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'Establish Islamic state'
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 05.08.07, 16:26
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1. This sounds like typical British antisemitism
Richard ,   USA   (08.05.07)
2. Hard to beleive!
Maurice ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.05.07)
It is surprising that a western democracy such as the UK would still allow such scum as te Hizb ut-Tahrir to freely propagate hate messages. Aren't the subway bombings enough proof of what these animals are capable? Is the UK waiting for the next terrorist attack before taking some real action? It is time for all western democracies to ban completely activities by such despicable groups.
3. This is honest Islam
Mordechai   (08.05.07)
Normally this is just what they say in Arabic. But this is what they teach in every mainstream mosque. This is the agenda of CAIR, Hamas, the PA and Saudi Arabia. This is Islam
4. British appeares to be scared of "Hizb ut-Tahrir" !!
KMR ,   Middle East   (08.05.07)
5. Caliphate
mark ,   uas   (08.05.07)
The British shall sow what they reap. It will serve them right when the UK and the rest of Europe is Islamic! But keep hating Jews! It makes a lot of sense!
6. The British did not learn from 7/7!
MARK ,   BOSTON   (08.05.07)
The British refused to learn from the horrible events of 7/7. They blamed "Israel" for 7/7.
7. The British enable Radical Islam
MARK ,   BOSTON   (08.05.07)
The BBC intentionally incites their Muslim citizens by focusing on Israel and all the "Evil Actions" that Israel has done. What do the British expect? peace and love on the streets of London
8. why the fuss?
only thousands attended Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain's National Khilafah (Caliphate) Conference in London, yesterday.
9. made by/in Israel
It was founded in Jerusalem in 1953
10. Did the Mayor of London sponsor this?
MARK ,   BOSTON   (08.05.07)
Tony Blair is a peace envoy while his country allows rallies of violent jihad. They blame the UK for going over to Iraq while they allow Muslim Extremists to run around the streets of London prepare terrorist attacks. I guess they were not bothered by the events in the Scotland airport.
11. Because we (israel) just got home !! ;-)
andrew ,   miami,fl   (08.05.07)
12. The Khalifa will come
Nashashibi ,   El Kuds   (08.05.07)
it is the will of Allah the Great One and no one can prevent it. The Khalifa will embrace the whole world, it will take time but we have patience.
13. Re:12
jack ,   london   (08.05.07)
Should read the story of Haman, plenty of ambitious plotting, but just like Haman the god of the jews will hang you lot on your own schemes.
Rivkah   (08.05.07)
WHY IS CALIFORNIA STILL OCCUPIED AFTER A WAR WITH SPAIN? What kind of a question is "Why is Palestine still occupied after a war with Israel, provoked by the Palestinians?" JORDAN is the homeland of Palestinians and Jordan does nto want them because they tried to overthrow King Husseins's government. They did the same thing in Lebanon and are now trying to overthrow the government of Israel. Why aren't the Palestinian war criminals in jail? Oh, I see. If you kill LOTS of people, that is all right. It is only if you kill one or two or three that you go to jail.
15. No submission - Nashashibi
Eyall ,   Tlv   (08.05.07)
While I support your right to practice your religion; try usurp mine and I will fight you tooth and nail ... The difference between civilization and barbarity, nachon?
16. "Why...........Palestine?"
MARLENE ,   FRANCE   (08.05.07)
Because it's the Land of Canaan given to Abraham by God Himself. Since God doesn't lie, that's the way it's going to stay.
17. re: #12
Asher Barkin ,   Cleveland,USA   (08.05.07)
Comments containing incitement, slander, racist slurs and inappropriate language deemed to violate our terms of use won't be published. Ynet News - Masochistic fools
18. Because
Schvach   (08.05.07)
'Palestine' is still occupied because Israel didn't annex the 'territories' in 1967. Or do they mean 'Greater Palestine' - you know - the 'territories' plus Israel? Israel is still 'occupied' because we Jews are the Holy Land's true occupants. What are Arabs ie, the occupants from Arabia doing there?
19. Israel is liberated
Yohanan   (08.05.07)
Israel is not occupied - it is liberated by its rightful owners! There is not nation on this planet that has more proof ( read The Korhan, the Tora and the new testament) of its right on its land that the Jewish people.
20. Just sent Gordon Brown an e-mail
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (08.05.07)
Sent him the article along with a few questions asking him why this organization is legal in the U.K.!!
21. Nashashibi , El Kuds
yes, please keep on believing such crap another 1000yrs
22. It is not even banned in "Israel"
Caliphate ,   Jerusalem   (08.05.07)
Why should it be banned in Britain then!
23. #16,Marlene: Under Jewish world rule, that is true...
Rivkah   (08.05.07)
but under the era of Gentile world rule, the land grant to Abraham, isaac and Jacob is not respected. Most land grants in America from Spanish kings are not honored, either. War changed that. When the Gentile world era began, the Jews and Israelites lost their lands. But when the Jewish Messiah comes, the land grants fromHashem will be returned. If the Gentile world powers would RESPECT God's land grants to the Jews in the Bible, they would be better off because Hashem would thank them with blessings and peace. Pray for peace in Jerusalem the bible says because if there is peace in Jerusalem, there will be peace in the world. That is how precious Jerusalem is to the Lord and it should be given to the Jews to please the Lord and to prevent terrible wars that will come from offending the Jews who are Jews in their hearts that God avenges.
24. The west is inviting its own destruction
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (08.05.07)
Perhaps this is the result of the multi-cultural "who are we to judge" culture of Europe. But the notion that one should allow onto one's shores those who wish your destruction is madness. This is an aggressive organization with evil intent. Last year I reviewed the web promotion for the caliphate conference to be held in Australia. Let me tell you, it was *very* scary stuff. Like Hitler before them, they are quite clear in their intentions. For someone like Brown to claim "no evidence" of evil intent shows the kind of weakness they thrive on.
25. #0 Mark - No! The University Professors of London sponsored
meir elazar   (08.05.07)
26. # 15 Eyall
Nashashibi ,   El Kuds   (08.05.07)
It is not me you have to fight it would be Allah himself. You can try to do this but your efforts would not be worth anything. He always wins and his will is always done.
27. Anglo-Saxons need to wake up
Brod ,   USA   (08.05.07)
The Anglo-Saxons need to wake up and be in control of their country rather than let the Islamist-Jihadists run rampant in their country. Britain needs to be firm in dealing with the Islamist-Jihadists who indulge in an evil ideology of hate and savagery.
28. Re: Allah
jack ,   london   (08.05.07)
Our god isomnipotent,all seeing, you tried to copy us and created Allah(the old idol moon god of Arabia) but we will and especially you will see Yahwa's power and magnificence.
29. #2 Maurice in Canada
Michelle ,   Vancouver   (08.05.07)
Yet we still allow them to immigrate by the hundreds of thousands into our country. And their birthrate is disproportionately larger than that of other groups. What do you think Canada will be in 20 or 30 years? Will there be anyone left with enough political power to stop Canada from joining the Califate? But our politicians and we ourselves don't dare to look too far into the future. We follow blindly the elites who need immigrants to "keep the economy going".
30. #28 Right on Jack :)
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