Syrian opposition head warns against peace with Assad
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 27.05.07, 08:20
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1. Syrian opposition head warns against peace with Assad
Democracy in Syria will be a considerable help. BUT, the Golan Heights should still not be on the table, even after such a miracle, let alone before it happens or as a lubricant to alledgedly help it to happen.
ben ,   singapore   (05.27.07)
NOW taking their personal interest at the expense of Israel ! Sounds like Peretz and Livni isnt it...ops Olmert I almost FORGOT ! DRAMA !
3. interesting.
no wonder he's exiled from syria. assad trembles every day for his throan. people are not happy. they are afraid and the poverty is rampant. people live in squalor, starving and governed with a very tough hand....same as iran. the time will come when these people will wake up, look to the west and request freedom. it is coming. what the arab dictators are the most afraid of is internal strife. this is why they debase their population, keep them on a tight economic rope. do not educate them, do not provide for them, and most of all, always find israel as the common enemy to unite their people, god forbid their people actually catch on and realize they have been duped. israel is the forefront for blame so that the arab masses do not look too closely at these totalitarian regimes and how they screw their population. arab leaders have no honor, no compassion, no dignity, no humanity. they use religion when it's convenient, israel when it's convenient, the west when it's convenient, but never use themselves because they are terrified at what their public will actually find out....that they are all zeros and tyrants.
4. syria and peace
there are only two reasons syria wants peace with israel 1. they want the golan heights back so that they can set up hizbulla and terrorist bases on the heights....a very strategic piece of land, high in the mountains overlooking israeli towns, kibbutzim and villages....lots of population. once hizcullah gets its base going on tghere, israel is doomed. what one seens happening from gaza would be a peace of cake compared to what will rain on israel from the golan heights. israel can't afford to even think about the golan heights as a pre condition to peace with this tyrant country and regime. iran and syria will supply missiles, training, able bodies of suicide bombers, etc... a mess! 2. redeem their honor and pride because they lost so badly during the war. this little peace of land is arid, means nothing to the syrians. it's only symbolic of their shameful defeat after attacking israel and loosing. arabs are proud people. they can't stand defeat, especially such a blatant one. israel having their golan is a thorn in the syrian butt. unfortunatelly, it will remain in israel, annexed for ever. syria, do not start a war you can rarely win at. lesson number one! and stop crying after your loss because no matter how many tears you shed and how many calls for peace, you'll never see this property again. israelis are not stupid and their mistrust of you is based on your reputation and conduct of the past and present. you can't continue to export terror and missiles and hizbulla elements and claim you want peace with us.
5. the Golan
israeli ,   israel   (05.27.07)
can be a symbol of peace and fraternity under Israeli control as well. This is no real peace offer. Just another hoax. Besides, the Assad dynasty doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.
6.  "Olympic city in which youth from
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (05.27.07)
the Arab world and Israel could meet and play Olympic games in a village built for them. " Pigs will fly and chickens will sing opera before this happens! The Arabs will never accept Israel or it's right to exist. They'll settle for nothing less that her distruction. Peace with the Arabs is nothing more than a hudna.
7. He wants the Golan gold medal
zionist forever   (05.27.07)
It sounds to me the man wants exactly the same as Assad politicly but he understands about diplomacy and politcal manipulation better than Assad he wants international support for his cause nothing more. He is also worried that if Assad wins his war to get the Golan back he can be the national hero and it will help him put down the oposition. The Golan belongs to Israel, there should never be any agreement that results in giving away the entire Golan either to Assad or his oposition both for reasons of security and morality. This is jewish land, there is also alot of land up therfe bought by the zionists for the jews but it ended up in Syrian hands when the British gave the Golan to the French.
8. Syria doesn't want, can't make and won't maintain real peace
Uzi ,   Haifa   (05.27.07)
Syria may be ready to move toward peace only when they accept and be satisfied with territorial compromise in the Golan.
Greg ,   Baltimore   (05.27.07)
I don't trust Farid Ghadry at all. A quick search on Google shows him to be a big time neocon and a member of AIPAC. Clearly this man does not have much support in the Middle East and is only looking out for his own interests.
10. Syrian election
AlberoGA ,   Houston, USA   (05.27.07)
What a joke this Assad. He is the only candidate. I am trying to find out why he is playing this stupid game.
11. This guy is a traitor
Nina ,   Bristol UK   (06.07.07)
he works for AGNG (linked to AIPAC) and he has often made lies about syria and has criticized Syria . Yes syria has its problems but it has more freedom , has christians , has women at ministerial level , has women who compete at sports , and high level Jobs , women who drive a lot better than saudi and Kuwait , the friends and allies of America . this guy is evil and should not be trusted , anyone who conspires with the enemis of his country is an enemi . He wil never be a leader in the furture in syria , he ll make money but will end up abroad , people in syria will spit at someone like him . The Harkis did that in Algeria and now they live in Ghettos in France despised by both the Algerians and the French . their kids have the highest cases of suicide and depression
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