Fundamentalists in Gaza threaten to behead 'immodest' women broadcasters
Associated Press
Published: 02.06.07, 19:17
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1. And "peaceful" Islam stands by and says nothing.....
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (06.02.07)
2. And the British boycott Israel?????
Poitcha ,   Israel   (06.02.07)
Ha...and the British boycott Israel.... No further comments needed
3. To #1 - That IS "peaceful Islam"
Darren ,   Tampa, FL USA   (06.02.07)
The biggest lie perpetrated by those deluded by the truth is that Islam is peaceful. Just read the Quran. See its history. Look at its "prophet" and his life. Peaceful he was not. The history was not peaceful.
4. muslim outcry?
Richard-Goj ,   Amsterdam Hollland   (06.02.07)
Salmon Rushdie-> muslim outcry Danish cartoons-> muslim outcry IDF fighting Hamas-> muslim outcry - When can we finally expect an outcry of anger of "moderate "muslims about the insanity of"cutting throats from vein to vein" in Iraq, the stoning of women in Iran and in this case: fundamentalists in Gaza threatening to behead "immodest" women broadcasters. Every time the unfathomable madness of radical islam is at stake, even muslims themselves look into another direction.
5. Surprise!
Jonathan ,   East Coast, US   (06.02.07)
Is this to anyone's surprise? Not mine...
6. This, too, is all the fault of Israel!
Saul ,   Barcelona   (06.02.07)
Sword of Truth is obviously planted by Mossad to prevent the peaceful Palestinians from peacefully achieving their peaceful goals of peace!
7. Londonistan you are next
Lina ,   USA   (06.02.07)
Boycott Israel and this is what you'll get. After the Palestinians and their lackeys destroy your universities, British boutiques will be allowed to sell only black burqas.
8. and now... from the BBC
Ernalud France ,   Tours, France   (06.02.07)
OK... now let's see if this threat gets mentioned on the BBC... mentioned, that is, BEFORE one of these ladies heads gets to roll on the floor. And perhaps, as suggested by Poitcha (#2) the academicians consider the "moral implications" of their tacit contribution to such beheadings.
9. O X Y M O R O N (S)
"We will cut throats, and from vein to vein, if needed to protect the spirit and moral of this nation." OR LACK THEREOF!
10. ABOUT 6
get it?   (06.02.07)
just b4 anyone gets confused - Saul was having 'a dig' - 100%. (but yeah, Israel is the cause of everything, surely . . . .) lol
11. Islamist crazy threats shall be repaid in kind
It's Fatwa Time! ,   Muslimania   (06.02.07)
If these barbaric women-hating bastards cut any Muslim woman's throat, let them be castrated with a dull knife, "from vein to vein." Yah--that'll deter them allright!
12. Muslim Women
Kapara al Haismuk ,   Apartheidistan   (06.02.07)
I must say, most muslim women look better with the hijab than without it.
13. This is good news for
religious zionist ,   WOMAN how awful!   (06.02.07)
a very chareidi friend of ours who writes from Jerusalem....
14. HA HA HA... Send BBC's Orla Guerin Back to Gaza !!!
malcolm   (06.02.07)
I'd love to see what her Islamist friends will do to her now that they are in control. Viva HAMAS!!!
15. Where are the "brave" Feminists NOW?
DK ,   usa   (06.02.07)
They're silent cowards afraid to confront these vile sub-humans. Can't you see their "game"? You create one terror group after another, each one worse than the other. Today you give arms and money to Fatah, tomorrow, Hamas and soon they have their "Jihad State". As for "moderates", they either are afraid or sympathizers. Stop all muslim immigration into the West now or suffer a similar fate. Reform Islam, or consign it to the trash heap of history where it belongs. We will never "submit".
Andrew ,   Miami,Fl   (06.02.07)
17. Misogynyistic Religious Nuts
Kerry ,   Las Vegas, USA   (06.02.07)
Insecure men are trying to keep women down. Shoot them.
18. Sickening
D ,   Israel   (06.02.07)
These people are sick and obviously still in the dark ages where they use to guillotine people. SICK!
19. "We will cut protect the spirit and moral.."
Spirit and moral? Are you crazy? You have no sense of morality what-so-ever. Killing the women is a very bad idea. Who will the brave terrorists have to hide behind and who will make the babies for you to blow up if you kill the women? "These people... They actually think if you kill children, if you kill women you go to heaven. This is not an ideology. It's a mental illness."--One sane Muslim
20. Not our problem
Antonio ,   Haifa   (06.02.07)
Let the Arabs sort each other out.
21. PEACE NOW - What have you got to say?
Jake T ,   Alaska   (06.02.07)
Any comments? Any teensy-weensy comment? Or, true to form, you will keep silent, blind and deaf to anything that blemishes your phony, idealized and completely stupid idea of your favorite "victims". So, is Israel to blame for this too?
22. Kerry in LV-USA
Saul ,   Barcelona   (06.02.07)
Insecure men, yes, keeping women down, yes...But is shooting them an answer? Who do you propose will shoot them? PA/Hamas/Islamic Jihad that run Gaza? The IDF(yeah, I can just see that)? International feminist avengers? UN? NATO? Javier Solana? Participants in this chat? In Muslim societies, most women are willing participants in their own denigration and dehumanization. It is the mother who teaches her daughters the shame of going out uncovered. It is the auntie that takes a crying little girl to be "circumcised". They are taught to wear signs of their oppression as a badge of honor. Yes, they are brainwashed, but, I venture to say, offering to shoot their men is not a remedy most will readily accept. Perhaps, education, economic empowerment, every kind of overt support will be more effective, if not as immediately satisfying, in the long term than shooting every Muslim man who views women as inferiors (a vast majority)? Perhaps, the indignant righteous ones will see fit to base their boycotts on these moral implications, rather than lynching the Israeli academia?
23. Farfur's got the knife ready--NICE!!!
Black Death   (06.02.07)
24. #6 You're absolutely right, it's Israel's Fault
Hani ,   Palestine Vagabond   (06.02.07)
The longest most suffocating occupations in modern history has already turned Gaza into a steam pressure cooker, resulting in various forms of mental and physical disorders. It was all planned by Sharon, who pledged to send the Palestinians "on a diet" until they start killing eachother in the world's biggest open-air prison. What exactly did you expect to usher in the Gaza following a unilateral disengagement? A Singapore? An Andorra? GET REAL! You bet it's Israel's fault, it is the REASON 1 million people are living in abject misery and the highest population density in the world following Naqba and their subsequent refugee status.
25. #24..Hani
Nemesis   (06.03.07)'re funnier than the Simpsons.
26. Mickey Mouse telling kids to kill, why not this too?
marie ,   usa   (06.03.07)
27. To Hani, #24
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (06.03.07)
Many of us expected Disengagement to result in FEWER missiles fired at Israel. If for no other reasons, Hamas could have tactically reduced the number of missiles fired to encourage more disengagement and discourage checkpoint enforcements and all that. Think of it as a spiral of non-violence. In any case, that didn't happen. Many of us made the mistake of believing Disengagement would work. I guess you're right Hani. It IS Israel's fault!
28. to hani #24
kutuzov ,   new york   (06.03.07)
i am curious... are the palestianians ever at fault? are they at fault for committing "honor" killings? are they at fault for subjugating their own women? Are you arab brothers at fault for having the palestinians live like subhumans in refugee camps for 40 years in syria, jordan, lebanon, etc? are the arabs at fault for creating the mess your people find themselves in right now - i.e. by starting war after war against israel? Are the palestinians or your arab brothers ever at fault or is it only the jews/israelis who are always at fault. Look about you... look at what israelis have accomplished - a technologically advanced country with a top notch medical system, a democracy. Now look about the arab world... oil riches beyond imgination... yet, women who can't go to school or even read, totalitarian regimes, polygamy, poverty for the masses, and a mindset that can only be described as "medieval." Are any of the arabs at fault?
29. #24 Hysterical Hani far from Palestine
Lina ,   USA   (06.03.07)
Did you even read the article? Taking a break from the British boycott campaign and stopped by to smear Israel? You failed to even notice this article is about the latest group of brain dead Islamists, "Swords of Steak Knives" harassing and threatening to kill women because of their un-Islamic attire. That obviously doesn't bother you. Did you ever stop to think that maybe the Palestinians live in abject misery because their leaders and terrorist groups steal their foreign aid to wage war with Israel? That they create chaos making it impossible for anything to work and that they have the highest population density because they don't practice birth control and give birth to children they cannot afford to support? Did you ever consider the possibility disengagement was an opportunity for the Palestinians to create instead of destroy something? Do you consider mothers who praise their son's martyrdom attacks mentally sound or woman who feign disability to explode themselves at border crossings truly disabled? Poor Hani. It must be frustrating to live in a world where all you do is blame Israel. Making excuses for the Palestinians, blaming and trying to isolate Israel will not make life any better for the Palestinians.
30. This should come as no surprise
Tracy W   (06.02.07)
Arab nationalism is being defeated by Islamism. Read The Religion of Peace. com and see what's the situation in other countries. From one article: Twenty-five beheadings _ including 10 already this year _ have been reported in southern Thailand since an Islamic-inspired insurgency erupted in 2004, claiming more than 2,200 lives. Militants in the heavily Muslim region seek independence from mostly Buddhist Thailand. "Beheadings are certainly on the rise outside of the Middle East proper," said Timothy Furnish, professor of Middle Eastern history at Georgia Perimeter College. "These groups do take their cues from ... hardcore Islamic thought coming out of the Arab world. Beheading infidels not only shocks, but also demonstrates Islamic bona fides to other groups."
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