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The Sanhedrin’s peace initiative
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 01.05.07, 20:48
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MANDI ,   ISRAEL   (05.01.07)
2. uh oh...
David ,   Jerusalem   (05.01.07)
The Sanhedrin's letter may possibly make sense from a theological or halachic perspective, but it is madness politically. Why would a Shi'ite leader want to see the Beit HaMikdash rebuilt? The Muslim world is rife with fears that 'Haram-Al Sharif' is under attack, is it wise to add fuel to their fire, so that conspiracy theories can flourish? Won't this well-meaning letter be distorted to their propoganda? How exactly does the Sanhedrin propose to build the Beit Mikdash without angering Muslims? And how will it increase peace if a billion Muslims are against it? If Ahmedinijad was so out of touch with the Jewish world that he considered the Neturei Karta to be of importance, or simply used them for his political purposes, he may see the Sanhedrin as representative of Israeli & Jewish society in its entirety rather then a fringe group trying to put in practice what 99 percent of religous Jews (including myself) believe in, but are not going to do in the here and now.
3. um....oops
bertram   (05.02.07)
for my house will be called a house of prayer for ALL nations
4. To the Sanhedrin
ben ,   singapore   (05.02.07)
First Place To Start you Peace- The Unfair Detention of Jonathan Pollard by the American System Of Justice. The American Judicial and System of Sentencing have forgotten the Sanhedrin Hallmark of Character in the Administration of Justice. The Vatican are invited to join in to question the Unfair Detention of Jonathan Pollard.The Jesuit Order of the Vatican should speak up. The Jesuit are the real learned Catholic Order in the Vatican, this I have seen. Please put the case of Jonathan Pollard in your list to fight anti- semitism,if you really mean waht you say. Do IT ! The Xtian Zionist, it should funtion now or forget about you support. Knock on the Doors of Justice System of the United States of America with your book and charisma !
5. 1# 2# It wont be of any damage either - who knows?
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (05.02.07)
6. Yes, to the Temple. No to Temple Sacrifices.
Dave from Canada ,   Toronto, Canada.   (05.02.07)
Absolutely we should re-build the Temple ! However, No Temple Sacrifices- read Rambam. We have grown spiritually beyond the need for sacrifices. Why not let's be practical- Why do we have to build the Temple on the old Temple Mount and foment political problems with the Arabs? We can still build it somewhere else in Jerusalem. Also, we should get All Jews (men, women, All Factions and Sects of Judaism) involved in paying for it, and working on its construction, even if each of us only works on the construction - Can you imagine telling your grandchildren- I helped build our 3rd Holy Temple ! What a wonderful thing ! We must of course invite All Humanity to pray at the 3rd Temple, provided they do not say any prayers which are contrary to pure monotheism. I disagree with the premise that humanity is in trouble.
7. Someone
ben ,   singapore   (05.02.07)
Someone please send the Mordechai's to pull these stubborn yemene jews home to Israel. Too stobborn ! PULL by their nose.Tell them the duty of the Muslim society in Yemen is systematic distruction of jews like all extremist Islamic Jihat. QUICK !
8. Do not prejudge God's immanence
Marcel Abel ,   France   (05.02.07)
and His power therefore to visit human history. Psalms 102:16 For the LORD will rebuild Zion and APPEAR in his glory. It will be a divine initiative, not a human one and it seems that no prophet, speaking in the name of the Lord, has recently appeared and proclaimed that the current time be the time chosen by the Lord. The Psalm above-mentioned is explicit about the fact that both events will be connected, that is, Zion being rebuilt and the Lord appearing in his glory. God' s Realm will then be established and his blessed people - righteous Jews, secular Jews, Gentiles, all welcomed for living an eternal life praising and rejoicing the Lord. Moreover, inviting Iran's President, who still threats to destroy Israel, will certainly not win the approval of Israelis and of all those who faithfully support Israel.
9. Do not prejudge God's immanence (Second attempt)
Marcel Abel ,   France   (05.02.07)
and His power to visit human history. Psalms 102:16 For the LORD will rebuild Zion and APPEAR in his glory. It will be a divine initiative, not a human one and it seems that no prophet, speaking in the name of the Lord, has recently appeared and proclaimed that the current time be the time chosen by the Lord. The Psalm above-mentioned is explicit about the fact that both events will be connected, that is, Zion being rebuilt and the Lord appearing in his glory. God' s Realm will then be established and his blessed people - righteous Jews, secular Jews, Gentiles, all welcomed for living an eternal life praising and rejoicing the Lord. Moreover, inviting Iran's President, who still threats to destroy Israel, will certainly not win the approval of Israelis and of all those who faithfully support Israel.
10. #6: Temple must be built in Jerusalem
Gabi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.02.07)
Building it somewhere else will reduce the sanctity of the original place and of the Western Wall. It will be a travesty which too many religious centers won't agree. There is occupation on the mount today, the mosques. Israel was kind enough to leave these mosques. Truth to be told, we're not ready to build the 3rd temple there already, but we have symbolic nature of it. We have soverignity over the Western Wall plaza where we hold ceremonies and soldiers swear in and it's a place for joy for all people of Israel who come there all the time and marvel at the history of our people. We have the Tunnels and the wonderful Museum. We have a lot of presence in the Old City getting bigger and stronger in all quarters which are all ours. The mosques atleast serve as a tourist attraction (with peace billions of muslims...) and as a safe haven for us - Iran's president can't attack Jerusalem because of it, never forget it, no one can. Jerusalem is safe because of this sacriligious.... on the mount. As long as there's Jewish presence and country in Israel, even at small parts, even at small parts of Judea and Samaria, and the Coast etc, we can take comfort of that. It IS something.
11. That's right, self appointed!!!
שילוה   (05.02.07)
Hey "Sanhedrin" you are self appointed wanting to return to the sub-human animal sacrifice. Can you not see in the Prophets that we dont need sacrifice! The mashiakh will surely unappoint you all and get those who are not decendents of erev rav to legislate the show. The temple will be for all the nations for prayer!! Prayer, not a sub-human blood bath. We have come from human sacrifice to animal sacrifice to prayer, and you want to go back. This is a discrace to haShem. We simply will never learn.
12. Sanhedrin & Seven Laws of Noah
Brad L. Burge ,   Louisville, KY, USA   (05.02.07)
The Sanhedrin will offer the Seven Laws of Noah as the means to world peace. The world will only accept after great world conflict that will likely happen very soon. Watch.
13. 8 My Compliments For More Relevant Citation (2nd try)
Paqid 16 Netzarim ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (05.02.07)
The citation should be Tehilim 102.17, however. That gives away that you're still using a Xn "OT" instead of a Tanakh, and not yet relating to the original Scripture. Nevertheless, it's a beginning. I commend your progress and encourage you to continue progressing. Beginning on the same page enables us to communicate. Without resorting to displacement theology or embracing contradiction, we can then consider another passage also attributed to Dawid ha-Melekh (David the King), 19.8: "תורת י--ה תמימה משיבת נפש" (The Torah of ha-Sheim is whole/perfect, restoring the psyche/soul). The passage goes on to state (literally): "the testimony of ha-Sheim is trustworthy, wisening the simpleton. The פקודי י--ה (piqudei; orders of) ha-Sheim are straightforward, rejoicing the heart. The מצות (mitzwot; Torah-commandment) of ha-Sheim is clear, enlightening the eyes. Awe of (or reverence for) ha-Sheim is pure, enduring forever are the משפטי (mishpatei; beit din judgments of) ha-Sheim; all-together צדקו (they are tzadiq; just)." The keeping of Torah, including mishpat (judgments of the beit din = Halakhah) is commanded more than 200 times in written Torah as an intrinsic part of the mitzwot (commandments) of Torah. This is only one of the things that the Church has hidden from Xn eyes. Further, neither ha-Sheim nor His Torah changes. In many places, Torah defines Am Yisraeil (the kindred of Israel) as the people of ha-Sheim, corroborated by the title "Elohim of Israel"; always contradistinguished from the goyim. Another thing that Xns aren't taught is that being counted with Israel isn't a racist, exclusively genealogical, issue. You are welcome if you will abandon contra-Torah ways to follow Torah. Israel is defined by the berit of Torah. You can go to an Orthodox rabbi, learn Torah, implement Torah and become part of the real-world Israel like I did. You don't have to remain in the world of pretend Israel (Rev. 2.3 & 3.3). However, while this forum was a good place to start, it isn't the proper venue to continue that process. I encourage you to continue studying and progressing. All the best
14. 10 Gabi, An Archeological Point (2nd try)
Paqid 16 Netzarim ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (05.02.07)
You're indisputably right about Har Moriyah being the only possible location for the Beit ha-Miqdash. The suggestion of an alternate site was ignorant. According to some researchers (and, IMO, the weight of archeological evidence), the Gold Dome mosque is built about 100m south of the where remnants of both Batei ha-Miqdash were found and photographed before being bull-dozed away by the Muslims (documented, inter alia, in the Biblical Archeology Review magazine). You can see the overlays and diagrams in my website (click History Museum in left panel, then the "Judaism" room in the top menu). Also, because [a] Muslims aren't idolaters and [b] I don't think the Gold Dome mosque sits where the next Beit ha-Miqdash should, I think the mosque should not be considered a sacrilege. (The silver domed mosque is even further south.) In fact, since Scripture describes a Beit Tephilah (House of Prayer) for all kindreds (Yeshayahu 56.7), it would seem to make sense to include the mosque within a compound that includes the next Beit ha-Miqdash. I'm willing to be corrected but that seems to be compatible with Scripture. If so, it would certainly go a LONG way toward resolving the conflict. Interestingly, your point about tourism is well taken in that light.
15. funny
Michael ,   Haifa   (05.02.07)
Prof. Hillel Weiss' Flying Circus !!!
16. Kol hakavod Yirmeyahu!
שילוה   (05.02.07)
17. Temple
Scot ,   Toledo   (05.02.07)
Stand by for another Nebuchadnezzar, Antiochus IV or Titus, and prepare for the difficulty that may follow while honestly seeking G-d with all your heart.
18. Capture of Temple Mount in 1967
Daniel - Atlanta ,   USA   (05.02.07)
The capture of the Temple Mount in 1967 was foretold in the Book of Daniel, chapter 8. Exactly 2300 evening-mornings (i.e., Passovers) after the starting event of Daniel's vision (the Battle of Granicus in May 334 BCE, when the he-goat representing Greece overcame the ram representing Persia), the sanctuary was restored to its rightful/covenant ownership by Israel. Daniel 12 confirms this interpretation. Anyone who wants a printout fully explaining this interpretation can email me.
19. The New Temple
Annie Hitchcock ,   United States   (05.02.07)
The New Testament says your temple will be rebuilt and the "outer court" will be given to the gentiles, perhaps that is the present day Dome of the Rock area? We Christians are awaiting the return of G-D as well. We know He will not come until your temple is rebuilt.
20. nothing wrong with talking with the Arabs
David Ha'ivri ,   Kfar Tapuach   (05.02.07)
As long as we stand for what rightfully belongs to us. See my book on the issue "Reclaiming the Temple Mount"
21. if it is foolish G-d will harden their hearts
michael   (05.02.07)
if it is meant to be they will respond positvely. Besides the World Political situation is headed for a major meltdown. I don't think their is much to lose.
ntech ,   Sioux City IA USA   (05.02.07)
Here's the problem. According to the book of Hosea specifically chap 6 verses 1-3 the Jews have been under a 2000 year top level Leviticus 26 curse. It still has 20 to 50 years yet to run. To build a temple now could be disasterous. Your G_d per se is still upset with your people. And that's why the prophet has yet to appear.
23. The Prophets Warned Against Temple
Linda ,   St.Catharines Canada   (05.02.07)
Hebrew and Hebrew Christian prophets warned against the rebuilding of the temple because, regardless of what is believed or intended by the 'pro-Temple' camp, this temple, which is NOT by God's command, will NOT be honoured or inhabited by God but by satan himself. Daniel 11: describes how the Jewish people will be set up, deceived and betrayed and when it is too late to escape, a charismatic world leader who has gained the trust of all nations will turn on Israel and, as Daniel 11:31 says: "His army will take over the Temple fortress, polluting the sanctuary, putting a stop to the daily sacrifices, and setting up the sacrilegious object that causes desecration." The rejected Hebrew Messiah Jesus warned in Matthew 24:15: "The time will come when you will see what Daniel the prophet spoke about: the sacrilegious object that causes desecration standing in the Holy Place"-reader, pay attention! " The Hebrew Christian prophet John warned also in the Revelation 13:6that: one spoken of as 'the beast' will have a mouth filled with blasphemes; "And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven." So, the plans and desires to build a third Temple are inspired by satan, not by the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus Christ.
24. Nothing is more foolish, presumptuous and arrogant
Paqid 16 Netzarim ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (05.02.07)
Than for those who cannot read a book to presume to teach it to those who can read it. Anyone who wants to know hot to interpret the Neviyim (prophets) according to the same perspective as the Judaic Neviyim should have the good sense to ask [a] a Judaic teacher of the same people, religion and culture and [b] someone who can read the Neviyim. (Hint: it isn't written in English.) Goyim apply context alien to the Neviyim authors and -- no surprise -- crank out symbols and interpretations that would make the Neviyim roll over in their graves. Such are all charlatans. Start with the Artscroll Publisher's "Yechezkel" and other Neviyim. I've also written books on the subject, though they may be too advanced for someone who hasn't digested Artscroll's "Yechezkel." For instance, Danieil prophesied not what the goyim foolishly teach but, specifically "The 1993 Covenant," one of my books on prophecy. The goyim also misunderstand the symbolisms and apply interpretations alien to the authors of "Revelation." The Judaic interpretations of this are found in "The Unveiling." You'll find them both radically different from goyim strayings. Both books are available in the website below. Paqid Yirmeyahu Israeli Orthodox Jew Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority Welcoming Jews & non-Jews
25. "Prof"
I YAM WHAT I YAM   (05.02.07)
"Prof Hillel Weiss of the Sanhedrin explained that the Torah and the prophets have tasked the Jewish people with the responsibility for world peace." Yeah, alot of the rabbanim of the original sanhedrin were "prof". When the Gemarah mentions Rabbi Shimon ben Shetach, it was a misprint. They mean to write "Prof Shimon ben Shetach.
26. Collect the stones
Steve ,   USA   (05.02.07)
B"H The Torah specifies that the Temple should not be fabricated out of hewn stones. The last Temple did not have its stones hewn by Jews. But if we Jews are commanded to rebuild something, we should follow the commandment exactly. The materials for the Mishkan were assembled before the tent was constructed. We need the smooth stones collected and assembled. No metal can touch these stones. Before the Jewish people correct their error, what is the point of proceeding? Let us get the stones ready. That is the major first step that I do not see happening yet. We need to just like the war report look at ourselves and find out how our ancestors sinned so that the Temple does not stand today. We need to rectify that sin for it to stand again. We cannot get out of our duty of rectifying the sin of our ancestors and hope that the Temple would be beneficial. Let us collect the stones in the proper way in the manner of Jacob who arranged 12 stones around his head before assembling the building.
27. Re #23; is this not the present state?
Steve ,   USA   (05.02.07)
B"H I am no expert on other religions. But what you describe sounds very similar to the present situation and not a future rebuilding. As for plans representing "satan", "statan" is a hebrew verb that means to stop. Its first biblical context is in stopping an enemy of Israel. We need to talk with the rocks is the verse I take from Moses when strikes the cliff to bring forth water. We need to talk to the rocks and not assemble the building yet until the people are ready for it. But properly getting the rocks together is the step that is important. Going beyond that is not necessary yet as I see it, until the people are in the proper state to receive the first step.
28. Mandi, Israel.....
Ron ,   AR, USA   (05.02.07)
Mandy, why would we gentiles help build it? For one, this gentile loves all of God's chosen people. I desire for your people to see their King, Jesus Christ. You may not know it yet but your eyes will be opened soon as God sanctifies Himself in you. Your temple is exactly what is needed to start the prophetic clock towards the midnight hour. We gentiles support those that God holds as His very own. This is why we help protect you as a nation. We have done many things that we should not be proud of regarding Israel but personally, I love you and every Jew on the face of this planet. you are truly special people!!! God loves you also!!!
29. 13 Thank you indeed for trouble I gave you !
Marcel Abel ,   France   (05.02.07)
I was given too figures for the chapter (Tehilim 102, that is to say 16 [17], (NIV) but Louis Segong gave 17. It would be so difficult, even not possible, for me to use Tanakh in extenso, but I use several translations on the web. I use Louis Segond, Osty, Jerusalem Bible, etc. as well (I should try Chouraqui too, do you think I should ?) but I have to use them on line (a number are not on the Web) because of following. I hate to mention this here but due to my severe eye disease, I cannot read texts if police is under 18 pt for my right eye and minimum 30 pt for my left eye ( severe macula degeneration and glaucoma). So I extensively use a browser (Firefox) which the excellent button Ctrl++ (NO advertisement). But good translations from Hebrew maybe cannot be found on line). I thank you for the trouble I gave you regarding commenting and translating from Hebrew. I really appreciated it. Even if it's never to late to start something new (and so important as Bible Hebrew), I am a bit too old to learn Hebrew. But it's not the main reason unfortunately. You could not understand why if I don't tell you I suffer from an other most severe, incurable disease of the motor neurons (amy. lateral sclerosis). Very sorry to tell it here. So I do thank you for your commenting, encouragement and valuable counselling. May ha-Sheim comfort all those who will remain faithful, encourage those who try to stand up after falling, bring rest and confidence and joy for all those who are seeking for help, crying of finding none and despairing for feeling alone. Have a very nice day !
30. In my answer to Num. 13 (not published so far ?)
Marcel Abel ,   France   (05.02.07)
I misspelt a family name. I meant Louis Segond, not Segong. Thank you
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