US to fund defense systems for Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 27.07.07, 01:39
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1. Bribing Israel To Accede Willingly To Their Demands
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (07.27.07)
Let us all not break out the bubbly just yet. IF Washington continues to insist on Israel destroying its heartland and hand it to the terrorists, these monies won't mean squat.
2. Let's hope they work better than SCUDs
AK   (07.27.07)
let's hope it is not a scheme to have Israelis give away territory for a dubious and unproven 'defense shields.'
3. What about a system to stop short range projectiles?
Rob ,   Melville, NY   (07.27.07)
4. Putin will have to arm Iran now then
Pavel ,   Moscow   (07.27.07)
The USA is really stirring the pot now, giving the pathetic Poles and Czechs a missile shield was bad enough but now giving their hard earned tax dollars away to prop up a doomed and insecure state, Bush has really messed up big time with this.
5. to Pavel
Vlad ,   US   (07.27.07)
"pathetic Poles and Czechs" huh? The only "doomed and insecure state" I ever heard of is mother Russia, super-pathetic as well. Man, you are blind, you are living in the banana republic, ruled by the chief cruel and bribed. Wake up.
6. defence systems
colin   (07.27.07)
The writer of this article infers that Israel is again recieving presents from the USA ,Be advised that Israel is a pawn and research and developement for these missle systems.America spends to cost of these projects but has very little opertunity for actual tests hence give it to the suckers Israel The loss of soldiers is borne by Israel.The experiment was successful only after usage in actual defence as in Israel.Also the money is not spent in Israel but pays the salaries in America.So no donations .Kindly do not twist words and write the truth.
7. Pal And Leb waiting
Aal ,   Pasadena, CA   (07.27.07)
Lebanese and Palestinian Children, Women And civilians waiting for these missiles. 95 % of Israeli missiles targeted children, women and civilians in the past 20 years.
8. Botton Line
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CA USA   (07.27.07)
Israel will be attacked by tens of thousands of rockets and missles, if there is a large breakout of fighting. Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran and Syria will send it's vast arsenals of rockets (including Scuds and Russian rockets) into the Jewish state. One Iranian nuke will take out all of Tel Aviv. So, all this is just boiler plating to show the US continuing support. It's meaningless. Israel's best defense, is it' offensive capabilities. That is what the axis of evil understand, not pitiful US aid.
9. # 5 Pavel
Thomas ,   Budapest Hungary   (07.27.07)
You can add the rest of Eastern Europe to your "pathetic" list because there are very few country on Earth which is hated more than the Russkies. Your Red Army brought death and destruction everywhere from Prague, Berlin, Budapest, Poznan etc. We remember and shall not forget who you are.
10. Pavel, remember what happened the last time ...
sk ,   USA   (07.27.07)
... the US & USSR got into an arms race. Putin is already "stirring the pot" with nuclear and other technology to the worst regimes around (though he is not alone in this, sharing billing with the likes of France and Germany). The only reason the Russians would object to a missile shield for Poland and the Czech Republic would be if it intended to threaten them. Oh and by the way, both of those "pathetic" countries are real democracies, unlike Russia, and have much higher life expectancies to boot. Russia is in no position to duke it out with the US, though I dearly hope that it tries.
11. #7 But no fear for u my mulsim friend while ur in CA.
you r a hypicrite   (07.27.07)
12. Idf Defensive missiles
monique ,   Israel   (07.27.07)
Hey look on the bright side atleast Mr Bush realizes the danger to this country,while Olmert isn't even willing to go head and fix our bomb shelters and hand out the gas masks before the nest war hits us! Olmert even MR Bush can read the writing on the wall from Iran,Syria &Hezbollah why can't you, are you so blind that you do not see the message? They are planning to attack Israel in the near future, so prepare the homefront now,because the Anti missiles defense system that MR BUsh is sending our way is not 100% effective, so we will need our bomb shelters to be reay and our gas masks too!
13. #6
Brandeis ,   U.S.   (07.27.07)
Indeed Israel is a pawn and an experimental guinea pig to boot. We have occasionally been told that Lebanon 11 was planned. We can only guess the true extent of U.S. involvement. I think Olmert's taking that secret to the grave with him, but we do all know what Ms. Rice has to say right now.
14. Get some Pride Isreal...we're tired of giving handouts
Gene ,   Raleigh, USA   (07.27.07)
15. As much as Israel depends on itself ,the better is.
Keren ,   SP-Israel   (07.27.07)
The price Israel pays for this "help" is very high,specialy in terms of sovereinty. They are AGAIN essaying to corrupt Israel with this "aid"! When they feel Israel is about to react on their policies ,they start the "buying" once again,until they weak completely those who they want to command and subjugate! Israel should accept things in changing terms ,and should accept as less as possible. These dirty american leaders need the tecnology created by JEWISH brains. Israel should use its capacities as a currency FOR EXCHANGE! Israel must finish with this kind of dirty corruption talkings!
16. Ynet, where's my other post?
M. Harltey ,   Atlanta, US   (07.27.07)
I thoutht my idea of buying Gaza and the WE was, actually, pretty good.
17. preemptive defense
alun ,   london uk   (07.27.07)
Due to the fact thatno anti missile system is one hundred per cent a few missiles will always get through and if they are tipped with chemical warheads will provoke a severe response thus the only logical defense is a pre emptive defense get you r retaliation in first any way the bright side is that this will provide work fo the defence industry
18. #7, really?
Danny   (07.27.07)
You have hard data to back that up? Because the data I have seen shows that the majority of Palestinians killed in the second intifada were "actively involved in hostile activities when killed". Or are you simply making the figures up? (Its OK I already know the answer, it is a rhetorical question....)
Stan ,   JHB RSA   (07.27.07)
This is a poor excuse not to combat the situation developing from iran. The USA will now say that Israel is defended from ballistic missiles from iran and syria and so we have more time to negotiate - when we all know that these counter missile missiles do not work well - if at all (gulf war and 2nd lebanon).
20. Good Offence Is Best Defense.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (07.27.07)
More precisely, preemptive military action is a better strategy.
21. Blood money
Josh   (07.27.07)
We are fast becoming a nation who develops weapons. This money will likely go to a company here in Israle that is under "protectia" with its US couterparts. The systems we build for war today will be those which our children will deal with tommorow. There is a quick and decisve way to stop the rockets - declare war and silence the enemy. Putting up a mosquito net top stop a rocket is total BS. When will Israel realized it is pimped out as an excuse for worldwide war making and profits. If we had finished the war correctly we would not be playing footsy with these problems and there would have been no dispute about the persistant threat to the Muslims of lossing the Temple had we taken it as we should have. Torah was right about driving out the inhabitants. Now the whole world balmes us for their 911s and leveled cities. Guess its just prophecy bearing fruit. We dont listen and we pay the consequences. Return to the pashoot.
22. US has also sold defence systems to Saudi, Jordan & Egypt...
Nannette ,   London   (07.27.07)
In fact Israel has been the LAST country offered any defence systems by the US. They've only been offered defence systems, because Olmert, Livni & co., have agreed to sell Israel out to the higest bidders.
23. #21 Josh, you're right. Israel's sold out to the enemy!
Nannette ,   London   (07.27.07)
24. Israel must expand to survive - nothig else will do
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (07.27.07)
25. MY hard earned tax dollars!
Zach ,   USA   (07.27.07)
As a supporter of Israeli interests I'm very offended that the Israelis are not more thankful. You are getting 10's of millions of our tax monies to help protect you against threats and rockets. I'm not even Jewish nor have any special interests in the state of Israel, however I do believe the Israelis are of great importance and a great people. Please recognize that WE as Americans are working for YOUR protection. SHOW more respect!
26. Missile Defense
Stuart Gildenblatt ,   Cincinnati USA   (07.27.07)
I fear that the additional funding of these missile defense systems will be used to strong arm Israel into not attacking Iran's nuclear development sites. I hope I am wrong.
27. Missle defense
Dennis Cast ,   Kinta,OK USA   (07.28.07)
to No 26,I hope this is not true but I think the U.S. should strike Iran.We have troops next door in Iraq to protect
28. Israel
Dennis Cast ,   Kinta,OK   (07.28.07)
The Palestinians are only there for trouble making -not home land.Unless they are deported the chances of magor conflict only increase!!!The peace process as it is now guarantees a war.
29. Israel
Dennis Cast ,   Kinta,Ok-USA   (07.28.07)
The Palestinians thrown out in 1967 never to be let back in?Absolutely!!We could have done it 1991 because they sided with Sadaam but We(U.S.A.) were stupid and oppted for the peace process.We have created a monster!!!
30. #25 Amen, amen, amen, & amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan ,   Usa   (07.28.07)
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