2006. THAT figure of 1,2 million means that the Arabs are having a GOOD time in Israel. BTW if you behave like "fifth column" -- you will be called "fifth column". IF you behave as law-abiding Israeli citizens -- you will NOT be called "fifth column".
7. Why is Jewish success always labeled as conspiracy, period?
Haifa, Israel   (04.07.07)
Here's another stereotype: Arab/Muslim bellyachers love to add intelligence-insult to physical injury.
9. Dumb Jews seek self-flagellation. What dont you get it?
John ,   USA   (04.07.07)
Yes, you have a huge group of those who want you dead. Period! Therefore, the Jews must be united and not divided! Only the a united Jewish front can fight off that cancer.
10. 300K Palestinian Arabs and 25K Egyptian Arabs were allowed
Bill ,   USA   (04.07.07)
to settle in Israel. Why? They love what the Jews do for them and yet they hate the Jewish state. Stupid Jewish leadership! Real stupid!
11. The leftist, liberal, anti-Semitic Jews will destroy Israel
Robert ,   USA   (04.07.07)
by accomodationg the enemy inside Israel. The enemy within just as the enemy outside the state seeks the death of the Jewish sovereignity.
12. Listen to SHIN BET! It has always been correct in its
Melanie ,   USA   (04.07.07)
assessment! When SHIN BET sees a "strategic threat" then it is a strategic threat. No doubt about it.
13. Liberalism is OK while stupidity is NOT
Samuel ,   USA   (04.07.07)
They have 22 Arab state to chose from and should be encouraged to leave the Jewish state or Israel is in deep trouble. Their wounded pride does not allow them to like the Jewish Israel even when they have freedom, the best medical care, educational and professional opportunities in the Middle East.
14. If it Quacks like,walks like,swims like a duck-its a duck
Alan ,   SA   (04.07.07)
15. human rights
isiaiah   (04.07.07)
israel was created to give the jews a refuge and a security power . the palestinian arabs regard palestine as their birthright a sharing is the justice first by partition .they must abandon many islamic negative dogma about the jews with the new knowledges and events . islam must humanise keeping its family and modesty, it must denounce and this is critical denouce the severe limits on jewish escape fron nazi europe. jewish extremism is blantanly mad but jewish defense must be fanatic ,
16. To the Author - This's very interesting!!!
Abir, how dare you beg these people for mercy and acknowledgment?! They will never integrate you into their society no matter how hard you try. Palestinians are the owner of the land "PALESTINE" and it will be claimed back one day, you do not beg for it, you FIGHT for it. Keep yourself together mate, do not beg anyone, the demographics of the PALESTINE guarantee for you a definite upside-down change in the near future. Read their talkbacks and see how scared they are of the rapidly changing demographics… There will come a day when they have to live as a minority, as they always did throughout history. JUST LIKE SOUTH AFRICA and future generations will witness that... Stay composed and dignified mate and check out how many positive forgiving or tolerant talkbacks you have here! This is just a taste of they are! They should be grateful to us; they had nowhere to go to after they were slaughtered in Germany and everywhere else in Europe! Write a more interesting article next time..
17. to #6 maansingh-you are swo right.
susan ,   israel   (04.07.07)
18. ignorance is another indicator
banan ,   jerusalem palestine   (04.07.07)
90% of TB is by exactly the right wing ignorants who are racist and facist. a further proof to your ignorance of what you call the fifth coloumn that you talk to the writer as a he and she is a female and any person who knows arabic could tell from the name. but because you are full of S**t and racist you are just reiterating what your prejeduce media and other state apparatus claim. imagine calling Avi a she, it just proves that you know nothing about the discrimination we see under aparthied Israel, under the facist IDF. stop your racism before its too late. you are not the chosen people in the manner you beleive, you are not better than us, you are not better than a black man from south Africa. because if you beleive you are then look in the mirror again. the Zionest had relations with Hitler Germany while he was burning the jews. Israel was the only country who had relatrions with south Africa. wake up idiots and look in the mirror, you are only a need to an end, whether for judgement day fullfilment or whether its petrol. discrimination must end.
19. #18 It is comical when an Arab calls somebody else racist
Roger ,   USA   (04.07.07)
All 22 Arab regimes are based on racism, violence and hatred. The Arab militia is killing the black Africans in Darfur. In many Arab states there is no opportunity to get naturalized if you are not born there. They practice slavery in some parts of the Arab world. The so-called Palestinian Arabs are split along the terrorist lines: Hamas, Fatah, Al-Aqsa Brigade, this Jihad, that Jihad, you name it they have it. When the traveling Jews missed the road and ended up in the Palestinian Arab Ramallah they were lynched by the mob. Murdering and terrorizing the Jews is their most favorite pastime. In Israel there are 10 Arabs in the parliament. Is there at least one Jew in the parliaments of all 22 Arab states combined? In Jordan according to the law selling real property to a Jew is a capital offense and that is a "friendly" Arab country. Yet, the adversary, who is probably using the Jewish medical system and collects the welfare checks from the Jews has the audacity to call the Jews racist. The Jews must be racist in the eyes of the adversaries because they want to live in a modern democratic Jewish state rather than another brutal Arab dictatorship and that is what makes your kind mad and envious. You would rather have the Jews die, submit to your religion or laws that produce nothing more or less than corruption and the backward lifestyle you are so proud of.
20. #18 It is nice to know the enemies read the Zionist press
Danny ,   USA   (04.07.07)
and express their hatred toward the Jews and the ugly views. What a striking difference. Unlike you, the Jews are not that privileged. The Jews are precluded from expressing their opinions in the Arab press.
21. Israeli Arabs support Israel because they fear other Arabs
Uzi ,   Haifa   (04.07.07)
22. To banana #18. Seems Like You Have Looked.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (04.07.07)
You write :".. judgement day ..". You should know that at Judgement Day -- you will NOT be the Judge. ONLY the Supreme Lord is the only Judge of everyone in this universe. Conclusion: you should NOT worry about the activities of others. You should worry about your own activities. You write :".. (you) idiots .. look in the mirror, ..". Seems like you have looked in the mirror. And I presume the sight was unpalatable.
23. When Israeli Arabs call for the destruction of Israel..
RA   (04.07.07)
the rest of the Israeli public is usually slightly annoyed. You can understand that, right?
24. #23 Had they acted in any Arab state like they act in
Answer to RA ,   USA   (04.07.07)
the Jewish democracy of Israel they would been exterminated in the most brutal way. They are in luck precisely because Israel is predominantly Jewish and not Arab.
25. No.6 A rewriting of international law
Faraz ,   Meldreth, UK   (04.07.07)
Your theory is interesting. According to the claim you make, even in modern times, one country can "conquer" land that does not belong to them according to international law and, beyond this, can settle and absorb this territory, despite opposition from the (admittedly flakey) highest internaional body and in contravention of the aforementioned laws. Therefore, if an enemy country were to do this to Israeli territory, I presume you would find this acceptable - now there's an interesting basis for world peace. I said your theory was interesting - nuts - but interesting.
26. If co-existence is not possible Terry number 2, then
Nidal ,   Jerusalem, Palestine   (04.07.07)
the only solution would be that you go back from where your grand pa came from? Don't you think that this is fair. You forced yourself on us, it is not us. You came to live with us in Palestine, it is not us who brought you from Poland and Russia.
27. #25 It is funny when the brits who wiped out
Doddy ,   USA   (04.08.07)
the aboriginal race in Australia and exported the European pain, death and destruction all of a sudden found the new morality or international agreements. The world is still reeling from the horrors her Majesty's subjects distributed around this planet.
28. To Faraz #25. Since The Time Of Moses The Law Giver.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (04.08.07)
You write :".., one country can conquer land that does not belong to them ..". ISRAEL, including Judea and Samaria, belongs to the Jewish People since the time of Moses the Law Giver, i.e. 1320 B.Chr.. Meaning : for over 3300 years. SO, there is NO question of "land that does not belong to them". Whole of Israel, including Judea and Samaria, belongs to the Jewish People. Faraz, you have tried to appear intelligent -- but your History education appears to be DEFICIENT. SO, what is the use of your intelligence !!!
29. To Nidal #26. Jewish People Does NOT Need Your Permission
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (04.08.07)
You write :".. you go back from where your grandpa came from". IN the 1920s many Arabs came from Syria to settle in the Jewish Homeland. AND than again in the last part of the 1940s many Arabs came from Egypt to settle in the Jewish Homeland. SO, Nidal, if someone has to leave -- it will definitely NOT be Terry. You write :".., it is not us who brought you (here) ..". THE Jewish People does NOT need your permission to come and live in the Jewish Homeland.
30. If the Jews stop distributing
Dan ,   USA   (04.08.07)
the welfare checks to the representatives of the 5th column then they would go to where they truly belong - the 22 brotherly Arab states. Otherwise why leave if they have it better among the Jews than with their Arab brothers?
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